Faaik Gamieldien – 147 – The truth about The night of Nisfu Shabaan

Faaik Gamieldien
AI: Summary © The upcoming month ofFinancial is a busy month for Islam, with the importance of fasting and avoiding harms. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding Iran and staying away from Iran, as it is the time of year when many people are supposed to be present. They also discuss the importance of forgiveness and practicing the Koran, warning against evil practices, and setting up a road to visit burial sites. The segment also touches on shabby culture and the importance of true forgiveness in setting up a path for sex and returning to Islam.
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Hungry low in despair you know who wants the few who want me to be here wanna talk Hello La La Himanshu fusina amin sejahtera Molina, Maria de la forma de la la Who am I? To follow her de la

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la la ilaha illallah wa Ooh La sharika wanna shadow? Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam O Allah He was early he was heavy woman. He lived with him my bad blood brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Allows Parnell tada speaks in the Holy Quran in the first which we all know, Allah says you have Ramadan, a lady Angela female or an houda linas Baba united min alhuda watercop sakalava allows partner speaks and as I said, the last time we met that this is the only time that Ramadan is mentioned in the whole of Iran and is not mentioned with regard to fasting in the beginning of the verse. It allows foreigner connects Ramadan, Allah the own Zilla feel that it is the month in which allows Allah blessed the world with the revelation of the Quran, and had blessed Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to be the recipient of the words of Allah subhanahu wa Tada.

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And we now stand on the cusp

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of Ramadan. We are very fast approaching the month of Ramadan, a month of course, which is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. And in which the taraweeh Salah is a gift from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam to his oma

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until the end of time in Sharla.

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Whenever he Salalah Salam stood on the member in the month of Shabbat, which is the month which in which we are in now. And he said

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to the people to the harbor, Eva salatu salam I know that

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you are approaching a month which is sacred.

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It is a sacred month, meaning it is a month, which allow Silvano tala is infused with these divine mercy and His divine favor, not only for Muslims, but for all of creation on the dunya everybody benefits by the month of Ramadan.

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And then every so Salaam, say to the Sahaba this month, as one central obligation. And that is to fast during the month of Ramadan. And as I said, when we met last time, that the month of Ramadan is the easiest month in which we fast, it is difficult to fast any other time during the year. You always need as I said, somebody to fast with you, your mind your husband, your wife, your children, but in the month of Ramadan, right from the word go, you fast and you look forward to fasting the whole month. And other times when you're sick or you're not feeling well and you have too fast maybe sooner because you have a good excuse while I'm feeling well. I'm tired. I didn't get up this

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morning. I didn't eat I'm not going too fast today. After all it's in the past in Ramadan where you wake up in the morning with you don't wake up in the morning doesn't matter you fast in the month of Ramadan. And the reason for that allows partners Allah has made it very easy for us to fast in the month of Ramadan, not because Ramadan is easier because Allah Subhana Allah has made it easy for us, he has inspired us and given us that strength to fast in the month of Ramadan all month, either 29 days or 30 days. And then Absalom says so during the day you should follow us he told us to harbor from the member and he said during the night you should you should pray to our last panatela and we

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know as I said that the gift of the Torah with Salah is a gift which replaces Salatu tahajjud it is equal to Salatu tahajjud during the month of Ramadan because it is the time in which thelotter tahajjud is made. So when you make taraweeh Salah in the month of Ramadan, it is as if you are making the

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motion but that is also a gift which allows Cardinal has given us through Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and is a man to the enemies of Salaam says either ajar Ramadan for Abu Abu Jana

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awaba not so fidgety Sheltie. It is a man having a solemn says during the month of Ramadan comes

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full, observable gender allows for hunter opens the doors of gender

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What does it mean? It means allows the handler opens his doors of satisfaction for us because Jana is the highest form of divine satisfaction. If allows handler is 100% satisfied with you what will be given the extra we will give you john so when Allah says that the doors of journalists opening means that in Ramadan I am highly satisfied with you Oh Mohammed Salah oma I'm so happy with you I'm so satisfied with you that I'm leaving the doors of gender open. I serve the government so I'm leaving all the bank's doors open right through Ramadan during the next 24 hours with no gods and all the money spent on the on the counter so you can just come in and take whenever you want to text

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I'm not saying you should actually go into

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Well, wholecut Abner and alfombra says and the month of Ramadan, the doors of janome is closed.

