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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses in this Khutbah a short tafseer of Surah Ash-Sharh. Allah’s love for His worshippers is shown by putting them through trials and tribulations in this world.

We are reminded of the things Allah has bestowed upon us which include innumerable blessings. Hence, it is binding upon us to be thankful for them and always look at life with a positive outlook and have a productive life. Each blessing bestowed upon our Prophet ﷺ is also a blessing for us.

Never does Allah send down something difficult that simultaneously He sends down the ease too. With every difficulty that is sent, comes two ease. It is also essential to remember that if we assign our ultimate goal to solely be the pleasure of Allah, then the problems of this dunya will sound so trivial and most of the time cease to exist. He who has Allah has everything. We are the owners of the treasure that has been handed out to us being Muslims.

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Brothers and Sisters in Islam of the earliest tribulations that our Prophet Mohammed Salah love. I didn't even send them received. Perhaps the ninth or the 10th Sula that ever came down, was surah shy, and I'm not sure.

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And the surah was revealed because when our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam faced persecution from the Quraysh, when his own family when his own kith and kin abandoned him, when he faced anger really fueled sarcasm from the very people that he expected to be supported by. He felt that perhaps something was wrong, that perhaps allies that Richard was not happy with him, that perhaps Allah had left him because if Allah loved him, why would life be so difficult? If Allah loved him? Why would life be so difficult? Surely, if Allah loves you, then everything will be rosy and green. Surely, Apollo loves you, you're not going to face any hardship in life. And so our

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was yet a new prophet. He was barely a prophet for a few months now, the one he had just began a few months ago. So he still was not fully cognizant, was not fully aware of everything. And this is the only time he felt this way, by the way, after the sudo was revealed, these feelings left him forever. So the profit system called perhaps my lord has abandoned me. Perhaps there's something wrong with me, perhaps he's displeased with me. So Allah revealed too soon as soon as, as soon as the shot and of course, there is another topic of the football where Allah says,

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Allah, your Lord has not abandoned you, nor does he hate you. In today's football, I want to illustrate a little bit about why because sulekha Chava explains to us a very basic fact of life. And that is that your problems and roles, your your your,

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your trials and tribulations of this dunya are not linked to a loss pleasures that one can love you and along will love you, and you will still face difficulties and trials. And in fact, it is a sign of a lost love, that you will face trials of this world. And this sort of explains that to us. So remember, the reason why the surah was revealed we can say to be a little bit modern here that the Prophet sister was facing somewhat of a depressing attitude, then why is life so difficult? Why is life so bitter? Why are my own people abandoning me so too old to change this situation alone reveals worth a shot to change that pessimism into optimism to change that negativity into a

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positive energy? How did this happen in a few minutes? Let us go over every idea and see what is the meaning of this room? The sewer begins with three rhetorical questions.

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Question number one, didn't we open up your chest? Didn't we open up your chest? The meaning of open up the chest is an Arabic expression. Just like in English, we have caught red handed doesn't mean the hand is red. There's an expression shut up a sudden means bring you peace and conference. This is the meaning of Shannon. Didn't we comfort you? How? By giving you Islam? Because the ultimate comfort is knowing what is your purpose in life, knowing why am I here? Knowing who is my Creator? How do I worship Him? And so the primary meaning of Shahada is Islam. And Allah mentions this in a foreign FM and Shara Allahu sobre, who does not

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give the example of the one whose heart We open to Islam. Shara Asada wounded Islam. So

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Didn't we comfort you by giving you Islam? You didn't know what was Islam? As Allah says not Quinta de Mesquita. What an email you didn't know what was the book and what was a man you didn't know it? until Allah revealed what what I can try Naboo law Allah gave that to you. So now you know what is a law? What is the Quran? What is the purpose of life? How do you worship Allah before this? You were wondering, you are going to have to head off you were contemplating you did not know how to worship Allah. Didn't we give you this knowledge? I don't know.

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What we'll

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And did we not lift the burden that was causing your back to stoop down? The reference your scholars say could be many different things. One of the meanings is have we not forgiven your sins, as Allah says in the Quran, that Leah Farah Lola come at a gentlemen's club so that Allah can forgive all of your sins and the sins they weigh your back down, they will burden you on the Day of Judgment. And as for our processing of all of his sins are forgiven? Well, by nine o'clock, one

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o'clock, did we not raise your status?

