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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The century before Jesus Christ is discussed, including the importance of having a century-long stance for a century and a century-long stance for a century. The Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa'am's teachings and their significance in modern times are also discussed. The importance of graduation for graduation, acceptance of Islam as a means to change and fulfill spiritual goals is emphasized, along with the need to fast before busy busy busy seasons. The agenda includes prayer and graduation events, and graduation for graduation is emphasized as a means to fulfill spiritual goals.
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Okay, now suppose reading into a wall or accident Have you had any more handles, it's all about worry who was shot rolling off the table, or go to the

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football game.

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Last Sunday, beyond the Islamic lunar month of bullhead, via the month of pilgrimage.

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A pilgrimage is

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something where someone undergoes a long journey for spiritual reasons, rather than the economic or political reasons, which usually drive migration and human movements. Some of the first European s to what is the day of Northeast United States called the best settlers pilgrims. Your was a very hostile place for religious expression at the time. So these people set sail for the Americans hoping to freely practice their beliefs.

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These are the same pilgrims that your children learn about in school around Thanksgiving time at the big black hats.

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Calling themselves pilgrims might have been a stretch. They had no idea where they were going, or what it would be like when they don't care. They have no specific rich religious rights to observe for the trip. And they have no incentive to repeat the trip. It wouldn't be more accurate to call these travelers refugees. Maybe that will change the way some people view refugees for the day.

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Anyway, our pilgrimage that time is much more deserving of the name, pilgrimage. This is a tradition that stretches back to a time long before our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In fact, by the time the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah it was something that was born. People have been making a pilgrimage to the Kaaba in Mecca. For centuries.

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The pilgrimage to the camera is exactly what gave the city of Mecca importance and prominence. Being able to protect the pilgrims and facilitates that pilgrimage was the basis of their political power. And for a short accepted as rulers outlet because of their excellent service and hospitality to the pilgrims.

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The timing of our pilgrimage is also something ancients and predates the final messenger. So the walkway in Sutherland. For as long as anyone could remember, our roads have traditionally honored four sacred months, good which all fighting for was taboo and considered dishonorable. One of these four sacred months was

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the month of pilgrimage and our staff did not replace this observance, but affirm the sacred months in general and the sanctity of the month of pilgrimage. Specifically, what did change with the coming of the prophets Allah lo bada he was Saddam, was that we received clarity regarding our duty to perform this pilgrimage. Allah subhanho wa Taala said when he passed up to basic medicine, the body that he served

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and people are required to perform the pilgrimage for a lot. those of them that are able the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam when he outlined the five famous Pillars of the staff senate, only a spotlight at Hudson, Jehovah's he Oh god, I wonder what happened in the Rasulullah Why aren't the salah what eternity is like, well, how are so many all along? Islam is built up

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on five pillars testifying that there is no God except a law. And then what happens the law alone why he was suddenly is his messenger to establish him the prayer three headings and for the pilgrimage number five, of course, being fasting Ramadan.

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And while people of various spiritual traditions have numerous pilgrimages, our pilgrimage is different from all of them, not just in the details of time and place and rites, but because it is the only pilgrimage solely dedicated to the creator of the universe, our new agenda, without involving any high knowledge history whatsoever. The prophets of the Lord Ye who was suddenly mentioned halogen, in the same sentence as the shahada, the testimony of faith, the prayer, a Salah, and the fasting Ramadan, putting it at the same level of importance, it becomes obvious why the hydrogen is required of us if we reflect upon the pilgrimage itself, and the spiritual lessons that

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it is meant to teach us.

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Build your business requires us to unplug ourselves from our daily routines to draw whatever it is we're doing, and undergo this sacred journey. That sounds easy to talk about. But practically speaking, life gets in the way, or at least we think it does. You're still settling again at your new job. You're working toward that promotion, you're trying to get married or you just got married. You just haven't shot at all the children have school, etc, etc. The excuses to not go on pilgrimage are always there and ever anything. It takes a keen sense of duty to Allah subhanho wa taala. To put it all down and say no, all of that kind of weight.

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Pilgrimage also requires us to plan. A prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa salam was asked, What did Allah mean, when he said in the verse that we just mentioned that those who are able,

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the Prophet saw a loved one and there was some of our pride as well not enough. Provision of transportation provision means not just for your attorney, but also for the dependents that you leave behind. It's unthinkable and wrong, for someone to go on hikes and leave their family behind without enough money and fitness to sustain them.

