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100 a little bit

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silly. And while I

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made that last round that I said, Yeah, you're living colo facility calf. While we will do our T shirt on in the hula kumawu movie,

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we talked about the first part of the IRS today, a lot smarter as idea you're living proof is silica and into Islam completely.

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The second part of the IOM was around and I said well at the W Hotel watershed, and do not follow the footsteps of shaitan in the hola como movie.

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Verily, He is your open and clear enemy.

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I find myself a new that the

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basic principle in warfare is that knowing your enemy

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is winning half the lottery.

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side which knows the other side best. So

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the same principle applies in business, for example, competition, you should know your competition better than they know themselves.

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The more knowledge you have about the opposing force, the better equipped you are to deal with

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and allows rhondella did not leave anything hidden with respect to the shutdown.

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In many places, Allah subhanaw taala described who the Japan is, what the shaytan is, what he does, and so on and so forth.

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And if you still fall into the trap or shut and then we have only ourselves to blame,

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and that is why one would also say, on the Day of Judgment fell out alimony will move on Suzaku

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will say don't curse me curse yourself.

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Now in this ayah which a which we are looking at in sort of the raw data set. Let's review what what is written, I find myself and you to reflect on this act.

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Unless it's one of those saying do not follow the footsteps.

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What do we understand if somebody says do not follow the footsteps? We understand two things.

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The first, that the one who made the footsteps is not there.

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Because if

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the person is there, he will not say do not follow the footsteps. They do not follow him.

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Why would you talk about footsteps. And when the individual is this.

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The only time you say don't follow those footsteps is when the person who made the footsteps is not there. Only the footsteps are there. We say don't follow those footsteps.

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So the first and most important thing to understand here is that if we follow the footsteps I wish I'd done then who is responsible? We

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say that is not dragging us by our necks or not holding us by the hand or something or not, you know Titus in chains and he's not dragging us screaming and protesting in his partner.

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He made some footsteps are better.

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And we actively choose to follow those footsteps.

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Nobody's watching us.

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And therefore 100% totally we are responsible for what we do.

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That is why I was rather sad about the other day judgment as well. My job is that there's no zulum on this day.

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Whoever enters the jahannam would have made every preparation and would have invested and would have spent time and energy and money in ensuring that you enter the genre.

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Nobody is going to be forced into the genre.

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They will go who decide to go

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miss out on

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those three kinds of things.

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The number one thing that the shaitan does is that he invites

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and remember I'm not saying compelled they said that has no force and no power to compel. And Allah Allah mentioned this very clearly in sort of Alyssa and elsewhere that the schatten has no power over you.

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He has only power or those people who are mostly keen

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you know borrower

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What does he do? He whispers he temps. So the first thing he does is he invites directly towards him

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directly something which is haram which we know to be Haram. The shaytan will invite you towards doing that

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there's no doubt in your mind or my mind or anybody else's mind that this is haram but the hidden will tell you many things.

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We are interested in haram but the hidden reason or it's okay is taking the bed back.

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Then you will also say

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how do I know I will be alive until that time.

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He says that arrows of one megawatt by Kumari

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people all say that Yes, correct. You also believe that no problem but your Oh, and I know it's not reality when you're not going to be dead tomorrow.

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So no problem it's only three years paid back.

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We know gambling on horses and gambling in cricket and gambling on football and gambling on car racing and gambling basically I'm just mentioning all this because these are the ways we go. We know it is haram clearly Haram.

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So who is dragging you and meet malapit to the racecourse?

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spend our own money, drive our own cars.

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And we go directly to a place it exists only for her and there is no

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what is the purpose or existence of the race cars in malagueta? The race cards and why are the race cars wherever? Why is there a race course in order to promote gambling, there is no other reason why that's the reason for its existence.

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Don't we know this is where we go.

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So one way the Japan disease and I don't want to go through the whole list of things you know all the examples.

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One way the Japan deceives is by directly inviting towards traps whether it is gambling or interest or Zina or alcohol or whatever Allah subhanaw taala whichever is prohibited, shall we invite one way.

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Second way that they set on this is

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is by now Japan finds people in July like you who will not go and do something which are so you know, there's no point in writing. So what does he do?

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What he does with you is he makes you choose the lesser good deed

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instead of the better good deed for example, he knows he cannot make you sleep for a little further. He knows you will wake up and pray. So what does he say? He says pray at home What is it?

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Don't go to the masjid.

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There was many of these deeding stories Allah Allah. But the famous story of Hassan al Bashir on the lottery well, as Albert was left over there one day

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he fell asleep.

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So he missed further than he was he would have met cassava. Then the whole day as I was he was in literally international he was crying and weeping while as well my brother

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so the next day well before whether other battery somebody wakes him up

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is a wake up time for

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as long as we woke up was the thing that he believes.

