Yasir Qadhi – Benefits from The Style of Dialogue of The Prophet ﷺ

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and benefits of the prophet system, including its potential profit system and potential for wealth and power. Jesus Christ's message references the fruit of butter and his message to his followers, as well as his advice to give it to his children. The discussion also touches on the importance of the profit system and its potential for profit, with a focus on its potential for profit and potential for wealth and power. Later, a man and woman discuss their beliefs and actions, with the man being insulted but not wanting to admit their superiority, and the woman attempting to convince him to say otherwise. The conversation ends with the woman promising they will continue later.
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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was

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one of the beautiful incidents of the Sierra, which occurred after our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went public with his Dawa. And it is a well known incident reported in all of the books of Sierra was when the Prophet systems preaching became known to the koresh, and it started causing tensions within families. Brother was pitted against brother uncle against her cousin. So it became an issue of the entire city getting involved. And one of the senior members of the kurush by the name of rich partner Robbie, he was in the delegation of the the network that was their parliament, if you like he was one of the senior MPs. The chorus did not have one chieftain after even after

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muttalib. They didn't have one king one, they had all of the chieftains basically in a parliament, and one of the members was responsive in the lobby. And he asked the delegation, he asked the Congress, the network, he asked them, Do you authorize me to negotiate on your behalf and to make some conditions so that we can end all of this tension? They said anything as long as he stops preaching this message? So let's worship Narada went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam found a time and place that there was nobody there in front of the Kaaba, by the way, who is suitable relative neurobiol He is the father in law of Abu sufian. His daughter is Hynde. And the

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one that you know the Hamza incident hint, this is the father of hynd. But it would have never been as the one that when the incident of thought if happened, rutabaga was the one that said to the Christian slave go and give the grapes that was the garden that belonged to Aruba, outside of thought if when he saw the prophecies, and we saw what happened, he had a merciful moment that this is my nephew, who is from the Qureshi is up, you know, the the second cousin of the father of the Prophet system. So he's from the kurush. But he is not from the exact lineage. And by the way, it also is the one in the bottle of butter in the bottle of butter when the profitsystem was lined, and

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he saw the coloration on the other side, and they saw a man with the turban around his face, and he was on a red camel weaning a very expensive, very beautiful camel rushing in the front of the ranks, and they couldn't hear what he was saying. But the profitsystem knew because Allah told him, God told him what the man is saying. The profitsystem said, if there is any good in the people, they will listen to the man on the red camel. This is Earth batubulan robbia. Okay, if there is any good, they'll listen to the sensible advice of the man on the red camel. Later on, they found out the amount on the red camel was earthworks of Nairobi. And what was he telling his people? He was

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telling his people, oh my people, why are you killing your own blood? These are your own cousins who's going to benefit let them believe in another religion, who cares? You're killing them. So he was advising them to not go to war, because he felt it to be petty rutabaga was we will call him a very, you know, right wing nationalist. He was a proud of his tribe. And yes, he didn't like the religion of Islam, but he wasn't wanting to kill the Muslims because they're of a different faith. He wanted to be a quraishi, pure kurachi. And he wanted stability over theology, right? He cared about the prestige of the kurush over the religion of the Profit System. So anyway, back to the

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story. So he goes to the Profit System. And he says, and by the way, it is maybe two decades older the process of is now 4142 years old. 43. Robert is in his late 50s, early 60s, Aruba is this one of the senior members, he's seen the profit system as a child, he's an elder of the courage. Another point where he brought the wards of Fedora to an end if you remember the days of Joe Hillier, that civil war that took place with Bo was the one who brought it to an end. He's a very respected member. So he goes to the profitsystem. He says, You have been my nephew, my nephew. Isn't this enough? Haven't you caused enough problems? You have divided our own? Look, his paradigm is very

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different. What is he worried about? He's not worried. He wants to have unity. He wants to have what we call the national sentiment. He wants to have the pride of the kurush That's who he is. You have divided our people you have caused families to be broken up. You have made one kurachi against another quarter sheet. You have considered our icons to be ridiculous, meaning the gods, right. These are our icons. Imagine if you know anything

