Daood Butt – An Ansari’s Reward

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The Mah shoulder title is designed to encourage people to take initiative and make something good for their deeds, and is not optional. Teachers need to ensure students meet the Prophet salall associates, and stress levels are high during events where stress levels are high. Personal comfort is also crucial, and the importance of giving people comfort and compassion is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need for inspiring change and bringing positive action to the world, and emphasize the importance of avoiding spotlight on Islam and finding one's own success.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala ashrafi selling Nabina Muhammad in early of mono Sala to attempt to slim and buried. My brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Can everyone hear me? Good Alhamdulillah

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forehand asked me to come in to speak to you. And you know, he mentioned some things before I really wasn't paying too much attention. So I'm not really sure what he said,

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apart from what I'm owed on a black soap and something about Doha. And so we asked Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for him to continue to make Doha while he's in a black or white film.

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With regards to twins of faith, right, you see the posters in front of you twins of faith, a conference, inspiring positive change. And when we travel back to the time of the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, especially when he made the hedge of our from MK over to Medina, we noticed something very interesting took place something really unique that everyone up until now over 1400 years ago, are still talking about. And that's none other than the who were that brotherhood and sisterhood that he developed between the unsought and the mohabbatein. That came over from MK with him. Now, it's interesting to point this out, because a lot of the time when we

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come in, we sit down. And there's many of you here today as compared to yesterday, right? We come to events, we try to put events together, whether it's a conference and a co author, of course, or anything that's happening in and around the city. And we want to volunteer, we want to put our time in as a volunteer. And I'm not sure if if I hadn't mentioned it earlier, but some kind of law, when we look at this actual term volunteer, really, what are you doing? Like, are you coming to an event simply to get some community hours that you need for university or some courses that you're taking, and then get someone to sign a sheet? If you are, that's fine, we could do that anyways, right? But

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what you're actually doing is you're living up to the standards of the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu. And in fact, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam emerged the the Sahaba, as in those who came from Mecca to Medina, when he brought them together, he didn't simply go to the unsought, the people of Medina and say, who is going to volunteer to help and look after some of these, these mohabbatein or Mahajan who's going to look after them? Right? And he didn't have like, you know, people standing there from the Sahaba, or the alohar on home saying, Yeah, you know, I got some spare time, like, I could spare two hours every week to, to do a couple of things with one of the

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Sahaba take him around or take her around and do something. Rather they looked at this as an opportunity. That was, in fact, a command and their responsibility that they for some of them had never even met the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, right? They lived in Medina, they accepted Islam simply by hearing the message of the Prophet that lived in Mecca. And now this was their first time actually meeting him, and they open their doors to those Sahaba those companions, male as well as female to come into their homes. And in fact, the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam when he came, they were so welcoming, that they ran out of their homes to welcome the Prophet sallallahu,

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alayhi wasallam and those that had come with him. And so we noticed that this term volunteer or to spend some time doing something or putting something great together, right, is not actually something that's optional.

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It's a great responsibility that we should rush towards, that this is something we have to do. We have to take initiative and making sure that something that is good for the deen actually takes place. Now, we're not bringing anyone into our homes, right? No one is, you know, welcoming anyone into their home. No one is saying, okay, you know, as some of this habit of the Aloha home, it was reported, you know, giving off some of their wealth, some of their property. In the instance of, you know, I have two wives, you choose one, and I will divorce that wife and you marry her. Right? That was that was what took place during the time of the, of the hidden, but some handle and now we're

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going to receive guests, and how are we going to receive them? Right? Are we simply just gonna, you know,

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go sit down, right? Is that the way we're going to be? Is that how we're going to behave? No, it isn't. And we noticed that on the day of the actual event, many of you will be stressed out. In fact, almost all of you will be stressed out of your mind, probably more than you've ever been, except for your high school or university exams. Forget High School University, right? And so so kinda, you'll notice that the stress level is going to be extremely high, but the stress level of

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The people that you're going to deal with, especially some of you that are dealing with hospitality is going to be even higher, because you're going to be dealing with people that are already stressed out of their minds as well. You know, yesterday was touching upon this very slightly, how some handle on the the speakers when they come to the event, right, everyone is focusing on them, they go on stage, the spotlight is shining on them. And they know that they have a certain time limit to fulfill and to require, they've got a certain task. So the topics as well as making sure that there's certain points that they address and focus on and hit it home, right, and try and make sure

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that the people are going to leave inspired with positive change, right. And so Subhanallah these speakers, and shadowclan Mashallah, whether they're male or female, they have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Added to that they traveled, they traveled. For some of them, they came by car for others that might be by bus for others, they may have been driven here. Others may have flown into the, into the city from different from different cities, either close by or other countries, from the other side of the world, for example, right? You're already burnt out.

