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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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in Alhamdulillah Nakamoto who wants to you know who wanna still fiddle. When I was a biller, Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Marina Mejia had to Hilah who fala Melinda hola woman you didn't follow her the other. Watch her do hola hola illa huwa Honda Shetty. Kayla was shadow under Mohamed and either do home or pseudo yeah you hola Xena taco la helper to hottie wala Bhutta Illa one to muesli moon yeah Johanna SUTA Cora Docomo, Allah the Holika comin FC Wahida wahala coming Huzzah. Jaha Werber, Thurman Hammadi Jalan cathedra on one is what taco la Halevy Tessa Luna be he well or ham in Allah her can or de como Theva yeah you hola Xena I'm an otaku allah how Akula Conan

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sadita Useless glaucoma, glaucoma yellow fever lecom Vinoba comb, woman UTRA Illa Hawara Sula, who forgot the first Fosun or Lima, Amma buried, but you Brothers and Sisters in Islam

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in Surah telecare have we come across a very interesting story. It's the only time it's mentioned in the Quran, regarding Musa alayhis salam and his interactions with someone whom the Hadith literature calls.

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So in today's short holds a BA I want to remind ourselves of some of the blessing some of the moral lessons that we can learn in this very interesting interaction, Hadith and Quran combined to paint the narrative our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, One day Musa stood up to give a chutzpah amongst his people, one of the people interrupted and said, Oh Musa, who is the most knowledgeable person on earth. It is a characteristic of the followers of that people that they would ask questions of a nature that doesn't benefit much. So they asked Musa who is the most knowledgeable, so Musa alayhis, salam, he said, I am, he made an assumption. And it's a valid assumption, who else

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would be more knowledgeable than the Prophet of Allah Cunnamulla. Immediately Gibreel came down because no prophet is allowed to utter a statement that is incorrect. Gibreel came down and said, Oh Musa, how could you speak without knowledge? We have a servant of ours, that has knowledge that you do not have.

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And this shows us Subhanallah that we are not allowed to speak about Allah and the religion of Allah, except with permission from Allah with explicit evidence from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Musa made an assumption, do we blame him for that assumption, who could be more knowledgeable than him at that timeframe? And he made a valid assumption. He said, I am the most knowledgeable, but Allah said to him, no, there are creations you do not know about there are people you do not know about. And there is a person who has knowledge that you do not have. And so immediately Musa humbled himself in front of Allah, and he said, Oh Allah, give me permission to go study with that person. Subhanallah look

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at humility. He is a prophet. He is a Nebby. He is a Rasool he is Kaleem Allah. And yet when he hears of somebody having more knowledge than him, immediately he says, Oh Allah, allow me to go study with him. So Allah gives him permission. And our scholars mentioned, this is the first time that anybody travelled for the sake of knowledge, traveling for the sake of knowledge is a very, very important chapter in our tradition of Islam. And so Musa traveled and of course, the person his title was hidden or whether it's a title, not a name, and he was so called because wherever he went, ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, blessed the earth behind him to become green, and Heather means green. So

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wherever he would go, it would become green from the bedrock of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, hither has a lot of folklore, a lot of mythology. A lot of PETA will call hearsay. But the fact of the matter is that hey, that is a human being

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And he is not an angel, he is a human being and he is a person whom Allah had given knowledge that Musa did not have, which automatically implies that he is a prophet because no one can have more knowledge than a prophet, unless it is another prophet. So either has knowledge that Musa does not have and Musa has knowledge that further does not have. So it is not right for either of them to say I am the most knowledgeable rather, each one has a blessing, the other does not have so either had knowledge, he is a prophet, he is a Nebby he is a person whom Allah has inspired and this is the correct opinion that is beyond the scope of our quickbar today, but he is not some type of

