Attributes of the Prophet How He Treated Sinners and Non-Muslims

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The history and context of Islam are discussed, including the importance of acceptance and faith in achieving Islam. The use of the symbol "brahdis" in their language is emphasized, along with the use of the symbol "brahdis" in their culture. The importance of language and the potential consequences of language in one's mentality are also discussed, along with the use of alcohol and drugs in Islam and the importance of showing one's appearance and not just giving out personal information.

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Hello, I'm Anna Haywood Hamdulillah I mean Allahumma salli wa salam America you know Habib in Medina, early here so after hearing my you know bad

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day you will talk about

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had you who said Allah hi you sell them with timely machinery key and I went and saw

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how he treated earlier Salatu was Salam, disbelievers and sinners. And

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yesterday I talked about how he treated women and how he treated children. Before that. He spoke how he moved how he ate and how he dressed out of his salatu salam

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and his Hadith and how he treated people disbelieved in him on your saw to assemble refutes his his calling or those who are Muslim but sinned. I think it's something important for all of us to reflect upon. He says to ponder what Allah put are either severely or bigger Bill Hekmati will know a lot he'll have serenity which ideal humility he doesn't

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call upon the way of your LORD with Wisdom with kind reminders

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and discuss with them with the best you've got the best demeanor you have,

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as he says to pilots out so it wasn't the Psychedelica couldn't although the min Allah highly comfortable you know, you were once similar to they were the to them or to the way they are now. They are disbelieving and far away and Allah subhanaw taala granted you the blessing of guidance, so

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take it easy, BB tender.

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You've got a buddy and maybe it is awesome OTB Allah Julian Shari will cover the Prophet alayhi salam was brought a man who was a repeat offender in drinking in public intoxication. It's quite a nasty little booval but we were able to punish him. I mean, nobody will be on end here. I mean, nobody will be gnarly human, nobody will be there will be. So they did as as, as the prophet it assaults on command and public intoxication. There's a social punishment for it, which is an advertiser, it's not 100 it's zero meaning it's less it's not a full punishment and sometimes it can be lashing out sometimes it can be just physical.

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They perform the tasks either privately or sort of that I'm asked them to call it a huddle home, Zach Allah, may Allah humiliate you are calling the abuse of Allah Allah you seldom Allah Taku Don't say that.

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In the Alamo. Illa know who you hate Bula Hora Sula, because all I know about him is that he loves Allah and His Prophet, Allah to EU Shavon if he comes to don't help the shaytaan upon your brother, as he said, or as he said, Allah He saw to us we're all here and his name is Abdullah mechanical difficulty maybe earlier salatu salam, right that his name was Abdullah he was someone who would commonly come by the prophet Allah, Allah to suddenly make him laugh kind of locked up oh can you can have him on so they call him he was That was his nickname and it was quite common for people to have that nickname back in the day because unlike today's culture, donkeys back then or mules were

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actually seen as animals that had endurance and stamina not not stupidity. But something changed over the over the years. And the part I like it with this hadith is the what happened maybe 15 or 20 years later in the pub in a similar situation had a friend

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who was once an alcoholic and and the end

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he stayed in touch with him even though this friend of his went and lived far away he was living somewhere in Iran Damascus and he obviously was in Medina. So people sent let him know when days in the movie in your friend has gone back to drinking again. So are the Allahu Anhu would write a letter.

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You say Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim. I

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mean, I'm going to be supporting either Fudan from top to the name of the person Alhamdulillah here or in the medulla illega. la serie them be we'll call the Toby Cedi delay Bob. That's it. He sent him a letter saying I praise Allah Subhan Allah subhanaw taala to you. The one who forgives sin accepts repentance and has severe punishment in this letter was delivered to the gentleman in the bar as he was drinking baccarat

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caught our other knee with me I need you reminded me without actually reminded me from Isaiah throttle her way up to Kenya to eat Allah here to eat Allah and He will take the letter and you go back to Medina and repent in front of Satan.

