The Spiritual meaning behind the 1st Sajdat Al Tilawah in the Quran

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, while leaving your site behind my brothers and sisters in Islam, what I want to share with you today is something about social media to Tila in the poll. And these are the areas of frustration. And it is a sooner that when you read these as you make a search there after you recite them, there's about 15 of them in the poll, and I'll speak to you about their rulings towards the end of this video. But more specifically, I wanted to share with you the spiritual meaning of this search the total power, especially the first one of them that appears in Nepal. And so if you're reciting the Quran, from the very beginning, the first search

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that the dilemma that you will come across is at the end of sawtell, out of such an incredible area. And I want you to focus on the meaning of this area, and the wisdom behind this area. And why do we make a search the dilemma, I don't want search that the dilemma for you to be something that is robotic, every time you read a search that the dilemma in Nepal and or you hear someone recite it and they fall into that search that you just make a search down so probably Allah and then you get up and not realizing the relationship between the area that you're at and the decision that you made. So let's focus and understand this, the end of sort of the art of most of Anahata Allah He

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speaks about the qualities of the angels, and before I discuss with you this as the as the soldier at the end of solotaroff, let me share with you something about the beginning of soldiers that are off, because we must know that there is always a relationship between the beginning of a soul and the end of a soul. So, what helps us understand the end of solitude out of which is where the A of such that the dilemma is, we must understand the beginning of solar cells are off, then an only will appreciate the last a the a of asuza and the wisdom behind making the spiritual meaning behind making decision. So little arrow off at the beginning of loss of Hannah hautala speaks about the

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story of Adam alayhis salaam and Elise and the angels. Alonzo shell had given the angels a commandment with Cornell mela it is Julie Adam allows or shall commanded the angels to Prostrate to Adam Allah has set up. So they all prostrated with the exception of a police. We're not saying that, at least is from the angels, at least is from Elgin, but allows origin he made him in the rank of the angels he was honored just like the angels were on it. So now he refused to make assertions. And this is out of arrogance and jealousy towards mankind. So Pamela, how jealous is a belief towards mankind? This is why he chases us up until this very day. He's jealous of mankind. So when Allah

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subhanho wa Taala questioned him as to why he refused a last command and didn't make a search the to Adam assertion of honor and respect. Allows origin he said the monarch what prevented you from making assertion to to Adam, he responded and he said this is where his arrogance and jealousy became exposed. He said Anna hiral Minh, who I am better than him hakaniemi Neri nwacc the human being, he created me from fire and He created him from clay. So in the understanding of a police, fire is better than clay. So he refused to make a search to Adam Mohawk about this is arrogance. Forget about Adam Ali's setup. What about the last command allows or shell command to determine the

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surgeon? This is absolute arrogance against Allah subhanho wa Taala is simple command. There was no difficulty in that just make a search that drop fall into search the like the rest of the creation of the angels, how they made a decision. Yet he refused and he said an Ohio mint I am better than him, Allahu Akbar. This is a treat of the shape bar when a person thinks he's better than someone else. But you know what, at least a shape on here did better than most of what mankind do today. At least at least he was comparing between fire and clay because Adam was made from clay, human beings today when they think they're better than someone else. How foolish is that? Because what are you

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doing in essence, you're comparing clinically because human beings are all made from clay originally. That's what our origin is clay. So when you think or assume or see you're better than someone else. You're comparing clinically lockable heading is your clay worth more than your brother's clean? Your clean? It's is it worth gold?

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coins and your brother's clay worth pennies. Somehow the law haven we need to understand this was the essence and the height of arrogance in the paradise immediately after that Allah Zoysia threw out a blease because there is no room for arrogance in the paradise whatsoever.

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And Avi Sol Allahu alayhi, wa sallam, he says layered halogen man can if you can beat him, if all without what it means

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that if a person had an en suite of arrogance in his heart, he does not enter the paradise. This rule has always been a rule in the paradise from day one. This is why a police was thrown out of the paradise immediately, as soon as his arrogance manifested more awkward. Now, once you know the beginning of an hour off, and it was about this scene, and how a police refused to make a soldier and was arrogant concerning a lost command, the end of the soul, he's the beauty listen to this, the end of the slaughter, a lot of Zoysia now describes the angels. And he says in the levina, and all those that are in the company of a law, those that are in the company of your Lord, meaning the

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angels, it's referring to the angels, because right now they are in the company of a most apana hautala Alonzo actually described them to us. He says, lay a stick bulunan I bet that he they are never arrogant when it comes to the worship and the commandments of a lost origin. They are never arrogant lay a stick bulunan I bet that he you know, unlike a blease, he was arrogant. The angels are never arrogant. And you know, this quality is also supposed to be adopted by the believers of mankind of humans were supposed to follow. We're supposed to follow the angels in this. If the angels are arrogant when it comes to a large divisions command, then we're supposed to emulate them