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And then you land in his foreign country. And simple things like you get checked into a nice hotel, but you're not sure if you could drink the tap water.

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And you're dehydrated, you spent 20 hours in an airplane, you don't know if you could drink that tap water. So you run around trying to find bottled water in the middle of the night. And those are some of the stresses that some of the speakers will face, right? And then you will see them the next day and you think wow, Mashallah they just woke up they had a nice sleep in a five star four star hotel, and they're fully rested and everything is good for them, you know, they just came off their, their, their comfortable beds, and you're thinking I'm stressed, they should have some respect for me, or they should have some compassion towards me as a volunteer. But you don't notice that in them?

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Because you're stressed and they're stressed as well. So two people who are stressed are butting heads with each other. Right? Well, what's wrong with this show? What's wrong with this? This Schaffer? How come? She's demanding that she wants a caramel latte with you know,

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what do you call that stuff? Man whipped cream on top with you know, strawberry sprinkles and, and some extra cinnamon, you know, dusted over the top? Are you kidding me? All right. Listen, handle that. Sometimes it's like you're away from home, you crave something interesting. And so you tell someone to get you something wild, right? And then the volunteers like, Who does this person think they are? And that's absolutely right. Who does that person really think they are when they're demanding something extremely ridiculous. But you won't always get that sometimes all they want is a bottle of water,

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or a simple cup of tea. Chai, for those that are Pakistani, originally, right? Are some coffee for those that might be a little more westernized, right. And so Subhanallah, you'll notice that they just want something to make them feel comfortable. While at the same time. Those same speakers need to realize that the volunteers, which is each and every one of us, wants to also be made to feel comfortable. Why? Because the night before you've been you know, awake the entire night, you came early in the morning, or, or maybe the night before to set up. And you have missed maybe a day or two or three days from work or school or university or college wherever you are, right you've taken

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some time away from your family, you've skipped and Miss meals, right? You may have not even had a sip of water and maybe the past 10 hours, 12 hours, just because you're running around. And at the same time while you expect some compassion, they expect some compassion. And so you notice that the two of you don't really get along. And that's where it's important for us to keep our cool, right? What's the son of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam especially what smile right to smile, but not only to smile, look at the example that Allah Subhana Allah gives us in the Koran.

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The example of the non Muslim who disagrees with your belief disagrees with your faith disagrees with your way or method of life, or the lifestyle that you've chosen. What does Allah subhanho wa Taala say to respond to that person with when they get in your face or they annoy you or they come to you and say something that is hurtful? What do we say?

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What does Allah subhanho wa Taala say? How do we respond with what senem peacefully nicely respond to them kindly gently and that's what you're going to need. Some of you might be volunteer standing at the door, checking people's wristband right sorry Can I see your wristband sorry Can I see your wristband Sorry, can I see your wristband right and it's covered in those sleeves because Mashallah the sisters are covering their sleeves, right their arms, you can't see the wristbands, you can't see anything, and then they have to show their wristbands. And you'll notice that some people might come in the hall and realize they forgot something or they wanted to go you know, make with or use a

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They went out, and they're coming back in only two minutes after they had entered previously. But you don't know that. You're not sitting there staring at every person's face. And okay, this person is so and so that person is so and so this but you don't know who came in who went, you're so busy looking at wristbands. And that's all that matters to you. And so this person says, Are you kidding me? Sister, you need to check my wristband again. You just checked it two minutes ago, what you think I'm cheating? You think I'm bringing people in and out or something like that I have my own ticket. I bought it months ago. And you're like, Whoa, chill out. I'm just checking wristbands,

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And so that person will assume that you remember them. But you have to assume

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that they don't know. They don't know that you're not looking at them and trying to see who's coming in who's going. You're so busy. There's hundreds of 1000s of people coming and going every you know, a couple of hours. And you just want to see if they have a wristband on that's your responsibility. And so you will want to respond harshly. But that's where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam tells us a tabassum sadaqa. Now, let me tell you how, you know the the twins have faith conferences have benefited many people around the world. I've done I've done twins of faith in Sydney twice. I've done it in Melbourne, Australia twice. I've done it in Kuala Lumpur. I don't know how many

