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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala mousseline. seda. Now Muhammad Ali, he was a big man, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Oprah is meant to Allah subhanho wa Taala our Creator, our sustainer the Most Merciful, the most kind, La ilaha illa Allah, I testify that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa tada we make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in this film of Juma to accept our two hours to alleviate the difficulties of every single Muslim and every person in this dunya May Allah forgive us of the sins we've done last week, May this Juma be a cafaro for it, and a light to the next week. And we send our greetings of peace of salutations to our master now and Avi Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his perfect and pure family, to his companions, and all of those of

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his own mother follow his son until the end of time, they will be amongst them on the day of karma. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Last week, we concluded our series, the politics of faith, which we discuss the events in the world, we discuss politics for about three, four months now. And without a doubt, the political situation continues. But in Sharla, today, we want to focus on one aspect of what we concluded on last week. Last week, if you remember, we said of the ways to fix this world, how do we fix this world which looks so messed up at times when we put on the TV, we just want to change some, I say the scariest channel now the hardest channel is the news channel.

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You know, that's the worst channel to watch, and the ways that we spoke about fixing the world. And the methodology of Nabeel Salaam focuses on the individual first, and if we fix the individual, through that society gets fixed. And we said for the individual, there are three things that every individual must focus on. Every single one of us sitting here, you and me, we need to be responsible of the three things responsible for ourselves and our family. We set the priority number one is La ilaha illAllah. This is the reason why we are created not to worship anyone besides Allah. You find today, as I said, the sad reality is the majority of the humanity is going against the purpose of

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creation committing Sheikh and many of those who we obviously mean, but they don't understand the true reality of the hate. I don't worship anyone other than Allah, in times of need and difficulty. Who do I turn to? When things are tough when I want to when I'm scared, who do I go for? For prediction? We say every Muslim must focus on that, because that's the only currency that enters you into gender. Right to hate. We sit number two, the thing that every one of us needs to focus on other basics. We see that Hadith of the Wali, Allah says that the thing that the person comes to me the closest you come to me is through the things I've made compulsively. sada. zeca, forcing Hajj,

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the compulsory aspects of the bulk of what it makes you to be a wedding. So if sada is the area you struggle on, focus on that first before we can deal with Palestine and Cydia. fudger If budget is not being done correctly, then that's the beginning. And that's how newbies will change society. They'll hate first then sorta when the basics of Islam. And then the third aspect in which I want to discuss today

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is to begin with Allah began. Allah subhanho wa Taala change the word society. And the first commandment he gave was equal. We see education and knowledge is one of the characteristics of the soma. But this oma the opposite of Islam at the time was called Jay Z, the opposite of knowledge. The opposite of learning and education is Jay Z. And this oma is the opposite of that. So we are in oma of knowledge. Our Deen is a dean of knowledge. Our Dean is the Dean of continuous learning. We don't just believe blindly, Allah subhanaw taala does not say you worship Me blindly. Believe in me blindly. Allah says, before you can worship me, you need to read, you need to learn. And the more

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you learn, the closer you'll come to me. And when I say learning in this lecture, when we talk about knowledge, I'm not only talking about Islamic knowledge, I'm talking about scientific knowledge, mathematics, all of this is from Allah subhana wa Tada. And the more learner you are in any field of through knowledge, it should point you in the direction of Allah subhana wa Tada. So this is one of the areas which we as an oma, are lacking at the moment. The Muslim lands in general have the worst in the world in terms of literacy rates, in terms of knowledge, both in terms of the dunya and in terms of the deen knowledge, the deen sphere, both of those things we are lacking, we are lagging

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behind, and therefore it's no, this should not be a shock for us, that we as an EMA in general, or lower down on the ladder than some of the rest of the world because knowledge is power. So this is

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message out to everyone not just if you're in school. Yes, we know the matric results are coming up next week. Some of us here I know some of the young men and women sitting here. They're waiting and we make the offer them. The results exceed the expectations that Allah subhanaw taala blesses them with the best of success in the material results. And anyone else who's written exams will write exams. This is not only for our students, remember, we are always students, we know that Hadeeth you will not know the only time you'll stop learning is the day you enter your cupboard. So we should not have closed our books off the matric and that should be the last time you read a book panel.