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our Lord says you will have the most perfect of love and manners. Did we not raise your status, even above said, Never is a law mentioned except that our schools are the lowest as mentioned right after. And hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah de la ilaha illa Allah, Mohammed over pseudo Lok, you always mentioned the Prophet after mentioning Allah, whatever. And

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so our Lord is asking three questions. Number one, didn't we guide you to Islam? Number two, didn't we forgive your sins? Number three, didn't we make you such a high rank and position? Why these questions? What is the purpose of these questions? Well, the question is Why ask rhetorical questions? What is the rhetorical question? a rhetorical question? Is the question that is already known, you know the answer, you don't need to think of an answer. The rhetorical question is asked to emphasize that which is already known to you. So Allah is reminding him of three things that apparently he's not thinking of at the time. Number one we gave you Islam. Number two, we forgive

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your sins. Number three, we gave you this legacy. Why these questions? How could you think about this? Like? How could you think Allah has abandoned you? How could you think your Lord is displeased with you when you have all of these blessings. And this leads us to a very important point in our own lives. Whenever something negative happens to us, and all of us face negatives, from our family, to our social situation, to national issues, to international issues, to our source of this, we might have financial problems, we all face problems. When we face a problem. These three questions remind us the first thing we need to do, remind ourselves of the positives of life. Think about what

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Allah has given not about what Allah has not given, concentrate on the positive, and will love your brothers and sisters, I swear by Allah, no matter what problem you're having, you have so many blessings that you're not thinking about. Suppose you're facing financial problems. Perhaps Allah has blessed you with beautiful children that you love and who love you. When you think about this 100 that perhaps you're facing health issues, well, allow me to bless you with your family, your loving wife, or parents, perhaps you're facing a death in the family, then you have good health, whatever it might be this situation, for every negative, you will be able to think of multiple

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positives in your life. And this is what I was reminding our offices in them. Let's look at all of this good that we gave you. Another benefit these three good deeds. If you really think about them, no doubt the verse is addressed to the Prophet Mohammed says them directly. But take this as a general rule, brothers and sisters take it as a general rule, every blessing given to our schools, so the longer it will send them sallam, it is indirectly a blessing for us as well. Why? Because we are his own moment in that moment. We are his own. So every blessing given to our Prophet Mohammed says, No, it is no doubt infinitesimally very small amount, but still, every blessing given to him.

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It is also our blessing.

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I apologize, I have a bit of a flu infection.

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Think about these three blessings. Number one is not. Don't we also have the blessing of Islam through him.

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Number two sins being forgiven, are not our sins forgiven when we follow history.

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Number three rafaela that the clock, every one of us, if we truly obey the messenger solo, I send them we will have an eternal legacy that Allah will remember us that in the app cara, as Allah says, We're here to

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write that.

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Money and children you like it, it's good, but

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the good deeds that you do these are what will last eternally so what is a real Vicar want to find out? What is the real legacy? It's not your money and children. It's not structures that you build. It's not legacies of this dunya what are

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the real

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Because that alone will remember you by is that which is eternal, and that is good deeds. And therefore, these three blessings, the blessing of Islam, the blessing of having a sin free life or sins forgiven, and the blessing of having a real legacy, every one of us can achieve it throughout our lives, regardless of every other factor, regardless of family and friends, regardless of money, regardless of job situation, these three blessings are independent of the dunya, they are dependent on a law directly. And every one of us can maximize these three blessings, Islam forgiveness of sins, and the real legacy for the afternoon. And so our Prophet Muhammad Hassan is being reminded,

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these are the real lessons. Look at these blessings. So what if your family criticizes you? So what if the chorus was sarcastic when you have Islam and they don't, when you have forgiveness, and they don't, when you have the real dikkat, and democamp, and they don't, these are the real blessings to concentrate on. And but as brothers and sisters, every one of us these three blessings is a part of our lives as well, because we are from the omens of the prophets of Allah. So the surah begins with these three rhetorical questions. And the purpose of these three questions is, look at the positive, and the positive you have is something they will never have. And the positives you have are the real

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positives there. The real purpose of life, every other blessing is a temporary blessings, whether it is health, whether it is wealth, whether it is family, these three blessing are the real blessing, you have them, I have them didn't give them to you. That's the purpose of these three items. So what is the next person now that our profit system has been reminded, has been reminded of these eternal blessings that he will always have than what's in them I used to use.