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He said Yeah, because yesterday you I made you sleep and he said you made so much stuff Allah gave you the reward for 75 so it's better to wake up and pray one but that's

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said than done and will make you choose the lesser deed for the better deeds.

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a beggar is begging on the street you put your hand in a pocket and 100 rupee note comes out time is a factor whose or whether

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you want to use 100 rupees to delegate so you put down you put down a little bit in your pocket and take out 10 rupee road and give her 100

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and my daddy for that is you know what? Give 100 in the Jetta, what did you do give another 100

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keep on giving until you run the hill No, it is not as good as he is going to get too many good deeds saved on it.

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So he will make you choose the lesser date instead of the better deed. So instead of praying in the magical prayer drops we are still praying but instead of getting 27 times the reward now you got only one reward.

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It is not haram debris in the house. But what is the sand? Will anybody with any man will you say that if I can actually go to the masjid but I will consciously decide to pray at home makes no sense. Well, that means you really are your real question. Do I really have faith in the ACA because if you really have faith in the ACA

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and you are really thinking about investing in the ACA, then how can you pray from them?

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When you can understand the market is so far away you know, one hour drive and you're driving through rain and sleet and snow.

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The rescue but Angela we all live in countries where the

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damage is like two minute drive from anywhere else

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to Japan makes you choose the lesser date for the instead of the better deed

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and a third way the Japan attacks

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is economic growth something which is directly haram and you cannot make to stop your good deeds also. Then what does he do? Is he indulges? Let's make you indulge in things

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Which on the face of it did they don't look too bad

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but actually they are very, very bad.

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And the two major ones The first one is given

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a couple Misha tantillo Mashallah you You are a volley Allah Mashallah in olalia melodia Allah

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Allah for you

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and Marcello brings a lot of pleasure and you also bring that children so much more and and this and this and Mashallah beautiful big beard and so on and bigger mama

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so now you walk around like as if you are here

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and you give this one to this one and that facade to that one. And if you don't and I'm superior and this man I look at him he does not even play look at that one look at this hotel I will cover

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all the deeds are wiped out completely destroyed.

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So, on the face of it, you are doing good deeds, but in the if you look in your account, there is nothing zero, nada zero do get the anger of Allah subhanaw taala

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biggest biggest problem with people who are good is given

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big problem

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is the issue of

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showing others

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the outcomes to whom

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the one who is committing Haram is not doing real, think about this.

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React is a sin of the man who is doing good just think about this.

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Somebody who is gambling is not doing it because anybody is doing something he knows it is haram he is doing it.

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Who is the one who was doing a date to show others are good deeds.

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You are giving some you know charity you want people to know

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to feed to people but you will have somebody with their with a cap with your logo on it and you will have one TV fellow taking one photograph and

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yeah, similarly you recite the Quran maybe you decided to dwell and when you are reading in your heart or watch Allah knows how many people are here. There's so much Allah what Buddhist is

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there Salah is good years Allah is finished, gone down the drain

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Ria so the first one is given I'm talking about the things which shaytan uses to destroy the good deeds of people. So first one is given second one is via and either via is the sin of the good one not

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and the third one is

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Riba whenever

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backbiting and slander

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because actually all the good you did will not only go away it will go into the account of the fellow you don't like

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let's say Mohammed Abdullah says demos caller number five. Remember I said if I have to do a waiver, I will do very well for my mother.

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Because at least let my goods go to mama. And always go to something I don't like imagine. See the the the

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see the fertility of women who do do slander somebody who does.

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So what are you doing now you're doing you're giving a good deeds to someone you hate Now, why? What is the sense of the why would you want to give you a good deed to somebody you hate, that is what we are good, good, good, somebody would like

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to three ways.

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One is direct towards sin.

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And the second one is the thing that he does for people to good people to destroy their good deeds. And the third one is he makes you choose between two good deeds, one which is of lesser value.

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And that as well as rather than

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luck lot to do with watershed and do not follow the footsteps of Satan in our Komodo movie and he is your worst enemy and very open and clear.

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very open and he has no doubt about the fact that he has done his enemy.

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And even myself and you to be aware of this, as I said in the beginning, the one who knows his enemy, half the battle is one. So why should you lose a battle where you already have won half the battle thanks to Allah Subhana Allah and His knowledge which he has given us and also for the other half of the battle. Allah subhanaw taala as it asked for the protection of Allah

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first that is Billa.

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So it was I was we learned even at a time that was him Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us protection against this attack. So you have a situation where we know the enemy and we also have protection against the enemy. If you still lose that battle, then who do we have to blame May Allah subhanaw taala save us from that may Allah protect us from shaytan We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from

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Done and to protect us from his deception and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our eyes to the deception of shaitaan. So that we do that which is pleasing to Him. And we do not do anything which is displeasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala was Allah hi Rhonda will Karim Allah Allah. He was having his money.