Warfare in Islam

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the potential consequences of war, including negative consequences such as war-taking and loss of resources, and the need for acceptance of Allah's principles. They stress the importance of spreading one's religion and religion laws to people living in the area, and emphasize the need to be mindful of the potential consequences of war and civil wars. The segment also touches on Jihad and its use in various countries, emphasizing the importance of spreading religion and not spreading it to religion. peace and Islam are seen as important factors for achieving peace.
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Chapter of Bukhara it raises for the very first time the reality of physical warfare and of course of petard and of jihad. And it lays out some very, very explicit rules. Now again, this is a long drawn out topic, but it does need to be addressed because it's right here in the Quran. And Allah says in the Quran, Surah Baqarah, verse 216, Guti by the communicator who are who are called Holcomb fighting is ordained for you. Even though you don't like it nobody likes to go to war. War is a dirty business war is not something you want to do well who are good who lakum what as an attacker who che and but it's possible that you dislike something well who are hydro lecom and it is for your

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best interests. And it's possible that you like something and it is not good for you. And Allah knows and you do not know once again we come across a very very Quranic truth that is embodied in Surah Al Baqarah.

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ethical values don't come from what I like and what I don't like right and wrong is not based upon what I desire. Sometimes I desire something and it's not good for me and sometimes what is good for me I don't want to do it. And that is why once again will Allah Who yeah I remember one time Allah Tala mode, it occurs at least five times Allah knows you do not know Allah knows you do not know you do not know Allah subhanaw taala knows. And so the concept of clitoral the concept of jihad. Yes, indeed, there is no denying that in the Quran. There is something there is a notion of a just war theory that sometimes you have to go to war. Sometimes you have to fight to defend there are reasons

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that you go to battle. pacifism sounds really nice. When you're an undergraduate at some university. It's really nice to write papers about pacifism. And we should not be fighting. That's great. But the world cannot and does not run by on pacifism, nations go to war all the time. But the difference is that generally speaking, most nations go to war because of worldly issues because of money because of oil because of natural resources in Islam, though, there should be no fighting for the sake of this world. There is no you don't go to war for the sake of this dunya you don't kill people because you want their money. You want to conquer their lands, you want their oil and natural

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resources, not at all no, it's very clear sort of Bukhara will call to do visa vie Lilla What if you do have to go it must be for a higher cause. And that is for the sake of Allah subhanahu to Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us again, as total Bukhara will fit in to a shed do menial cotton, that civil war, anarchy chaos is worse than going to war and fighting civil war and anarchy and Subhanallah look at what is happening in so many places in the world. And in fact, we can even say again, historically. And when Hitler comes in invades Europe, you can't just sit back and say we're going to be pacifist No, anarchy is worse than a legitimate war that you have to go and

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defend. And that is why look at this verse 251 of Bacara so explicit, it's amazing. Allah subhana wa Tada is telling us why we have to go to war sometimes 251 Allah says, well Allah Allah for Allah, He knows about the homebuilding left first, that in earth, were it not for the fact that Allah azza wa jal uses some people to restrain others, ie some people fight others and so therefore, they conquer over them and they stop them for whatever they're doing. Were it not for the fact that one group is used to keep others in check. The whole earth would have gone into ruin a lot faster than Oh, well. I can Allahu Rahmatullah the Allah may Allah azza wa jal is full of Rama and full of mercy towards

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the creation. And again, the details of the notion of Italian Jihad are, you know, beyond the scope of this quick talk right now. But let us be very clear in this regard, that in our times in the in the generation that we're born into nations feel very comfortable, they feel morally obliged even to go to war, and to spread their versions of truth, their versions of political systems, their versions of democracy, there are versions of liberalism, and they feel morally justified. Three generations ago, two generations ago, they would outwardly say that we're going to Christianize those countries and spread our our religion over there. Well, the fact of the matter is, in the time

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of the whole of Russia in the time of the Obama years when the world was a very different place 1200 1300 years ago, there is no question that the Muslim ummah felt morally permitted to expand the civilization of Islam, not the religion, the civilization of Islam, and the borders of the empire. But Surah Al Baqarah is very clear. Verse 256. You can never use force to spread the religion law. Iqra, Dean there is never forcing people in the religion sometimes the

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Are the Hoda indeed they did do Amelia did do this, there's no denying this, they spread the borders of Islam, and they spread the borders so that the people living in those lands can be introduced to their faith and slowly but surely this is what my ancestors and most of your ancestors do is that slowly but surely interacting with the Muslims and they convert generation by generation. And this is the point the difference between spreading the civilization and spreading the religion to religion was never spread by the sword, la casa de Soto, Bukhara is very clear in this point. Now, again, as I said, much can be said and Much has been said, but whoever wants to find a message of

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peace, and a message of what is called an English legitimate just war theory, will easily be able to extract this from the Quran. And this is the version of mainstream Islam. This is what the bulk of the OMA has believed in, and whoever wants to cut and paste and produce a very extremist, a very crazed or a very radical interpretation. You can also do that and we have those fringe movements that are justifying the types of violence that the rest of the Ummah bulks at and they do have their cut and paste and snippets and whatnot but these people are not reading the Quran the way we are, they're not reading circle Baqarah verse 190, where Allah says we'll call it zero fee Serbian Allah

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He laid into your code you do not come while try to do in Allahu Allah you hit burn water, then go ahead and fight in the Cause of Allah not for your glory, not for your ego, not for oil, not to spread your versions of liberalism and whatnot. No fight for the cause of Allah Who Who do you fight those who are a threat to you, those who are fighting you go ahead and fight if they're fighting you and even in that fight, what attracted you don't commit aggression? Don't go beyond the bounds don't go beyond what is reasonable for Allah azza wa jal does not love the aggressor. So in a nutshell, this is some of the things we need to know about this notion of Kitab and Jihad

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