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He would say this was sitting on top I would say tell him about her cada persona Alma is learning. This is how you use what you do with your with your brother and when to cool and when I went to shaytani

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If you do not be helpers of the shaytaan against your own brothers, if one does not need any help, he's he's been doing very well for a very long time. He doesn't need any help, don't help pay for and do the job if someone is struggling, find ways to help them take them back. And I think that's an interesting thing to take from the prophet Ali Asad Islam story. They know one story of a man that had been a third of the Allah who I know before he was really Allah who I knew who I know is a gentleman from the lobby and many Hanifa the same tribe that will save him will convert will come from leader to my mother was a sworn enemy of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and Muslims and he had

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actually spilled a lot of Muslim blood. And he was making his way towards Amara and he was caught on the way by one of the Seraiah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the small kind of intelligence groups that would continue to sweep the land for the Prophet Allah, Allah to say he was Cantonese brought back down into Medina and the Prophet alayhi salam saw him and knew him or call it Roberto who is Vietnamese every Masjid just tie him to one of the

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what are these called? pillars of the masjid and

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tie him to it. So they did. And the Prophet it is salatu salam would come by and he would say, gave her into tomorrow. How are you doing today? Okada and the higher Ania Mohamed I have good things in Doctor Doctor them if you kill me then you tell someone who spilled your blood and you have every right to wear in to name to name Allah Shaka and if you show me mercy or forgiveness, then you do it to someone who will show you gratitude and when ductal Oberlin or Tikka Minho mash it and if you want money, I have as much money as you want to study find him maybe adios salatu salam, he wouldn't respond he would just walk away and come the next day and ask the same question Keifa and to mama

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and tomorrow we'll answer in the same way. If you kill me, I can't blame you and if you show me mercy then I will be thankful and if you want money I have as much as you want and the profit I'll do so walk away the third day he would come and ask them the same thing Hey, friend are you doing today? You would answer in the same way the proper audio solid sound with trental soccer football let him go just go with the one that wasn't sure what was going on. Because this wasn't an actual pardon. The product idea is awesome didn't ask for money and no one was killing him. So he didn't

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profit and as I said, I'm basically saying you don't understand why brought you here. You're you're offering me stupid things. And this is not what the point of any of this so go if you still think this just go get get lost. It doesn't matter to me, with whomever would go he would leave out so you've just got to go to the outskirts of Medina. He would find as you doubt or like a small orchard that had water and so on. He would ask permission from the people to use it. He would go in here before him full awesome. New changes to come back to the portfolio sounds mysterious say a shadow Allah Allah, Allah wa Nick Abdu, who rasuluh whom I mean Dean in a lot of the Ghana abogado la Yemen

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de Nika are in Medina glioma, la Minegishi infilled there was nothing that I hated more in this world than your faith. And today there's nothing more I love in this world than your faith and would go on in praising the Prophet alayhi salatu was always talking about how he accepted Islam because he observed Muslims I'm not gonna get into that because I'm gonna rant for 15 minutes and then this is gonna go on forever. But this is how he accepted Islam. He just observed Muslims behaviors and then he accepted Islam based on that. You're watching Muslims, you know, enter and organize and do stuff like that. And that's why he did it. I'm gonna I'm not gonna get into it. But the rough idea

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was it he gave him time and he didn't punish him and he again wanted to give him a chance to accept his time and he did and he said yeah, I said Allah What do I do and I'd love for him but I thought I committed I'm gonna attack go and perform your ombre so again, he performed his own rock but he didn't do either private it yourselves I'm talking him or he also but But you left your dinner time. So back to Islam to rely on Bill alanine, why haven't we also learned Mohammed I have I have submitted to Allah and I've accepted the prophecy of Mohamed Salah when Nico millimetre truco Lachlan uncom Elcom if you don't stop fighting him, I will withhold wheat from you because he was

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the number one provider of wheat. He held weeds from them for three or four months and information is during the time of Hadiya they would send to the Prophet Allah your thoughts, I'm begging him to please ask your mama to send back the wheat and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was sent to a thermometer saying give them meat and tomato salsa Allah measure your honey blend there's still any fading out to him. This is food when it comes to food you notice we have no interest in starving people. So through mama allow the trade of wheat to go back again to Allah honey sign in the story narrated by email

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where a group of people from one of the tribes came to accept or do the by the Prophet alayhi salatu. So amongst them was Raj Shah boon. Oh yah, yah, a young person. I'm not alone. He came with people. He didn't really this whole thing wasn't really an important concept to him, but he came in his father or his uncle. Someone brought him with him. So he went. So he's studying is is he staying up a little bit late at night, sitting outside on water

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The streets of Medina and a young lady would walk by. So he would talk about her job, she would be wearing a shoe Bub and some of these young ladies would wear it would be long. And sometimes a piece would be dragging on the ground. So as she walks by, he makes a little bit of a tug to the to her thing and she runs right into her house. Is this is what he does as many Shabaab unfortunately in the world do. So he did this. He didn't really think much of it the next day, they came in the morning to go and perform Dubai in front of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So one by one they're performing they put their hands in the hands of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Baba Yaga Allah

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shahada de la ilaha illallah wa and then Mohammed Abdullah Zulu, I don't know certain Muslim you know, rlg hurry, and they go through whatever it is the debate, they brought the audio so it's asking for and he's standing in line and it comes with time he puts his hand out. So the Prophet alayhi salam samples his hand back, of course the anti Shah Hebrew Zubaydah. You're the guy who did the who took the thing yesterday.