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times, right. I've done twins of faith, I'm going to do it in Vancouver. I'll do it over here. I've done being me conferences as well, with mercy mission. I've done many conferences. And so Pamela, we noticed that the volunteers don't realize the extent to their hard work, or the extent of their hard work. Right. The reason why I say that is because as speakers as people who travel to go and give the lecture, the the audience who's sitting and listening to the lecture will come they will say you know what, brother have this problem. I have that problem. I have this problem. Can I have your email address? Can I send you an email? Can I call you Can I speak to afterwards? Can I Can you

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address the problems that I have. And so we notice the problems of the people. And we also see how they may have changed themselves. But as volunteers, you come you do the event you set up, everything happens. It looks nice, everything is great. Everyone's happy, everyone goes home, and you're still there cleaning up. And you're wondering, does anyone really care about me? Is anyone going to say thank you.

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And if you're expecting a thank you, then thank you very much right now, because you should not be expecting a thank you afterwards, you will get a thank you, you will notice the speakers will sit down with you, you will notice that they will come to you, you will notice they will shake your hands, of course the sisters will shake the hands of the sisters and the brothers will shake the hands of the brothers. And they will thank each other they will smile to each other. They will say Jazakallah hiren, right. But don't expect someone to give you more than that. Because your reward is with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And an example that I can give you.

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in Sydney, Australia. right the first time I think it was the first time I did the conference over there.

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There was a security guard who is standing, you know, let's just say at the back door, right the door that we came in. And his job is to simply stand at the door and make sure that no one causes any ruckus. There's no problems, you know, people are coming and going and everything is fine. And he's an elderly man in his 60s easily in his 60s. And he's standing at the doors the entire Saturday and Sunday. And on Sunday, the second day, right at the end of the conference in the closing ceremonies, right. Chuck tofik is standing at the at the lectern. He's speaking and the security guard comes in from the back of the hall. And he starts to walk straight down the middle and

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everyone's just watching him What on earth is going on. Now you can imagine when a security guard is walking straight to the front, there should be or there must be a problem. So he leaves the spot, he comes in, he starts walking, and he comes right to the front. And he's standing at the front of the stage. And he's like telling shift off he said, Come here, come here, right? Or he's looking up at him as I come here. And shifter thinks I just got the mic. He's like, what's going on? Right? He's confused. And so he leaves the lecture and he goes over, he bends down and he asks him, he's like, what's up? You know, what's going on? What Is there a problem? And you can sense right away and his

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behavior or his conduct? You know, there must be something Why would a security guard be approaching me while I'm on stage in the middle of speaking, telling me to come in and you, you know, pay attention to him. And he says, to shift your feet. I've been standing at the back of this door, the back of the auditorium the entire weekend. And I've been listening to these lectures, and I want to accept Islam.

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Now who gets the rewards for that?

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to people that made it happen.

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I'll give you another example. I mentioned that yesterday. in Kuala Lumpur. We were doing twins of faith and on the second day after my lecture there was a brother who came up to me and he said you know what, I need to speak to you afterwards. So at the end, you know after the conference ended Malaysians love to take pictures and Twitter Instagram, but hadn't mentioned

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something of that sort, right? And so everyone's standing in the front, you know, saying Salaam to one another. And I noticed the brother standing on the side. So I go back to the brother. And he said he wanted to speak to me afterwards. So I'm like you wanted to say something, right? He says, Can we step outside, I said, Sure. We just walked through the doors literally like walking right outside these two doors. And he says, I came here on the Saturday, just like I go to any other event, where there's a lot of people and it's packed out. And I show up at the event, not whether it's an Islamic event, I don't really care what it is, I go wherever there's a high population of

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people, because I'm a drug dealer, and I wanted to sell drugs, I came to this event to sell drugs. And I was like, Okay,

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I'm thinking, should I call 911? You know, is the guy gonna, like, try and sell me drugs? Or what, you know, what's he gonna do? And so, so kinda like this brother, you know, I could, I could see that there's emotion in his voice and in his in his behavior. And he says, I came here, and I went into the parking lot. And in a conference in Malaysia, you're looking at at least about 4000 people, right? And so he says, I went into the parking lot. And I started to walk around trying to sell drugs, but I was having a hard time no one was in the parking lot. So then he says, someone came along to him and gave him a free ticket. So he takes his free ticket, and he thinks, you know what,

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let me go inside, because probably a lot more people inside than there are in the parking lot. So he goes inside with the intention of selling drugs on the inside. He goes in and he notices the market areas completely empty, right, because everyone's in the main hall listening to the lectures. So he decides to go inside, wait there. And then when everyone comes out at the break time, he will come out and sell his drugs.