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The five year house attacking the five year means therefore, therefore, therefore meaning now that you realize that Allah loves you, that Allah has given you so many blessings, now that you realize this now realize another thing, this is the fact over here, that now that you understand that Allah loves you, and you have these blessings that realize, I'll explain to you why you're facing problems in this world. No, you have assumed a lot for him, to use around him in the US in of course, it's helpful to keep that on us, which is a which is meant for emphasis. And emphasizing therefore know for sure, know for sure, that in a minute, along with every single difficulty, a lot. JAL also has

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ease with it. And then to emphasize the point, he repeats the ayah.

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Now, number of points here, number of points. And again, I have to emphasize this a short book, but of course this sutra deserves much longer attention, but time does not permit me to go into every single detail. Realize Allah is saying

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that this is the difficulty you're facing. He called it a difficulty. What is the difficulty problems, societal problems, pressure, rejection, sarcasm, ridicule, this is the resolution. This is the difficulty. So he called it a defect. He didn't trivialize it. He didn't say ignore it, don't worry about it. No, you're not going to solve a problem by ignoring it. It is a problem. But what a lot is saying this is a problem. But realize one thing you will never do you have an Ursa except that Allah will give you use along with it. Now the point here, Allah says man and Lucy not bad. Yes it is true in other verses in the Quran says.

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It is true that Allah say after every difficulty, there will also be easy. This is a Quranic rule, memorize it after difficulty they will be easy but my dear brothers and sisters in this surah it is not after in this surah it is man alongside

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What does this mean? never listen to this brothers and sisters never does a law send down something that is difficult for you. Except that alongside it simultaneous to it contemporaneous with it is another color that is good for you.

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And this is directly from the Quran. For in the law.

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Never does a law send out an elusive except that along with it. There is a use of the problem is me and you. We don't think of the good. We only think of our health when we don't have health we have a headache. We think how beneficial we were to have. We only think of money or we don't have money. We don't think of the positives. We only think of the negatives. And so a lot you say I am telling you, you're the sort of luck that never doesn't have come except that I have a usage which isn't easy.

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Along with it another benefit here. Notice a little bit of Arabic grammar here, the rooster is with the

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rooster. And then the use of his neck here, which is without the lamb you saw a number used to be very simplistic not to go into an Arabic grammar tangent here. What this means is for every specific difficulty, one difficulty

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there will be multiple uses for one user in the same we also use the another user. So this verse is saying, Listen to me carefully enough. For every one Russo for every one difficulty, at least two users come down.

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If it had been said, if it said

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one Russo will always be beaten by two users.

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They wouldn't matter buster. One difficulty will always lose in the face of two good deeds or two blessings to blesses never does a lot try you with one trial situation with one difficulty except that along with that difficulty at the same time, as the difficulty alone will open up at least two doors at least. And the next era would imply more than two by the way those windows had a bigger natira here in the middle. So you saw that means you can have multiple use 1-234-200-2000. The point being for every one difficulty alone will give you multiple ease. So our proposition is being consoled you have a suite of love. Don't worry, I know it's difficult, but a lot has revealed

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multiple blessings along with these difficulties for the largest restaurant in America. Next time brothers and sisters, you face a difficulty in life. Next time you face a problematic situation. remind yourself of this verse, that along with this problematic situation. Allah has revealed blessings. Let me think about those blessings. Because we don't think of blessings we take them for granted. We don't appreciate blessings until they're taken away from us. As long as we have them we take them for granted the minute they're gone that's when we realize how important those blessings were. So our prophets This is being told you have a soul of love you have so many uses and every

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time a difficulty will come I will give you even more useful and this is something to console our hearts that What does Allah tala processor find the most useful

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for EDA for rotary phones have three words, one of the famous scholars have seen a positive attitude, he said these three words are of the most eloquent and of the most germane or the most comprehensive of words in the whole corner. They have so many meanings.