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and be like them as well. So we are not supposed to be arrogant concerning our loss commands. Allow sosial He says, When you submit who the who. And the declare law surgeons, priests, they glorify a loss of Hannah who are dying and they declare laws greatness Will you be who knows upon a lot, and this is a mean and a form in how they are not arrogant to Allah subhanho wa Taala when it comes to worship, they're not arrogant. In other words, they are humble when it comes to a large soldier's worship. And part of this humility is that they continuously praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and the best form of praise. And that's how the A A concludes Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, what a who,

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Yes, you do. And to him only, they prostrate unto him only this is implying sincerity. And it is implying tauheed oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allahu Akbar, what a who is to do to him alone, they make a search there. And now the sooner is to get up and to make a search that when you read this area, how beautiful is that? When you meet this search, that you're remembering that the beginning of the soul was about a blease being arrogant, and his arrogance was in the form of disobeying a law and his disobedience was that he did not fall into that or law. He did not fall into surgery for a loss of Hannah who attire and at the end of the sooner you're seeing what a who

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has to do. The angels always make a search to Omar and so believe is also make a search that one last question. And voila, he my brothers and sisters in Islam, nothing nothing teaches you humility more than a sister. The one that doesn't make search there is arrogant, the one that makes a search there and lives the meaning of a search that would always be humble in his life towards Allah and towards the creation of a man. So when you make a search the your your forehead and your nose is coming in contact with the earth. And it was narrated that also the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam he made searched on many things. And one of the things he made searched on was mud mud. He made the

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search the odd mud. So you can imagine when he rose from his search that there was mud, soil and water, dirt that was stuck to his forehead and his nose. And this if anything, it reminds you of your origin and you're beginning every single day we're falling into search, then every rocker has to suit in it so that we remember our origin. What we were made of what we will go back to what our brothers and sisters around us are made of the most humbling worship you will ever ever learn in your life and experience in your life is essential and you will learn so much

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Have it if you're always conscious of this meaning whenever you fall into suit Spamalot, so the beautiful sort of sort of that out of concludes with this a, and it is actually sooner when you read this area to get up and to fall into search that taught loss of Hannah who Medina, Allahu Akbar one more he read this air with this meaning, you will realize next time the value of this session, you will feel the importance of the search that Bismillah hidin. And when you make this search the the sudden is to see so power not be an honor. And there are other of guilt and dry that have been narrated. But the bare minimum is to say, so paranoid of being alive. And if you like to add to

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this, then they're on durations that when you make a search that the dilemma that you see, says you're really living Hanako Shaka sama, who have a sort of

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a sermon quality and Miss such that the dilemma it's not necessary that you are upon mobile. It's not necessary for a woman to wear her hijab. It is just a surgery that the dilemma considered a Vicodin it's not considered a solid. It's just considered a vicar and remember that interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said ma'am in abdon muslimin Yes Julie layer he searched

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for our hula hoop he had eaten how bond who said

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that there is no servant of a loss of vision that makes a search there except that Allah subhanahu wa taala raises him one rank and one level in the paradise lock like about the search that how many seconds does it take to make a search to 20 seconds 30 seconds. Give it one minute, one minute unique associate the four alarm Sergeant glorifying a law declaring amongst greatness and perfection and it raises you one level in the paradise each level in the paradise The distance is as though the heaven and the earth that's the distance between a level to another level and you earned that in a minute that you make associate for more subhanho wa Taala when the result Allahu Allah yourself

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sitting him says this hadith in Sahih Muslim and narrated by Abu Dhabi Allahu anhu. He said that whenever a believer reads in a of such data and he makes a search that it does it a shell porno on a ship on moves away. Now Assange there is a reason for why Shall we move away and if shopping are gone away who replaces them, the angels would come so the SharePoint moves away fail school he begins to say yeah, we really need destruction is going to be for me. Then he says why? why he's why he's angry. why he's frustrated. He says Amitabh no mo B Suzhou de familia de falla agenda that mankind were commanded to make a search and they made search there. And as a result, the into the

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paradise a suit is a reason for why you enter the paradise. And then he says, what will middle to the pseudo fandom as truthfully and now and I was commanded to prostrate and I did not make a search that I did not prostrate. So for me is the hellfire. When you abandon when you abandon a suit, that's the Abode for those who abandon a suit. That's the destination for those who abandon a suit in their life that they enter the hellfire. How, how am I brothers and sisters in Islam? How could one feast Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, not having made a seizure in his life, at least neglected one sister, it was enough for a law social to curse him and throw him out of the

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paradise. How many

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have you neglected in your life? How many times have you neglected not to worry if you're still alive, you still have a chance recollect yourself. Turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala in repentance, read this area. Recognize and realize that this is absolute humility to alarm so we should and then after that begin your commitment to previous five daily prayers on time. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us, which is a common law. Hello