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mythological fairy tale creature who comes in appears and goes no, he is a human being and he is a Nebby and he is inspired by Allah. So Musa asks Heather, can I study with you? And further says, I have one condition. Don't question anything until I speak. And Musa agrees. And the Quran mentions three incidents. Number one, they come across a ship of poor people, a ship belong to some poor fisherman. They wrote the ship with permission. And when they were in the middle of the lake, goes down, takes an x out and pulls a plank from the ship so that water begins to seep in. And the ship is forced to go back to the shore that people don't know what's going on. While they come down to

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that and Musa flee the scene and they leave without a trace. Musa says to Heather, these were generous people, they give us a ride for free. They gave us a lift for free. And they were nice people, poor people. Why would you destroy their ship? Heather says Didn't I tell you no questions. And Musa forgot the Hadith mentions he genuinely forgot the condition. He said, I want to ask you again. You're right. I made a mistake. I want to ask you again. The second story, as they're walking, barely the conversation has just finished and they see a young lad and further executes the lead right then and there. Musa did not forget the condition because he just said it right now I'm

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not going to ask you. But in his pious anger, in his justified frustration, he did not forget the condition he knowingly went against the condition. And he said how could you kill an innocent soul that hasn't done any crime? Alcatel turneffe Sanza Kia timberland and ABS Nakoda Juta che and nohcra This is a monstrosity. How could you have done this together says you just made the condition you went against it. Musa was now embarrassed and Musa put a condition on himself that critter did not put on him. And this shows us as well. The problems are being hasty. The problems are being quick because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, may Allah have mercy on Musa if he had been

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patient and not put those conditions he would have seen many interesting things. But see, this is how we are political instrument agile, we are hasty and Musa put a conditional credit do not put. And he said if I ask you one more question, then you have fulfilled your promise and I will leave you and we'll part on good terms how the federal Kobina this is going to be our separation if I missed the condition one more time. So tired and hungry to shoveled and dirty. They walk into a village and in those days and even in our city oh by the way, if a stranger comes to a village or town, the stranger has the right to be given some food some bread, nobody is going to starve in the

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lands of Islam it's our Shetty out even a stranger has the right to some water has the right to a piece of bread even if they cannot afford it. When they are given a Sybil wandering through you will be generous to the bare minimum of human decency. So hidden Musa they don't have any money. And this is yet another point. The two most knowledgeable, pious, righteous people and they don't have money on themselves because that's not what makes you righteous and holy. So hidden Musa don't have any money. And they say we are travelers. Can we take advantage of the general rule of traveling and can you give us some water? Can you give us some bread? The town's men were arrogant. And they said get

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out of here we have nothing to do with you, You beggars. We don't want you locked in here. And this goes against the norm and it goes against decency. So hidden Musa walk out of the city, and at that point in time either sees the walls of the city decaying falling down. And so silently he begins to fix the wall of the very city that kicked them out and Musa did not forget. But Musa obviously like any human, he's frustrated. He's angry. How dare these people mistreat us? How dare they not give us the basic rights? And so he said, and he is hungry human being as well. He said the least you could have done is to take some food as payment for what you have done. Okay, they didn't give us food for

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money. But now you're building their wall. You could have made a condition. I'm going to build your wall, give me some food. You could have at least done that. And Heather said had a ferok Albania webinar, you put the condition you have to live up to your condition. And this shows us all Muslim ona Allah Shirota him the Muslims live up to their conditions. Musa made the condition couldn't agree

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Eat. And now this happens. That's it, they will live up to the condition. And now cradle said My condition was I will only explain to you when I want to now I will explain to you this is the condition I had asked for the first story he said

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the ship belong to poor people, fishermen. And there was a king confiscating every single ship in the dock. So by destroying not even destroying by damaging the ship, the king is going to come in and confiscate everything single usable ship, but leave the one unusable ship which belongs to these fishermen by gently poking a hole in the ship. By harming the ship, I have in fact preserved the ship for them. Now that the king has gone with all of the ship added to his fleet, other than for that one fisherman's ship, what is going to happen supply and demand those poor fishermen overnight, they have literally, as they say in English won the jackpot. They're now multimillionaires. They're