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He kind of kind of snapped out of his his he's quite Hola Hola, audio rasool Allah I'll never do it again. I've got to either obey yoke then if you won't do it again then I'll give you the way I said Allah Allah you so how do you sell them?

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The Noah story of Suffern Abbey Tatem party as narrated in

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Viva Farber, and in other collections that talk about the sahaba.

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During one of the battles

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Savannah was the daughter of Hatchimal Bhai the known out of name he was one of the most generous or famous AlDub for being very extremely generous. He's a no he's a household name till this day how to make money and his daughters are fun. That was one of the people who were taking that as

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prisoners of war and she would come by the profit out of yourselves and the handling ratio of organic and dangerous law. She was someone who knew how to speak I call it ya rasool Allah.

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Allah Allah read Baba Baba feed, feminine Allah men Allah Holic, my father died and the person who responsible for me is not here. So show me mercy. May Allah subhanaw taala grant you the same thought it is so so many who have it. Who is the person who responsible for you call it ID of inheriting a party. Her brother ID was the leader of his Stripe account. So I sent him a foul rule. I mean, Allah He was already the one who ran from a line as private pilot now I'm jasola. Yes. Perfect. So uh huh. So he let her go. Well, I thought I mean, I thought I could sweater how a man aka react to why did he had the mentality to behave badly Nene. It gave her wealth and told her

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Don't leave until someone from your tribe that you trust comes here to take you back because I don't want you to be traveling on your own. And when they do, let me know and I'll let you, I'll send you on their way to make sure that they take care of you. So she did. And she sent after her brother who had deserted everything, took his family and ran and basically left his sister. So she said to him saying, come back to the to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they know how you don't this way, no album oneness. He's the best person when no offense, he will forgive, you just come back and show some remorse and he'll forgive you. So he wasn't very happy where he was where he had fled to. So he

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came back. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam in the known Hadith dakara and maybe some sort of lifestyle he was

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in the prophet Ali is also that even though this gentleman, and he was one of the leaders of the tribes that performed the many betrayals, the Muslims, which led to sort of Toba would later on say, to me, Allah, He will assume that he then said our cultural Romo Papatoetoe Masha bikina, hydrojet TUMO, that verse came from people like I did and what they did and the number of Muslims they killed, the Prophet alayhi salam Salam brought him into the house and sat him on his own pillow under your salatu salam. And then he started to have a discussion with him then on Hadith and you start telling him Yeah, I D. I am not okay. You know, it's learning Torah mean by fina, welcome the

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team and attina is what's causing you not to accept this right, because you see that we're weak, and that we don't have a lot of pull in the world.

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So Todd, yes, that's one of the reasons so the rally so that would tell him that day will come where lady will leave from Iraq, to the mecca of performing hajj, Natasha Illa Allah you'll be so safe and strong that the lady can move on her own without needing protection. And in his mind, he's saying, Well ain't gonna hear me in football. If and where is this lady going to be able to hide from the Jani hooligans of my own tribe, that it's impossible.

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They will take the killer. And then he asked him again. Well, Matt, what's causing you not to except this time? Is it because we are poor? Is it because we don't have any wealth? He said, Yes, it was the day will come where there'll be so much wealth that someone will come up with a sadhaka No, no, take it. And he's basically Annie smirking in his

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under his breath with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam saying he told him what was what was making you know, except this time is because the other empires around us can outnumber us in are powerful, more powerful than us as as a room

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Well, first, we said yes akala T and Nyoman

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will be maybe, maybe close the case or the day will come where they will bring the treasures of Kisara so he said case Rob normas You mean the actual case law or just some other cases I don't know but the guy Persian Yanni King of Scotland to do so I send them none. And of course he's not believing any of this and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala Islam Tesla via ID accept Islam is best for you whatever stem ID because he didn't really have a choice in the Hadith with another narration is where the prophet Allah so actually pins him down and ask them what faith do you follow? So he doesn't respond but he told told him Well anytime you have Roku CEO which is a type of

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faith between Yahoodi and mercy, he doesn't exist anymore between Judaism Christianity doesn't exist.