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He goes in, sits down. And he said, I sat down, and the entire Saturday afternoon, and then Sunday, I had decided I should come back again. He came back, he sat all day Sunday. And that's when I was speaking to him at the end of the day on Sunday, after we actually finished the conference. And he said, I sat here thinking to myself for the entire weekend, while crying throughout every single one of the lectures for the two days that I sat inside, thinking to myself, I came here to destroy families. And all you guys have been talking about is how to bring families together. And I want to be part of this. I want to help out as well. What can I do? How can I change myself, I need some

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help. I need someone to get me out of what I'm going through right now. And to allow me to be part of the team of you guys who do what you do best. And so some handler who gets that reward

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you do. And the third example that I will give in sha Allah to Allah is the example of a brother who I met two weeks ago, I was at an event in Malaysia again.

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And there was a there was a soundcheck that we had to do so everyone had to go to the to the stadium. It was the first time we're doing an event of this sort in a stadium which you know, can has, I don't know, 12,000 16,000 seats in it, and we had to go to do a soundcheck on the day before the event. So I go do the soundcheck as I'm you know, just about five minutes on stage, say a few things recite some go on and then walk offstage as I'm walking off. There's a brother who approaches me and he's like, sent Mr. de la cama sent him, right. He's a volunteer, I could tell he's a volunteer, because only volunteers and those that are on stage are actually inside of the stadium on

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that day. So he's like, do you remember me said No, I don't. He goes, I met you in December at the twins of faith conference in Malaysia. I was like, Okay.

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All right. You know, there's a lot of people there, right 1000s of people. He says, you might not remember me, but I was wearing a turban on my head

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is a Malaysian brother, who was Sikh. He said, after I spoke to you after the conference, he had three questions for me after my lecture, right at the twins of faith conference in December. He goes after you answered those three questions. I thought about Islam very much. And I decided to accept Islam, and I've been a Muslim ever since.

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Who gets a reward for that? It's not the speaker. It's the volunteers. The speaker, the chef who's on stage might get some reward might share some of the reward. But the reward comes to all of you. Why do you think I'm saying that we're word comes to each and every one of the volunteers. When you really think of it,

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if I or anyone else, I don't want to use myself as an example because I don't think anyone would show up even if we advertised it if I was doing an event. But Subhanallah if anyone let's just say Who do you think would be like the biggest Shay who's a crowd polar?

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If we were to fly him in right now or her

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Dr. Zakir Naik? All right. Who else?

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No more than the one who's been here before right. You were gonna yell something out Who?

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Yes, meanwhile, Jeff

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hit okay. Right? So we have examples of people who, if they were to fly in, right, there would be crowds of people that are flooding them, right? Just standing around them, wanting to speak to them, and so on and so forth. It was any of those people.

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Right, let's just say Dr. Zakir Naik.

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He's coming into Canada, he's on a plane and he comes in, he lands in Pearson airport. Right.

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And he comes over to mtcc from the airport, he walks in, goes down into the main hall and stands there. Do you think there's going to be 10,000 people standing there waiting for him?

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No, there isn't.

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In fact, people would not even know that he landed in the country.

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Rather, if we had an event that was organized posters that were put up tickets that were sold, right, promo videos and whatever you want to, you know, call it little pamphlets that are handed out at the massage it in different places, restaurants, and so on, you'll notice that lots and lots of people would flood mtcc on that day, knowing that he was coming or anyone else was coming. Right.

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And so he could go there, turn the spotlights on, without any advertising, no marketing, nothing. And not a single person would even come, no one would even know he's here.

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So the person who's making the event actually happened, and allowing Muslims to know that there's something inspirational that's about to take place on October the 10th. And there's an amazing event that is not a simple one day event, it's not a conference, look at that banner and look at it from the bottom up. It is inspiring, positive change, through what through a one day conference by allowing people to experience the twins of faith, knowledge, and then action. You learn knowledge, and you implement the knowledge. And that's exactly what you're going to get from the conference. That's exactly what you are allowing every other Muslim in and around the GTA the Toronto area to

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benefit from, that you're not looking at it as a one day event on October 10. We need to make sure we're successful. That's not what we want. We don't want a one day event I want the next day after the event. Every single Muslim who is there is waking up and positively doing something that's changing their life and everyone else's life around them. I want that same feeling and effect to happen and to be there a year after they attend the conference on October the 10th. I want that same feeling and that same positive action and change happening 10 years, 15 years, 20 years 30 years later. Why? Because you want to inspire that positive change. You don't simply want to give

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knowledge. How many of you have attended conferences before? Raise your hand if you attended a conference? Good? Almost every single one of you. You've attended a conference great Mashallah.

