Forgotten Etiquettes #19 – The Utterance Of Insha-Allah

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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim the Quran never fails to amaze. It is rich with values morals and etiquettes. Brimming with our dogs in every regard and that is the beauty of the Quran. Indeed, from early childhood we all heard the importance of in sha Allah. It was impressed upon us by our parents, our teachers and our seniors. If we made a commitment with anyone, we made a promise with anyone, immediately our parents would would rectify us and tell us say in sha Allah say in sha Allah, why am I to SHA una Illa in your sha Allah? And surely it can only happen if Allah wills but Subhana Allah did you know my brother and my sister, there is yet a finer detail in this regard. And

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let me share it with you. Again we go into chapter 18 Soraka have to tell the story the narrative of Musa and federally him I mean Allah He has Salah to with the slim, observe, appreciate and just marvel so when river Alayhis Salam told Musa if you stay in in my company, observe silence and persevere. Musa alayhis salam replied by saying Saturday Dhoni in sha Allah Husar Bella, you will find me in sha Allah patient. So from this we learn and as mentioned in biannual Quran, that the DM will mushy it Phil Emery, that when constructing a sentence, the word insha Allah should feature in the beginning and not in the end. In other words, Musa alayhis salam could have also said Certegy

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Dhoni sabalan In sha Allah, you will find me patient by the will of Allah. But that's not what he said. Rather, he said in sha Allah, you will find me patient. In other words, say to your brother in sha Allah, tomorrow we will meet up instead of saying tomorrow we will meet up in sha Allah Subhan Allah. So use the word in sha Allah as often as possible. And when constructing a sentence, let the word in sha Allah feature in the beginning. Well, that's exactly what is smiling. Alayhis Salam said to his father Ibrahim, when the father said I seen in a dream and slaughtering you is my real Alayhis Salam said Saturday Dhoni in sha Allah Wamena sobbing Oh my dad in sha Allah, you will find

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me amongst the patient individuals