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They have so many meanings we cannot talk about all of them in the short hook but for either for or

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for either for of the council can have many, many needs only talk about two or three of them. The first meaning

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the meaning of nasaga

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fader, when you finish for after when you finish. When you have spare time. For either follow up when you finish what you were doing foam soft, foam sub can have many meanings linguistically, nusseibeh means to stand tall and erect, or not have a means to plant to the ground. NASA units have a flag you planted in the ground, right? This is what NASA means. So one of the meanings of nasaga is to raise your hands for a job because you're raising your hands. So meaning number one, when you finish doing whatever you're doing, make sure you pray to a lot of lessons.

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Don't forget about the spiritual element of whatever you're doing. Whatever you're doing when you finish doing it on some ask Allah to bless you in a second meeting, which is very similar

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fonts up is to stand in for that.

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So when you finish your daily routine, then stand in Salah at night. When you finish your daily chores. Don't forget about your nasaga your piano later. Don't forget about your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the point here is a very beautiful verse as a Bible points out that Allah did not tell our offices exactly what to do to respond to the problem of his time. In other words, he didn't tell him go to so and so do this and that rather he left it open, go do your work later for all you have to do one chore you have to keep on doing it. A third reading by the way productive mentioned.

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The third meaning when you finish one deed, thumbs up go standard to do another deed. Always be proactive when you finish

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One technique to stop them criticizing to stop the hassle to stop the intimidation. Go try another technique. When you finish one tactic, try another tactic. In other words, you don't have time to relax. You don't have time to live a true life.

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You don't have time to just have a lifelong vacation party that parameter phones up, always be productive. Always do something useful. Don't just go home and sleep and children and do nothing. Or if we have to sleep or to to live our lives when I'm saying have a productive life. Once you finish training, move on to plan B when you've done Plan B try Plan C Now you don't fancy your whole life is going to be faded out upon some do one that's something else then do this, then do that. So all of these meanings are valid by the way. So meaning number one, pray to Allah, meaning number two, make go out to a love meeting. Number three, keep on having different clients. So from this we

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derive so many benefits. Young Muslims or Muslims Think about this, every time you have a problem. A lot is telling you keep on trying to solve it. Don't just sit home and say what can I do well Lowe's home from a Baba No, Allah will solve it from up above. If you put in the effort. Allah will solve it from above. If you show him you're interested in a solution, this will not come to you from rain just unto your house, money's gonna fall. Children will not come until you get married and get a job and and procreate. It's not gonna happen like this. You need to have a vision and a goal and a plan. And then you need to strive to get to that plan, this is fine. So keep on trying another plan, plan

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a failed, move on to plan B, Plan B and move on to plan C. And as you're doing all of these plans, don't forget, the plan itself is important. But just as important is the relationship with the law. When you finish play, make sure you make the actual lots of work and then move on to plan B, make sure you ask a lot to do Plan B. And make sure along with all of this, that you are saying your phone sub your sedan. And this is another problem we have that suppose we want risk and money. Well, many of us we will concentrate on the degree on the job on the business, we will neglect our spiritual relationship with Allah Subhana Allah that we will neglect what we need to do on the other

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side. If Allah has not wounded, it's not going to happen. We need to have both plans, the spiritual plan and the physical time the physical plan, I need to get an education I need to get a job I need to have a good resume. This is the physical plan. There's a spiritual side as well. I need to be a good Muslim. I need to have my solder established. I need to make regular drops. I need to make sure that a lot is pleased with me. Then he's going to give me what I want through these plans for either for officer from sub Dean and junior combined.

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What you now have bigger phone call. And throughout all of this, always have your ultimate golden desire retrievable, where you now become part of your offer your desire, your goal should always be to your Lord become part of and if you do this Yasuda law, and this is a beautiful point here. If you truly have your ultimate goal, the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala, then the problems of this world automatically become secondary to

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when your pleasure is going to allow and not to the duty. When your goal becomes a law and the pleasure of a law. That is your ultimate goal, then who cares if the price criticize you? Who cares if you don't get that particular job that you wanted? Who cares if you don't get the million dollars you want, who cares?

