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In Al hamdu Lillahi nashman who want to stay you want to stop you wanna stop feeling of wanting to La he wants to be let him and surely and foresee now women see Dr. Murthy now

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you have to hit level falam within one minute good deal for the area that were shed when

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in love with the hula Sharika watershed when say you Diana Mohammed and Abdullah who are assuming you're in your lead in Takoma Park Aquatic have cocoa Party want to move

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to the moon? You're in your head nurse otaku combo lady of Allah Kakuma left so Heda waha Carmen has Hoja Well, that's Semin humeri Yun and Kathy aroma is what topple and lady tells

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me he was all in like, and I brought the bat. Yeah, are you gonna head lead in and I'm gonna talk on why I won't hold on. Hold on. So did your sled command or your killer kung fu welcome. While main router in la hora Sula, who falcoda fares. I was an Athena

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roofer in Osaka DC que tengo la la hyaluron had you had you Mohammedan so no love ya he was sending them or showroom no more than that to have a cooler

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cooler that I can buy last but couldn't learn more than that. And phenom Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he led he had originally had a woman come in at the end Lola and then Allah Hamdulillah he Lady and the HIV ki taboo alum judge Allahu hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen All praise is due to Allah the Lord of all the words of praise is due to Allah Who has guided us to this path and we would not have been able to guide ourselves and Allah chosen to guide us all praises due to Allah Who has revealed the Scripture unto his servant, and has made no crookedness and error in all prisons due to a law the Lord of All the Worlds and hamdulillah

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were blessed with so much guidance. We have no excuse not to live a righteous lives. Because the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam clearly lays out for us. What constitutes righteousness, what constitutes good, what constitutes honorable and noble behavior? So we want to look at one jewel from the treasures the treasure chest of prophetic wisdom, and then lies in the prophetic saying narrated by heavy Hooray retiro the Allah one and MB already wrote Rhodiola

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palm, Kala Rasulullah he sold now la vie the ascendant

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mankind can a you mean will be like he will your mill sad failure, higher on the osmosis, woman can a human will be less he will actually for your current job, or men can mean will be left with your man asking

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for find your buyers that are well who Muslim to this version of this hadith is narrated by imam or is gathered by non Muslim in his compilation of prophetic traditions.

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He relates on the authority of the heavy Hooray route of the Lavon that the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said whomsoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him speak well, or remain silent. And whosoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, then let him honor his neighbor. And whosoever believes in Allah on the last day, let him honor his guest.

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So there's so much that could be said about this particular Hadith, this particular prophetic tradition, we want to approach it in a somewhat unconventional manner, and choose a few

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points from the myriad

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points that can only be made from the plethora of points that can be made concerning this hadith. So he says Salah love it was send them the Prophet says Peace and blessings of Allah upon him. Whomsoever

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believes in Allah and the Last Day speak well will remain silent for Meketa give me a min Can you mean we'll be left with your mid air Katie fed your cause of higher rung of the of spots.

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We live in a time

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where lying

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is become

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an epidemic endemic

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to lie is normalized. We tell great lies and small lies coming and going, as they say by night and by day.

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We lie about our feelings. How do you feel? We feel terrible. Oh, I feel great.

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Might be a small thing.

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We tell big lies.

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We lie to our employer. Why were you late for work?

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There's a problem with my car. There's no problem with the car.

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There's a problem with us not the car but we just put it on the car and keep moving. No pun intended.

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Tell livestock spouses

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to alized our neighbors

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we tell lies in our children. We televised our parents

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silences best.

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Sell your call. Hi, Ron Ali Osman Just don't say anything.

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Because every word we we utter.

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It's either going to be for us or against us.

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Every word that we utter has gone to be for us or is going to be against us.

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We have also their allies of commission. We lie to the boss.

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I was late because my car wouldn't start.

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That's alive commission. We tell lies of omission.

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We could have done something but we didn't do it.

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And some people understand and that's understandable. But we misrepresent the truth.

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So we should commit ourselves

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to trying to control our tongues

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to understand that if we don't have anything good to say

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and good is delineated by the Sharia we could tell a joke that say why did you choose someone up that's a Sharpie masala that's a an interesting advanced by

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by Islam.

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The Prophet told jokes Allah Allah hi and he was said, but he wasn't a joker.

