Yasir Qadhi – Heart Matters #14 Helping Others As a Means of Self-Purification

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Hulk is viewed as a worshipper of Allah and a need for men to show their compassion and love. The importance of helping people in distress to achieve their prophets is discussed, along with suggestions for ways to help others. The "hasn't been enough" message in Islam is emphasized, and a video about a woman wanting to bring happiness to people is mentioned. The segment ends with a mention of a film about a woman wanting to bring happiness to people.
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Hello Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who either early he will sahih woman well on my blog. Today's topic actually is one that I didn't prepare from yesterday. I literally got the idea an hour ago when we were sitting with our interfaith Iftar dinner. And I thought it is not appropriate for me to spend 30 days talking about the dusky of the cult, as if it is an internal matter, and it has nothing to do with outside. So today, literally on the spur of the moment, I decided to change the topic, and it is still a part of the Ischia. As you know, today we had our interfaith dinner and Hamdulillah, the mayor's Deputy Mayor's came, elected officials came, you

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know, police and firemen came in hamdulillah And Alhamdulillah, the universal impression that they had of epic was so positive why, because Epic is involved with more than 14 city wide organizations in feeding the hungry and taking care of the shelters and helping women that are domestic abuse to find place to live. We distributed over 150,000 food packets this last year Al Hamdulillah. We now have a a relationship MOU with one of the charities here one is gonna get freezing cold, we're going to have people that are able to stay here one is sub sub zero temperature homeless people we're going to come here. Point is there is no test gear of your own hearts without kedma of the Hulk. And

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I wanted to talk about that today. We should get rid of this notion that if I want to be pure, I have to hibernate and sit in a cave and just go over my internal issues. No, our profits the cinema said Lara Bernie IATEFL Islam, there is no monasticism in Islam. What is the meaning of this hadith? A good Muslim is not somebody who cuts off from society. A good Muslim is not somebody who just stays to himself and worships Allah completely privately. No, we talked about this a few days ago, the best of all Muslims interacts with society, and also has private time you must show mankind the reality of what it means to be a worshipper of Allah. And when you show mankind that reality, that

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is one that dusky of your own heart will take place. Again, look at our Prophet system as the role model. Look at what he used to do for 40 years before the beginning of Revelation. His entire 40 years was about the hikma of the hug helping others out here he established a reputation to be the most kind, the most honest, the most trustworthy, he established reputation, anybody was hungry, they could go get food with the Profit System. Anybody needed help they could go to the Profit System. This is before the designer, what do you think after the result, this is a part and parcel of purification of the heart. There is no such thing as self purification without helping those in

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distress our prophets of Allah Who are they he was setting them said, the best of all people are those that are the most beneficial to other people higher on us and for whom leanness the best of all people are those who are helping other people out. Allah subhanho wa Taala praise the outside in the Quran. And Allah said the unsalted or like a Khattab if you want to be human Eman. Allah has written a man in their Kulu why? What did they do? Why are the unsolved so beloved to Allah? The Quran tells us when the MaHA Judoon came? What were their hearts like, you hate buena Meinhard Yura la him What are you doing a few sudo to him how Jetta mimma to where you see Runa I don't foresee

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him well oh, can it be him has also notice how Allah described the hearts of the unsought they had genuine love for their brother and when they made a hijra, they had nothing but love you hipbone among Hydra ilium and then when they gave from their food, their wealth when they gave from their money, they didn't give and their hearts were stingy. They gave and their hearts were generous. And then Allah said, and they preferred others over themselves, even though they are in need. They prefer to give others even though they are in need. When your heart is so pure, that you give unto others Allah says Khattab a few Karoubi him on Iman, this is the ultimate Teskey brothers and

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sisters, your test gear will not only come by worshiping Allah in private that needs to be done. I will be talking about so many days, that introspection and cleansing it needs to be done, but a part of Ischia must be in helping other people out our part.