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the only people in the whole village that have a ship. So they can do whatever they want, charge whatever they want. And now from being poor, they will become rich instantaneously, you were impatient, you should have just waited. As for the boy,

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then his parents were righteous and we knew that this child would cause them harm irritation, we knew that he would grow up and cause them grief. So your Lord wanted to substitute this child with a better one. This one is not worthy for these righteous parents. And so he dies a natural death meaning the parents wouldn't know that parents are going to grieve at a natural death. And it is very painful to lose a child. But worse than this is a living child who's bringing constant grief, constant misery, constant arrogance. An innocent child who dies sweet memories remain softness of the heart remains a living child who leaves Islam always cursing, always rebuking that will cause

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the grief worse than the grief of an innocent child young child has passed away a natural death. So your Lord wanted to take this one away and give a better one in its place. And as for the third story, that area of land, it belonged to orphans. It belonged to orphans. And their father used to be a righteous man, they're orphans. They don't have a father. Now, their father used to be a righteous man, and he had buried treasure under that area. So if the Wall had fallen down, the treasure would be exposed. So Allah wanted to cover their treasure up until they come of age, if the children were orphans, and the treasure is discovered, they will not be able to defend that the

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people who couldn't give you a bread, a glass of water, do you think they would have given the orphans their money? No. Now when the orphans become old, strong when they become young, I mean, not too old, when they become younger and have adult age, they can acquire the wealth and defend it and they will benefit from the wealth of their father and Allah azza wa jal wanted these two orphans and Yabloko or should devil to reach their proper maturity age, and then to bless them with the blessings of the righteous Father, that he cuts out we do Madame duster, Allah He SOBOROFF. This is the interpretation of all of this, you didn't have any patience for now I have summarized all of

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these stories. And the lessons from this are too many to really mention in five minutes, but I'll mention the main ones.

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The constant theme of these three stories is very simple brothers and sisters, and it is relevant to me and you every day of our lives.

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There has to be Tawakkol in Allah's grand plan,

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there has to be true submission and acknowledgement that Allah knows best. I do not know. Allah knows, there has to be husana one good thoughts of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. There has to be full, complete loyalty. Allah will take care of me, even if I don't understand what's going on. In all three of these circumstances at the beginning of the story, not just Musa but the people involved the actors of the story themselves. If their Iman was low, they would have been questioning. Imagine these poor fishermen. They would if there was a person amongst them who was a man who was weak. He might have said hypothetically, how is this? We were generous to these strangers. They didn't give

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us any money we offer to give them a free lift a free ride, and in return, they pay us in this manner by destroying our own ship. What are we going to do now? Who will take care of us? How will we go fishing who will feed our families

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barely an hour goes by. And from being poor, they become multimillionaires because they're the only fishermen on the dock one hour, just the same day the king is coming. And they just need to do some wood plank and put some put some wood and that said the ship is usable, they will have the only ship. This is the example of a monetary loss a disaster a calamity within which is a blessing in disguise that they could not know unless they had their trust in Allah.

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Next time you and I get a flat tire. Next time we're in an accident. Next time we lose our job. Next time we face a monetary calamity.

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You and I should think of those fishermen

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in that calamity in sha Allah hooter, Allah is our salvation.

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In this minor pain is the saving for us of a much larger pain that Allah subhanho wa Taala is averting away, will love will Ya Allah.

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Allah knows you do not know.

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The second story even more painful.

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There is hardly any pain known to man that is more painful than losing a child. And only those who have gone through it know it. May Allah protect us on our children. There is hardly any pain worse than this. And this would have been an unexpected, senseless death, the child goes out to play and in a freak accident they would never have known what it is, you know, they wouldn't have thought of murder was a natural death that happened in a freak accident. The child passes away. The parents are grieving. But they do not know the future. The death of an innocent child will bring them much less grief than the life of an evil young son.

