A Lesson About Houston Snow

Ammar Alshukry


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So, when you look out at Houston now,

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you wouldn't believe that a couple of days ago a city this beautiful weather this beautiful, was almost uninhabitable and we survived Snowmageddon and there was ice and there was you know, the entire city shut down. But it shows you how, how frail human beings really are. As much as we might think that our

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infrastructure our, you know, our set up is

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a little wind and some cold and some freezing temperatures shouldn't shut down the entire state. But that's how quick it went from manageable to unbearable and went from manageable to dangerous. And so it shows us again and again and again, even as we're in a pandemic, that a person's Reliance shouldn't be on Allah subhana wa Tada. A person should prepare for the worst, and that a person should recognize our weakness and complain of that weakness to Allah subhanaw taala that we're in need of his support and his aid every single moment of our lives.

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