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Well, I will

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feed me the hall fee that was early

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on do more ala you came home in a mobile setting in

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a row to belie him in a shelter on your Ragini dissimilar your Walkman you're walking, follow that didn't know who

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is and what he thought

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the law you

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can sort of

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more sort of Allah will love him. So that's basically verse 13. Out of the 88 verses of chapter 28 Surah Toluca says, We concluded on that amazing note where the mother of Musa is taking her child and going back home, you know, when finally the woman gets a discharge, and it's the first time she embraces a child, and she hops into a car excited, elated, ecstatic, no words can describe. It's just the sentiments the feeling of motherhood, and driving home and now there's a baby and there's a cry in the car SubhanAllah. And again, I pray again, I pray and I continuously pray for all those couples out there that are hoping desires because I do a lot of counseling in this regard for

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childless couples, and may Allah make it easy for them, yearning, pining hoping to see a toddler in the house to hear a child crying, we don't appreciate this Namath of Allah. We don't appreciate just to see the presence of a child in the house. Allah has blessed me with a granddaughter, and it is so much of joy, so much of joy just to see her moving around playing around May Allah bless everyone with children, grandchildren, etc. Okay, so the mother of Musa alayhis salam takes her son. And now she's going back she's going back. Yes. And this is at the time when the intelligence of Pharaoh or in ambush Lahoma reunion hurrah was Shama to Naml. And they have the eyes of the crow and they have

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the smell and sense of end and they are you know what, on a look out and they're waiting to kill and execute well with the consent of Pharaoh and believe it or not, with a salary package arranged by Pharaoh, the mother of Musa alayhis salam takes a child and goes back home. And that is precisely what verse number 13 says, Farah daddy now who Ella Mae, Farah daddy, now who ILA May, so we return him to his mother gave her car Lorraine or her so that her eyes can be comforted, while atta has done and so that she does not grieve while he thought alarm and so that she knows what certainty and now worried Allah He hope that the Promise of Allah is absolute is absolute. Or may akoni la Houma

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who Fermat who am I to let the last talk lab will hire you sue levy Lyanna will hide the LaVilla your bill will mean your canola humara who and the one that has Allah with him the help of ALLAH from our who elfia to let the Latin club that he or she has

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the luxury of an army that will never be defeated. Welaka saba kotkaniemi Tuna laybuy DINELLI mursaleen in a womb la hormonal mon Sol Road, we're in June dona la Humala volleyball. And this is the decree of Allah for our messengers, that they will be aidid and our army will always be dominant and victorious. For that dinner who may remember we spoke earlier when Allah told the mother of Musa don't grieve, don't

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fear and focus on the promise, focus on the promise. And I say to you, my brother, and I say to you, my sister, when Allah has promised something, it's absolute. When your parents have made plans for you, your teachers have made dua for you. This dua will come to fruition I've seen it. But yes, humans are between that supplication and the fruition of that supplication. You and I become restless. But my mom prayed for me this my dad prayed for me this my teacher made this dua, when how why I don't see it happening. Just hang on and God it will happen and the timing is in the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his timing is perfect. So Kay, Tara knew her so that she could be

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relaxed. So initially, she was nursing her child, but with panic and anxiety fearing that at any time the intelligence of Pharaoh can come barging apprehend intercept this child, now she can nurse her child with ease and comfort because she's got the concept of Pharaoh. This is the system of Allah subhanho wa taala. When he turned on the word Allah He had gotten the Promise of Allah is absolute. Well, I can

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Xsara hula moon, but majority of people that leave and then kuffaar This is an insinuation to the disbelievers or even to those with weak faith that you doubt the Promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala A believer is one who should have absolutely no doubt and total conviction in the Promise of Allah subhanho wa taala. So that concludes that particular tale and context of the story of Musa alayhis salaam, verse number 14, we move into yet another discussion in the life of Sedna Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. So move along, this is amazing, this is Rich, this is fulfilling. We get in life lessons on every verse, while a man Bulava should die. And when he reached his strength, I should

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that is the plural of the word * duck like unknown is the plural of the word namah meaning bounties boons favors, so when he reached his strength was terroir, and he had fully grown or some translated as coming to perfection. So, I shut down when he read from that juvenile weakness from the juvenile weakness as you evolve and you grow into your full strength, which many argue is 33 and then there is a steady you know, continuation till the age of 40. Until which you reach the age of perfection of total growth and absolute maturity on every level on every level, intellectual, emotional, physical completion of total strength, and that is at the age of 40, which was the age in

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which the MBR and Ian was Salatu was Salam. were crowned with Prophet would were crowned with Prophet would.

