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The transcript describes a woman who refuses to apologize for her actions and refuses to admit to her actions. She refuses to admit to her actions and refuses to admit to her actions. The use of deadly language and negative language is also discussed, with some apologizing for their actions and others expressing regret and hesitation. The conflict between the Israelites and the Israelis is closely drawn out, with the Israelites in panic and the Israelis in turn in turn. The segment also touches on the struggles of protecting their ownogenity and defending their creed, with a brief advertisement for a video about a man who was killed by police.

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feed me the hall fee that was early

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LA him in a shape on your Ragini this Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Allah being nearby them to enough sinful feeding me for Allah in

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Am I a lot of BB ma I'm definitely a felon Hakuna Allah here on emoji Remi Sadat Allahu La them. So yes we concluded on that note it was midday it was siesta, Sedna Musa entered there was the squirrel he found these two people fighting one was a Israelite one was a cop. The Israelite was the victim he was on the receiving end Musa alayhis salam intervene, and then gave the oppressor a blow prove to be fatal. And yeah, there's a corpse line and that's the note on which we ended. What happens they after immediately Musa alayhis salatu salam regretted his action and that is precisely what Allah subhanho wa Taala conveys to us in verse 16. Cholera in the Volume Two NFC cholera in the

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Volume Two NFC and this speaks about the purity of the nature of a nubby before Naboo as well he's so clean he's so pure he's so noble he's so reformed cannot be enough volume to enough See he realized that no no no, as much as helping the victim is important. But I think we could have done this with a blow with less less intensity. Rugby Oh my lord in knee verily I volume to NFC have wronged myself oppressed myself, fulfill me Forgive me, for love for Allah for Allah Allah. Allah forgave him Allah forgave him either through ILL harm he was informed at that time that he was forgiven, or then at the time of Naboo Illa Minh Villa some Abdullah first nombre de su in for in

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nero Fuhrer Rahim or he was fully informed of the forgiveness of the slip up at the time when he was crowned with Prophet would felt fairly Oh My Allah forgive me for GoFAR Allah Allah forgave him in know who will afford Rahim? Allah is One who is most forgiving, Most Merciful. So

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there are many times you know what is the person pre meditates a crime and that is serious. And what is your own premeditate and I'm talking independent of Satana Musala salatu salam, I'm talking in my context and your context. You went with a clean intention to meet up with friends, unfortunately, you got carried away, you got caught on it, they lead you into something and you follow through and before you realize it wasn't just an innocent barbecue on a Saturday night, there was much more to that night in terms of vise and sin. And unfortunately you did not resist it. You did not first start a Psalm as the Quran speaks of Satan or use of where he restrained You just fell through and

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you follow through and you regret it and you indulged in it. Immediately turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala immediately repent to Allah Almighty Allah forgive me, oh my Allah forgive me. Sometimes addressing a an employee in a fit of rage. You overstepped the mark, you raise your voice, you offend the individual, you heard the sentiments, sometimes replying to your parents, instead of responding you retort in which is more sharp and more abrupt, and it you know, has a sense of disrespect to it. So immediately apologized, immediately repent, Sedna, Musa alayhis salam Salam verse number 16 Oh My Allah forgive me and Allah subhanho wa Taala forgave him in the who who will

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afford Rahim that the NABI said to his people in Arabic Rahim Oh, dude, oh my people. Allah is One who is merciful. And when you repent, he will forgive you and not only forgive you, but he will show you kindness and mercy. Verse number 17, cholera baby mama and untie Leah. Oh my lord, oh my lord.

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On account of your favorites upon me saved no Musa says on account of your favors upon me, that you have forgiven me. You've blessed me with knowledge. You've blessed me with wisdom. I vow going forward, find an akuna over here a little more, Jeremy. I will not be an a helper and an accomplice to the criminals. So I regret and I apologize for what has happened and going forward I commit and that's the difference between SFR and Tober. Right. So it's still far is to seek for

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given us for the past, while Toba is to make the vow for the future and Yecla annual Marcia the famous which we all know Imam nawawi has made mention that right in the beginning of Riyadh the salah Hain and Yecla Anil Marcia, if you want to repent you need to detach from the sun immediately a yen Dharma Allah, Allah to lament and regret your action. Well, Allah, your rue de la ha Aveda and to make a vow that you're going to never go back to it for Infoprint that I had to Salah lambda Saratoga to and if you lack either or all the above ingredients, then you are not genuine and honest in your toolbar and your toolbar is not accepted. So it's the third is forgive me Oh ALLAH for the

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past and

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Dubai is going forward I will not do it. Further up the Bema and under aleja Oh my lord on account of your favors upon me felon Hakuna over here a little moody mean, I will not be an accomplice for criminals. So who is meant by Majori mean it could either mean the disbelievers or meaning shaytaan because it is the devil that influences you or Allah Masha be Ramadan Earth money and says it could well be that as much as the Israeli the Israelite was the victim and said no Musa intervened on his behalf but he was not totally innocent. He was probably more on the receiving end and he was being abused. But there was maybe a degree of you know what mistake on his side as well. An ns o Allah

