Heart Matters #10 Sincerity The Essence of A Pure Heart

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Smilla hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah why the early he was so heavy woman with a hammer but

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one of the main pillars of purification of the hearts perhaps even the backbone is the pillar of sincerity if loss if loss is the very reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala legislated the entire religion fagu de la Mola, sallahu Deen worship Allah with his loss making the religion sincere to him wama Amuro in the arugula humble Holocene Allahu Deen. The only commandment that I have given them the only commandment is that they worship Allah mahalo Sina, who deen and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us of the importance of gloss in many dozens of a hadith of them. The first Hadith and the most authentic books iron Bacardi in naman amodal been the twin nama

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liquid limited in Manoa. actions will be judged by what is inside not what is outside and Allah will reward you based upon what is here not what is there in the other Hadith, in Allah to Allah Allah Yan booty la sua recon Walla, walla Illa Asami come, what I can Jambo Isla Kuru because

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Allah does not look at your outer bodies, he does not look at your forms, he does not look at your shapes, rather he looks at your hearts and what the deeds produced from those hearts. The concept of loss brothers and sisters, we can go on and on one of the famous tabular and he remarked, a house changes everything. If you have the right loss, the smallest deed will be magnified to the biggest. And if you don't have your class, the largest deed will be destroyed and become an old. What is important is what is inside. What is important. Everything is based upon this sincerity. What is lost linguistically, and when we use it in the shady eye. What does it mean? The word of floss comes

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from the three letter Hadassah and what are some means actually to get rid of, to finish so that's why they say philosophy you're done. Right? So call us means like finish off our floss means you have gotten rid of everything except for one goal, or Kalasa. Everything else is eliminated. Except for one thing, sincerity. That's why Hello. So to eliminate, to get rid of and a class to be sincere to Allah alone, because there's no one else that is in your Nia other than Allah subhanho wa Taala the blessings of the class are too many of them. Number one, the deed shall not be accepted without loss. If you don't have sincerity, it doesn't matter what the people think your deed shall not be

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accepted. Number two, our Prophet sallallahu either he was setting them informed us in fact in the Quran itself, that shape on has no access to the one that has isalus Allah subhana wa Tada says in the Quran, that when Shavon threatened to misguide mankind, shaitan himself had to make one exception in law Reba caminho Hello seen except for your servants who have lost I shall not be able to touch them. Even che THON new in class means you're off limits I can't get to you. Number three, in the Hadith we learned that whoever has lost his dua is answered, especially when he needs it. And that famous Hadith of the three people trapped in the cave and they are about to die, they don't

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have anything to save them. Each one says let us make dua to Allah about something we did. Perhaps Allah will show a miracle to us. And so everyone mentions one deed they did with last nobody knew about it, except for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. They bring that one deed Oh, Allah was honest in my dealings, and I gave back the entire money even though I could have cheated him but I did it. Oh Allah, my parents I did this and that Oh Allah, you know, the Lady invited me for evil I could have been for your sake, it loss, loss loss and what happened? A miracle took place and the rock was lifted up when you most need a DUA. Your deeds of your class come in handy, and of them of the

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benefits of a class. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talked about his shefa on the Day of Judgment. A boy never said Yeah, rasool Allah who's going to get your intercession, I want to get that intercession. I will prophesy centum said, Whoever says La ilaha illa. Allah with its loss shall get that intercession to have a loss and the Kadima will bring about that entire intercession and of the benefits of the class brothers and sisters and perhaps one of the great

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He has benefits when you do something for the right reason. Allah blesses your deed and action. And Allah gives you strength and courage and Allah allows you to stand up against every single challenge every single naysayer, every single impediment when what is inside his right. What is on the outside with other people becomes irrelevant. You're doing it for the right reason Allah will bless you and Allah will help you and you shall be victorious. Look at the syrup of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it is as if he is standing against the entire mankind Maccha has rejected him five wants to kill him brother takes place Oh takes place he has no army he has no large group and yet he has

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his loss. And with that is lost, he literally comes and changes the entire world. And if you look at our history of Rolla, ma there were so many Roma they didn't have the mechanisms and means but inshallah they had a floss and because of that if floss their legacy, their works, their writings live on, you want to be successful. You want to really achieve an impactful legacy. Begin with inside the heart, turn your gaze inside, and make sure you're doing it for the right reason. Because brothers and sisters when you do it for the wrong reason, not only will there be no but I can blessing, but when the going gets tough. What are you going to find comfort in? You didn't have the

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right reasons when people start criticizing when your own friends and family they become naysayers How will you get comfort? How would you get courage? How will you stand up and continue with your resolve your Nia was wrong, but if your knee is right, if you did it for the right reasons, if Allah knows you're doing it for the right reason, I'm doing this for the betterment I'm doing this for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala well then, if all of mankind is against you, you know that Allah is on your side, what more do you need? So Subhanallah brothers and sisters have its flaws. Now question How do we have the class this is another topic I'll just begin today with one point will

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continue Inshallah, after two days we're going to be one break today after two years we'll continue one point of the class that we should remember.

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Our scholars say to bring about a class imagine yourself standing on the Day of Judgment in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala make this a regular routine in your mind. All too often. We neglect the akhira we neglect death we neglect cover. We are told in the Shetty are to think about death to think about our cover to think about Qiyamah Why do you think every page of the Quran mentions the Day of Judgment describes the Day of Judgment in vivid detail why? Because Allah wants you to know because when you know it impacts your life, it impacts your intention. So one of the ways of increasing loss to think of the afterlife to think of the inevitable journey the Angel of Death

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coming to you being put in the cover Moon Cara Nikhil, the darkness of the grave, the tightness of the grave, the aloneness in the grave, think about the resurrection, think about the hisab think about judgment. The more you think about all of these things, the more you shall realize what is important is not what the people say. It's not what the people think what is important is what Allah subhana wa Taala believes about me and the only way to change this is to look inside and to do it for the sake of Allah and inshallah we'll continue with the class. And the conservative class in two days was Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.

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