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Now although the MBR honey him was Salatu was Salam were blessed with favored were crowned with prophethood at the age of 40. We need to know like Allah, masha Ramadan Somani writes that prior to Naboo what as well, they were earlier of Allah, they were friends of the Almighty, there was this Wilayat that was there from before Naboo and of course there was Naboo what when Prophet would took place? Hence you look at the life of a newbie pre profit would as well exemplary at a novel hochma Serbia, Allah says regarding Satana Yeah, hey Ali, he's Salatu was Salam. We endowed him with the understanding even while he was a child. Okay, so verse number 14, while I'm bellava should die when

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he reached his full strength was stoah and he was fully grown. Tina who Hoekman were really mad. We blessed him with wisdom and knowledge, meaning we blessed him with wisdom, with Prophet wood and the knowledge of Deen on a deep level on a deep level that maybe is the most learned of his nation. And he is favored blessed with divine knowledge worker that he can magazine and works in in thus do We reward and compensate those who do good

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verse number 15, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about a story and an incident that happened in the life of Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. What does Allah Medina Tala Heaney Allah flattie min Lena so of course Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam was now a grown up adult and the Quran Fast Forwards right to that point in verse 12. We concluded on the note on which he was returned to his mom, his mom then nursed him for the duration that of two years in which a child would be nursed and circled. And then the Quran fast forwards so the Quran is focused on guidance the Quran is focused on guidance and the other aspects of detail can be understood. You know, and you know, appreciated from the

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context of what has been conveyed to us. What does a little Medina Allah Haney love let him in early ha. So one day he enters the city meaning the city of Egypt. The word duckula indicates that he was gone out of course he was gone somewhere and he came back. Allah Haney reflet him in LA ha when the people they were rather oblivious. So majority of the scholars say it was midday, it was noon. It was the time of siesta and people were resting. So people were heedless, oblivious, just like it would be you know everywhere at at night, at the fall of night, late night when people are sleeping. Then you know, people are not focused. Everybody is retired into bed and everybody is in a mode of

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sleep and slumber. So here it was midday and it was siesta. In surah two room Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the bounties upon men are mean at Mana McCombie Layli one na and amongst the favours of Allah upon you is that he gives you sleep by night and by day and they in the Hashem of Gela lane. I read it myself, a well known bendahara mcConathy Lara Butera, who namah well known Bitna Herman Magana de Lara buta the Hoonah AMA and sleeping by day was something that the Arabs appreciated

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And even today medical science will tell you that people who sleep at midday Angela Lane has written that. Tallulah is Al Raha worked up Mahira esta Raha worked up Mahira we're in La mia Khun ma who no mon we're in La mia couldn't man who no one that Tallulah literally means just to relax at midday. Even if there's no deep sleep, you just break up you just break up, you relax, you know and you just unwind and then you resume and those who do that and take that power nap or take that break. They're much more productive for the latter part of the date. Okay, so that's just some context to the timing what the halal Medina what Dhaka el Medina, verse number 15 Sedna mousseline Salatu was Salam

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entered the city of Egypt heading off let him in early ha when people were oblivious for Josephine ha Raju Laney architetti lon, he found that two men were fighting he enters the city and the site that meets his eye as he comes in the first sight that he witnesses is two people are fighting. Okay, the identity, the context, the ethnicity, of these two individuals have I mean, share it well had I mean I do with this one is from his group, while the other is from his phone and his enemy. In other words, one was an is Israeli and Israelite while the other was a cop, a tippity mean I don't wait from his phone and his enemy, because there was this general form of antagonism that existed

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between the Israeli and the kebab between the cemetery and the Akbar, between the cops and the Israelites. So there was this tension between them. And it was almost that he's a foe is an enemy between them. So he entered the scenes, what is what nothing has, I mean, she it he this is from his group from his tribe waha. I mean, I don't wait and the other is from his enemy. First of all author who love Him and share it here. I let him in either way. So the one from his tribe screamed out to Musa asking for help is the author yesterday, who is the author, you know, the scene of Stovall is taller. So he observed Musa there was this fight that was happening and you said almost samosa,