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That son would have grown up rejected Islam caused his parents grief. That's what the Quran mentions gonna cause irritation, nuisance pain, and Allah azza wa jal knew that they didn't deserve such a child. So Allah gave them a child that they deserve. Now there's so much here to benefit from, obviously the most obvious one being. The first story dealt with a calamity of finances. The second story deals with a calamity of lives, which is more painful, losing a loved one, losing a spouse losing a child, it's very painful. But there must be a sense of submission to Allah. To Allah we belong to Him we shall return. Allah knows best. Allah has the right to take what he wants. Allah

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has the right to give as he pleases. Whatever Allah chooses to take, no one can stop and whatever Allah chooses to give, no one can prevent. We have to have that your theme that Tawakkol that Iman, that Allah is Rahman and Rahim that Allah is monocle molk that Allah is our Animal Aid, that Allah is hubiera that Allah is locally if we have to have that Eman. The only thing that will console us at the death of a child for example, is our iman in Allah subhanho wa Taala that's it.

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And here's another beautiful point. The Quran says their parents were righteous people.

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You want your children to be righteous, I want my children to be righteous. You want your children to be righteous? Start with yourself. Make sure you yourself and my myself and living up to the standards. How did these parents get blessed with the righteous son?

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Their parents were solid they were righteous people. So your Lord one two to give them a solid son. Now it is true sometimes righteous people are tested with unrighteous NOI is a Prophet, his son remained a Kaffir. So it's not the always rule. There are exceptions to the rule. That's what I'm trying to say. But the general rule of thumb, the general rule, you want your children to be pious, without the God fearing praying. You want them to have Eman and Allah love the messenger. Examine yourself. First, let me examine myself first. Where am I on the scale of Iman and Taqwa such that I can then tell my children to raise the standard? What do I do I have to demand from my children

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loyalty to Allah if my own lifestyle is betraying that loyalty. So righteous parents are blessed with righteous children. We learned this as well.

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The third story, not only is piety protected in Iman and Taqwa piety also helps the risk of our children. Don't you want your children to live a good life? Don't you want them to have food and house and education? Who's going to provide for that not me, not you in the law who are reserved. So how will Allah azza wa jal provide one of the ways

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this belong to hula?

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Media Team NFL Medina, what can abou whom al Saleh? Ah, their father used to be a good man Subhanallah

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the father dies. Can you imagine the mother's grief? Who's going to take care of my children? How will they be provided for, but see, in the Allahu Allah you will do a gentleman.

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Allah does not go to waste, the one who does good, even after a person's death, their righteousness will impact their loved ones. You truly love your family. Don't go and buy life insurance. It's not allowed.

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Invest in yourself and your iman and your taqwa. You truly want to provide for your children. What is your own Salah rabada Zakka tahajjud Quran that is the real Islamic life insurance. Allah will take care of it. I'm not saying don't have a job. I'm not saying don't have money. Of course we provide the risk. Of course we work but there are ASVAB beyond going to work. There are ASVAB that is the one who is Musa Babel as bad causes it. And that is our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala our dua to Allah subhana wa Taala that is what will provide the ultimate risk.

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And in this story we learn as well, if we're undergoing a calamity, and we don't see the end in sight, can you imagine these orphans when the father would have died? The mothers who's going to take care of us where will this come from? And she's thinking this is an important point. I want the money now. I need the money for these little kids. But she doesn't realize that if they were to get the money now it would be taken away from them. So they have to eke out a difficult existence. 1520 years they're making dua praying for sustenance to come. But Allah knows when the right time to answer the DUA is not now they need to grow up to defend themselves. They need to have their house

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when nobody can complain against that house. And so the DUA is delayed until the time that Allah knows it is best to respond to. Next time, we're making dua to Allah someone is sick, someone is in an issue making dua. Where is the Nasir of Allah? Where is the help of Allah? Allah in Nasir Allah He is Karim. Allah knows when to answer your DUA. Allah knows the right time we still make dua, of course we do. We make dua with the philos with who short read humility, but we also know that Allah loves us more than our own mother's love us. And we must trust the plan of Allah and the wisdom of Allah, even if we don't understand it. At this point in time, the orphans don't understand the widow