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going forward I do not want to be an accomplice an accomplice to the criminals in any way. Okay, so that's the DUA that's the prayer that's the acceptance of the DUA what happens they in Egypt now remember the body is lying here

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was what are assured that to cathedral and Timothy Yun Minh Hitomi Farah own fat tissue annual cartel what I can no whom let me do a lay in the morning people are just seeing there's a body here and that's the talk of the town many of the loom or the law cartel wala Allahu Allah Musa will Israeli. So the only two humans of course Allah knows everything. The only two humans who know about the circumstances surrounding the death of this person is Musa alayhis salam and the Israelite the Israelite is obviously not going to divulge it because this was done in his interest. Though it was not the intention of Musa alayhis salam we need to repeatedly qualify that statement statement. Well

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as a helper T Lu Hadith al Baladi was showgirl Medina Colonia to had data on who Allah Ya Allah mu Bartylla who and this has become the talk of the town AI you heard that is a body there's a corpse. We don't know who's the sniper or who killed him or who's the murderer of what when who why it was midday we were sleeping when we got up next best thing. This is what we heard. You have a hello Cyril. But at some point, the secret becomes unveiled. And how does that happen? We move on to the next verse, verse number 18. For us by Phil Medina Taha. If so Musa alayhis salam wa salam found the morning in the city fearful and apprehensive, I mean, imagine the panic and I need you to keep this

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in the back of your mind because as the tail develops, you need to reference this discussion again. So that night of panic of concern of anxiety, regret remorse, and then knowing that that Pharaoh you know, has this resentment for the city and the Israelites. So how is this going to play out how is this going to play out for us but Hatfield Medina to Eva Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam spends the morning fearful and apprehensive Yatra club you know, just watching watching over him what's going to happen?

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You know, when would Matata do do shorter to frown when to whom or you know, horrible Shama to numb perhaps at any time the info can leak, and I could be apprehended, I could be intercepted I could be executed. I don't know. These are the fields that are lurking, and these are real fears.

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Okay, so now what happens the next morning for evil Levingston Surah who we are now busy discussing verse number 18 for either Livingston Surah who Bill MC yesterday, whoa, lo and behold, barely a day has lamps. The cops is the line that there is much discussion and investigation regarding the circumstances and the mysterious killing of this individual individual when suddenly the very same person who called out to Musa yesterday to assist him yesterday who who is calling out to Musa again and he

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Having a feud and about in an argument and wrestle with someone else

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so Musala is Salatu was Salam is like in Nicaragua we you may have been a brother you just have to fight an argument. You know some people it's in their nature they always have an issue. Wherever you see them they either raising their voice rolling their sleeves, they in a few day in an argument, there's something happening. So this this matter is still pending. Nothing has been resolved barely 24 hours at lamps. Musa alayhis salam is looking over his shoulders, the Uttara tub watching, monitoring, apprehensive, nervous, conscious, afraid fearful for either either as we would refer to morphogens suddenly lo and behold, if a lead is 10 Surah who Bill Adams the one who asked him for

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help yesterday, yesterday who is calling out to him warmer starhill Israeli bulk saraha nada Musa lino strategy, and Allah mobile Hassan Ali Netway said, this individual did not even feel guilty and shy and ashamed and embarrassed to say, but yesterday I called the man and he aided an intervene and a life was lost. He just called out again, he just called out again. And he said almost out. Yes, that's true. Whoa, please help me. So Musa alayhis salam said in Nicaragua we you may have been you are misleading you are an evil individual. In the garage alone working alone. You are shameless. Like Like what kind of person you are.

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In Nicaragua alone working on

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hola Tara

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alert as I know feat Italian YG darlin and are designed to fit Italian YG dan in my nurse while I design, what to Nadi? Is this your work every day. So come tomorrow will be the same thing following day will be the same thing. I mean, the whole issue of yesterday is not even concluded. I'm in so much panic. And here you come again. Anyway, Musa alayhis salam wa salam reprimanded him, admonished him, chastised him. And then Musa alayhis salam came forward yet again, to see and analyze the merits of the case to analyze the merits of the case. And verse 19, the context of it is that Musa alayhis, which is implied Of course, Musa alayhis salam discovered that yet again, this individual

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was on the receiving end. So keep this in mind that there was this ongoing antagonism, resentment, dislike feuds and arguments between these two clans, tribes and groups between the Israelites and the cops, the Esbat and the earthbath. Right. So there was always you know, something that was brewing, and something that would blow up and there was an implosion and an explosion and an argument. So these things were happening. I mean, it happens in families, whenever these families meet, or they crossbar or neighbors or business partners. It's always you know, you'll hear somebody screaming, and then you're like, whatever. Now this is a, this is a daily thing. This is this is the

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daily thing.