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That's not how we should go. So we begin and we remind ourselves of the importance of this knowledge. And as I said they should be it should be clear in your mind d'amato muslimeen that Islam came to the very worst of societies. The Society of Navy, Mohammed's asylum was so much worse than our society today, the problems we have crime, drugs, corruption, the oma in turmoil, bad leadership, and our recent head all of those things and more. In fact, as I said, Today, you won't find a man in the worst maximum, you know, the worst prison in Paul's Mo, beating his daughter's alive, no criminal that I know of has done this. But the people this was a norm for the people of

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Arabia. This is what's normal, you know, things that people did not the criminals the normal man, in fact, the honorable man have the courage, he did this that shows you the depth of ignorance. And it shows you also that once shaytan takes away your knowledge of Allah, He takes away your morality, he takes away your humanity you become further and further into darkness. This is the methodology of shaitaan. And to reverse that, the cure to that is a corrupt. That's why the very first command the very first statement Allah gave me so Solomon we all know the story. It could be some Arabic Allah, Allah, Allah informed obeso salaam, the first thing he said not make sada not believe not have Taqwa

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not make the heat elicited EAD in the name of your Lord who created you. We know the story of Navy so seldom that he would go and he would feel empty, he would feel that the society that he was living in, this should be more to life than just eating and drinking and then we die. And he was searching that emptiness or like putting him to search until Allah gave him the guidance of ikura. Also something from the story. So we all know, maybe someone's in the cave, and jabril came down. And he squeezed him whenever he said I was unable to eat now Lisa lamb was someone that did not learn to read or write.

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Why did Allah allowed you to do to squeeze him? Some question I asked before? Why did Allah Why did you video squeeze him? And we know that the video squeezed him so fiercely that nobody so seldom said I felt like I was going to either fall unconscious or even die, videos power. And when I asked this question to a class of young children, one child said, you know, God must be so so so much. And we need them to believe doesn't realize his strength legible, so strong, he doesn't realize how strong he is. So he pushed too hard. And that's why nurses felt the pain. No, we said this before, that Allah is giving a piece of Salaam knowledge. And it's a principle this principle is a principle

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in the universe. Like you have the laws of gravity with a law that Allah has made for humanity for all of creation, knowledge will not come except through effort. You need to pay a price for knowledge. You can be the son of Einstein, but you'll be born with absolutely zero knowledge, everyone will start with nothing, and to acquire knowledge is going to be an effort even for Mohammed salatu salam. For him to receive revelation, it had to take a physical toll on his body. And this was even later on when a businessman received the way he would be on his camel. And when the wind would descend, the camel would have to sit because of the burden. In a nuclear Lake, a

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colon Sakina Allah says I'm going to give you a heavy word, because even the basil Salaam must pay the price of knowledge. Knowledge is an account with effort. And if you don't do the effort, you're not going to get the reward of it. So Allah begins and Allah explains in the Quran, the very first step to changing society to changing humanity to changing your situation is through knowledge. That's the answer. How do I fix Syria through knowledge? How do I fix Palestine through knowledge? How do I stop crime, corruption, drugs, through knowledge, through learning,

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and alone, once you do look at the Sahaba as an example, the same companion, the same Sahabi that buried his daughter alive 20 years of learning 20 years of sitting at the madrasa of Mohammed Salah Salem, he became the most the best of creation of Allah and he became not only the master in the era that he's going to go to Jenna first and foremost. He's also Allah gave him the Mastership of the