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We see that the pilgrimage requires us to be economically independent, and economically viable. Very few people are able to afford to go on pilgrimage and whenever they want. Go speak people have to plan sometimes town planning takes years.

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If you don't have any income, currently, you need to find a way to get income.

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If you're not very good at saving or prioritizing, you're going to have to learn how to spend differently if you want to go on Hajj.

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Pilgrimage also requires that we be part of a community.

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These days, it's possible to sign up for the house as an individual or as a family. The travel companies will put you together with this group for that. And you might have a fine experience. But there is nothing like going on pilgrimage with the same people that you see at your local machine. The same people you see at the monthly potlucks, the same people that you see it that even prayer.

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There's no better team building exercise than becoming a pilgrim, with the people in your community.

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The rites of pilgrimage are also essential to its meaning and its transformative effects. In our pillar This is the mandate where to seamless garments traditionally white no matter where you're from, no matter your size, your shape, your color. Everyone wearing the same outfit symbolizes our unbreakable unity.

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Again, our unity is

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Special. It's unlike any other unity on the face of the earth. We are not united due to our lineage, or our ancestral lands, or our language or our physical features. We are not united by anything arbitrary or unchosen. Oh, we are united and our faith in one eternal God, Allah, our faith in the messengers and the finality of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam. All of this is accepted freely and by choice.

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We could have been given other uniforms to wear for how much, but there is added significance to the fact that we were to seamless garments. This goes beyond unity, and reaches into equality.

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This uniform erases the distinctions between us, who's a doctor who's a Lannister, who was a prime minister or a representative, you can't tell anymore. On house, rich or poor, powerful or thoughtful, everyone looks the same. A reminder that the last time was to audit values us according to our sincerity, and our pilots, and not because of our wealth or status as the last set as a compliment. allottee as powerful, surely the best of you to Allah is the most pious,

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those simple garments, guess what they're not comfortable to wear. You might be in them for six or more days. And that is challenging,

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so that the blazing sun for scorching heats, the desert climates, waiting in line and getting stuck in traffic,

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the clothes of how you're supposed to remind the pilgrims that they have renounced the world and its wealth, even if only for a week or so.

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The pilgrim has voluntarily given up their comforts that are fed their homeland, their loved ones, everything comfortable and familiars Have

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they given up, hoping and the last promise of Paradise

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and the pilgrimage, worth its salt will have not one but multiple stations to it. Our pilgrimage starts in Mina, a city of tents that is completely abandoned the rest of the year. Then on the night of the Islamic one foot falls on this coming one day, the pilgrims will move to the area, or

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they will raise their hands and pray for a loss of time with otter from local to Muslim. Just as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did. Many pilgrims, they have lists and lists of things to be thankful for things to ask for things loved ones have asked them to pray for. out of is a miracle. Millions of people sitting and praying, sitting on chairs, sitting in the streets, sitting in tents sitting on rocks and hills.

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When the sun finally goes down on that set, and under the pilgrims are on the hook again. They reached a place nearby called Blue Seneca.

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When you're getting those studies done, you have three things to do. First, you have to collect all of the little rocks that you need for the ritual stoning of the devil.

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Second, you have to make your prayers.

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And third, you sleep.

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The sights, and Metallica. is spooky?

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Whatever you want to sleep. If you are flying over with a helicopter, you will see miles and miles of bodies lying lifeless on the ground. All the men shrouded in whiteness

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is definitely realize any of the rites of passage or symbols for death and resurrection. Away shroud isn't just about the quality anymore. It's also a funeral Stroud

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the Delica Yes, as we are lying in our own graves, waiting for the trumpet of resurrection to be long

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and full of fun we have was suffering a lot. I didn't want to call it 716

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our next step was to perform

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a walk back in production you can

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also go in here and I was thinking, who was who was deputy

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running facility What's the secret the hero.

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The trumpet never rose,

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with the pilgrims are sleeping in motels

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that does not end in depth and judgments does not end in heaven and *. Instead, what the Pilgrims here is the call to prayer at fetcher along has given the Pilgrims new life a second chance

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the Pilgrims returned to their camps at minimum. And significantly, the first thing that you do with this new opportunity is to throw some of those stones in the collective at a large pillar.

