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the only issue comes with say hair, it's not that easy to kick it out because there's a binding that takes place. There's a knot that has happened. There's some type of issue. So it requires long sessions with a professional or yourself, feel free to do it with yourself as well. But just know what you're doing as an expert or whatnot. And you can do it okay up on yourself. There is no easy way to battle. So what have you guys done the symptoms of syrup? So some of the symptoms of se had number one, levitating in the air. If you see somebody levitating in the air, you know, it's okay. Clear. That's the job. Number one symptom of the head is bizarre, scary dreams. Number two symptom

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of is you feel somebody is there when nobody is there, you have your conscious there's an entity or a power. Number three symptom of is inexplicable problems or disasters that cannot be explained. Anything that science can explain medicine can explain is not sick. When you go to the doctor, the doctor says, Oh, you have this issue. That's not sad. If the doctor can analyze it, and the doctor tells you this is the problem. That's not sad. Sad is supernatural problem. Sad. It doesn't make any sense. You wake up and they're bruises on your back. You wake up, there's marks here, you have inconstant miscarriages, and the doctors like everything is normal. I've done all the tests, and

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there's constant miscarriages for no reason. And every doctor is scratching their heads, you're totally normal. And the third week, fourth week, you know, always there's a miscarriage around the same timeframe. This is a symptom of that you don't know what's going on between husband and wife, everything seems fine. And then all of a sudden, when there's some romance, all of a sudden, extreme anger or inexplicable feelings, or pushing or whatnot. These are supernatural symptoms when these exist, and only when you find them otherwise, if these symptoms don't exist, it's not said, I have to say this, most of what we think is said is our imagination. It's not actual secret. So if you are

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not sure about a supernatural sign, then assume it is not said there has to be something palpable bottom line with this, don't be scared of these entities. They are creatures of Allah like all other creatures. And if you turn to Allah, you are more powerful than these creatures. These creatures are terrified of eemaan, of Taqwa of vicar of the Quran, they can't stand it. And if you show fear, that fear empowers them. If your heart is trembling, cover it up and speak with a voice and say Bismillah I speak to you in the Name of Allah, I am the servant of Allah get out of here enemy of Allah, you say this with Eman and thicker and you are going to be the one who is powerful. Allah says in the

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Quran Wallah you flee to hero heighth to utter the magician will never be successful wherever he comes. The one who does dhikr and the Quran, the one who turns to Allah will always be the one who wins over said in the short end of the long run, may Allah azza wa jal protect all of us in our families and loved ones may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow there to be barriers between us and the world of the shayateen May Allah subhana wa Tada give us all righteous children and righteous grandchildren that are firm upon their Eman and are protected from the world of the jinn and the shayateen.

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