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Some scholars say that smoking is haram. I'd like to know, what's your opinion? And does smoking invalidate the fast as far as smoking is concerned? Several years before, when science had an advantage that far, most of the scholars used to say that smoking is macro based in halitosis are seldom mentioned say Bukhari more in number one in the book of Adan Hadith number 855. The Prophet said that anyone who eats garlic or onion, they should stay away from us and stay away from the mosque. Prophet said that, you know, don't come to the mosque after having garlic on him because this bad breath when you're smoking, the breath is worse than onion or garlic. So based on this

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hadith, therefore garlic and another become haram in my crew. So based on this hadith, scholars give the fatwa that smoking is macro, but now, after science has advanced, we have come to know that smoking is nothing but it's a slow poisoning tobacco in any form.

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Whether it's smoking cigarettes, whether BD whether tobacco and hookah, whether during tobacco, all forms of tobacco contain nicotine and tar, and we know it's nothing but snow poisoning. That is the reason most of

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the non Muslims also

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they agree that smoking is haram not only the Muslim world, even the non Muslim that the reason they put a sedentary warning on the cigarette packs, they put a salutary warning saying CIGARETTE SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH or in some countries it mentioned, general surgeons warning or Surgeon General's warning. Smoking is injurious to health. And anyone gives the ad with a newspaper in the magazine or television, it is compulsory that they have to highlight the statement. Smoking is injurious to health, somebody from the Muslim world, even the non Muslim world agrees that smoking is nothing but slow poisoning.

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And today, understand sticks. The World Health Organization says that every year, more than 4 million people die only because of smoking.

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And if you count the other forms of tobacco, it will be much more. And today medical sanitizers and even I had learned when I was doing medicine, the medical college that more than 90% of the lung cancer deaths are only due to smoking,

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but the cigarette Obediah whatever it is

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25% of the cardiovascular deaths only because of smoking

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70 to 75% of bronchitis and related deaths are only because of smoking. Smoking is not timberstone Poison. It blackens your lips, like in the gums your fingertips, it damages the lips, you damage their esophagus, it damages your stomach, and it can cause constipation, it can cause loss of appetite. It can cause loss of libido or sexual power gets suppress. It can cause immunity

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to the drugs you take, and it reduces the defense of your body. And you can only give a talk on why smoking is haram and I've given a talk on dietary laws in Islam and I've covered this topic in detail time doesn't permit me here. But based on all these various research, there are today more than 400 fatwas, the majority of the scholars, they agree that smoking is haram and all form of tobacco is haram. There may be certain scholars certain countries including this country, where I come from India, they say it is Makrooh yet, but most of the scholars otherwise toured the world. Majority of them they agree that smoking is haram. Allah says in the Quran in surah of chapter

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number seven was the 157 that you follow the Prophet the unlettered prophet was mentioned in your line scriptures. And further it says that this Prophet asked you to do things which are good for time for you

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to take what gives it to you, what is lawful and good, any prohibits things which are hobbies, things which are unlawful thing which are bad for you. So what a profit gives, what it gives you just good take an appropriate thing which is unlawful, you have to abstain from it, this Israel and Allah says in the Quran in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was the 195 make not your own hands to call of your own destruction, indicating that did not kill your own self, because mostly nothing more. So poisoning. It comes from this category. Something likes to say flu poisoning. Every puff you take you reduce your life. So based on this, there are more than 400 fatwas saying that smoking

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is haram. And furthermore, these are not the major you

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as well from for them Allah says

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in the Quran in surah of chapter number seven,

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verse 31, eat and drink, but do not be extravagant.

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Allah says in surah surah chapter number 17 Verse number 2627, that do not be extravagant Do not be a spendthrift overly a person who's a spendthrift is a brother of the Satan is the brother of the devil. And we know that when we smoke in nothing but extravagance is nothing but taking a pound note or a few pounds or taking $1 Note the green dollar bill or a pound and lighting up with fire, when we smoke, when we let this figure it is nothing but burning money, whether it be rupees, whether it be dollar, whether it be pounds, whether it be ours is nothing but extravagant which is haram in Islam. And you can give a list of reasons why it's haram. But just to cut the shot, one more reason

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that you cannot harm your own neighbor, you cannot harm your own brother.

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And in smoking, when you grill out the smoke, it causes more damage to your neighbor. passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking. And the person who smokes when you exit is out. If the person who's a neighbor in his smoke, it causes more damage to him and the person who smokes that is the reason many countries like Singapore extended the banned smoking in public places in your personal house. You can do it in public places in government places smoking has been banned. So based on this, it's haram. So smoking is haram