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He who has a lot as everything.

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And he who doesn't have a lot doesn't matter how much he has, he has nothing. So our profit system is being reminded very subtly, here, not directly, very subtly. Don't link your happiness and pleasures to the duration, the responsible bullish, put your reservoir, put your hope and goals in a loss of heinola data. And when you do that, then you will be successful regardless of the situation on earth. And this is a beautiful pointer we can apply to any situation, any situation.

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Even if you don't get what you want in this dunya. If you have your pleasure a lot and the goal of pleasing a lot, you will get that goal and that is the ultimate goal of every Muslim. In this sort of brothers and sisters, our profit system is being reminded of some very simple facts. Fact number one, always look on the bright side, always look at the positive. Fact number two, the blessings that every one of us have, are infinitely more compared to the blessings of those who don't have religion who don't have

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what you have as a Muslim, which is not which is forgiveness of sins, which is knowing your purpose in life, which is knowing your Creator which is a real

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Legacy of gender, this is a real treasure. He cares about the rest of these treasures that they go after. Fact number three, yes, life is full of problems. The Quran didn't say, I didn't say if you put your your faith in a law, you're not going to have any problems in life no four in

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the research is existed. No matter how pious you are, life is still going to be problematic.

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But if you truly have the what if you truly have imagined a lot, then for every person, there will be multiple uses. For every difficulty there will be multiple E's. So factor number four, what do you do them? What should you do? For every situation you need to have your plans are either followed, think about what I can do to better the situation. But as you do these points the next point, make sure you have a relationship with a lot. Make sure you're praying. Make sure you're making drop, make sure you're asked to know what to bless you in that plan. And the final factor of the final benefit of the sooner throughout all of this don't make the dunia your ultimate goal.

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Don't make the duration this case don't make your business don't make the pleasure of and don't make this dunya The ultimate goal what you know Rob Baker protocol make the ultimate goal the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada and if you follow these points out a pseudo law if we follow these points, then we'll love you brothers and sisters we will benefit the way that the process of benefited never after this tool did he feels depressed never after this sort of did he feel my lord has abandoned me Never after the syrup was he pessimistic the suit I gave him a sense of optimism, a sense of proactive ism a sense of always doing something after the pseudo was revealed for the rest of his

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prophethood the processes have never went back to those thoughts that he had before the sudo was revealed. And similarly we to through this sort of can eliminate these evil thoughts and have a good thought of Allah subhana wa tada Baraka

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want to find a way in appealing to addicted hacking. This neuron was talking about what he said in this email

00:27:29--> 00:27:32

for the summit, let me read one of your your

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brothers and sisters. This is my first time in the city of Edmonton. And I was told that this message that I'm giving the footpads machine or machine is the first messages built in Canada and maybe even in all of North America. And this is a great honor and a great privilege for me to be able to speak in this message. And I was told that this must be the first photo that ever given in this master machine was by the famous translator of double use of it back in 1935, or something, I forgot the exact date. And this is a very historic message. And because of this, and it's a very big honor for me to be standing on a symbolic pulpit remember that I've double use of it a stood on and

00:28:15--> 00:28:54

you hear in the city of Edmonton should be very proud that here is a message that has been operating for over 8085 years now and haven't good enough, this is a very positive sign. Look at all of the negative things that must have happened for the Muslims for the last eight decades. And yet it can be that the community is now thriving, the Muslims are now flourishing. And this goes back directly to the sewer that in the miners strike in the miners for use. I don't know how many people here want to use it. It gave the hook but but I do not think you will be more than 1015 Muslims in Edmonton, and in my humble opinion back in the 1932 33, probably not even 10 Muslims, they could never have

00:28:54--> 00:29:22

imagined that one day there would be over 50 or 40,000 Muslims in the whole city there would be over 15 massages that the very meditative that there are only 10 people now there are over two 3000 people and they show that this is just the beginning that inshallah the next generation there will be another hottie of a next generation coming and he will talk about the 150th anniversary and the 200th anniversary and the population will be not just to three, but our 20 30,000 This is the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala but in