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Do Nia, those same companions who were bidding the daughters alive? The whole concern was the goats and the camels. They became the most powerful empire on Earth, the most advanced society on earth through 23 years of learning. That's the difference. That shows you allow us to show you the power of knowledge on what began the we know the ayat. iI Coronavirus, mirrabooka levy holla creed in the name of Europe that created holochain insane I mean Allah. Allah says I created insan from a substance that cleans is one of the miracles of the Quran, it could be called a crumb read and your load is most generous. The biggest gift Allah has given in son of the man is knowledge. This is the

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Alesis the most the biggest gift I can give someone is to make him an island to make him a knowledgeable person more valuable than wealth and power, his knowledge and lead the Alabama bill column, Allah is the one who taught by the pin, side note again, the pin what is the pin? When we know that how do we know the son sees the full things that Allah created with his hand with his own personal hand, Allah doesn't need to create through anything alleges is B and it exists. But a lot of time a lot extra nothing is if it for love an extra honor to those four creations we never had easier for things allocated with his hand personally, those four things are the arch the throne of

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Allah, Mister first occasion and the pin column which writes the decrees of everything, everything that should exist, how it would exist, when it would exist. The all the different kinds of realities Allah wrote with this pin which Allah created. The third thing genital fear those the highest agenda, the other agendas allocated indirectly, but this highest agenda, or May we all be the May we all be in general for those. Allah was the personal decorator of the agenda. Can you imagine what it would be like? If you want to aspire for something Jamaica muslimeen that genma is what you should aspire for genital filters, the highest gender of all, Allah created that with his own hand. And the

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fourth thing, maybe Adam, Adam Elisa to set up a loculated maybe Adam with his own hand, in a manner which befits almost majesty all those hands are not like our hands it Allah created and he seems to he believes in the Quran, why do you not bow to the one I created with my own hands? I live in Santa Monica, Mia, Adam, that through Allah you learn that which you do not. So from this we see and the other is in the Quran, which Allah shows you the power of knowledge number one, the very first root way of fixing ourselves and our society is through learning continuous learning. Allah says in the Quran, he had a fine level levena Amano minco wunderino ala daraja. Allah says that this is another

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rule. I say there are rules in this creation. One of the rules in this creation is that no one will excel over someone else except in two things. In a man in a courtroom, the one with taqwa is better is superior than the one without taqwa. And number two, the island over the giant, whether you're stuck or not, Allah will honor the person with knowledge above the one that doesn't have knowledge. This is a rule, and we see it in the dunya. When the guy walks in the room. That is the professor. Everyone knows who the doctor is, the professor is. Why, because he we automatically really recognize the man with more knowledge, the lady with more knowledge is superior to the one without

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any knowledge. We know the story of Navy, Adam, and if you want to see this even more clearly, before Allah commanded the angels to bow to nebby. Adam, what did Allah do? all artists, the angels, tell me the names of these things explained, give me the answers to these questions. The angel sitla. in Medina, we don't have the knowledge of these things, yet, maybe Adam was able to understand and he was able to answer. So once maybe Adam shown himself to be more knowledgeable the angels, that's when Allah says now angels makes to do to Adam, that even knowledge, knowledge will put you above in the food chain said about who's strongest. It's not about who's the biggest, it's

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not about the one who has the most money, it's the one with the most knowledge. So if you want to compete in the dunya, and anything, compete in knowledge, if you want to excel in this dunya in this world, and in the era, it is through knowledge. Therefore, if you stop learning at 18,

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Panama, and others continue to learn until they are at you are far behind in the race. If you haven't opened a book after you're 18 years old spinal law what has happened to this ability for you to excel in this dunya and in the after, you've lost out so Allah says he raises a lot is up those who have a man and those who have knowledge, both dunya knowledge and after knowledge in