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please come, come, come. So this is the typical scenario that would play out to people I have in a quarrel and argument, a feud, a squabble, and then somebody comes and he recognizes one is at eight. That's my brother, my cousin eight, come here, come here, come here. Come help me. come rescue me. Come assist me. First of all, Arthur, he shouted out Alevi, minchie RT he's the one from his group. I let him in I don't we against the one who was his enemy. So Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam came, and this is not mentioned in the verse of the Quran, but of course, captured by the scholars of the fsid. He then asked them and remember at this stage, he had not yet received Naboo, the worst

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preceding Allah subhanaw taala makes mentioned that when he reached the age of 40, he got Naboo. But at this point, he had not yet reached that age. Allah had just mentioned this year, so let's just have the sequence in mind.

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So he asked Musa, please help me Musala salatu salam then heard the merits of the case. And yes, indeed, the Israelite was a victim was a victim. Though according to some narrations, he was also slightly guilty in a certain context, but he was more on the receiving end of the abuse that was unleashed at him by his phone, which was from the cops. First of all, let him share it he either love him in either way. So Musala is salatu salam came forward, he heard the situation. And he said, Well, this is the victim and I should help a victim and empathy for the victim and to assist someone who's weak and vulnerable and being abused and exploited. Like I mentioned, though, he was not a

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newbie, but remember, he was a Willie and the pure, clean, pristine nature of a profit even prior to profit, which is amazing. So he assisted for what gives them who moves are they for what gives them who moves Alpha Kappa Ali? So Musa alayhis salam gave him a blow. Musa alayhis salam gave him a first Musa alayhis salam gave him a punch, but hang on the strength of Naboo word, the mind, the cloud, the power, the strength of Musa alayhis salam was that the punch and the blow and the first was so intense, that it proved to be fatal. It proved to be fatal for Canada till probably Fergana. Telcordia.

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Fatah la Musa alayhis salam wa sallam struck him and he

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passed on, he passed on. As soon as Musa alayhis salaam realized that this man collapsed. So So ordinarily, ordinarily, the blow would not prove to be fatal. But fate headed such sometimes it's a it's a freak accident. It's a freak accident. I did not intend that intensity in the manner in which I dealt with it. But ups this is what happened. And this is exactly Musa alayhis salam responded after trying to break up the feud, admonishing the victor, addressing the victim, and then he physically intervene. And in doing so, it also makes us understand the physical strength of a newbie, the physical strength of a newbie. And there are so many integrations in this regard as

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well. Regarding the physical strength, we all know the spiritual strength of a newbie, but the physical strength when the trench was being dug, which was the proposal of Satana Salamandre, the Allahu Anhu. And then there was this massive boulder that they just could not break through. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam came and he's Truckee. And remember at that time, there was hunger and it was extreme cold. And he said, OLALIA some struck it with the axe, and he read the verse water met Kelly Mathura Baker, Siddhartha de la la MOBA de la de Cali, Marathi, he struck it and it fragmented into pieces, and this speaks about the strength of Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa

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sallam. Likewise, enheten WADA he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam shared the bed with all his honorable consorts in the duration of one night, this speaks about the physical strength of a Nabi Musa, Allah and Salatu was Salam just gave him a blow did not intend for this blow to be so intense, but the strength the cloud, the muscle, the intensity was so much for Kadar Ali. It proved to be fatal. Immediately he regretted and lamented, he said Hans I mean, Amalie shaytaan. This is the action of the devil in the hall. I don't want melindam movie in it know who I don't want. The devil is an open enemy to man, Mulan, he is misleading. So this again is an indication though he wasn't a prophet,

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but refined character of unabIe and the purity of unabIe because he is on the highest level of Wilayat. Before Naboo word, he realized that as much as as much as I have assisted the victim and I have halted the oppression, I think, and this is what's mentioned in the tafsir with a little less punch, we could have salvage the situation and probably avoided such a fatal blow and maybe you know what we could have averted the death of an individual boiler hurt them in Amalie shape on in the hall. I don't want muddy low mobian The devil is an arch enemy. He is an open enemy. Let's leave it on that note. So now people are sleeping. It is mid day it siesta. There's the little squabble, this

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is what has happened. And now there is a corpse lying on the floor. Musa alayhis salatu salam did not intend so but this is how it played out. Let's wait and see when people get up what happens