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bunker row closed, not completely closed. Otherwise allowed to handle I switched off as we may say, Now language is anger allows harmless anger gone from there is just mercy. And they just love and they just opportunity and they just forgiveness allows pantalla is the most generous in the month of Ramadan

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was simply that his shale team

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and I think most important of all nobody saw Salaam says it is a manner in which a thorn is in chains. What does it mean? before Ramadan and after Ramadan? shaytaan What does he do to us?

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What's wasa?

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He doesn't tell us anything. He whispers is in itself. Satan doesn't tell you do this he comes

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in he stops and he whispers again. And he whispers again. I know he whispers to me also. nothing new to me. Nothing new to you. He whispers you know it is people whisper in your ear. So he whispers and allows one talks about the Serato knows us we Sufi? So during us Allah, Allah says he talks softly in nee sudo

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in the sudo in the chests in the hearts of men, and he convinces you that you should do this we should do that Allah struggle SS month of Ramadan is tied up.

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He can't whisper anything to you.

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He's not near to you. So in the month of Ramadan, if you do anything wrong, you cannot blame it on that is entirely your own doing.

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If you do anything wrong in the month of Ramadan, it's entirely your own. You have to take 150% responsibility for not doing what you're supposed to do. Not doing no not doing what you're supposed to do for staying away from Iran. All you have to do in the month of Ramadan is stay away.

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Stay away from that which are laws hardener dissatisfied with

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it and of course the NaVi salsa lamb says that in Ramadan De La La Salle Rahman Al Fisher

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and all this a hadith which I quoted without Ramadan fee later to Salem Al Fisher has all these a hadith is to be found in Bukhari and Muslim

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and this aha Sita otherwise there is no doubt that these are all instructions that came from Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to eat oma and as been transferred to us from his mouth to the mouth of the likes of Abu Bakr and Omar right up to today. So it is as if the Nabi sallallahu Sallam is speaking to us directly. And number two nobody but nobody no Muslim at all since the beginning of the Buddha Buddha Muhammad Salah, no Muslim has ever doubted these words of Mohammed Salah Lhasa, this is clear like daylight Mashallah. And it's so beautiful for the person I met to stand in front of you and to quote and to be so absolutely certain that these words which occurred to you is

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directly from the mouth of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and if we follow these instructions from hematol alaris Allah will all be successful.

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So the month of Ramadan is then the holiest time of the year.

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There's not only a time in the month of Ramadan

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in Ramadan, we are encouraged to do as much good as we can do.

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And we must never think that what we do in Ramadan is enough. While I'm doing Allah favor.

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no one can ever do enough but it is the time when we encourage to do good

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encouraged to

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me there's a hadith in which the NaVi Salam talks about the seven people also in Bukhari, who will be in the shade of the throne of Allah the deaf kiama and when they will be no shade, and the seventh person referred to in that Hadith is when the NaVi Salim said, whereas you know when the son de cabeza de que tiene

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de la la Mishima Lu, Mattoon Cipriani nerissa Ramsay's the seventh person who will be in the shade of the throne of allowes vahana. Darla will be the person Casa de cabeza de partie, who gives charity

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with his right hand so that his left hand doesn't know what he has given with his right hand. Not even his left hand knows what is given with his right so secretively he gives, in other words, he wants he's giving to me, he's giving to be only between him and his load, only Alabama's witness that he had given and so in the month of Ramadan, and at any other time, but more so in the month of Ramadan, we should do things that nobody knows that we're doing it.

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We should do more

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of goodness that nobody knows. Because the net is the greatest reward.

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It's good to do things in German.

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It's good to come for taraweeh Salah every night, but it is better to do to * Salah in the night when everybody doesn't know what you're doing. Not even your wife didn't even wake up. So hon Allah. You don't wake up and you make telecasts Subhan Allah for that that is the reward of that is uncountable in that because it's silly that it's all about your class sincerity. The scale will weigh not on the action, but on the sincerity of the action. And not only among you must stand up for Dodger to make a car or get up for john mccain rocker.

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And don't read the whole code on what you can.

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But do it with a smile and do it

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for the sake of a loss.

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And as you know that

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every act that we do

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with every part of the body,

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that part of the body will intercede for you in the cupboard another left piano for example, if you had given with your right hand side aka your hand will intercede for you in the cupboard, and your hand will intercede for you if PMC ally gave

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this hand gave sincerely for the sake of Allah.