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Nema yaksha la manera de la dama. Allah says only those are the oleana are the ones who truly appreciate and fear of loss final data. We mean Allah we don't talk about the MTC or the Imam of the masjid. We talking about anyone who has true knowledge and understanding, he will genuinely fear Allah. You cannot recognize a law truly, without learning and understanding that a man that is blind blind, a man Allah accepts blind a man. But it's not the true kind of fear of Allah. It is through knowledge that we truly appreciate and understand Allah. And in another eye, Allah says, There is La Ilaha Illa. Allah is none worthy of worship except him. That is the witness. Allah says, I bear

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witness that there is none worthy of worship except me. I was I witness that, and the angels be witness and the people of knowledge be witness to that, that you are in the company of Allah and His angels when you are a person of knowledge, the result Salaam, there are so many a hadith of regards to knowledge which all of us know. But think about it we've heard is a hadith. Let's listen to them again.

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He who trades a path in search of knowledge, Allah makes easy for him the path of Jenna. But if you want to get to Jannah follow a path of learning

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after learning and dunia learning, that if you explore the universe, if you explore the human body, if you explore the oceans, that should only make you recognize greatness even more. And when you recognize the greatness of the creation, you recognize the greatness of the Creator, this will lead you to join now. But if you want to live your life

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and lead that you lead you to Jenna avoiding which is haram, avoiding that which will destroy you, the way of changing your life is through learning. So that resistance is the path to gender? Is the path to learning, going to school? Is your path to gender, going to university is your path to gender, going and listening to a lecture or reading a book that is your path to gender? How do I get to gender? How do I fix this? dunya? How do I get to the author through learning and the resources and while you're here Jamaat muslimeen Friday was made compulsory so that all of us at least we learn once a week, the angels lower the wings for the student of knowledge, in approval of what he

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does, and all the creations in the heavens and the earth, even the fish in the depths of the water. They make dua and seek forgiveness for the scholar. Before you even into the class, before you even learn anything. Already, the angels submit to you that this is the person of knowledge that you are superior to us because of your capacity to learn that if Allah Allah wishes, good for you, if Allah wishes you to excel in this dunya and the Acura then he gives you an understanding of the dean that he makes you a learning scholar with in terms of the dean, we know that like we look at our scholars of the past Bukhari Muslim, even Jeffrey Imam, Ahmed Mohammed, these scholars, the stars don't die.

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Till today we are we are benefiting and they are benefiting. Allah showed that if you grant an understanding of the dean, he will open up your doors in the dunya and the Acura. This is not exclusively to a certain type of person, to the Arabs, to a young person to a male and a female. those doors are open for whoever wants it. If you want goodness in the dunya and akhira. If you want to be of those who Allah sees he opens the doors of Jenga to you. Any one of you in any one of us can pick up a book and start but it comes with it. It comes with sacrifice, the superiority of the scholar over the worship of the island or the valley who is better. Many a time we aspire to be of

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the earlier and yes when we think of only a side note again, someone was speaking to is it what is it really, we imagine a wily old man 6070 in the masjid with a long beard interest in sujood. That's what he said hamdullah easily. But the young person who makes you sada he says no to drugs, he avoid Zina, that person is overly that person is a friend of Allah. In fact, that person we know is under the shade of a lawn kiama and not the man that is, you know, with a long beard only this specifically mentioned the young person, the young person who worships a lot in his youth. So who is superior the value value nevison sees the like the comparison of the valley over the Alamo the item

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over the valley is like the full moon versus the stars both have bright both has nude, but the moon is so much more superior when the moon shines when it's full moon all the stars are gone. This is the likeness of the island over the valley because he not only benefits himself, but he benefits everybody else.

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We know also when you die, your knowledge will continuously benefit you of the few things that will continuously so a person who's spent his life intelligence Oh, these are comparisons of goodness. Choose one of them. So someone says check what must I do? Should I wake up at night and author books and read books or should I wake up at night and make dadgad of

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See the gates did they both. But if you had to choose one or the other, which is better, then learn and spend those hours authoring books and writing, because when you die, your tahajud ends, but when you die, your knowledge will continue to benefit you even in your cover as the superiority of the two, that's the difference between the two, the valley, he benefits himself Alhamdulillah. But the island benefits himself and for all of humanity, we don't know where that would end.

