Heart Matters #07 – Holding Ones Self to Account

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Hamdulillah.

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Somebody who's sick, but doesn't know it, how will they ever become cured? The first step to becoming cured is to recognize you're sick and you need a cure. So when we're talking about this gear to knifes, we're talking about purifying our heart. One of the most essential mechanisms is to assess where our heart is, How sick is it, how pure is it? And this is where today's topic comes in, which is one of the main topics discussed by our scholars who deal with the issues of the heart. And it is something the Quran and Sunnah explicitly reminds us of and the authority or the statements of the setup are numerous in this regard. And that is the concept of assessing your own heart Maha

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Sabha total called Maha Sabha tuneups, the concept of self assessment because you see brothers and sisters in the end of the day, in the end of the day, nobody can assess you better than you can, no one knows your inner knee yet other than Allah subhana wa Taala no one knows the actuality of your insights except for you in this world. So who is there that can truly assess you? And that's why Allah reminds us in the Quran. Yeah, you hola Dina Amma know it to Allah Well, Tondo na Suma caught them at the HUD have Taqwa of Allah and let every knifes assess what it has prepared for tomorrow. You had better take into account right now. And Allah tells us on the Day of Judgment, what's going

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to happen until all enough soon yah has Serrata Allah for rato Fijian Billa before the enough says, Woe to me how much I wasted the rights of Allah I obliterated them I didn't live up to my expectations. Allah tells us in this world, oh enough's think of tomorrow. And Allah says, tomorrow, there's going to be the knifes that's gonna say I wasted my whole life. I didn't do anything. Therefore, as if Nikka Thea commented on this verse. He said, This verse is telling us to have more house Sabha of your enough's before Allah has more house Abba of our enough's. And this is what Bob explicitly said in that famous remark. You've heard it so many times has Siebel and Fusa come into a

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house Cebu. Take assessment of your own selves, audit your own selves before you're audited on the Day of Judgment, having your own assessment before the day of judgment takes place. And it has celibacy, remarked, whoever audits himself in this world will have an easy audit on the day of judgment, and whoever neglects auditing himself, whoever doesn't care about his own hisab in this world, then on the day of judgment, He will face the real hisab. Before that auditing takes place. Before the day of judgment comes, we should assess our own realities. We should look inside of ourselves. Where do we stand? How much good have I done? How much wrong have I done and then correct

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and rectify before it is too late? Maimunah been Mahan, another famous scholar of the past he said that Turkey assesses himself with more care than a business partner monitors the dealings of his business friend you know when you are together and a businessman have three four partners if one of them spends money, the others are going to say why did you spend that this is our money. So my moon said the one who is with Turkey will assess himself more than a business partner assesses his business partner, if no Josie remarked to the famous scholar Josie that if sorry, if no claim here damages if Nakayama remarked, it is good to have Christina Vaughn of other people good thoughts. But

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when it comes to yourself, it's healthy to have Sue oven. You should impugn your own Nia, you should think of yourselves in a manner that you know because he says only you know your own faults. Don't boost your own ego. If no claim is telling you don't make yourself better than you are. Yes. When it comes to other people, give them excuses, give them the benefit of the doubt. When it comes to yourself. Hold yourself to a higher standard, be stricter on yourself than you are with other people. All of this is called Maha Sabha to knifes. Now, the MaHA Sabha of the soul has many levels. You begin at zero there is no history if you're not doing anything we don't want to be there we go

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higher and higher. And then what has server then becomes more and more frequent. We all of us at some point in our lives, we feel that we should do more however, for example, we go for hygiene ermera Something comes inside of us we want to make herself of our

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selves, the month of Ramadan is the ideal time. So the frequency of self assessment, it should go higher and higher. You all know the famous story in the syrup of that man whom the prophets Assam said that is a man of gender walking on earth. What was his story? You all know, it's a long story, the main the key phrase, he would assess his heart every single night before going to sleep before going to sleep. That's what he told Abdullah but I'm gonna ask before I go to sleep, I look at my heart. And I see, does it have jealousy? Does it have arrogance? Does it have any evil, then I cleanse it. This is Maha Sabha that's routine that's daily. So you continue to rise in your Maha

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Sabha in terms of frequency, right? This is our goal here. We want to make it regular in our routine. And then the highest level of Maha Sabha the highest level of assessment is, you don't just think of the past, you make more However, before you do something, you think why am I doing this? Is this the right intention? Is this the right move? So you make hisab of yourself before the deed is done. And when you get to that level, which is the height of hisab that is the level of f7 which is exactly what this game is about. Remember, go back to our first lecture. The goal of this key or the methodology of dusky had the vision of Ischia and tabula rasa and Nick Katara, you're worshiping

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Allah as if Allah sees you when you're more hacer. But it's such that even before you do something, you are conscious, you're assessing yourself, Why am I doing this? Am I doing it right? Is my intention, right? Is this methodology correct? When you get to that level, this is the height of Maha Sabha final point, brothers and sisters, how was more has ever done. Our scholars have given us tactics, tricks, Yani, if you like, you know, halaal mechanisms of the ways we do this. And this goes back to yesterday's talk of being alone and an assessment of the ways to do this is you imagine yourself on the Day of Judgment, this is well narrated from many of the self into your own. Imagine

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yourself in front of Allah on the day of judgment. And imagine what are the questions going to be asked of you? What are the questions with the watch, you've got you haven't done, the sins you have done? The injustice is you've done to other people. Imagine your spouse on the Day of Judgment complaining about you, what will he or she say? Imagine your children, your parents, imagine your business partners. Imagine your colleagues. This is one of the mechanisms of Maha Sabha and everything that comes to your mind. You have better eliminate in this world, you have to make sure that that cannot be brought up on the Day of Judgment. The same goes for your own personal

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shortcomings the eyes of Allah, the YG but you haven't done the Salawat de fora, get rid of these, these things, repent from Allah make them up. Same thing goes for the major sins you've done that repent from them. So the MaHA Sabha is done by the self assessment and the bottom liner. With this we conclude one of the biggest benefits of Maha Sabha one of the biggest benefits, it breaks your ego. It humbles you, it increases your loss. You teach yourself sincerity, because you know you like nobody else does. And when you make hisab of yourself, then you cannot give excuses that you might give to other people. So when you self assess yourself, this is one of the strongest mechanisms of

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humbling destroying your ego destroying arrogance and increasing sincerity and that is why brothers and sisters one of the main tools of this gear to enough's is the tool of Maha Sabha May Allah subhana wa Taala bless us to constantly monitor and to constantly assess before that assessment takes place will continue tomorrow Santa Monica Rahmatullah.

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