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Save this hand from the fire of john the feet has walked to the masjid the mouth is spoken the truth or read the four hour nomadic Rola or put Salawat on an IV saw Salah

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the eyes have looked in the Quran, and so forth and so on every part of the body will be a means for a Muslim to enter Paradise. So Ramadan should be actually a secret between you and the last one. In fact it is Ramadan is a secret because you're fasting nobody knows whether you foster it or not except the last panel only Allah knows whether you whatever during the month of Ramadan and is not fasting is not about staying away from food and water that way that's the easy part. We know that non Muslims also fast they also stay with their diet they stay away from food and water.

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Fasting is more than that fasting is to protect the eyes.

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Now Musa Salam segment mela I know when our Hara mala Allahu Allahu Yama here but

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we said you filled his eyes with haram Allah will fill his eyes with the fire of Jana and they should not only be in Ramallah and also the Ramadan is

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a big deal TVs at home

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I remember when my kids were small and we watch TV and something comes on the TV that they shouldn't look at and I say sensor sensor sensor

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sense everybody shock sensor sensor and other shouldn't look that is outside of ramadan ramadan they shouldn't be you shouldn't watch TV because

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lots of the things that you see that you may not want to look at could be haram and will spoil your spoiler Ramadan. So we should have a habit at least one month of the year at least one month of the year.

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All right, if you ever TV ever only maybe on the market channel, that's fine. We'll have it on

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good channels there. There are Muslim channels are not so good.

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They spew a lot of beta also in the month of Ramadan. So one should be careful also what TV channels you watch it so called suppose to be Muslim, Muslim Chinese.

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So you have a channel for example, that is only on maca. We will see people making towel off the whole day and you see the phone. That's been

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Good to look at reminds you of Ramadan

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so in the month of Ramadan, then

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any person who fails in the month of Ramadan

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there's very little hope for that person.

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factor it alum says there is no but I say very little at least we should give someone a person who fails Ramadan. It's very sad. He fails the tests which allows for happiness given to you. These are not my words. I'm not saying that. You know that I say that there's very little hope for those who fail in the month of Ramadan know, these are the words of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam again, I had the writer remember Hari Nabi salatu salam stood on the member

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and jabril Kane and he went and his members got three steps as you know, those of you have been in Medina three steps. Now visa Salam went on the first step. And he said amin, and then he went on the second step. And he said, I mean, and he went on the third step, and he said, I mean, and when he was finished with this habit came and said, Dr. Rasool Allah, we've never heard you say, I mean, when you get on the step of the member, it's the first time we hear you saying, mean, why did you say I mean? Isn't Eddie sasaram said when I put my foot on the first step of the member jabril came to me.

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And he said to me,

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oh, Muhammad,

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tell the Muslims

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if you

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if your sins are not forgiven,

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all your sins are not forgiven to you in the month of Ramadan, then tell them they will perish in the fire.

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And then jabril citizen Ibiza Salaam say Arlene.

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Say army.

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Other words saved my life six of the day, no choice he had to say I mean,

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Then again, maybe sasaram say to the Sahaba when I put my foot on the second step.

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jabril came to me and he said to me,

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that Leo,

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companions tell the Muslims

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that whoever is present

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on the night of lead to other and all his sins is not forgiven for him. Leaving perish in the fire of john.

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And Julian said, say Annie, I'm sure that Tupac didn't want to say army. They had to say army.

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And then he said when gibreel said to me, oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

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As I put my foot on the third step in Ibiza Salaam said,

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Tell your mama

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that whoever

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one of his parents

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are both his parents in their old age

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during the month of Ramadan

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and he does though he or she does not enter Paradise.

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They will perish in the jungle. See him and then Ibiza salmson me

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the last one of course is a very sad one.

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Because there are so many of us

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who are so neglectful of our parents.

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And I hope that this message not from me but from Hamas Allah.

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For those of you who have parents who are old parents of need you and I say always parents don't need the money of the children. Don't think that if you say mama is a 500 then mama is happy with you. Oh Papa is happy.

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They don't want that. They don't want that.

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They will give you

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if they have. They didn't want from you. Because parents are those who say take it's the wife who says give not parents.

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They want from you just a smile.

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Just Assalamualaikum How are you a hug

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a kiss not Samaniego, mommy.

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Sonic um, they know they will have there are a

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few words to be spoken. Let's put them

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there are two people alive. And that is our journey as children that is our journey. So we are

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Forgive inshallah they will the month of Ramadan comes,

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that we will

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be good

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that we will honor the night of etiquette

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that we will honor our parents and love them

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and what must we do to get this forgiveness in the month of Ramadan?

