Heart Matters #12 The Pairing of Knowledge With Spirituality

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hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so heavy woman with a hammer but one of the necessary conditions to attain the utmost piety of the heart is the accumulation of knowledge.

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You will never maximize spirituality when you don't have

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in fact, the very first idea I began this entire series with 13 nights ago, it was the idea or a bonobo ifI him Rasulullah min whom yet to do I lay him it were you i Lemo hormonal kita but we're ECMO user Kim Ibrahim's dua, Ibrahim alayhis salam may dua to Allah, O Allah send a Prophet from my children, what will this prophet do? He is going to teach them knowledge and wisdom and he shall purify them.

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And Tez Kia go hand in hand from the DUA Ibrahim alayhis salam, you cannot have this Kia spiritual purification without, in fact, to be even more explicit. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that the highest category of worshippers, the highest category of those who have purified themselves spiritually Who are they read the Quran in yuck Shala hum and everybody Hello llama. It is only the people of Him. The word in nama. In Arabic is hard for household it is the exclusivity clause in nama means the only people exclusive in Shala The only people who truly have the Hashem of Allah in their hearts out of all of the creation of Allah or the people of him. Without him there's only so

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far you can go with Ischia, you will go a little bit, but you will stop and you might be misguided. You might fall astray, but with him you will reach the highest of the high. Listen to another verse in the Quran. Very beautiful verse that Allah once again links real knowledge with Ischia and spirituality. Allah azza wa jal says in Surah Al Hajj will ya allah Medina autotuner Ilma so the people of El Michelle know what show they know number one unknown Helcom Arabic they're gonna recognize this as the truth from Allah. What's going to happen number two for you mean will be they will believe in it, then what's going to happen, number three for talk better be Hikaru boom, boom,

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there Kulu are going to become humble as a result of the knowledge. Notice the procession, the people of your own will recognize the truth, then they shall believe in it, and then their hearts will become soft and humble as a result of this. This is the reality of religion, religion should lead to a spiritual realization ism should lead to a softening of the heart and that is why once again the concept of freedom is linked to spirituality amongst the righteous ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, One who knows zero middle Qurani ma Hua Shiva Oh leanness, ma Hua. She found the mafia suit and another verse she found in us and she followed him up used to do I mentioned as the Quran, we're

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talking about spiritual diseases. The Quran is the cure to those diseases. The Quran is the Shiva and the Quran contains him. And that's why brothers and sisters, you will never attain ultimate purification without Ischia. Now, the issue comes the problem comes dusky and there isn't there is a spectrum of people there is a spectrum of interrelationships, and we have to be very careful to avoid the extremes. What are the extremes Surah Al Fatiha alludes to the extremes in a certain was stuck in Serato Ludhiana and untidy him ladle mobu be either him with a ball in our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commented by way of example, but to illustrate he said Elmo, Dubai lay

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him are the Bani Israel eel and a Bollin are the Nosara our scholars commented, malubay I lay him. They are the I had the early Kitab they were Bani Israel. Their knowledge became so bereft of spirituality. They divorced imam from knowledge, and they had so much knowledge it led to arrogance. It led them to rejecting the truth, knowledge did not cause them to become humble knowledge made them arrogant, and therefore when they saw the truth, the Prophet SAW Selim, they recognize the truth. They said, No, we are better than him. We have more in them than him. We are the chosen people. So they rejected so it is possible to have him without Ischia. And if it goes to an extreme,

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you get malubay him

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What is the other extreme? What a baleen barley or the Nosara? What did the nassarawa do? Then Asara, especially early Nosara. Don't look at modern Nosara go back to early in Asara, early Nosara they became obsessed with spirituality, but no in zero in and their spirituality caused them to go too far. And they started doing things that were against the religion that Allah sent to the Prophet recited his Salam. For example, Allah tells us what happened while Bernie yet and EBITA that Wuhan market Abner how are they him? monasticism, you know, to become a hermit to break off from society to not get married to live away in your, you know, deserts and just worship 24/7? Allah says, What

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are her Baniya Tina?