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I'm gonna I'm gonna call me can you take 25% of every all the loot from your people, don't you think? Yes. And then I knew like I feel like it's not even acceptable in your own Deen. And I think you're sitting there Yaniv. And he knows what the prophet Ali is obviously, like, this is true.

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So we accept Islam. And then he tells us the story. The story is being told, told by the end, he would say and then the day came where I saw with my own eyes, the treasures of Kisara being brought into the feet of autumn. Allahu Anhu. And I was one of a part of that army that actually conquered Jani and qadisiya. And the day came where I saw a lady on a camel performing Hajj on her own and he said in you will live he's talking to the people cuz he was old on his deathbed, and you will live to see the day where someone will take wealth to push it no one will be there to take it but I haven't seen it yet. Today, like in South Africa, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam as he said will occur

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so Allah Allah you it was like you send them

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a smack with a book of Hadith and Al Bukhari. Her mother wasn't Muslim. He wasn't a Muslim. He was a Muslim. So when she came to Medina, her name was Latina. And she asked the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and she said yellow suit Allah you must not I'll say to go and visit my mother she's emotionally can she continues not to accept Islam in Rakhine, I'll say to you will McKee go and show a beautiful to your to your mother. And that's when the vs Lagen Hakuna Allah who I named Adina lamb your cartoon was a very famous verses two or three months and it was revealed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam became the standard of how people treat non Muslims and sinners, young men the hadith

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is also an ephah game to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and said yeah, let's do it Allah either leave or Xena give me permission to prefer to commit Zina and the Sahaba were ready to slap him Jani over his face. They brought her on as Autozone and say just calm down.

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And He will speak to him forgot I had I thought about Julio mean, is this something you would want someone to do to your mother? And he said no he also what if any, what you're thinking of doing this to the person that you're thinking of committing Zina with? What if someone thought to do the same to your sister? Would you be okay with that? No. Would you be okay what was your daughter know, when he became what was your aunt or or grandmother or whoever it was? And he would go on and on and on? Did I tell dahulu Omega caverta about holiness if you don't accept it to someone in your family while you're accepting it to others. A second way would be quite a calling to do something he put

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his hand on his chest call it Allahumma Iloveyou to them but who are hustling without Yahoo Mail Oh Allah, can you forgive his sin and grant him chastity of coluna feminists? Definitely Sherbrooke Illa Zina Bada and this boy I never thought about it again. And the reason that I'm giving these these hadith is that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had different ways to approach this problem with someone who is sinning or someone who was coming publicly and saying I want to sin and having that degree of disrespect to actually ask the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam to his face. But the prophet Ali is awesome chose this way to actually deal with the issue and in the cyan kind of deal

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so I said to them Yeah, Zhu Jie Rana Julio hood, way over the delay him we are cruel people at him the robber Ali's son would commonly go and visit his neighbors who are Jewish or mushy kin and he would give them gifts and in the house of the alakija they will eat their food and he will sit with them and he would share a meal with them Alia salatu salam and this is how he this is how he dealt with people who were not Muslim from from a different background that aren't necessarily similar to the new not as similarly in the same boat of belief.

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A man came to the Prophet alayhi salatu was MC Elsa Allah wa to either levy Ramadan I performed Yanni I had relations with my wife and Ramadan in the day of Ramadan

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Yeah, this is mostly about and this is one of this is one of the Kabbalah is one of the biggest Kabbalah you don't you make a lot of mistakes you don't do that in the data from above the corner.

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Go free asleep apologia. You don't have to sleep. I have no money to buy US labor. I don't have Carla for our time. So Tina Myskina then the 60 needy people feed them of God Allah as you I don't have anything to feed, Takada in Psalms Athena Yom and then you have 60 days to fast Bacala of course is impossible. I can't do that I'll die. I can do it. But God leads you to sit sit here. So it's not for a while the Prophet alayhi salam was waiting for me and people go

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Don't go and he's in meetings and whatnot. But there's always someone who brings something up within the date. So he's waiting until someone bought brought a large neba he had taken off a large collection of dates from a partner from Detroit and he brought it there brother it doesn't have a color here. It held up I'm gonna be held for cargo feed for Cora and that's where you dunk a thorough for your explanation for your for your sin. Bacala Ohio rasool Allah Who do I give it to Okada? What am I sacking people who are poor and needy Bacala Allah Hema bein Allah there are many there is no in with all in all of Medina there is no one who was poorer than me. What are you say I