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doesn't understand, but ALLAH knows and understands. So next time we are delayed in response to a DUA, continue making dua but know deep down inside that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has the best plan for you if you put your trust in Him. Brothers and sisters, these three stories they teach us very fundamentally simply that the one who is pleased with Allah, Allah shall be pleased with him. It teaches us exactly what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I Jebel the Umbrella Movement for in the Amara who Kula who hired amazing are the affairs of the movement for everything that happens to the movement will be for the movements advantage, the movement is never a loser. The

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movement never loses any situation. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you will come out the winner, you will come out the victor, you will come out with the upper hand but with one condition. I genuinely mean that Eman has to be there. Put your trust in Allah put your good thoughts in Allah and whoever thinks good thoughts of Allah. Allah subhana wa Taala never ever disappoints him BarakAllahu li to confirm and allow them one to find your way your female female it was declared Hakeem Hodo Mathis Marone was still for Allah and LD Marie welcome. What is the Muslim iniquity that manifests itself who in who will have a full Rahim?

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Alhamdulillah helwa hidden ahead of Samad Allah de la mia did what a Mueller What am your caller who phoned ahead what are you?

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Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with regards to these verses of Surah teleca he made a beautiful he told us a beautiful incident. Very beautiful incident and with this idea will conclude our chutzpah

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on that ship when they were writing feather and Musa on that ship Raider dipped his finger in the water, and he pulled it out. And he said to Musa How much do you think the water of the ocean has diminished because of the water remaining on my finger? In other words, dipping my hand

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And then the water hasn't caused the ocean to diminish who said nothing? It is as it is. Could have said listen to this. Yeah Musa, my knowledge and yours combined compared to the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala is like this dipping of the finger compared to the ocean.

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If this is the case of Heather and Musa Kaleem Allah and the one who Musa was told to study with,

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who do you think I am? And who do you think you are? If he did and Musa and Heather is saying to Musa my aim and yours together, compared to the enemy of Allah is like us dipping this finger compared to the ocean will love who ya want to learn.

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This is the fundamental reality of believers having to put their trust in the law. Whatever happens brothers and sisters, whatever happens, think good thoughts of Allah. remain firm in your Eman. Continue and persevere in your Salah. give sadaqa unto others be generous even when you have nothing to give other than your time and your energy continue to give to others and know that Allah subhanho wa Taala will take care of you and Allah will give what is in your best interest even if you do not realize it. The one who puts his trust in Allah is never humiliated and disappointed. The one who has Iman and Allah shall always come out the victor. There are no exceptions to this rule Allahumma

00:31:33--> 00:32:14

in NIDA and for aminu, Allahu Allah I don't know if you had any of them, but it was a photo. Wala Hamid Illa for Raja what are they in an Illa Kadota what are my real one Elijah feta what I see it on Illa yourself to Allah ma fildena What is one in readiness about Pune Eman? What I teach I feel Fluminense Linda Linda Tina Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim Allah who is a Islam and Muslim in Allah Houma is Islam and one Muslim in Allah whom is Islam or when Muslim in Allah Houma and Aradhana ora Islam on misdemeanor be su infringer hula hoop enough say wedge altijd Mira Hu theta VT Jaco you yah RC is about Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Combi Amarin better be he been FC within the Medaka the

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Kudo se was become a you help me when I'm in Germany hey we're insane for call them and then Idema in Allah How am Allah equatorial saloon Allah NaVi Yeah, you heard Adina Emanuel swallow it he was suddenly motors NEMA Allahumma salli wa sallam whether they call him an abductor Asuka Mohamed Anwar the early he was so happy as marine about Allah and Allah to Allah will add the word ehsani later it will Korba wion hylafax che will Moon collywobbles your Edo Camila Allah commentator karoun kulula Halima come watch guru who yesterday what are the guru Allahu Allah Akbar Wa Optimus salah.