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The resources a servant of Allah will remain standing on the Day of Judgment until he's questioned about his time, how we use it on this earth, and about his knowledge, how we utilize it, and about his wealth, how he spent it and acquired it, and about his body how we use it. So we will be asked directly slimming, what did you do with this muscle up here? When we asked about these muscles, you'll be asked about this muscle? What did you learn?

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What did you use it for? If swallow my answers, Yala, don't ask me about knowledge because I didn't acquire any knowledge as panelists Bad, bad reflection. This is the most powerful. This is the most powerful object in the universe. We've searched the expanse of the universe, and we have not found anything like this muscle here. And for many of us, it gets wasted. It isn't used beyond 18 years old. And that's the sad reality. One of the reasons why our world is weak is is because we have not acquired we have not pushed this muscle to its limits to show you again, the superiority of the island and the position of knowledge in our society, that in the Battle of button when the prisoners

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of war were taken captive, right, so they weren't executed and Ibiza says, Let's keep them captive, and ransom them back to the people of Makkah, sell them back to the families. Some of them were poor. They couldn't afford the ransom. So what do we do with him? Do we execute them? Do we keep them in prison? No, now be sucede. those of them who could learn who were able to read or write their answer would be to teach 10 children of Medina to read or write on a law that shows you the priority in the society. teach our kids to read and write and that will be your answer. These are the enemies of Islam. Similarly, that man that came to the masjid wants to get married, and he

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didn't have enough money. They never Muscovy, now this associate teacher to recite the Quran, and that is your Muscovy in the Battle of Orford, when 70 of the Sahaba had passed away, and they had to share a copper to three people and to share one grave they couldn't dig 70 graves, and they had to bury them. They asked Who should we put in a cupboard first, who should get the honor to be buried first. They basically said who knows the most who's the most learned of them in terms of the Quran, he gets the honor to be in the grave. He's the Imam in the cupboard, because he has the most knowledge of the Quran. Even in macabre, even Swan Allah angiogenesis, that knowledge will raise you

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up. That shows you the position of way Allah how Allah looks or doesn't look at the wealth of a person, or his beauty, or his power, or his or his, or his species is the wealth that is a massive buildings and he's in the position he has the titles that he has. But Allah looks at what's in the heart and what's in the mind. Those two things are what elevates you in the sight of Allah. Allah admires those creations of ease that have knowledge and obviously taqwa. And if we look at our our society, we are an oma of knowledge. I know today we are not. Today we wait for technology to come from Japan. And we wait for technology to come from India, or away from technology come from Europe

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or America. So we consume it, we don't contribute to it. There was a time geometric mean, when the world look to us for the latest technology. When the world look to us for the newest inventions, the way we cure diseases. When we built the best structures, we built the biggest buildings we made we solve problems which no other people in humanity could solve the problems that Romans, the Egyptians, the the Chinese couldn't solve. This must solve it. We were the ones that were the forerunners of civilization. For almost 1000 years, we were the center of civilization. And we did a series in general been the heroes of Islam and we discuss some of these great scientists and we

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summarize some of them amongst these great scientists, the legacy and we hope we will see in our revival in terms of not just not just dunia era sciences, but dunia sciences as well. We spoke about this man even Haytham even a film is the father of optics. The first meant to understand how the eye works invented the first camera

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just five minutes or two minutes to talk about his story. They should probably they're going to make a movie of this man's life. Such an interesting life. Even Ethan was a young 20 year old scientist. So he lived in a time when it was encouraged for you to learn and to come up with theories. And you know, as strange as your theories were, write it down, learn and discuss and debate. He lived in Baghdad. This was the atmosphere. The center of learning was Baghdad. So that you

