Reminder in the Nature

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There's an IRA in Surah Fateha surah number 35 and number 27. That Allah's Will he discusses around Tehran law and eliminate sama Hema, Allah discusses how he pulled the reins from the skies. But then he says for accurate and I believe hamara team of telephone Allah Doha from this one rain, we have brought up so many different colors of fruits. And then Allah says woman and G. Burley Judah don't build on from the mountains you can see white cliffs, and you can see Allah says homeroom redness, red red stones, Allah says Karabi basalt, black raven, black stones as well from the same rain. But Allah creates so many different colors. And then he says, I mean a nasty word, the word people, from

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animals from humans, Allah has created so many different colors. And what is the wall all of the say? Allah then finish it off the AI by saying those who have knowledge and those who study all of these things, they are supposed to be led to Allah. Allahu, Allah, man. Those who study all of these, those are knowledge they are supposed to be those who have fear of Allah, because they understand that Allah only Allah has the power to create so much diversity from this one water. If studying science and studying the earth leads the person away from Allah, then that is not real study. But if he leads a person to Allah to God, that is something where a person sees the beauty of

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why Allah gave us so much in nature.