Jesus Christ Never Died

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Also one point that we do need to discuss about isa that is explicitly mentioned in this Surah Surah. Allah Imran, it is a key verse that we need to understand verse number 55, that with God Allahu Allah isa in the motto of fika worauf Heruka Illa. Yeah, that one is when Allah said, Oh Jesus, I am Muto a fika. I'll translate this in a while, what off Heruka Ilya and I will raise you up now,

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mainstream Muslims from the time of are the earliest of times mainstream Muslims have believed that it is the son of Mary Jesus, that Allah subhana wa Tada saved him from being killed by the children of Israel, and that Allah subhanho wa Taala miraculously raised him up alive, and that he is still alive now, and that he will come and return towards the end of times. Now, this is the belief and is the standard belief of mainstream Muslims that hamdulillah from the beginning of time, there are some people who go against this theology and they believe that Jesus was killed on the cross with the earth, Jesus died in a natural fashion or whatever. And they use this verse of the Quran, where

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Allah says in the motto of fika, and they translate with our fika, as we will cause you to die because tawa does mean to die. There is the correct interpretation, though no question about it, that one meaning of tawa is to die. But what did I just say? 10 minutes ago, when there is a vague verse The Quran is telling us don't just use this vagueness don't just read in your meaning. Look at the entire message. And for evidence is beyond the scope of today's brief talk here. But there are verses in the Quran surah Zuma has it? There are other verses as well. There are many a hadith that are very explicit in this regard, that we're going to have to understand what they were fika over

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here not as to cause to die, but another meaning because in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says that Allah Who yet often unfolds the haina Motihari, while letting them turn with FEMA, Nami Allah, Allah azza wa jal takes the souls of those who are dead and those who have gone to sleep and have not died. So the term tau alpha is also used to go to sleep so it's not just to die. And from this very verse, we learned that the meaning that is implied is a long sleep why in the world through a FICO or off Heruka eladia I will cause you to tawa and raise you up to me what does this mean raise you up to me if Lisa had been dead there is no raising up the body has to be raised up or ISA has to

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be raised up the very fact that ISA is being raised up rather than his body being here is an indication that he is alive so this is something we have to be very clear about in our mainstream Muslim understanding and theology.

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