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He wasn't a joker. One example he man was Ali gathers most of these in the area. And as that will descend,

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the lady came to the prophets of Allah, Allah will send them she said, Can you give me a camel? She had to move some things. She needed a big beast. He said I'll give you a baby camel. She said no. rasuu long. I need a camel. I don't need that baby. They said I'll give you a baby camel. And when she saw our frustration building, he said every camel is another camel is baby.

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The oldest one in here is someone that baby

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if they're 7080 years old, and their mother's still alive, she's still causing him boy. He's 80 years old.

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So Allah Allah, Allah, Allah who will send them.

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So we should try to speak well or remain silent.

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We should stop ending the endless stream of text messages.

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Because what must know how most of that is just wasting someone's time. We send nonsense and now they're obliged to respond to our nonsense with their nonsense. And we exchanged a nonsensical message for 20 minutes before we realize I'm just wasting my time with this nonsense. Cut it off from the beginning.

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Get off the chat rooms. I've never seen any good come from these chat rooms. I've seen people become enemies. I've seen people stopped speaking to each other. I've seen people who normally wouldn't argue with each other argue with each other. I've never seen any good for most of them and I'm not trying to get information about where people just put forth their opinion

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and this one bounces his opinion they respond with their opinion and then the waste their life with this stuff.

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I'll give us Kofi

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but all of that is speech. The Prophet sallallahu was sending me said Allah Tala mu I had I had been listening, or one of the settings, maybe it's not a hadith, Fr. Allah Kalamoon I had when designing the pen is one of two tongs. So we're kind of for what we speak. We're accountable for what we write. And the keyboard is an extension of the pen. To go on and on and on and on. slendering things slandering people from anonymity of our basement, our bedroom, our closet is gone. Let our fingers do the walking

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and slandering this one. I've seen people say the worst thing about people Muslims, and then they see them the smile in their face. But when they're all alone in the basement or their bedroom, they're going crazy. This person would have looked at it. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, then he sees him in person and unless he had to

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let it go brothers and sisters

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further ado Yes.

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that y'all have pa this world is but a moment fill that moment was still beating Samba loss upon what time? Don't fill it with rebellion against Allah subhanho wa taala. One then can you help me who blame Yeoman airship

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for your kingdom Gera, one who believes in Allah and the Last Last Day, let him honor his neighbors we said we approach this somewhat unconventionally.

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So we've read and we know the lessons of this hadith, we want to introduce a new way to look at it. With modern communications and interconnectivity of our world, we live in what some people refer to as a global village, you've heard that expression, the global village.

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And so we have an obligation to honor those we share this global village with

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because what we do just as in the village, and the old time or in some rural, isolated area today, when one person does affects the other, while we do affect other members of this global village, our demand for cell phones and our demands for all these electronic devices, I'm guilty, I'm not pontificating, as if I'm not guilty myself, but all of this demand is affecting people in places like the Congo.

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All of our demand for lithium batteries

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for our lawnmowers, for our cars, for our cell phones, for all of our all of our our

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iPads, and I this and I that

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all of this demand is leading to people in the Congo dealing digging up a heavy metal as as as damaging to one's health as lead, cobalt and the bare hands and then selling it dirt cheap and then stripping away the typography from their lens. So we can enjoy devices

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we have to be more conscious of our actions

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and began to try to reduce our demand

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because most of it is is unnecessary demand. Some people the iPhone eight is still working perfectly good. But they had to give the 910 to 11 to 12. The 13 Do they have a 14 If they do that one to come I want the whole series. What is your demand for the whole series doing to this world? What is it doing to people in this world? If the aid is working fine, keep it until it dies.

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Without convenience, you want plastic everything.

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Most of you don't have a dog but people do have dogs that walk in behind the dog and scooping the poop put it in a plastic bag

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now the taken in the backyard barbecue or something? Well no we have to is convenient, is put it in, throw it in the garbage and it's done.

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But what is that doing to our invite?

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no, we plastic plastic plastic. By 2050 There'll be more micro plastic in the ocean than biological matter. places like Turkey, big new thing it says recycle. There's a recycling plant for this plastic up the street that they bought pack it up by the ton and ship it to places like China and Singapore and Malaysia do not take it anymore. Now goes to places like Turkey, and many places in Turkey and agricultural region like Donna where I lived in that area,

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then the the small percentage is actually recycled, which creates another ecological problem because melted down and you know what happens when you melt plastic most of is thrown away and drifts into the car countryside. And between the wind the sun

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and the variation and temperature breaks down and the microplastic gets in the water. One scientists examined the water outside of a done in the agriculture in the Fields said there were more microplastics than you could count in a liter of water.