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What was we do to go to gender in the month of Ramadan? What must we do not to go to jahannam in the month of Ramadan

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Ramadan comes in your turns are not forgiven

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perish in *. So, what must we do?

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Clearly the novice Assalam tells us exactly what we must do for our sins to be forgiven. Also in Bukhari, so no doubt about the sahadi no doubt about the instruction to Mohamed Salah. He said man Samarra, Madonna Eman and watch desert ruffian Allahumma Takata melindungi a person who falls in the month of Ramadan

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he man and wacky Saba. What does it mean? A person who falls in Ramadan with faith and believe that Allah will forgive all the sins

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was 37 and with that intention, who fear Allah

00:21:22 --> 00:21:31

Allah forgive all his previous that was you can't say but I was such a big sin I did so many things. I did so many wrong things so much haram

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you must believe that Ramadan wipes clean the slate.

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Mohammed, Salah Lorenson, then the NaVi sasaram said number two

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Man armor Ramadan Eman and Rockies urban warfare Allahumma taka dominium

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me who

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maintains the holiness and sanctity of the month of Ramadan

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by worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala with a full belief that he is honoring Ramadan and worshiping Allah.

00:22:11 --> 00:22:15

He says you'll be forgiven ALLAH forgive all these three reasons why no

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woman karma Laila Kadri Eman And what he said, Oh fear Allah.

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So maybe you can't cost

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because you are sick.

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Or maybe you can't stand to make Salah in the month of Ramadan. Or you can't make terrarium because you are sick because you are

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too old.

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Then the Navy system three, he

00:22:47 --> 00:22:49

honors the night of law to others

00:22:53 --> 00:23:03

by making the crew law or Salah already for the National Academy and he dedicates that that Allah should forgive me sons

00:23:04 --> 00:23:05

who fear Allah

00:23:06 --> 00:23:10

Allah forgive was previous we should have no doubt that's all you have to do.

00:23:11 --> 00:23:15

No doubt if you pass a law Forgive me You must you must believe like that.

00:23:16 --> 00:23:24

But your belief must not include a doubt that after Ramadan maybe I will go back to the sin which I did then all is destroyed.

00:23:25 --> 00:23:33

What do you think? Well, Ramadan, the chef save all my sins are forgiven after Ramadan Mashallah begin with a clean slate now can fill up the slate again

00:23:34 --> 00:23:43

that's being insincere. It must be with the intention that yes, Mashallah Ramadan is coming, my sins are forgiven. And so,

00:23:44 --> 00:24:13

I will try and stay on this road in sha Allah, may Allah and Allah guide us, may Allah make a strong inshallah, to have that kind of knee and that kind of intention, especially those who are older, young people or young people. But when an old man does something wrong continuously, then something, something is very, very wrong. The gray you get, the more you should be committed to knowing and understanding that you are on your path and you're back to Allah subhanaw taala. And of course, Ramadan is the month of taqwa.

00:24:15 --> 00:24:16

Lala contactable.

00:24:18 --> 00:24:23

Ramadan is the month in which we develop a consciousness of a Lost Planet.

00:24:24 --> 00:24:27

Then whatever we do, we are conscious of a low

00:24:28 --> 00:24:33

note that we only make Salah we make salah and in the Salah we become conscious of Allah.

00:24:35 --> 00:24:39

You try and concentrate and think about Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:24:41 --> 00:24:42

until the ultimate

00:24:44 --> 00:24:45


00:24:46 --> 00:24:54

is the jungle and the thought imune have a special dorba which they antigen or the urine

00:24:55 --> 00:24:59

rayyan means plenty plenty plenty. A lot of water

00:25:01 --> 00:25:04

has to do with lots and lots of water.

00:25:05 --> 00:25:07

And what allows us is that

00:25:08 --> 00:25:15

we know the waiting to go into Gemini is a time of very little water, people are going to be very stressed.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:37

And so that when that door opens the people of the month of Ramadan, they will not have to wait long to taste the waters of gender, they will not have to stand in long queues, they will go by the special queue called Baba, the door specially dedicated to the people who had fasted the month of Ramadan.

00:25:40 --> 00:25:56

That was the easy part of my lecture today because all those are Hadees and all those yet Mashallah is confirmed, without any doubt. And if we follow those in sha Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah give that we obtain the full benefit of Ramadan.

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The second half of my Hooda deals with

00:26:06 --> 00:26:08

the opposite of what I just spoke about.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:12

So what I just spoke about was the Koran.

