The Branches of Faith – 11 – Belief in Prophets & Books

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In this compelling lecture about the Prophets and the Books of Allah, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi enlightens us on the meaning of a Prophet and showing some differences between a Rasool and a Nabi.

Allah has been sending His messengers as and when needed to bring out the people from the depth of darkness and ignorance to the light of knowledge and glorification. To help Allah’s messengers spread the word of Allah and His teachings, some of the messengers were revealed Noble Books by Allah. Faith in Islam cannot be completed if one does not believe that these Books were revealed by Allah.

The Shaykh then implores us to earnestly try to imbibe aspects from the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who is the perfect role model that Allah ever sent. His was a life of great success. In his high moral qualities, his spiritual power, his high resolve, the excellence and perfection of his teachings, his perfect example and the acceptance of his prayers. 

This short and crisp talk by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is sure to ignite your interest in the lives of the Prophets.

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salatu salam, ala rasulillah

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salam about so we now move on to the next pillar and the pillars of eemaan. And we know the next pillar is going to be Mr in laws, prophets and messengers and we will also merge in today's talk books. So we will do two of the six pillars as we know in the hadith of gibreel. It men choose to believe in Allah and the angels and the prophets and the books. So today we'll combine the prophets and the books and discuss them all together. We all know that a fundamental part of our religion is to believe that Allah sends ambia and Russell and what is the difference between an OB and Dora soon many opinions, but in sha Allah, what seems to be the case the word nebby comes from nabba which

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means to inform. So nebby conveys something that you do not know Nabhi is somebody who tells you something you do not know from Allah subhana wa Tada. And a Rasulullah comes from the word out of Salah, which means to send so Allah has sent somebody to someone, and perhaps the clearest distinction, I have been telling me I mentioned this is that nebby is sent to a people who already believe in Him, whereas the rasuna is sent to somebody who doesn't believe in him. So, they have to establish or he has to establish his credentials, sometimes they accept sometimes they reject. So generally speaking, a nebby is sent to a group that already believes So Adam is a nebby his children

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believed in him, nor is the first rhassoul because his people rejected him. So a nebby is sent and generally speaking, generally speaking, nebby follows the message and the Sharia and the laws of the previous resort. I say generally because Adam was the first newbie but he didn't have a suit before him. So he comes with the law, but future rhassoul generally come with a different Shetty or different laws and generally the future nebby they follow the previous rule. So the classic example for us is Moosa is on a stool he was sent to Freetown, then after Moosa, up until Jesus, there are dozens of prophets mentioned in the Old Testament, they have Samuel and you have Hezekiah and you

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have all of them. These are the children of Israel believed in them one after the other. john the baptist is a nebby. But Isa is our school because he was sent to establish and they rejected him. So his cousin yeah is an abbey and Jesus is our assume that's our definition of an abbey annato soon, and we have an authentic hadith in the sutra, in the, in the Saudi Arabian hidden abuser, as if it asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he rasulillah how many ambia were sent, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said 124,000 so 124,000 Mb were sent. So he said, How many are sold? So he said 310 and the quantity that ultimate Why should we build the quantity 315 3033 19 310 and some so

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310 and some were sold. And then in order to make sure you don't think this is a small number, our Prophet solo sent him said Jim Monica fear. A large number means they might be small in number compared to Hunter 124,000. But they are much in their quality. And of course from the fundamentals of our religion. We have to believe in the prophets to believe in the law. If you do not believe in the prophets, you have rejected Allah subhana wa Taala belief in the profits goes hand in hand with belief in a law Bulu Amanda Billahi min mountain Zilla Elena Zilla Ibrahima, where's my Isla? Where's Harper? Why October? What about the Houma Oto Musa where Isa wannabe Yuna rob him all the

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profits learn ofori kobina had a minimum we don't distinguish in belief with all of them. Allah says in the Quran in the villages says in the Quran in the Ludhiana una bella. He was really he those who reject a lot and his prophets, how do they reject a loan as prophets? What would he do not and you for obeying the law. He was really They do this by differentiating between Allah and His prophets while you're Kowloon and they say not many will be about one Nakuru. bebout will believe in some of the lowest profits and we will reject other Allah prophets. Allah azza wa jal says, Allah eco homolka Runa hapa This is the essence of gopher Why? Because once you believe so again, a little bit