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What have you done?

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If you were to die tomorrow, if you were to die this very minute right now, if you were one of those people who was making the offer on the caravan, that crane fell on top of you,

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and you were no longer with us? What positive change Did you bring to this world?

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What did you contribute towards? How did you impact the rest of society? Where's your footprint on earth? We look at McCollum Ibrahim, which is there in Mecca. Right? The footprints the place where Ibrahim Allah has sent him stood while he was building the caribou. And it's there it's preserved and we know of the story and we know we hear mention of it in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But what about us? What have we done? If I die this very minute, this very minute, how many people's lives have I impacted and how much positive change is coming from that. And that's exactly what we need each and every one of us to do on this day, and

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leading up to this day, October the 10th. Right And afterwards, as well, to continue to push forward with the next event, the next class, the next lecture, the next food delivery session, when we're going to give food out to the poor and to the homeless to the needy. The next event where we're giving clothing out and collecting clothing, and shipping it off to people that need it. We need to continue that. And it has to keep going in short a lot of time. Now you'll notice how that spotlight is shining on that chair or that shaker on the day of the event, right? Going back to what I was saying.

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And every single person is focusing on that one person who's on stage.

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But no one notices you. And at the end of the event you wish that people would notice you. You wish the people would come and say thank you at least just Camilla Hydra. Right? shake your hand give you a pat on the back. You did a great job. You really helped me. You changed my life and I'm going to change the life of someone else.

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But they probably won't tell you. And that's perfectly fine. Because do we rush towards wanting to seek the spotlight of the people? Or do we want to seek the spotlight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And who does Allah subhanho wa Taala recognize the most the people who are worshipping Allah, when all the lights are turned off,

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those that are praying, they're tahajud, those that are waking up for fudger when the lights are off, when no one can see each other, when you're going to the masjid for the brothers, in particular, for Sona till fudger. And you notice that not a single person is on the street, you're driving down Aaron Mills, you're driving down whatever street you live on, going towards the masjid, and you don't see a single other car on the street. But the spotlight of Allah subhanho wa Taala is shining on you. Because you got up to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. And in the event, on the day, before the day, after the day of the conference, that's exactly what you're looking for. You're not

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looking to be in the spotlight. It's not easy to be standing on stage, it really plays with your intention. You stand there and you lecture and you look at the faces of the people just like I might be looking at the faces of the people right now. And I wonder, are the people liking it? Should I give them something that's going to make them like it even more? And then the question inside of you is are you doing that for the sake of pleasing the law? Are you doing it for the sake of pleasing the people. And that's where the intention is, the speaker is tested every single second that they speak.

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But the intention of the person who's volunteering behind the scenes, sometimes a lot easier, because no one even notices that you're there. And that's exactly what matters. Because that person that accepts Islam,

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in Sydney, Australia that might accept Islam here in Toronto as well, that person who was a drug dealer who came out of the drugs that might be attending our event as well, right, another person might come as a drug dealer, or someone who takes drugs, or someone who wanted to take drugs, or someone who was beating their children, or someone who's you know, abusive towards their, their spouse might be attending the event as well. And you change the life of that person and all the people around them. And the reward for that you'll see in gentlemen, you're not going to see it now. You'll see it in genda. inshallah, Johanna

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I think that hand came in because he wants me to get off now. But I'll mention a few other things in sha Allah, Tad.

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We touched upon etiquettes. Right, very slightly, we touched upon, you know, discipline and trying to make sure that you are correct in the way that you're doing things. Trying to make sure that in sha Allah tala, we're all on time, right, trying to make sure that we don't expect anything in return from anybody else. And we'll conclude in sha Allah tala with gender relations, right gender relations, I did this yesterday as well, I almost slipped my mind and will conclude that inshallah, on the day of the event, as well as prior to the, to the conference, right, or whether it's a conference or an COVID course, or anything of that sort, whatever we're helping out with, will

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notice that you have teams teams, which are made up of brothers and sisters, right, some of your teams might only have sisters, some of your teams might only have brothers, but the majority of the teams I think, will probably have brothers and sisters, and each team will have a brother as well as a sister who was appointed, right to look after whatever whatever's happening and taking place in that team. But some handle on many of us have extremes. We go to the extreme in terms of gender relations, some are way too lenient, extremely lenient in the way that they behave with the opposite gender, sit down chat, how's it going? No, no problem, I'll drive you home, alright, sit in the same