00:26:13 --> 00:26:16

And within Dixon, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

00:26:18 --> 00:26:19

The second part is

00:26:21 --> 00:26:31

the opposite of that, meaning, the practice of what is not in the Parana, neither in the sadhana haematologica.

00:26:32 --> 00:26:36

Some of these practices, we practice with more vigor

00:26:39 --> 00:26:52

and commitment than what we practice what Allah commands us in the Koran, and what Mohamed Salah Salaam has brought to us, for us to gain

00:26:53 --> 00:26:55

the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:26:59 --> 00:27:05

there is a verse in the Quran in surah de Haan the first few verses of Surah adhaan

00:27:06 --> 00:27:19

will allow fatherless homes hi meme while kita will movie in, in zelner, who feel a Latina mu Baraka in couldna mundo de allows harmala says hi Mean

00:27:21 --> 00:27:22

while kita will movie

00:27:24 --> 00:27:27

and the book that makes all things clear.

00:27:28 --> 00:27:34

In the no fee later, we have sent it down on a blessed night

00:27:35 --> 00:27:43

in Coeur d'Alene, and we always wish to warn humanity against evil.

00:27:45 --> 00:28:16

This verse, all the new Farsi rune without exception, says that verse this verse is connected to the verse which are coated in the beginning, Shadow Ramadan and lesbians Allah. When Allah Subhan Allah says in this visit was in Angela Ophelia. Mubarak, Allah says, and we have revealed it on a place at night, it means later in the month of Ramadan with Allah subhanho wa Taala to reveal your Allah refer to the night as Laila

00:28:18 --> 00:28:20

mubaraka A bliss at night.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:23

There's no doubt about that

00:28:25 --> 00:28:39

implica theory you can find on the internet, you can look up this verse of Sora to the Han, which is the 44th surah in the Quran, from verse one to verse six. And you can look at the Tafseer of this verse of the holy crap.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:48

Now, there are people who say that this verse refers to the 15th night of Shabbat,

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00:28:54 --> 00:28:59

allows mahalo tada did not reveal the Holy Quran on the 15th night of Shabbat.

00:29:01 --> 00:29:03

And as I said to you,

00:29:05 --> 00:29:07

in my previous lecture, I refer to it

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00:29:11 --> 00:29:13

the 13th night of Siobhan

00:29:15 --> 00:29:26

means that at the end of Siobhan there should be 30 days in the month of shaba. Otherwise, if there are 29 days in the month of Ramadan, and we

00:29:28 --> 00:29:38

Siobhan is there are 29 days in the month of Siobhan then the middle of Siobhan would be 14 and a half days, isn't it?

00:29:40 --> 00:29:45

And we can only know how many days in the job and at the end of shaba

00:29:47 --> 00:29:59

so if we insist on I make around the 59th and Siobhan has got 29 nights, then we're in trouble. Because we mean that means we did not get the so called 15th night of Shabbat

00:30:01 --> 00:30:08

And this leads so because it's a man made institution, when Allah subhanaw taala says 27th night

00:30:09 --> 00:30:10

of Ramadan,

00:30:12 --> 00:30:26

there is no doubt about the 37th night of Allah, you count from one to 27 and you get to the 27th of Ramadan. And there is no argument about when the Nabi sallallahu wasallam says fast on the 10th day of

00:30:28 --> 00:30:44

which one Muharram you count from one to 10 and you force on the 10th of March, when men steps into the arena of trying to create his own persona, then he comes into this kind of dilemma.

00:30:45 --> 00:30:46


00:30:49 --> 00:30:54

we are some people who say I want you to also follow us on the 15th day of Sharma.

00:30:56 --> 00:30:58

I have to say to you that

00:31:01 --> 00:31:05

I've researched every single Hadith on the 15th of shaba.

00:31:06 --> 00:31:10

99% of them are either designated as being

00:31:12 --> 00:31:13

meaning weak.

00:31:15 --> 00:31:30

Or the ifj done very weak, or Moldova, which is even worse, which means a hadith which has been completely fabricated by somebody, meaning somebody sat down and decided that

00:31:33 --> 00:31:44

we we need to make this night a night but people are not going to follow it unless and until somebody says that there is some connection with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam gonna talk about this later.

00:31:46 --> 00:31:59

Fasting, the 15th day of Shabbat is good, but that applies to every single month, maybe you should follow the 13th 14th and 15th of every month saving for those three days in the month of Shabbat Mashallah barakallahu li Allah was formed.

00:32:02 --> 00:32:08

There are some people who say that I'll let the sin down to the first heaven on the 13th night of Siobhan.

