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If Rasool SAW Was Told To Repent Then What Of Me And You

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Zahir Mahmood

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So, here we have just finished the salon

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and having finished the salon we turn around there was a lot of stuff for a lot of stuff for Lux to film why?

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Because there may have been many shortcomings in our prayer, standing for

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we worshipping Allah

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and when we are worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala maybe we did not fulfill the rights of Allah Spano Tala, the rights of Salah. This is why the first thing that we do stainless steel for last, the philosophy.

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You look at the finest life ever.

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The greatest life ever there was the life of the message of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Nobody lived a more righteous pious life than the Messenger of Allah.

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But Allah says in surah to us, either Jah is or Johannes of Allah will fetes what are the Luna VD

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of watch? With the help of Allah comes and you see people entry into the deen of Allah. Army upon army. For some they haven't they have a bigger was still filled in no Canada whop do it at the speed of your Lord

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and do is stay far?

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Indeed, you're indeed Allah is the One who accepts the don't

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know, the message of Allah's life was exemplary free of sins. Many had he mentioned that in previous sins, and in any future sins will all forgiven.

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So then why was there a need for Istighfar

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so in the state of the Messenger of Allah, even is that far is not to remove sins, but to elevate the status. Secondly, and more importantly for us, so this was the last part of the life of the Messenger of Allah, okay, the last part of the law, his life

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and he's been told to do the speech of Allah thank Allah for his life. And also do is take fun.

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This is an indication and the indirect lesson for you in the eyes.

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That if the Messenger of Allah was told to do this, they'll fall

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and remember notice be of Allah when his life was exemplary, then what should we asked it?

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So, what we do, no matter how good how big our actions are, is that we do stick

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to Allah subhanaw taala