Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 13

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The concept of jealousy is a feeling that people experience when seeing a partner or someone they love, often associated with pride, fighting, and giving out. Some people may also be jealous of their partner because of their feelings. The feeling of jealousy is not related to actions, but rather a sense of pride or desire to see something. It is also discussed that negative emotions like pride and loyalty to Allah's actions can have negative consequences.

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Miss Smith, you

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sent out Monica

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Helder last May and last how to accept all the good deeds mail like septoplasty May Allah make it the best faster ever May Allah make the fasting of the special purely for his sake May Allah accept all the struggle we are going to an all the difficulties and May Allah subhanaw taala make everything easy European, continuing the journey of actions and deeds at a loss pantalla love so we can practice it in this blessed month, and then maybe less pantalla and inshallah more or less pantalla makers or those who are beloved by him. Today is very interesting.

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character, jealousy.

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And jealousy in general, before I come to the definition is a act or a feeling or a character that in general, in general is disliked. We're cool. And we look down at it and we don't want to have it and when somebody describe us as you're jealous, we try to be defensive. And very interesting in the hadith of Allah Swati salatu salam, this was narrated by a Buddha would unnecessarily and an Imam know that there is jealousy that Allah loves. And there is jealousy, that Allah doesn't log. And that is a pride, pride show off that Allah loves and there is a pride or show off that Allah doesn't love.

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What a beautiful again, religion we have, especially when we come to the manners, everything is not categorically in manners is yes or no. It's always reasons for Yes, and resist reasons for No. So let's take the Hadith and the Hadith says like this, in middle Yura myoho la indeed there is from jealousy, a kind that Allah loves. And the jealousy that Allah doesn't love. We're in the middle here. And there is from a pride that a lot loves and the pride that Allah doesn't love. He actually explained it. So when he said Mina lawyer on my Hebrew law from the jealousy that a lot loves is

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for Reba jealousy in in places or time of doubt, and woman La Romana Yakubu LA and the jealousy that Allah doesn't love is in a place where there is no doubt.

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And the pride that Allah loves is the pride in fighting, and in giving charity. And the pride that Allah doesn't love pride show off that Allah doesn't love is when someone is proud and shows pride in an instant of oppression.

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Let's learn about this more. So number one, what is your jealousy, it's very interesting. It's a feeling. And it's a feeling in the heart. And it's actually the heart changes. That is going to be like a fire building up because of something I see or something I hear. So it's a feeling run an anger yet it usually leads to anger, but it's a feeling that I feel this is should not happen.

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And number one, and it's usually related to love. So when you say this man is jealous of this woman is jealous. Meaning that they have this feeling when they see the person they love that they give their feelings to someone else, that person feel jealous.

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So it is changes hearts feeling that changes and it is usually usually related to love, jealousy.

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In general, it is usually looked at negative but there is a few instances where Allah loves is not only good, but a lot loves it. And that's what we are trying to learn. So we can learn that part. And then Allah Subhana Allah will love us and which jealousy Allah loves, and read off a rival when someone become jealous, because there is a situation in doubt in doubt, meaning somebody comes to an office and see a man and a woman in that office in a situation is not exactly how long but very doubtful, very doubtful. That person, that person becomes uncomfortable inside him or her number one because that instance is not pleasing to Allah.

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So you'll get

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jealous when you see things that is not

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pleasant to Allah. And it's interesting that last panel what Allah described himself, as in Allahu Allah, Allah himself so paler, in a state and a man not be fit him. He has the feeling of jealousy, where and when.

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And when the believer does something that Allah made harm. So Allah gets this feeling how he's exhausted, but Allah doesn't love. And he has this feeling when he see his servant, his believe, is this believing servant of his is committing to how long Allah gets this feeling inside him. So what he wants from you and me this criteria, when I see Allah is being disobeyed in time of doubt. I don't see it, obviously. But it's, it is most probably, then I don't like it. And what love is this feeling. But when there is no reason, no reason to feel jealous. That's when Allah doesn't love that feeling. So when I come in, and I see, for example, my children or my son or my daughter in the

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room, reading or doing their homework, and then I say no, no, no, you have been doing something before that. When I didn't see it, there is no reason to be doubtful. And then that anger or that feeling inside me a lot doesn't love. What we need to learn,

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especially these days, is when we see that Allah subhanaw taala is being disobeyed.

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Even if everyone around us is doing it. As believers, we should have this feeling inside us that I don't like this. And I am not comfortable with this. That feeling in me a lot loves it. Because that reflect that I care about Allah subhanaw taala and what Allah made lawful, I love it. And when Allah made unlawful, unlawful, I don't like it and love it. And I don't want to see done with people. So I'm what love is when he sees you and me seeing something in time of doubt specially. And that thing is probably not pleasing to Allah. He loves to see me. I don't say it's okay. Everyone is doing it. No. On the contrary, I should feel uncomfortable. And Allah loves this feeling. Now remember, they

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are Europe or jealousy is a feeling is not talking about actions. It's talking about feeling.

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Then there is pride. That a lot laws and a pride. Allah doesn't love. Don't we think pride. arrogance show off is always negative, almost always Yes, accepting to places

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pride, when that person is going for the fight, fighting for the sake of Allah, what loves to see that person walking in a way showing off his strength, his loft or loss pantalla In fact, that was what he sought to set out. And so IBD Jana companion, avoided the journey and walking in, in a battle. And he said to him, you are walking away with a line his lawsuit does not like it, except in this situation, meaning in the battleground. So when I am walking, even if I am the most beautiful, the I Am the smartest and the richest, I am the most powerful. I don't, Allah does not love does not love walking in this way. But when I am doing something pleasing to Allah, right and I am confident

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about it, and I want to show it to people a lot without show off. Rather, I am happy with what I am doing. Allah loves that. So a lot you will hear that. So there's two things Allah He loves. That's what we are learning, the feeling of jealousy, but not categorically one. There is a reason for that jealousy, meaning there is doubt there is a probably this act of disobedience to Allah. Allah wants to look at me and see that internally, I don't like this. Then I am beloved to Allah. Rather, he doesn't want to me

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at all. In fact, the opposite is also true. He will not love me. If he sees me always having feeling of jealousy for no reason. For no reason. That's doubt, then there is no doubt that's an option.

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acceptable feeling unjustifiable feeling. And the same thing with the pride show off. Pride being boastful is usually negative, except two places because these two places pleasing to Allah, number one during the fight, and number two when I'm giving charity and why giving charity well isn't that show off? It depends again on my knee, but if I am doing it confidently showing people around me and I know these people will follow me then do it, because you're helping people to do the good deed. So May Allah pantalla look at this specially this heavy today, how there is very small details, minute details in this deed in this beautiful religion, that nothing is 100% it's all depends on my media

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and why I am doing it. And what is the relationship of this act with Allah? May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those who he loves, makers of those who have this feeling of jealousy and anger inside us when we see the disobedience of Allah is there And may Allah spawn tada give us the pride in obedience to Him and we're very happy and proud and not shy because we are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala even if we are the only one you're a desert