00:32:12 --> 00:32:19

I just have to intervene here that there's a collection coming around. Just to tell you that across the road,

00:32:20 --> 00:32:58

where a school cross the road, they are brick paving the other half of the pavement on the other side of the road, in order for people to park right up to the fence now just halfway. And they're also going to put white lines there. And they've asked the masjid to make a contribution to the brick paving. So I'll ask you, if you have extra money in your pocket, or calorific, to put the money in insha Allah and let Toby also set up within Sharia. Because all the cars that will be parked there until the brick paving disappears, will be for your account on the Day of Prayer. Why do I say that? Because the NaVi Salah might say that removing

00:32:59 --> 00:33:11

a stone from the road is part of your Eman. Imagine straightening the road and building a road. SubhanAllah so this is part of building making a roadway for people to park their cars.

00:33:13 --> 00:33:16

Abdullah ignatova another great topic.

00:33:18 --> 00:33:25

He was asked about the descent of Allah on the 15th night of Shabbat and he said to the person who asked him Moses,

00:33:26 --> 00:33:31

you are a great man. What about the 59th? does Allah descend and he said

00:33:32 --> 00:34:17

we all die in a week one, the night of the 15th Allah descends every single night we know that this hadith in Bukhari Hadith 333 books 75 of Buhari with an AVI Salam says that allows for Allah descends the last third of every single night, every single morning, the last night or the night Allah comes mean Allah doesn't come down unless mercy comes on Allah says, Who is his calling upon me so I can see him who is there was God indeed so I can satisfy his need? Who is there one forgiveness who I can satisfy so I can forgive him. So the third of the last part of the night is a very important part of the night and now Mashallah we have fudger which is very, very late. The last

00:34:17 --> 00:34:29

third of the night is very, very late in the morning, all of us I'm sure work a can get up early, just to ask Allah for forgiveness, because always need to you that are new tonight.

00:34:34 --> 00:34:37

Nice to Siobhan This is called a local chubby Bharat

00:34:38 --> 00:34:40

shabby Bharat

00:34:42 --> 00:34:43

and this is actually a Persian

00:34:47 --> 00:34:57

reference to the 15th of shaba shaba shaba Cheb rather, in Persian means Laila night

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

and Bharat means others

00:35:02 --> 00:35:08

So in fact, the Persian designation refers to Layla too

00:35:09 --> 00:35:48

shabby Bharat means the night of other Laila to other and that is the correct appellation. For the word that when Allah, Allah talks about the revelation of the Koran and the fact that things are decided by Allah, it is decided by alows for hunter on the, on the 27th night of little, and not on the 15th night off of, of Shabbat. There are also those who say we must visit the graves on the 15th night of Siobhan because the souls of people come back to them on that night. And they can either hear you see you or whatever they do on that night.

00:35:50 --> 00:36:04

We know that when you die, your soul goes to either idli Yun or to see Jean either to a very high place or to a very low place. And between that place where your soul goes,

00:36:05 --> 00:36:07

there is something called a barza.

00:36:09 --> 00:36:37

And Allah talks about this, in the Holy Quran, Allah, Allah says in Surah, two min on the 23rd surah. Until when death comes to one of them, he says, Oh my Lord sent me back to life, that I may work righteousness and what does Allah say to him? Allah says to him, meanwhile, in Bursa Hoon Illa yo Mubarak Allah says between the soul and between

00:36:38 --> 00:37:00

us here on the earth, there is a screen which the soul cannot pass through again, there is no return to the dunya once you totally is the body it has never comes back to the dunya the only connection you may have with wherever souls have lived is you may dream about that person. But there is no such thing in Islam is souls returned to the this is all fairy tales.

00:37:01 --> 00:37:11

This is all from other religions and other ideologies and other philosophies. Allow swana says there is no return. Many people want to come back they can't come back.

00:37:13 --> 00:37:32

So there is no such thing as the soul of your mother and father turns you have to visit the grave. That is not you should always visit the graveyard you should always go there. So it reminds you of there should always go there and make the offer your parents should always go there and make do off all the dead should always go there and greet them when you go there like the Navy Salam did.

00:37:34 --> 00:37:35

So where does this come from?

00:37:37 --> 00:37:41

Let's have a question. So we this is come from

00:37:42 --> 00:37:44

wave is celebration come from?

00:37:47 --> 00:37:51

is a great first century scholar. His name is Tony Toshi.

