Tom Facchine – A Scholar Dies And We Do This

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of expressing pride and caution when facing challenges, rather than just denying one's own fault or mistakes. They stress the need for humility and caution when faced with similar situations. The speaker also mentions the potential consequences of not being a Submittable person.
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Many people are too confident and too brave when it comes to assuming certain things about fellow Muslims, especially after they die, scholar fool and shake fool and passes away certain scholars certain figurehead, and if they weren't part of your group, or what you thought was 100%, the right movement or the right whatever, or the person had major, major problems, okay, but the way that we react, we racked up a bunch of rabid dogs, we go overboard and got way too much confidence, you know, everybody needs to take a sobering look at themselves. And without kind of going to the opposite extreme. It's not that we're saying that you can't say anything or you can't criticize you

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can't put out point out flaws. But what's the point? The point should always be constructive the point should always be because we want to be better. They don't mention people's faults or flaws or mistakes, just to drag their face through the mud or worse to pat ourselves on the back and make our whatever political program or whatever group that we belong to, oh, yeah, we're the real ones were the right ones, we're up, we're on the truth, we're on the right way. You know how lame that is. You should be focused on doing better, you should be focused on learning from others. And if you really honestly, if you had true courage to believe in what was right, and the requisite fear of Allah

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subhanaw taala, you wouldn't fall into that sort of behavior, you wouldn't fall into that sort of behavior. Because at a certain point, you have to leave certain things up to Allah. And you need to really express some humility and some caution as to how you are reading a situation. Are you so confident in your judgments? Are you a Submittable? See, are you at Alima Hobie. You might find yourself one day standing in front of the lost power to Allah, and you're gonna be responsible for what you said on Twitter, and you're gonna be responsible for the things that you put out there. And you might think that you had it all and do it all. And then you might find when the time comes that

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it was actually a very, very different story. You might be the one that has to pay and you might be looking up and maybe somebody above you is the same person that you were cursing the same person that you were putting on blast

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