00:29:23--> 00:30:00

India matters to us. And it is also very humbling and symbolic for me to be standing here today on the first of all, our run of the New Year of the Islamic calendar, the first step we'll have one of the New Year of the Islamic calendar which fits in perfectly with the whole debate itself and that is the sign of optimism. That is to always look at the bright side that insha Allah the future will be better that as Allah says in the Quran through the door and the other sort of that was revealed because of the same reason when an ad tailor to highroller committed una that the answer after a year doesn't just mean the next world It also means tomorrow, the future

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

You will be better than the past yesterday and this is what an after 200 Buddha it signifies that the believer by nature is an optimist that the believer at heart always thinks tomorrow's gonna be better. Tomorrow this year is going to be better next year is going to be even better that the morning brings up a new dawn and the new dawn brings both opportunities. And today is the first day of the first day of work around one year has gone another year is in front of us. Every one of us should take account of the last year look at the negative things that we've done. Look at the positives that we've done possible physical Puppet Enterprise level, take account of yourselves

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before a while will take account of you and then set a plan sets a goal set an agenda this year insha Allah will be better for me physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, religiously, in every single element and aspect, I will be a better person I will the more proactive are the better with my family, I will spend more time in the masjid I will make sure my son out there on time, every one of us we have to have this positive attitude towards ourselves, towards our families, towards our community and most importantly towards Allah subhana wa tada our prophets a little longer. I think he was still gonna say that Allah subhanho wa Taala said, and are in the one knee

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ibdv that I will treat my servant the way that he assumed I will treat him. If my servant has positive parts of me, then I will fulfill those positive thoughts. And if my servant has stingy, negative thoughts, well then if that's what he thinks of me, then that's what he's going to get. This idea shows us brothers and sisters that no one did not thinking good thoughts of Allah is a sign of Ilan, every one of us today is the first one. We've all had problems last year, I've had all the problems, life is problematic. You're not going to have life without problems. This year, we have a positive attitude. We will say whatever those problems were, we're going to turn over a new

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lead, we will have plans plan ABCD to solve those problems who will make dua to Allah will have a spiritual relationship with Allah and inshallah this year will be better than last year and the year after this will be even better than this year. This is the attitude of the Muslim, Allah will give me better today and he's going to give me even better tomorrow. Our process of them said Allah will treat you the way you think he will treat you. Allah will deal with you the way you think he's going to deal with you. So if you have positive thoughts of Allah, Allah will forgive me Allah will be generous, Allah will do this and that as long as you have a good relationship with him, then he will

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have a good relationship with you. As long as you are righteous you are making up you are praying and you have good thoughts of Allah then inshallah as well Allah azza wa jal will fulfill those positive thoughts today on the first album, every one of us should have this attitude towards the upcoming year towards our future life that insha Allah Tada, things will be better for me, my family, my relatives, my loved ones for every problem that we're facing. And always remember always brothers and sisters, the ultimate goal what you know beater phone call, that's the ultimate goal. Have your robot have your heart attached up there, not down here. Once you attach your heart up

00:33:10--> 00:33:31

there, then this world becomes secondary for you and you will live happily you will live despite all of the problems if your pleasure is linked with the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal that all of these issues and problems will become secondary and this life and the asset will be easier and better and at our grasp. May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those righteous people below him. minigames are a medium among

00:33:32--> 00:33:32

them, but

00:33:35--> 00:33:36

what I then ended up with later

00:33:38--> 00:33:40

what I see right into yourself

00:33:41--> 00:33:42

is one

00:33:43--> 00:33:44

one at a time

00:33:47--> 00:33:48

for him, alone,

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Me a woman aracena

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was seated Vidya Aziz river the law in America every

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once in a

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an email in the law home and Erica w Sedona, Alan Debbie. Yeah.

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He was sent in with this EMF Allahumma salli wa sallim wa radical adapter for silica Mohammed ny da da da da da da da, da da da da, da da da, da.

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Knowledge you're able to neither consider common law that are being and proof of what's good will be as a lack of one or the other.