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advanced here there are two major philosophies of religions those who believe in profits Judaism, Christianity, Islam

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Those who don't believe in profits, Hinduism, Taoism, Taoism, shintoism Buddhism, these are the two major philosophies when it comes to religion. Now those who believe in profits, they should recognize the Prophet when it comes to them. It makes more sense for the Prophet believers to recognize a new Prophet, because they already believe in profits. As for those who don't believe in profits, at least we can say, Okay, this is a new concept to them. So Allah is saying that group that believes in profits, but then rejects this profit, that is the essence of gopher because you already believe in profits when I go human capital una haka, so we don't differentiate between the

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profits we believe in all of them. And of course, we know that the Quran only mentions a few In fact, 25 are mentioned in the Quran, by name and the rest are not mentioned as Allah says, some we have told you the stories others we have not told you their stories, Minho, Mancha, sosna, main home alum, Naxos, you have some you don't have others, out of these 25 five are considered to be those of strong resolve odle almina Russell, the ones that have strong resolve, and these are new, and Ibrahim and Moosa and Isa and our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, these are the five that are the strongest resolve or the highest level of profits. Now, we just said Allah says we

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don't differentiate between the profits yet I just said these are the five that are higher level. And the response is very clear. We do not differentiate in that we believe in all of them that all are sent by Allah. But we do believe some are more blessed than others, and all of them are more blessed than us. So compared to us, all the prophets are better. amongst themselves. Some profits are better than others. And Allah zoa just says still Caruso through football na ba ba Hamada, bow minuman Kala mala, these are the profits, we preferred some over others, the highest of them, Huma last spoke to men whom men can learn a lot, and that is the highest category. And of course, we know

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that Allah spoke to our father Adam, and he spoke to Moosa and he spoke to our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we believe in all the prophets and we do not differentiate in believing in them. But we do believe some are more blessings or more a higher in the status of Allah than others. And of course, the role of the prophets is very clear, and that is to convey the message the Arabic word is but out in Malakal, balau, the conveying what Allah has told them to convey. And that is why we believe no prophets can ever make mistakes when it comes to conveying the message. They are infallible in one aspect of their lives. And that is when it comes to speaking on

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behalf of a law. No prophet can lie. No Prophet would ever lie. No Prophet would say something that is false, or else that would destroy their credibility. And we also believe that the prophets give you good news and warn you Bashir and Vir Bashara Bashir, for those who are good, they have good news. For those who reject they have no idea they're going to be warned. We also believe that the profits come to purify ourselves, they tell us how to be spiritually pure. You Allah Muhammad Kitab al hikmah will use the key him one of the roles of the prophets is dead skia spirituality, how to be purified in this world. And we believe as well that one of the reasons why Allah sends prophets is

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so that we call an Arabic If karma to to establish the evidence. What is this evidence in Wheeler in a sutra Tabata when the people go to jahannam? The the angels will say I'm here to come here didn't a messenger come to you all rubella, Khadija and an idiot. Yes, a messenger did come, but we rejected the messenger. So if no messenger came, people might have an excuse. And they might say, oh, Allah magia and me Bashir, one under the no messenger came is not our fault. And that is why we believe that if a group of people have never heard of that prophetic message, they might be forgiven on Judgement Day, because no prophet has come to them. So there are a special category of people on

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judgment day they might be forgiven, they're called a little better off if no, if somebody has never heard of the profits, or our profits notice that him and he lives in isolation, or they live in isolation from other societies that have profits, perhaps on Judgement date, a bit more detailed, they might have an excuse, because sending profits establishes a loss evidence against the people and we believe so I rephrase this when I speak at churches, you know, Christians they have that famous phrase in the in the Bible, that For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son, you know, to basically redeem and die for our sins. We don't believe this. Obviously Jews and Muslims

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don't believe this. We rephrase this. We say For God so loved the world. He continued to send profits to guide us, Allah xojo continue to send profits to guidance. That is a loss love manifested to mankind because a lot did not want to leave mankind.

