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Sheila salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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right early he was a heavy human well I'm in this place called Prospect Park in

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New York in Brooklyn. And the first time here I worked here to be roughly 6800 steps to get here so that's what that is doing my 30,000 steps for today by the time

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eautiful Park lots of green areas big trees

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and we New York lots and lots of

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amazing diversity you've got

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people of every

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size shape color

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as you can imagine me

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and many you can't even in Bali

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very very beautiful very well maintained as you can see.

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whenever I come to this visit and I've tried to do it and try and do this all the time what strikes me

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the simply the variety of the 100 of Allah's

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off water last created

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mean counting numbers expressing it in terms of numbers and saying million or Z and it really makes no sense because you don't even know what the meaning of million of zillion but at the same time it's

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you know we are constrained what else How else will you express it so

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we use that interesting sports there's a kid there who is doing what is normally would be fly fishing.

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I don't know if you can see it but he's practicing is fly fishing

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in this green person this rod in this completes under the streets

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there's another one who's scientists bees

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and lots of

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people picnicking and

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you know doing walking their dogs and

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doing all kinds of things, the variety of the creation of Allah Subhana

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Allah Hollyfield

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Absolutely. That is that is the HAC there is the variety of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala in terms of plants and trees and right now the flowering season is over but we are getting into fall so we're autumn as follows.

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So the trees will start changing color at some point

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variety and of course the people

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just simple human beings have as I said every

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type size ship is description

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after the movie, there are

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also police people

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shooting some kind of

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ah nice darks

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should industrialism contraction the jump on again

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it fires a dark like

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like a motor would

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looks like a whole month of school gets

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in some kind of

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some kind of a rush

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I remember that you have the importance of reflection just reflecting just thinking about what we see around us.

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you know there's something just a reflection. What is this? This is the last battle

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and say what is the lesson that I need to learn? Maybe there's no lesson every single time but

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you should get used to thinking in terms of lessons and you will find lessons far more than somebody who's not used to seeing like

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the stream and

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sort of

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can see two terrapins on a rock

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and I'm gonna I'm gonna try and see if I can find a way of getting closer to the pond without inside this fence

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let me see if I can do that

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looks like some kind of a race is about to begin people are

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getting ready to run is there a sprint is

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there anyone there right running

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what is that race all about? I have no idea

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this is what people they talk about the energy of New York I guess they mean this because

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people are very involved with the lights

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everyone is doing something

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you know

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no one is just sitting and shooting

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each other his own obviously has its own benefits sitting and shooting is a nice thing to do. That is the point and I don't think I couldn't get closer to the point that this

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very nice and peaceful. But you can get in there

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beautiful dress.

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I am still not completely ofay with

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the tree species here in America. I know some of them I know oaks and Aspen's and maples.

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Man sunnah acts

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like the Prime Minister of Britain. Rishi Sunak I don't know if he is named after Sunak Jason is a quite attractive

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especially in fall

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they have this Change Calendar has wonderful flaming kind of yellow orange color

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still trying to find a way into where the pond is and I think I found it okay, let me see.

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Not exactly into the pond but closer to it so I can get you a better credit

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looks like there's some kind of other dog

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Hmm I think that dog is really illegally they're not supposed to be there but

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people are people. Dogs are dogs.

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And do

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that is the pond

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and this is the Red Dog

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lobby people playing all kinds of games.

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Very vibrant atmosphere. Lots of young people have lots of sculpture and obviously high school middle school children

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very interesting. There are some

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other dogs playing there

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it's a lot wider. Without still dogs. There have been nicer without their 10 Dogs is docked.

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But the breed standard is to have adopted I don't know why. This is quite actually quite attractive just

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Darshan racing to them

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it's quite amazing how

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dogs in this country are so friendly. They don't fight each other. They don't try to bite you or anything perfectly harmless unlike

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dogs in India.

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We're constantly at each other's throats and if you can't find a doctor or dinner come for you

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so this is

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I know we're not sound like much of a budget reminder but you know everything is not don't have to be the same

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let me close with this one final

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look at

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your site or what I'm seeing here and

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will humbly level below me