00:37:54 --> 00:38:00

And he wrote a book called how hard it will be that you wrote a book in the fifth century, which is 500 years

00:38:01 --> 00:38:02

after the heater.

00:38:03 --> 00:38:06

He wrote a book on innovations.

00:38:09 --> 00:38:10

And in this book,

00:38:12 --> 00:38:17

he quotes from a man by the name of Abu Muhammad Al knock dt.

00:38:18 --> 00:38:21

Now the word not Lisi, for those who read

00:38:22 --> 00:38:45

books on Islam. Bhakti is a very common common surname. Makdisi of people who come from Jerusalem from a Tanaka does obaidul knock this. So they're called magec. Eman Bukhari comes from Bukhara bokhara. So it's called Buhari. And there's McKee and madonie. And Katie, Katie, we are cases.

00:38:46 --> 00:39:01

So this man's name was MK DC, meaning that he was a person that lived and was born in Jerusalem, so to coach him. And what does this man say? He says, We never had in Jerusalem.

00:39:05 --> 00:39:11

The celebration of the 15th night of Java, this is how many years after the

00:39:12 --> 00:39:15

500 years 500 years.

00:39:18 --> 00:39:23

And he says that the first time it happened in Jerusalem, was man says

00:39:24 --> 00:39:54

was in 448 400,500 448 years after the hegira when a man from the blues came his name was evening Abbey, Alhambra, he came to Jerusalem. And he started to pray on the 59th of Shabbat in the masjid. And people thought that following him and following him because he was a holy man and following him and eventually, he came back the next year in a large group came and so he says this became, through the years a norm in that part of the world.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

So just like the mo loot celebration these are historical facts

00:40:05 --> 00:40:07

was first celebrated 600 years

00:40:09 --> 00:40:11

by the Shia 30 means in Egypt

00:40:14 --> 00:40:18

so that's that was started at that time

00:40:20 --> 00:40:23

people have a different reasons for doing this.

00:40:24 --> 00:40:27

Even today I just received an

00:40:28 --> 00:40:34

A message this morning on my phone with somebody gave a long explanation of all the good things that you get on this night.

00:40:36 --> 00:40:40

I wish people would do it for the night which Allah designated for the revelation of the Quran.

00:40:42 --> 00:40:50

I wish we would. And I know that because of the magic is empty, maybe, but it is half full or

00:40:51 --> 00:40:55

maybe a quarter full. And when the lecture is over, people go home, they don't stay

00:40:58 --> 00:41:00

and that is a night which is mentioned in the forum.

00:41:01 --> 00:41:23

So for me it's very sad to know and this man to tissue says that one of the third things in that time the fifth century was that people could no emphasis on these things which are not part of it which are created and fabricated so long after Islam have replaced the normative actions. The Torah is the son of Mohammed Salah lawlessly

00:41:25 --> 00:41:26

and the Hadith on

00:41:28 --> 00:41:37

this was Siobhan josephinum Siobhan was fabricated by a man called Ebony jaha. Dom, he was a Mexican Sufi

00:41:39 --> 00:41:42

leader who knowingly fabricated the Hadith

00:41:43 --> 00:42:28

on shaba 15th of Shama, email Josie, one of the students of ebony Tamia refers to this in his book Elmo to art. We said that this man was known not only to be a liar, but but a fabricator of God. So what do we let we learn that people have since the beginning of the novel what fabricated hadn't even people come from a kazoo people say, Oh, this man is from Makkah, you know, but if he practices anything, which is contrary to Mohammed sounds, practice, they need doing a bead on Islam, whether he's got a big beard when he's got a towel over his aid with his things above his ankles, doesn't matter where it comes from. He can come from New York or London or Paris, and he tells us about the

00:42:28 --> 00:42:38

Quran and Sunnah Mohammed Salah, we follow him, if he falls drops from heaven, and he says things which is not part of our sadhana, not part of the Quran, they will follow.

00:42:39 --> 00:42:40


00:42:45 --> 00:42:54

for me, and it's irrelevant what you think of me. And what other people think what people say of me, that's completely irrelevant. For me,

00:42:55 --> 00:42:57

as a person, and I'm one person

00:42:59 --> 00:43:02

I'm slightly different from me because I speak to you.

00:43:03 --> 00:43:18

I have a slightly bigger responsibility than you because Allah is gonna ask me not in my individual capacity. Did you do that? So did you do that? Allah will say to me five, what did you tell the people about the deen which I have given to you?

00:43:20 --> 00:43:20

To spread?