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have put them in you. There's no one there was a family who's poorer than me public and nobody's listening. You left that even and filter, LinkedIn take it and feed it to your family. So Allah audio CIBJO said, Look,

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you can argue juris food from a jurisprudence perspective that this is not sound that Allah Hadees like we said, Everything he does is shelter. But you can argue from a jurisprudence perspective, is it acceptable for someone to take the wealth that they're supposed to feed Misaki and then feed it to himself? You know, obviously, there's not one method that accepts that but the Prophet alayhi salatu salam understood people's context, like you saw where where they were coming from what they were struggling with, how to use about the wisdom of someone who was young, he didn't folk he didn't make him feel insecure about himself. He didn't make him feel bad about the fact that he was a

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sinner. He didn't he didn't put him down or judge him or let people around him judge him so Allah Allah he's like you said them, it's just how we approach people who are in in such situations similar to say you know, Lila doula one who's example on the day of high but when he when he when he sent him to go and fight and I needed the level I knew would walk back and say yellow suit alone, we would kind of step backwards. So I don't know party to whom much of what is it that I'm fighting? What is the narrative that I'm going to use? There was the actual wording, but bah bah, bah telling them I had to Allah Allah Illallah who and Muhammad Rasool Allah yeah Ali and yeah de Allah Who

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because Raju Renoir hidden higher on lega in hermit in Nam, you're going to them with let you know in the lung, Mohammed Rasulullah and own and remember Yeah, I need that if Allah Subhana Allah grants guidance to one person through you is better than you owning everything that can be owned on planet Earth. If you had all the wealth on Earth would not be equal for you, to you being able to grant someone who died. And this was the concept he was teaching I leave more as he was being told to go initiate combat.

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rough idea Salado sermon in the very famous story

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man saying it he didn't believe this was just around

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around the beginning of Hodeidah, just after Davian he was sending Satan the flood it didn't really do was still not Muslim at the time a message and he would say yeah, Khalid Anna Anna, like to slim Well, I have to look up look, hula hula annotator agreement. And yeah, it sends a message to closing isn't the time for you to accept Islam not come yet. And you are the person who you are with the brain and the intellect that you have. If you come to us, we will treat you well. And save the planet who tells the story so this these words stuck with me. And I couldn't shake them off every time I wanted to. Because I was he hate he didn't like obviously he didn't like Islam. He fought the

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Prophet it and started to ascend in multiple battles.

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And he wanted to continue to be an enemy of the Prophet, what are your thoughts, but these kind words just he couldn't get rid of them. He couldn't shake them off, couldn't forget about the money. So it was him. And saving the father just couldn't help it. So he finally accepted Islam. And when he accepted his turn, he accepted it because of these words, because of the kind words the prophet Isaiah saw to us. And I'm left with him. And he in Israel and this is this is how the audio Salatu was I never know kind word what it can do to someone and what effect it can have on on someone's heart or someone's mind. A Hadith narrated in a collection of had been at the heart him and hacking

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for Mr. Duck and very happy and Zuri would welcome you up. The hadith in general is authentic, aside from a specific wording that scholars have

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deemed most many scholars have deemed to be unauthentic and sometimes seem to be reasonable. There was an issue of controversy. So if you've heard it before, and you don't like the authenticity, that's fine. That's a part of it. A lot goes on with that send the wave of equity. My name is Omar Hakim, and tell her to go and try to bring him here I came I was one of the people who read a demo and he was told if he was if he was seen in Mecca the day if he would have been executed No, no trial, nothing right on the spot. We have to leave. But the Prophet alayhi salatu salam right after that he told her his wife will send after and see and tell him to come come to us. So she would go

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looking for him. And he had Yeah, and she caught him on the

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on a beach of the Red Sea on his way over to into Egypt or to Sudan or some he was going going over to Africa. And she will say Come Come in. I tell you to come and end the hiring nurse in the Quran.