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young young even Haytham was a young scientist, a little arrogant, and he had some strange theories. And he made bold statements of the things he said. He said, I will fix the Nile. Now, the Nile floods, and this is something which so many civilizations conquered Egypt, but no one could control the Nile. So he said, I have an idea. And if I was in charge of Egypt, I would fix the Nile. He made this bold statement. The king of Egypt, that Hakeem was Majnoon, he was crazy. He was a man, this is the I mean, this history. And he made people worship him. And he did many strange things that Hakeem, one of the most strangest leaders of Islamic history are hacking. So he was the king of

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Egypt. He heard these scientists in Baghdad, claiming that he can fix the Nile. So it's, it's fine calling me I bring him to Egypt, and let him do it. And this young man spent years trying to fix the Nile to build an engineering system to control the Nile and he failed. Now, you can't tell the king of the oldest time and all this money I've invested, I failed in my task. So what did he do? This young scientist, he feigned madness he made like he was mad. He told the king, you know, I'm just a crazy person with crazy theories. You know, I don't really know any of these things, to save himself from being executed. So on his trial, he confessed that he was mad at the scientist, so you can't

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execute a mad person. So they imprisoned him for life, they put him in jail. And he was in a room 14 years locked up in darkness. And he saw a beam of light entering his room. And he saw the light reflected the objects from outside of the world. And he began to understand how light works, how the eye works, and he invented the first camera. And when you finally it was released. 10 years later, he invented optics, he invented the science, the first person in history to explain how the eye works, to understand light travels in straight lines that enters your eye and is a retina at the back, or many of the structures in the eye. He gave the labels and the titles now he understood why

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these structures were the he was the founder of modern optics. And not only that, he also had to no one believed him because he thought he was mad. And he was young. So he had to first find a way of how you disprove false hypothesis. So he wrote a book for scientists, how do you go about proving your theory, you first have to use evidence to disprove wrong theories. This is called the modern scientific method. All scientists they follow this method, the method this man did in his book to prove that his method was right. And some of the questions that he asked still today, some of the theories he couldn't explain it still have the decoded even items problem and is in problem. If you

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want to win a Nobel Prize try and solve the problem is also some optical illusions why the moon appears bigger.

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In the sky, when it's low in the horizon, it appears big, but when it's up, it's appear small. Why does the moon look different sizes? One of the problems that we're still trying to solve of this man, the first people to try and invent aeroplanes, even fitness was a poet and one of the first engineers to invent planes. jabil even he Yan Also, if you go on to our heroes of Islam, this man invented chemistry. Before him, there was no science like chemistry. Al Kim is an Arabic term. He was an alchemist, he began started off believing you could find a way of making gold out of coal. But through his studies, he learned about acids and alkalines and different substances. He built the

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first periodic table. This man is the father of chemistry. And generally the first man who invented the robots. Some of the robots he invented are still v. What do you mean by robots?

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Obviously, in the past, if you want to take we do there's a fish a bucket from a well and that would be your your will do water. He said, Isn't there a way we could make the water flow in a certain way? So when you open a tap, your water flows down? How do you make a clock that tells you the time of sada invented the first things, algebra, many of our young people in matric, you still suffering from this man, this man missed your life up, right? He invented.

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He invented algebra. He invented algebra, and wonderful to understand how it was to solve a problem. It's just a side note. Why do you have to find your find for x? And I wish our maths teachers explained to us the practical problems.

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So you come to an area you need to play soccer on your field. This is the this is the problem, you feel is not a perfect square. You can't measure how do I this? It's huge acres of land. How do I measure? We know that for one square meter of apple trees, you need to pay so much soccer. How do I do tonight valleys and valleys. So this man used algebra as a way of solving these problems so that you could know how to build buildings how to how to measure things, how to find the answer of many problems. This man invented basically out

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algebra. Still today we study it. These are the contributions they gave society. The first university in the world was built by female Fatima theory in Morocco. Jean Vinci was the founder of the oldest university on Earth.