00:43:22 --> 00:43:25

And the thing that worries me about these things is

00:43:27 --> 00:43:41

what am I going to say? unless you tell people to celebrate the 50th night of Shabbat, knowing you knew that the Hadith based on it has been fabricated by someone. You knew that it was only started 445 years after the German.

00:43:42 --> 00:43:47

Why didn't you just tell them the truth? It's for them to decide what they want to do.

00:43:48 --> 00:43:54

was what do people say? I say office be da acsp da Hey, but they never tell you

00:43:57 --> 00:44:02

that this is the history of oddities. It's for you to decide.

00:44:03 --> 00:44:26

When I stand in front of my god on the Day of Judgment, they asked me when I will say that I can give him an answer. house. You know what I told you? I told my people that is not part of the Dean of our laws. I spoke to them about her. I spoke to them about Ramadan about education. So for me to tell you what to do. It's for me to tell you what, Bahama salamander that is the first thing

00:44:28 --> 00:44:30

the second question I asked myself is

00:44:31 --> 00:44:32

we put all this aside

00:44:34 --> 00:44:38

because some people say are you say two week IDs? We say another week it uses this you said?

00:44:42 --> 00:44:45

Why then, if this is such a great night

00:44:50 --> 00:44:50

the people

00:44:52 --> 00:44:53

who were the closest to Mohammed

00:44:57 --> 00:44:59

when the Prophet Arthur abubaker l Abu Bakr

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

Her mother to fit into when the Prophet one day said

00:45:05 --> 00:45:11

what do you love in life? What is the most important things that you love? What did he say? He said,

00:45:12 --> 00:45:13

You are a surah Allah

00:45:14 --> 00:45:25

of him but not a lake while you lose weight in a day, what in Takoma realloc? He said the Arizona law, I love to look at your face.

00:45:29 --> 00:45:31

I love to sit in your company.

00:45:32 --> 00:45:34

And I love to spend my wealth on you.

00:45:35 --> 00:45:37

So he gave all these monitors usually

00:45:39 --> 00:45:42

that man and I only want to make an example of him.

00:45:43 --> 00:45:45

He loves the Prophet so much.

00:45:48 --> 00:45:56

Why is it that they never celebrated the 15th night of Shabbat? Why? I asked you the question asked me the question, our work.

00:45:57 --> 00:46:08

We know that after the ambia Allah evil salatu salam, the greatest people who walked on the earth was the Sahaba of Mohamed Salah, salah and the base One of them was Abu Bakr

00:46:09 --> 00:46:12

and then Allah and then Denali and so forth.

00:46:16 --> 00:46:20

The first generation of Muslims never celebrated.

00:46:24 --> 00:46:29

But you know, it's a good thing people come to the muscogee Cafe.

00:46:31 --> 00:46:35

This is Saturday night, but where are you on Sunday morning for Friday

00:46:36 --> 00:46:39

or Monday morning. We are we

00:46:43 --> 00:46:50

know what is more important priorities. If we really say that we and we just glibly say you know,

00:46:52 --> 00:46:53

but it's a good beta.

00:46:56 --> 00:46:59

And you're not saying that to me. You saying that to allows

00:47:01 --> 00:47:10

you didn't make this part of our Deen but I declare that this is a good thing. Even if it's like saying good bidders like saying a good bad thing.

00:47:11 --> 00:47:12

It's a good bad thing.

00:47:14 --> 00:47:17

And I live now and I'm an attorney I'm strong enough to save this.

00:47:22 --> 00:47:25

So my duty is not to tell you what to do. That's your choice.

00:47:29 --> 00:47:30

Play Sally him.

00:47:32 --> 00:47:44

demo site This allows I'm going to say to the Navy so solid, your job isn't to tell people what they should do what they shouldn't do. Your job is to tell the truth. And we know you got locked into he got into lots of trouble.

00:47:45 --> 00:47:51

So much so that people want to kill him. So far, only once they tried to kill me but that was some time ago.

00:47:55 --> 00:47:56


00:47:57 --> 00:48:00

I say to you that are not telling you what you should do.

00:48:02 --> 00:48:06

There's no condemnation of anything they just the facts. Those are the facts.

00:48:08 --> 00:48:14

And I presented to you as I've read it and researched it and I'm giving it to you.

00:48:16 --> 00:48:19

And if you still say after this, my pa

00:48:21 --> 00:48:33

ma ma ma opa oma and opa horiuchi and Briana, Tia, then I leave you in the hands of Allah. Will Alton Allah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

147.The truth about The night of Nisfu Shabaan

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