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And this affects our health. This affects our environment. This affects our water

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and illustrates collectively all of the things that we're doing to this planet. In the other space Allah Tala says the halal Fest and the very word maybe the Makassar. But he denies Do you be an armbar grizzly, the only hula, we are at your own. There corruption has appeared on the land and sea because of what the hands of humans have brought about. Thus do We give them a taste? We give them

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let them see some of the consequences what they do in order that then we turn, turn away from sin, turn away from excess start to turn away from destructive habits that I know who you are what you learn.

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And this law says better than you will.

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There are many explanations, but reflect on them.

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Many of the competitors say Phil, Phil, Phil, Beverly will be in the towns and in the countryside. And I'm sorry for Riyadh, in the time in the countryside, what you want to see corruption. We know many of our Muslim countries, you go to a village in the middle of nowhere and it has a satellite dish on the roof of the adobe house

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and inhabitants inside. Some of them they're watching the same corrupting pornography they're watching in the city

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in the countryside model for said the fact that we're baddie so Oh no. I will say any Muslim country is a particular Muslim country is the leading per capita per capita download or pornography.

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That's a fact.

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What I said are not even that far just to say idiotic television programs.

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There are people not without that watch people pray that's not idiotic. And it's not for sad. But it is an ad losing an opportunity for directly connecting with Allah Thailand receiving better than yourself. And then belittling righteous practices. They'll watch people pray Taraweeh on television and we'll go to the masjid themselves and some people's entertainment and popcorn will email a Roman Surah to maturity Morgan

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had to

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go pray

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on the edge of for yourself.

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But what facilitates that?

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What facilitates it in the land and the cities in the countryside?

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We have to develop a consciousness

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the Allah Tada told the wives of the Prophet

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when they were starting to act like other women. We need more of this. We need more of that. Yeah. And he said Nabil, let's turn the cat

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in a tuna, a wives of the Prophet you not like other women.

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They might want this or that? Or the other. But you are the wives of the Prophet so the light is sudden you should want along

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as you as you want the pleasure of your husband, who's the Messenger of Allah, so Allah, Allah will send them another word, your consciousness, how you see the world, how you interact with others, what your desires are, this shouldn't be like ordinary people. And we can say this about our own love.

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Let's do.

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Can I have one? Minute Regina with me, Sarah was from the end, you're not like other men, women and children come from hydro only. The NAS, you're the best community raised up to serve humanity.

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And that ethos of service requires a certain consciousness.

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It requires us making commitments ordinary people won't make it requires us looking at the world in ways ordinary people don't look at the world. It requires a connection with Allah subhanho wa taala, that ordinary people not might not be concerned with

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quantum Kira all the time of the ugliness. And so we have to begin to look at these teachings ended with an expanded vision. Because where there is no consciousness that the actions won't change.

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What was the turning point and we have to stop here because our time is out. So maybe another occasion we finished the Hadith.

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But before there

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was the the liberation of South Africa, due to the organizing and the efforts of the African National Congress, the ANC.

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There was Steve Biko in the black consciousness movement.

00:21:56--> 00:22:01

There had to be a consciousness that facilitated the quest for liberation.

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And so we were saying, as a community, we have to have a consciousness that facilitates us dedicating ourselves to serving humanity, we have to have a consciousness that makes us aware of the role we shouldn't be playing in this global village. We have to have a consciousness that helps define for us what it means to be a responsible citizen in the global village, a consciousness that makes us aware of how our actions might affect others that we share this global village with. May Allah give us both it? May Allah open our hearts impact our hearts, may Allah affect how we see the world. May Allah give us a strong connection, a strong connection to him in a temple you turn that

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if you are conscious and aware of Allah, may Allah give us Kofi oh cool pony hair that stock fuel and he was talking when he said You mean money in your Congress, both federal law

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and Hamdi layerable Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala see it in Washington State.

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He was

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in the

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UK there are who you saw Moon island in NaVi Yeah. Are you headed in? Saudi Fulani? He was sending Motorcity Eema Allah Mossad, he was

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saving Mohammed Oman and he was happy he will send a log of his tofi a lot more feeling this demeanor almost Imad, when we need one more minute.