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meanness I've come to you from the person from the best of people from the Most Generous of people. I mean our humaneness and there was merciful of people to

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come and say that in the law so he will say I this is what I'm running away from. I'm running away from that you know in the law so he doesn't listen to her he gets on the boat. It gets on the boat, the guy who does the boat, they Okay ready, de la ilaha IL Allah so we can move and he said, Well, is here might as well go back then if this is La Ilaha illa Allah is moving this way as well. There's no point of going to the side if it's here to so we'd go back with with his wife to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the private and this is the piece that they just disagree on its authenticity as a female was on his way back the Prophet Aeneas was I'm gonna say attack on

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crema muhajir and find out so boo Abba who for in sub Bell make et you'll hear whether you're blowing me yet don't don't curse his father because cursing a dead person only harms the living. Now he said that exact wording it is thought to sound with a cremas name. If if you saw him in Buhari and others, where he said we'll make it in the Senate bill may Utila global May you tell you that, hey, like you said that on its own, not attached to the story specifically, which is why I don't have a problem actually reading and reading it. And when he would come in profit as AutoSum in the wording of eBay has been the wording of it hacking, but it's always happened never use an alias and

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and follow Hanby rather earlier. So some would jump up in happiness that

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that he had come and accepted a stamp. And these are just a number of examples. I said I'm gonna amend it. It's It's honestly there's it goes on and on. The prophet Isaiah saw this and the way he dealt with non Muslims. The way he dealt with people who are sitting amongst him was the way of tenderness was the way of Dawa was the way of bringing them closer, seeing where they are and seeing if he can make them one step closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala and never meant that he compromised any of his any of his values or principles. Never improv it yourselves. I'm never taught that never accepted that and example of this lie build up that when he pulled us he never He never allowed what

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was wrong to be to change. Or he never stopped saying something that is wrong, never stopped saying it was wrong. And he continued to always point that out of us thought was wrong and his values and principles were were undisputable. And throughout his life, it has a lot to say. But there's a difference between someone who between seeing a sin to be wrong and to be into and hating a sinner. It's not the same thing. He was very he was very clear on differentiating, you're publicly intoxicated, you're going to get punished because the sin is something that we look that needs to be addressed. But the guy you hit Bula on a soul level. Imagine this is a man who's an alcoholic, the

00:27:35--> 00:28:10

prophet It is awesome testifies for him Phil Buhari, very Buhari that he loves Allah and His Prophet, what more can this kind of person want? Like, what more can a human being have hoped for in his life than the prophet Isaiah says, I'm testifying that he loves Allah and His Prophet is happening to someone who was literally intoxicated on the street, at least once and I was very good at doing that. And he didn't, he wasn't out for blood. He wasn't out for building enemies. He wasn't trying to know we there's this Ill approach that I find in the world today that some Muslims carry, we're on we're in. It's like, we're continuously it's like, they're still in the mentality of war.

00:28:10--> 00:28:41

Without some of the teachings the Prophet alayhi salam gave us in war. Like there's like they're always in war with everybody, not just with non Muslims with Muslims as well. There are the police that you know, are going to be watching everyone's mistake and pointing out, this is not what we're here to do. Yes, we are very clear on what is right and what is wrong. But then what is it that can we can do it for someone? How can we help them? How can we get them closer to Allah? subhanaw taala? And what what matter what, what is it that I can say? How can I and they think about that, and that's what he taught us to do? Anakin salatu salam, he never judged people, he never made them feel

00:28:41--> 00:28:59

less about themselves. He pointed out their mistake, but then each helped them as much as he could to bring them closer to Allah subhanaw taala if they're non Muslims, he gave them their space. And he continued to preach and he continued to teach. And he continued to make dua for them and continue to perform Dawa to them either here salatu salam hoping that one day they will accept Islam, as long as they're not bearing arms, as long as they're not trying to kill him or killed Muslims.

00:29:01--> 00:29:31

Who mama had done it before, but he wasn't doing it then. So he was okay, as long as I'm letting it go, because he could he could have executed him and then we would have lost one of the great Sahaba Allahu Allah. He was a key person and actually ending the whole thing of Mercedes later on because he was from the same time. Sometime making those choices is more difficult and it's less satisfying for the ego, but it's the right thing to do and is what he taught on the use of auto Sam it's definitely worth taking the time and seeing that aspect of his life and how he dealt with people because as minorities living in this world in this part of the world is important to kind of

00:29:31--> 00:29:56

remember how we're supposed to be dealing with non Muslims and a lot of our Muslim brothers and sisters who are continuously sinning and falling into problems and are far away from Allah subhanaw taala we behave with them the way the prophets of Allah is and then behave with them I hope that was helpful. Either Have you become somebody who's from Allah, Allah you are on your side you see them Subhanallah you haven't Dixon Allah in a hit just to be the customer who was selling mobile and kind of you know Muhammad early he was like he's been just like him a lot feeling Baraka myFICO said I want a lifetime