Life is between moments of happiness and moments of difficulty

Abu Bakr Zoud


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying patient during difficult times and not becoming too excited to avoid overwhelming fear. They stress the need to be patient and stay calm, as long as the difficulty is not gone. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of experiencing happiness and death in life, as it is the most common experience of one's lifetime.
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We need to know that there is not a single difficulty

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that we experience in life, except that it goes away.

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If you're sick today, tomorrow, you will get better. If the sickness doesn't go away, the fact that you're healed from it, then you'll die from it. And that's the sickness gone away. The point is, there is not a difficulty except that it will go away. And at the same time, there is not a single happiness, except that it will come to an end desorb

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happiness doesn't last forever, it also ends and so we understand from this that life is between experiencing difficulties and experiencing moments of happiness, difficulties we experience in life content and, and a new one will start and that will come to an end. And happy moments in life as long will also come to an end. And then you'll have another happy moment and we'll come to an end and so on.

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And once you know this, and once you're aware of what I just said, you will learn to be patient during difficult times. Why? Why would you remain patient and you will find being patient in difficult times easy because you know that your difficulty will last it'll end

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and also when you know this, you will be able to remain calm.

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Whenever you are presented with a happy moment in life and not become too excited then move excited. Why? Because now you know that this happy moment, it won't last it will come to an end. This is why it's very important to know that every difficult moment has an ending and every happy moment will come to an end as well. So relax. remain patient in difficult times because the difficulty will go and don't be too too too happy and over excited in happy times because your happiness is going to end as well.

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And we should know as well. That the only place that is free of difficulty and the only place that is going to be enjoyed 100% is the paradise This is why a lot social. He called the paradise del Salaam lagoon del salami and are beamed. That's one of the names of the paradise del to Salaam. Allah Zoysia Lee said will love who he had the rue la Derry Salaam Allah calls to del A send em Why is the paradise called Delta Salam you know what a Salah means. This is one of the names of Allah Salaam.

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You and I perhaps shallow meaning we know that a Salah means peace and that's exactly what it is a Salam means perfection. Allah His name a Salaam meaning the perfect, the paradise being called Delta Salaam, meaning the dwelling of peace. In this this freedom of all sorts of troubles and difficulties and hardships and illnesses and sicknesses. It is Samuel is free from all of this. That's why it's called Del Sol I am so really alive with no difficulty, a life with no sickness, a life with no illness. And a life of full happiness is only a life of the paradise. And when the believers enter the paradise, a caller calls out and he says in a document of this come

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at the Hadith saya narrated by Abu Dhabi, Allah who I know that when the believers enter the paradise they are told in the lagoon and hope that you are going to be healthy from now on

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the other day you will never ever experience sickness Ever After this moment. Why nella come and die Oh falletta Muto Aveda, and you will live forever and you will never ever die. There's no such thing as death anymore in the paradise. Ye nella calm and the ship bufala Aveda and you all remain youthful in the paradise and you will never ever ever enter into old age. We're in Allah calm and Dinamo Villa de su Abed,

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and you shall, you shall experience happiness and comfort and you'll never ever experience misery and discomfort ever again, a lot more about these are words that are told to the believers in the paradise until then, until then, then in this life, expect sickness, expect death, which is the most certain fact of this worldly life. Expect old age and expect misery and difficulty and hardships like what