00:28:48 --> 00:29:23

car together or take the subway together. I mean, if you're taking the subway, you're in public. I mean, that's a different story. But you don't need to actually be going to the same place together, right? We don't want to talk about specifics, just keep it general inshallah tried to make sure that you refrain from crossing the boundaries that Allah subhanho wa Taala has set. We all know what those boundaries are. Right? Some of us are a little too lenient, when it comes to that. chilling out flirting, saying things that are inappropriate to each other, maybe even sending emails, try to send emails, inshallah, if you have to cc someone else in there. If it's going back and forth

00:29:23 --> 00:30:00

between brothers and sisters, your team leader is a great person, right to CC, even if it's another sister, right? So a sister needs to email a brother and she sees the sister in charge or another sister Great, that's fine, at least someone else is aware of what's happening and taking place. Whereas we also see on the other end of the spectrum, some people are way, way too strict with this brother, sister gender relation thing, like extremely, extremely strict, to the extent that I've seen an urgent matter needed to be addressed at an event and a brother is told Can you go and get so and so thing let's just for an example.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:15

Right, use a first aid kit. Right? Can you go and bring the first aid kit? Because there's something you know, really urgent that we need sorted right now. And he's like, No, I can't. Why not? I'm not my home to that sister. The sister who has the first aid kit, like

00:30:17 --> 00:30:19

what are you going for Imanol with her or something like

00:30:21 --> 00:31:00

you're just going to go and ask her someone Come sister, do you have someone so thing? Yes, I do. Here you go take it, Mashallah. And go bring it back. Right. Sorry, I'm just pressing. Right. So, so I've had a lot, you know, some people are a little too extreme in that sense. And let's try to have that, that that, that neutral sort of stance, the stance of the some of the profits on a long line of usnm. And I use this example, sometimes, how Bilaal robiola and many of the other Sahaba Viola on whom that were male, they knew the names of the female Sahaba yet, they knew their names, they knew who they were, whether they were fully covered, or their face was uncovered, they still knew who it

00:31:00 --> 00:31:06

was by name. And they would go to the Prophet for example, the law or the law and

00:31:07 --> 00:31:40

he will go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam while he's waiting outside of his home, right, and some of the some of the companions would come to meet the Prophet, so the longer it was on them, he would go inside and he would tell you how to sort of law so and so people are so and so person is waiting for you on the outside, they want to ask you a question or whatever the matter is, right? And so some kind of law he would tell the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the actual names of the of the person or the people that were standing outside waiting for him. Now how would he know that? How would he know the names of all the people in the city of Medina and you ask yourself when

00:31:40 --> 00:32:18

you go to the masjid, you might see people who stand next to you in Salah every single Juma. Right or every single fudger or every single Muslim. You notice them you see them but you don't even know their names. You don't know their names. You don't know anything about them. You don't even know if they speak the same language as you. You don't know where they came from. You don't know a single thing except all you know what Mashallah sounds. So brothers got an awesome haircut, I want that haircut too, right? or so and so's sister has this super amazing, I don't know, crazy color hijab that you've never seen before. And you want to get that hijab too, right? That's the only thing you

00:32:18 --> 00:32:18

know about that.

00:32:20 --> 00:32:57

Now we need to get to know each other. And so I'm pretty sure you've done that activity or you will probably do activities with your teams, to get to know each other at least in terms of your names. Right, and to know whose strengths are what, and then in sha Allah hota Allah you can work together on a platform that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why? Because the last thing you want is to be working so hard on an event that is bringing people closer to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, while at the same time it's bringing you further from Allah. And so we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for each and every one of us to implement the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

00:32:57 --> 00:33:30

wa sallam and to live according to the commands that last panel with Allah have mentioned for us or has mentioned for us in the Quran. We ask Allah Subhana which Allah to make it easy for each and every one of you throughout the event, and prior to the event as well as after the event. And we asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make positive change come from the event in sha Allah to Allah and to see that positive change in and around the Toronto area. I mean, out of galantamine are some of our cinema Vatican anabaena Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam is that from located in the Santa Monica Monica De La Habra.

An inspiring and poignant reminder by Shaykh Daood Butt for the volunteers of the inaugural Twins of Faith Conference in Toronto (October 10).

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