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The our female sisters had great contributions, both in terms of Islamic knowledge. And in terms of dunia knowledge. Some of the greatest scientists, doctors in the history of Islam. Were our sisters were females. And yeah, just one of the examples, the first university in the world developed by a sister Fatima and theory.

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But when you compare that to where we are today,

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we are we today's panel, some countries, literacy like rate less than 50%, less than 50% of the people of the country can read and write swannanoa Muslim countries, the need for education. If you look at if you compare us South Africa, to some of the Western countries, that about a half of the population have a tertiary education after high school, they've got a diploma in something. They've got a degree or diploma postgraduate in South Africa, less than 15% of people have a postgraduate optometric they've studied less than 15%. And that's where you find the answers to problems. That's when you invent new technology. When you push the limits, when your mind is opened up. When that

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muscle is exercised. We have we have shut off the most important, the most important and powerful computer we put it off, only about 15% of us will go further and study it and we don't we shouldn't stop the

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we should be writing books we should be, we should be pushing the boundaries of Science and Technology. That's where we need to be geometrically mean. So and from an Islamic perspective, it's even worse. I said, if you at the age of 13

00:31:55--> 00:32:14

and you madrasa knowledge ins at the age of 13, you're done with a primary school, and now you know enough about Islam. Is that really sufficient to to answer the problems of today? The issues that face the oma in terms of different philosophies and atheism.

00:32:15--> 00:32:32

Different different fitness affect your Eman our young people? Do we really think that they are able to make the right choices if the Islamic knowledge is only up until grade seven. Are you comfortable? Are you comfortable sending your kids out in the dunia with that level of knowledge?

00:32:33--> 00:33:06

The age of 13 you've learned enough about the deen and you're strong enough to face the challenges of the world. The thickness of the world on the phones, all that fit now you can't hide them anymore. You can't hide them from atheism anymore. You can't hide them from drugs. You can't hide them from Satanism anymore. It's on the phones v. How do you protect them from it can't protect them. They need to learn to be able to answer those questions themselves. We could have put ourselves in a cave can't put ourselves in a cave anymore. Now you need to face that fitna. And through learning that's the only answer some questions we need to ask, do our kids know those

00:33:06--> 00:33:12

basics? Why? Why do we stop going to madrasa once they hit high school?

00:33:13--> 00:33:51

Why do they stop going to madrasa when they hit high school? Is that not the priority? In I'm not saying you should leave high school to go to madrasa but you should have both you should have both in your in your world and what law he if you expand yourself islamically you will expand yourself in the dunya as well. The great scientists of the past, many of them began where do they begin? Where did these great scientists begin the learning. They started at the age of six seven memorizing the Quran. Most of them started off as half of the Quran. They then studied Islamic because fichte teaches you about debating this matter that might have this opinion. How do you argue How do you

00:33:51--> 00:33:56

think how do you analyze evidence from the window into science technology?

00:33:57--> 00:34:19

You'll find that half of young kids that study and even go back to high school. Usually they excel better than their peers in high school. Islamic knowledge, Islamic knowledge will not only benefit you in the author, it will benefit you in the dunya as well. So every single one of us You are consuming conclusion. Every single one of us with a gift is a talent.

00:34:21--> 00:34:38

The one of the messages in the VSA language. One of the great things of him as a leader is he showed that every member of his society had a role to play in a society. Some of them were warriors hot lead, some of them were the fuqaha, even Japan, some of them were the

00:34:40--> 00:35:00

zaytoven sabot. Some of them, they were the ones who gave a lot of charity. Each and every one of us have something to give. Each and every one of us have a gift, like a lucky packet. Allah has put in each and every one of us something special. Only through learning Do you uncover that blessing? The Peoples of Allah they are geniuses