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First of all, Allahu Allah he was setting them said, The one whose heart does not have mercy for the youngsters and respect for the elders. He is not amongst us. Your heart must have genuine compassion, genuine care and love. And it must also show of course, respect to those who deserve respect. If you don't have that in your heart, then you don't have this gear of the heart. One beautiful Hadith that summarizes all of this point, we're talking about dusky of the color. We're talking about softness of the heart. We're talking about having the best Kulu a man comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, yeah rasool Allah I want to complain to you my heart it's

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not good. It's a hard heart. I'm complaining to my heart is not a good heart. I want to have a soft heart but I don't find this softness. So he's complaining about the exact issue we're talking about this gear tool called he wants to have pure heart What did our profit system tell them Hadith isn't telling me the whatever Profit System tell him. Him Sahara Selia team will alter email Moroccan. Notice how this gear of the heart was related to hikma of the Hulk, he told this man, go find an orphan and wipe his head. This is an expression Goldhagen or for Western English, right? Insofar as in English, we say go hug an orphan. Get involved in the lives of those who don't have what you

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have. bring smiles to faces bring happiness and joy to the lives of other people go find an orphan and hug him and go find a hungry person and then feed him. And then he said Your heart will become soft. That's how you get softness of the heart. So brothers and sisters, I had to pause my regular because yes, most of the issues is introspection, but you will never gain ultimate Ischia by sitting in a cave we don't believe in that you will never gain softness of the heart by not getting involved with the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala so I encourage all of you myself and all of you to think about how can I contribute to broader society? How can I help the people around me

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Alhamdulillah we thank Allah the Muslim community of these lands, especially playing know in a Richardson into Frisco Hamdulillah we are growing exponentially. But my dear brothers and sisters if the broader society does not see us, mashallah, we are 3000 2000 over a year. What is our impact on our neighbors on our friends? Today? We heard from mayors from the from deputy mayors from Congress, we heard from them, what they saw was not Torah, we're, what they saw was not Juma. They saw what are we giving back to society? Our religion? Yes, it consists of rituals, but it also consists of giving back to society, it also consists of giving back to where we're living. So I encourage all of

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you brothers and sisters, especially as our numbers are growing, that we don't become cut off from the broader society. Well, Allah he this is not Islam. Yes, we're happy. We're worshipping Allah, our massages are packed, but what impact are we making beyond our massages? Let every person see what can I do in my cooperation amongst my neighborhood, amongst my colleagues, how can I positively impact them? And one final point and I've said this multiple times, when we help broader community, when we give to others, when we feed the hungry and sponsor the orphans and build shelters, let us not think that we're doing this as a tactic for the PR of Islam. Let us not think that oh, we're

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doing this so that they have a good image of Islam. No, if we do so, our Nia is not correct. Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran, were you to remove not to Allah he'll be he Miskin and we are team and we're a Syrah they give to their food everybody who needs it, they don't ask the religion the skin color, the ethnicity, the Muskie in the team the seed will give and then in Amman otter amo Camilla wedge Hilah love Who do you mean Come Jessa and wallah Shakira. We don't want your PR we don't want your thanks. We don't want any Kodak moment. We are doing this for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. feeding the hungry is not a tactic so that we can convert them to Islam. feeding

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the hungry is Islam. And if we don't understand this, then we'll Allah we have not understood Islam feeding the hungry is Islam helping the team is being a Muslim helping other people is purifying our hearts now, if they converted hamdulillah no problem. But our Nia is not for the conversion. Our Nia is not a secret tactic. Oh, dangle the food and you convert No, we are feeding the people for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is what our religion does. This is what our Syrah teaches us. This is what our prophets us did. So we give to the others. We show generosity to mankind. We help the full Quran we help the uttama we help them a sack in and we do it because that's what it means

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to be a Muslim. And if in the process, somebody likes Islam and comes to us Hamdulillah 200 100 was saddened, but if they don't, we have still done our job and in the eyes of Allah we have followed in

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The footsteps of the prophets of Allah Who are they? Who was selling them? The bottom line? Yes, all of the other lectures is gonna be about self introspection. But there is no ultimate Ischia of your own heart until you help the hearts of other people bring happiness to other people that will bring this gear to your own heart and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow cinematic and Rahmatullah.

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feels cool Ruby for me.

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