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Long workload on long haul, a headwind Isla her in the mall, a shadow and Nemo his mother was Zulu law. Hey, I don't wanna do you here Island fella by the call Matt is SWANA to call the call Matt is

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a law at Vodafone law, law

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law straight new Rosie you know gaps in the line along colognes.

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And hamdulillah here have been learning Aruna Nura Hey Kim Mani Kia wounded doing II kinda are going to want a canister I mean, they know sled all Klum was stomping, slid off all clothing levena and him Hawaii's in

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the Isla de him What else go on living

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Army in

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World War One Laney is

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one duck out on bocce 110 to high yield on Kameena own one so far y'all tweak out our book alpha to omega lamea J the Kenya team

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wah wah Jedi Cal all

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one word jejaka

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jump all hell what I'm

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done how? Why I'm being there

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on Vika hand this Allahu Akbar

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semi Allah Who naman Hamidah

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hola hola que Bono

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Hello Welcome

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Oh Kubang

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Alhamdulillah he'll be in Harlem in our Rahmanir Rahim Eema Nicaea woman Dini II cannot avoid doing what he can as a man did not set off on him was stealthy email sailed on Xena under him on Eazy

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E him more than on knee pain.

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Me in

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El Haku machaca Soto hatters Zolotow Moon all these cannula so far China moon that soon I'm

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John Moon cannula. Munna helping large Alba Wuhan Jehane zoom mad

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I ain't your thing. So um, juice

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is in our nation.

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Me Allahu Akbar.

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Semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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Hello Kabul

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Allahu Allah Kabul

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Oh uncle

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Salam Ohana in kumara.

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S moron ain't got more documents on

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Saramonic Kamara, Missoula, who bought like barakato

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I am very, very humbled and honored to be joining your community of East Plano which is now my community at Hamdulillah. And I hope that in sha Allah Huzzah.

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that together with Gustavo bargeboard, with Imam Nadeem with all of the religious and board members that inshallah to Allah we will make East Plano a role model community in all of North America that is the golden vision that I have will continue to raise the bar together as a team in sha Allah to Allah and I'm here for you. And the purpose of me being here of course is that together we benefit one another. And insha Allah hooter Allah be able to to spiritually create a beautiful ambience in this masjid, so that our children, our spouses, our grandchildren, will preserve Islam and continue the legacy of carrying the banner of la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah for future generations

00:40:41--> 00:41:17

I've been asked to make quick announcements for the weekend programs, much of which centered around me because I'm only here for this weekend. I'm coming once a month for the next three four months and then after Ramadan moving permanently, so tonight inshallah Tada. There will be a lecture about the CEO of Iota known Allahu sama Watty will also be giving that lecture after so that'll Orisha I think after Isha tomorrow during the day, there is a program about combating drugs we're going to be bringing in the DEA the Drug Enforcement I'll also be speaking and especially we want especially our youth to be able to attend and understand what are some of the problems of the issues that these

00:41:17--> 00:41:25

types of substances bring Sunday as well inshallah there's a sister's HELOC I'll be having regular sisters HELOC as well so at 10am in Charlotte there'll be a sister's house

00:41:27--> 00:41:32

in the sister section a shallow Tada and the other announcement was any other announcements? The

00:41:33--> 00:41:34

the column

00:41:35--> 00:41:45

the column fundraising sorry I don't remember Oh, the tomorrow's yes sorry. My bed tomorrow evening. There's a fundraiser for the Harlem school. The column college it had what time is it?

00:41:46--> 00:42:17

6pm 6pm you'll find the the crystal banquet hall in Charlotte I forgot as well tomorrow after budget as the hotter myself so packed schedule this weekend. I hope inshallah you will take some time out for that. And may Allah subhana wa Tada bless each and every one of us to work together to cooperate together to be able to establish a community where insha Allah hooter under the Rama the compassion there is Islam is shown May Allah subhanho wa Taala unite our hearts and keep us all together upon serata Muslim desert Mala who felons and American rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

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donations as well never forget donation is always important donations to the