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So Musala is some said in Nicaragua, you mobian But I mean, this is not the way you live where you fight every day. Anyway, He admonished him, he chastised him. And then Musa alayhis salam queried the merits of the case, only to discover on the second instance, as well, the Israelite was on the receiving end file Amma and Arada a Patricia billary, who I don't want Lahoma verse 19. So when Musa then intended to grab to hold the individual who was a foe to both of them, meaning the cop, he was the foe to Musa because I told you there was this ongoing rivalry. And he was of course a foe and an adversary to Israel to the Israelite, because that was the very fight that was happening. So the

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Israelites went into panic mode, understand the context. So Musa alayhis salam is in panic, he's in apprehension, he now sees the second few taken place, the Israelite calls out to him, Musa alayhis salam admonishes him and he biannual Quran does an amazing point mentioned here, that Musa alayhis, salam to a Salaam and of course, his purity of the nature, even prior to Prophet would when he found something that needed to be addressed. Then he addressed it frankly and openly, though it was a member of his group. It's not where there is that answer be yet where you just protect your own clan, and you just defend your own creed. And you just say,

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You know what, fortify your own ethnicity. So any one of your greed is innocent and automatically the other one is guilty. Lie Hakuna fie Asobi atone Komiya baleia

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Cool fee he allowed the little cameo doesn't mention in biannual Quran that he addressed and reproach the person from his No, no, you're wrong man, you cannot be fighting daily. That's not the way you do it. So if your son is wrong, openly admonish him. If it is someone, you have muscle, you have clout you have authority you've been summoned. Don't just defend your own. And sadly, unfortunately, today, I can tell you in the cases of the marital conflicts that I'm involved in, I rarely invite parents to come on board, because we have a feud between husband and wife. And when we have parents on both sides, we don't have more level headed mature people. There might be

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exceptions, and I'm not generalizing, but I'm just basing it on my 25 odd years of experience. You have each one's parents coming to defend. So the very argument is just an extended instead of say, No, my Sunday you were wrong or no my daughter that's not how you behave that's uncouth, that's ill mannered that's not acceptable.

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Follow your corner fee and sob yet don't tell me about your corner fee Aladdin will come in pure justice addressing whatever other unforeseen coma will validate you will act Rabin execute justice, even if you have to confess guilt or say your own wrong, but then he realized subsequently, that you know what the cop was the guilty party, but because the Israelites heard the the stern tone of Musa alayhis salam and the angle of Musa and then Musa alayhis salam advancing, he feared having witnessed the fatal blow yesterday. He thought this hand is coming on me. Although Musa was going to discipline the perpetrator and not discipline the Israelite Israelite because he was innocent. But

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having heard Mussolini Saddam's anger, rage and discipline and witness yesterday, he thought this hand is coming on me, fella Ma, verse number 19 fella ma Arada a year Bartosh and when he intended to hold and to grab the one who I do will Lahoma who was the enemy to both? Paula Musa the Israelite went into panic thinking that's coming my way. Today to untap toolani Kumar Patel 10 Epson Bill AMS, oh, Musa, are you going to kill me? Like you know how you killed us only yesterday. Now, this is so sad and unfortunate and how often this happens in life. You come to help someone, when you help an innocent individual, then he goes and exposes or he becomes unfortunately a reason for so much other

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implications and complications in your life. Like you're the one I helped yesterday. Now you're arguing again, so I disciplined you. And then as I'm coming forward, you went into panic mode. You know, what happens when a person is guilty? And then anybody just comes in the room and says, you know, what, don't commit sins teacher just comes into class and say, Don't commit sin. Because you know what you did last night? You just start wandering and say, I don't know if this will start knows anything that has my parent know anything. It's your internal guilt. So he knows that you know what he's also arguing too much. And then seeing the advancement of Musa so he spilled the beans. He

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divulged the secret. He unveiled the reality. He said oh Musa Toledo and Dr. Lonnie Kumar Patel. 10 have some big arms. Do you want to kill me like how you kill the soul yesterday? Oops, what happened? Now, this person, the cop over heard, who was the murderer of the soul, and the person that was killed yesterday, he left this argument. He left this whole squabble here. And he said all it is Musa and who was the one that exposed it. The very person who Mossad, Instagram was helping the very person. There's an accident that happened you stop to help the person and then that person implicates you and tells the police you are guilty and you're responsible and he walks away today to

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untap toolani comma cartels and have some big arms. Do you want to kill me like how you kill the person yesterday in Toledo? inlanta, kona Jabbar and Phil are they warmer to read when the corner mineral Muslim? Or Musa I don't know. But for all I care, it looks like you want to be a tyrant. And you just want to execute muscle. And your intentions are not to reform. So now this whole thing takes a new twist altogether. Mussolini's Salatu Salam is left there with the Israelite, the cop. He disappears and he flees and he dashes to Pharaoh to inform pharaoh that I have the identity of the murderer of the soul that was discovered yesterday. So things are now at a very, very tense point

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here. Appreciate the challenges the dynamics, the panic, the uncertainty that is lurking and now the whistle has been blown and it has been exposed

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Let's wait and see what happens to Musa alayhis salam. He was in fear and panic and the cop has now exposed him due to all the Israelites has exposed him and the cop has intercepted this information and whispered this into the ears of Pharaoh. Let's wait and see what develops from here.