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In darkness, and this leads me to a very, very deep point I only have two minutes. But it is a very philosophical and a very profound point. Why does Allah send prophets? And the response isn't in a nutshell is because without prophets, mankind can never attain the true guidance, true knowledge of ethics, of morality, of good of righteousness of evil. This goes back to the most ancient philosophers, Socrates asked what is good, and for the last 3000 years Western history and philosophy has attempted to answer that question, who defines what is good? Who defines morality, who defines righteousness? Allah says in the Quran, whatever, whatever, I'll have a home. If truth

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were to follow their desires, love faster that is.

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All that is in the heavens and earth would become corrupt. Allah says in the Quran, good and bad, are never the same. Even if the quantity of the bad overwhelms you. It doesn't matter if everybody's saying something bad. It doesn't make it good. And we say as Muslims firmly morality is not up for democracy. Doesn't matter if the majority say something immoral is moral. It doesn't matter in this country itself. How many examples can be given racism was codified, it was law for 300 years slavery, it was law in this country, just because something is legal, doesn't make it moral doesn't make it ethical. And we firmly believe this, look at history. Look at now what is happening, all of

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the changes in morality in decency, all of the changes taking place when somebody stands and preaches decency, dignity, hire, that person is labeled a bigot backward you're this you're that look at how quickly that which was evil is now considered mainstream, that which was in decent is now considered to be decent people's reactions to morality changes, and you are a product of your culture. When Allah revealed in the Quran that racism is bad. The Quran said have you lost your minds, you expect blood and meat to be the same? The orange couldn't understand it. And 50 years ago, this country said the same thing. Allah says we don't care what you say, doesn't matter what

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your skin color, everybody is the same in the eyes of Allah. So the point is, you need divine guidance. look now at morality at sexuality agenda, people are talking, talking, talking how quickly changes are taking place who will decide that's why Allah said you mankind are not able to govern yourselves with morality, you must have morality from up above, I must reveal it to you. And Allah has said in the Quran. And for her septum Anima Hakuna Matata, you think we created you as a joke without anything? Allah says in the Quran? Yes, I will insert a new a new tracker sudah did mankind think he would be left without guidance? Do you think we took care of you, we gave you your food,

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your water, your drink your oxygen, everything is perfect. Your world is perfect for you. And you think we wouldn't take care of your spirituality of your morality of your guidance. That is why we say without a lot of guidance, we are like animals. We need hidayah from a law. And that's where the prophets and the books come into play. And of course, the books by the way, every single Prophet was given inspiration, some of those inspirations were written down and they became larger books. As we know, every prophet therefore was given what we would call the book. But there are some prophets that have been given larger books. And of course, the largest are the Torah of Musashi Salaam, the

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bore of the wood, and the Injeel, of Isa and of course, our Prophet system has given the Koran But these aren't the only four books of course, there's sort of Abraham five books that are mentioned by name, but every prophet essentially had what we would call a book every prophet was given away that way is the book sometimes that book is dictated and written down, and it becomes a compiled book. And that is why we have the Old Testament the New Testament that we believe is corrupted, but the original was from Allah subhana wa Tada. The bottom line brothers and sisters belief in the prophets is and the books is a fundamental pillar of our Eman. without it we are not believers and these

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prophets of Allah, all of them they demonstrate Allah's mercy. They teach us the ethics and the laws, morality and guidance. They are role models for us their stories inspire us we read the stories of Moosa is Jesus Yunus we read the stories and their morality, their love, the fact that they win over their enemies that Allah helps them or signs for all of mankind, and these prophets become role models and especially our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam becomes the ultimate role model if we do not take him as a role model.

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We have no role model. The only way to worship Allah is by believing in Mohammed or Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and then taking him as a final role model and inshallah we will continue our talks tomorrow was said on Monday como Rahmatullahi wa barakato