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They invented monasticism. They made these rules. We're not going to get married. Look what happens when you don't get married. Look what happens when you deprive that human element. We see the scandals take place over there. That's not normal. That's not the religion of Allah. And Allah says whare Bernie yet inhibited Guha market Abner irony. We didn't tell them to go this way. But when you have raw emotion, raw spirituality that has no real you start becoming a little bit crazy, really you go where you shouldn't go and you do things you should not do. And that's why in our religion, religion and Teskey must go hand in hand. Each one checks the other. Each one keeps the other in

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check. If you have him without spirituality, this is very dangerous and you're heading down the path of the Bani Israel. But if you have spirituality without him, then it is also dangerous and you're heading down a path that is like what Baldwin and that is done a surah. The real Muslim combines between the two what Allah where you are Lemo Kamala have the Taqwa of Allah and Allah will teach you and Taqwa must go hand in hand. Now a little bit of advice in sha Allah to be practical. I keep on saying I have a phrase, I say it all the time. It's not wajib to become an alum, but don't remain a Jai Hill. It's not obligatory to spend your life becoming an atom Wallahi it's not the majority of

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Sahaba were not really they weren't, I'm being honest, you're technically they didn't give fatwas amongst the Sahaba only a few of them they became masters of Quran and of Seton period, the most of them were not Rhoda Ma, but they were all mashallah, at that level, it's not obligatory to become an Adam, but don't remain a Jai Hill, associate with him start studying a little bit, even if it's one lesson a week and hamdulillah YouTube has so many lecture series by so many preachers in so many languages. Find a mainstream preacher that has a whole series about any topic you want and start listening regularly and you will see brothers and sisters is going to affect your spirituality. How

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can it not affect your spirituality when you study them? You will know what to believe you will visualize the Eman of Allah azza wa jal names and attributes of Kadar you will understand Cadore you will think about the Acura you will think about heaven and hell you will think about the cover you will know exactly what to believe when you study him. You will be linked with the Quran and the Sunnah and the syrup. And how can you imagine not go up when you're listening to verses of the Quran when you're reading a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when you're studying the Sierra, that is the essence of how you will gain spirituality. When you gain it. You will know how

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to come closer to Allah what worship is the best type of worship when you don't have your own. You don't even know what's right from wrong. We have so many instances in the profit systems life of people, you know, doing things that shouldn't do once the process and a pass by somebody standing in the sun and silent. He said what is matter with this man? They said, Oh, he has made a promise to Allah that for the rest of his life, he is going to stand in the sun as an act of worship. He's not going to go to the shade, and he's going to be silent. This is a type of Christian monasticism. He's going to be silent. The prophets have said, tell him to break that fast of silence and to go sit in

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the shade. This is not how you worship Allah we don't worship Allah by Weird rituals that the process of did not do but when you don't have him how will you know what ritual is good word ritual isn't. That's why when you have rhythm, you have a methodology a program you know what to do you prioritize what needs to be prioritized you associate with the people of him. Therefore brothers and sisters advice to myself in all of you, you cannot purify the heart without having a healthy dose of freedom. And so take some in along with your test gear and whatever you able to do combine the two and one final point Beware, beware beware of making either enum or it has gear the ultimate goal No,

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the ultimate goal is the pleasure of Allah. The ultimate goal. We are going back to my first lecture, what is our vision? What is our goal? The pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. What is our objective to

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Increase consciousness that Allah is watching us. And Tez Kia help us with the goal. They are not the end they are the means never make them the ends make them the means. And if ever you learn something that causes you to become less of a worshiper than a stock for Allah, that is not beneficial knowledge. I had we had a case once many years ago and I was studying and with this, I concluded Shala one of the students found out he used to do an action all the time, and he found out it's sooner he goes, Oh hamdulillah it's sooner. I don't have to do it eventually reached our teacher again when I was a student back in the day and our teacher became very angry. Because

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Subhanallah your entire life you are doing a sunnah and it became a habit unto you good for you. The minute you find out it's not obligatory, you're gonna give it up he goes well Allah He this knowledge was not beneficial. There's no Baraka in it for you to learn something and then you become happy. I don't have to do it. What type of knowledge is this? So knowledge should not make you lazy knowledge should not make you less of a worshiper, it should increase your awareness of how to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and similarly Teskey should incentivize you to make have knowledge may Allah subhana wa Tada give us that healthy balance between Elam and Teskey and inshallah will

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continue tomorrow was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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