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Symbolically, we are so many the depth

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rejected his influence on us, enhancing the death of our old selves, our old habits, and the beginning of a new, more pious life.

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We further symbolized our Rebirth by shaving or cutting our hair.

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We solve dies, this events by spilling sacred blood

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of the hooking up or vanity.

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We give the meat to charity as thankfulness for the second chance. And finally we make our way back to Mexico for a while.

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But what is the next step in our promise to change?

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We walked seven times counterclockwise around a law's house, promising to make our commitments to Allah. The center points of our lives, promising to me alone, I say whatever our number one priority. Promising some make our deen the thing our lives literally revolve around. Just as we physically we all arrived from Canada.

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This is the day read. We celebrate our promise to Allah we eat that we drink that we visit each other in the following days we've tested

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significantly, we keep some independence. Throughout those days, every single day we go in and we stone the pillars, a reminder that our celebration is not a return to our old selves, our old habits, our whole life of heedlessness, but rather, it's a celebration for a new pure level of obedience.

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For those of us here that are unable to attend college this year, and we asked him last time to honor that He enables us to make cash together as a community as soon as possible.

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Our authorities must meet with the pilgrims, we have to keep them in mind. During these days. We must also hope and plan so that we too, can one day fulfill our rights as pilgrims.

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But even for those that stay behind, there are things that we can do here in Utica.

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The first has already begun the first 10 days of this Islamic month and

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there are some of the most sacred days of the year.

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The prophets of Allah morning he was a young boy in the lobby. While I have a family we did have a younger

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back to feed him that we had to clear WhatsApp, me or WhatsApp me means there are no greater or coracii other things for doing good deeds than these 10 days. So say

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the law say Allahu Akbar, say at a time of the day now or during these days.

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In addition to the good kids that quickly come to mind, like the extra prayers of charity and then, of course

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like to do good deeds that fulfilled the spirits and purpose of heritage. Living with the voluntary simplicity of the pilgrims is a great thing. Being divisive. And trying to spread that unity throughout our Muslim community is something that we need today, more than ever.

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The next thing that we can do is to fast the day of artifact, which again falls on this coming Monday. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, so yeah, we only

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after testing on a coffee, and you kept it ourselves, and it

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was set up in the tea bag. Fast pick the day on Alpha erases the symptoms of the previous here. And those are the symptoms the years have come.

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And finally, affordability for the Opia slaughtering an animal for eat is our sacred tradition, a practice of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the practice of the prophets before him, including the property rights.

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Part of the beauty of Allah Tala days, the tour agents is that neither of them is 100% celebration,

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we have to give something up just before the meeting, just before the party starts. First we have to sacrifice something

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that makes the celebration part of the grading even more sweets.

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From Allah, we can ask for 30 days. And we celebrate that sacrifice

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for either just one single day before we fast and sacrifice an animal on the day or even on the days of me after to help spread the joy of this holiday. And that was the least that we can do. They all make us grateful and thankful. And may Allah enable us to give so we can fully celebrate these two are basically it's for something that was something that

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came before hydropower in the

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US alone.

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Some of the way for some people to speak a lot

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of us are walking for another meeting, walking

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Walking, walking in the event

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of a loss and prayers, a farmer Hamlet and his family would love for Abraham and his family. Surely more magnificent and praiseworthy, a lot less behind him and his family like to have love for Abraham and his family through the environment, Genesis a phrase words all the hallmarks of the sandwich city was in the super rich city, whatever they are there at least once a day that doesn't mean what

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you're planning to do that I mean, Oh, well. I'll bring on to a side of the Muslims and humiliate idolatry idolaters and destroy the enemies of your faith and assist your believing servants and make the man of the Muslim safe and tranquil coastal center of the universe. Allah subhanaw taala Savita subpoena people?

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Oh, Allah says our press brothers and sisters all over the world, all fitted in on

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what we've seen and what you see.

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By the class, yes, I mean,

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oh, ALLAH forgive the believing men and women, forgiving the muscle of men and women, those living and those deceased. Oh, you hear is every thread a follow up call or looking at an hour later than battlefield about that? What is the nature of a lot? Let us see the truth as true and grant us the ability for followers and let us see falsehood as false. And grant us the ability to avoid it. Yeah, we have Allah and Allah if you're saying I can tell you. Well, yeah, actually, we're lucky

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because we're along the edge of media over all over the app.

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