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

will lie, if they were to be pushed and studied correctly, they would eclipse the likes of Einsteins and Newton's. But what did they do, they never studied further. So they ended up, you know, live living to the full potential. The greatest, the greatest sadness is if you find out you had some great potential, but you never went through with it, you never pushed yourself, young people. If you don't know, there's so many young people that I speak to, and they say, I'm not good at anything. There's nothing I'm good at this panel. If that's the reality, you know, the will not here by mistake, Allah didn't put you here by mistake, you need to find out what you're good at. And you

00:35:40--> 00:36:21

might have the greatest gift of all of us, you might have something that none of us can do. But you only find that out by exploring your mind by opening a book and reading by listening to a lecture and sitting in a class, by suffering through suffering through the hours of learning. And when you find your potential, so you've got something in you, and you need to look at your life and ask, Is this why I was put on this? dunya? Am I fulfilling my true potential? What am I told you? And I just speak about an athlete. You know, what if you had the potential to be the fastest runner on Earth, but you never ever tried out for athletics or something, you would have never known that. You could

00:36:21--> 00:36:24

have been the best cricket player but you never picked up a cricket bat.

00:36:25--> 00:37:01

Similarly, with learning, you could have the ability to answer find the cure for AIDS, find out what's the universe, find out what's the in the depths of the ocean, you could have learned those things, you could have answered those problems, but you never did. Because you didn't open a book and explore yourself, learn and know yourself. So each and every one of us has something special to give. And each one of us has the ability to change the world, even in a small way. And some of us in a big way. And therefore it's your duty or responsibility to explore the blessings that Allah has given you. This quote from the late President Mandela, he said, education is the most powerful

00:37:01--> 00:37:15

weapon which can be used to change the world. This even in the non Muslims in the world says the leaders of the world know that education will fix the world. So for 2017 I want each and every one of us in Charlotte to have a solution.

00:37:16--> 00:37:26

If you are at school, if you are still at high school, university, find your talent. No one is great at everything. But you must be great at something.

00:37:27--> 00:38:08

Tell yourself I need to be great at something, find that talent, find that ability. I'm going to make maths, my area of expertise or English was or whatever it might be. I'm going to be good at something. read at least one book to see hmm swimming, either in terms of Islamic book, or even in terms of dounia book something that will explore your horizons, broaden your horizon and join a class on Islamic learning. Like natural madrasa education be weighed ins, you can even learn online Muslim Central audio, you have the best lectures in the world. We have given the audios online you can learn from me and join any summit class so many if you live in the area over my surgery to have

00:38:08--> 00:38:48

classes and inshallah here in Islam as well. We have our classes on a Tuesday evening the biography of the prophet SAW Selim. We will start again inshallah I think the 17th of May of January. That's just one class. So wonderful class we will discuss not only the biography of Nagisa Salaam, and any other areas of learning, at least learn something new. Let that be a let that be one of your intentions. Put that as a Nia magnet Nia now between you and Allah because even if you don't read the book, by this time next year, at least we'll get the reward for for making that near. So make any area Allah I would like to learn something in something in, in mathematics, something in

00:38:48--> 00:39:23

science, I'd like to, you know, even directly Muslim in one one shift said, Don't watch ITV watch Discovery Channel, you'll learn more about a lovely watch, you know, Planet Earth, what's something like that? You know, just for one hour in the day, learn something new about this world or about your deen about yourself. So that next year comes around, I would like you to tell me I've learned something new. I made that near and I've learned something new about myself. Now let's find the blessing what we've learned that Allah grant us knowledge that will benefit us and grant us the taqwa and the man to practice on that knowledge. May Allah make us once again to be the leaders in

00:39:23--> 00:39:40

terms of civilization and learning Allah protect us and grant success to our youth. Our youngsters did they make the best decisions in this time, and grandmom Hayden Baraka in the dunya and in the meanwhile, so let's say no Mohammed, Saddam Hussein will have a cinematic multiple agriculture.