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can just reset the flag right that's this is our icon you know how to react similarly he's saying you have considered our icons to be ridiculous and then he asked him who is more knowledgeable you are abdulmutallab meaning abdulmutallab who is your grandfather how could you be correct and he be wrong who is more knowledgeable and are you more knowledgeable than your own grandfather and the profitsystem was silent then he said i am coming here to negotiate and then the famous thing if you want wealth we will give you all the wealth in the world if you want power we will make you a member of the shura of the network and no decision will take place except with your veto will give you veto

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power you will have the power of veto and if you want you know if you have a disease we will get you the best doctor and if you want marriage name any woman will make sure she marries you whatever bribe we're willing to give you right the profitsystem remain quiet then he said ferrata abul walid are you now done oh absolutely because your son is what he did when are you done are bullied he said yes so then the prophet said listen to what i have to say then he began reciting surah facilite hamid transilluminator rahman rahim kitab al facilite area two and he recited recited recited until he came to the verse and abu ali baba he had put his hands back and he's now sitting listening as an

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elder man he's sitting with you know with the * on his back with his hands like this and he's listening and his face is changing changing changing by the way i always mentioned the subhanallah when we listen to monschau we observe bossard history the mashallah the king of aurora how we are affected right can you imagine if we heard the tito of the processes and what would have happened can you imagine hearing his recitation may allah grant us that agenda to for those insha allah allah so route is listening to the prophet systems did our his whole face is changing until finally the prophets ism comes to the verse for in our ado if they reject this message for under tokom sakata

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methylisothiazolinone mode i'm warning you of a lightning bolt that will destroy them like either the mood were destroyed and it's a crescendo was building up if you read the verses are powerful they're powerful by this time it's what jumps up and he puts his hand on the mouth of the prophet system and he says i beg you by allah stop this is a threat and i'm worried i beg you by allah stop don't go further hi just stop here so the profitsystem said okay you have heard what i have to say for until a shot and look it's up to you what you want to do then the story goes on so many benefits but the point i wanted to just bring here small benefit subhanallah look at the infinite adverb and

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wisdom of dialogue of our profits a little love while he was selling them well law he it is mind boggling you know when two of us muslims get involved in a debate or a dispute we don't even show a fraction of wisdom of rama of common sense our prophet system is having a dialogue with a pagan an idol worshiper a qureshi and in the course of this dialogue he is being insulted to the highest degree of insults you want money will give you money what an insult to the honor and dignity of our prophet sallallahu ala he was sending him do you think he wants money you want power you want to women are to be law this is an insult of the highest magnitude and what is he doing quiet go ahead

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more asked me more no problem right and the question as well are you more knowledgeable or upturned with buddy now we are insulted but from his paradigm it's a common sense question who are you oh grandson of abdulmutallab you're a nobody compared to him from his paradigm is different and notice the wisdom not a single one of these insults the prophets has and responded to why because it's hopeless do you expect the process to say i am more better than my grandfather and avoided or it was going to understand his paradigm is so different that to merely say the profitsystem is better is going to be falling on deaf ears this is what you call a wisdom you choose your battles and you

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choose when to speak and when to be quiet and you choose what to say and he didn't even respond to all of those bribes out of dignity not even responding just complete ignoring and this is the sign of a dignified critic subhana allah and then what did he do he presented to him go resurfacer we don't have time to go into that go read it he presented him the message of islam and the first page and a half of pseudo facilite talks about tawheed it talks about rissalah it talks about our hero and then it ends with a threat that if you turn away

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is there and that's when everybody jumped and said enough is enough from this we learn and

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shallow with this we conclude, dear brothers in Islam Subhanallah What a beautiful manner here that when you are engaging in dialogue, understand the goal is not the Jew show that you are better than the other person. The goal is to genuinely convinced the person and how you convince the person, generally speaking, is by respecting the dignity and the time. In fact, he even asked about Waleed, are you done now? He let him go on and on. And on. Next time you see a debate between two Muslims, you will see they will not even let the first person finish the sentence before the other one interjects and thinks he's refuting they won't even let you finish the sentence. And here the

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profitsystem is sitting. Go ahead, quiet. Go ahead more, more and more when he's done. He even asked him anything else anything left? This shows you simple common sense. And then also the wisdom in how you respond right? The paradigms are so different, that the profit system would not even have been, you know, successful if you tried to negotiate with I don't want money that would be insulting to even say that, oh, I am better than Abdulmutallab that would not fly on his ears. So you just ignore that and you move to your solid points and the solid points are what the Quran tauheed risala. In any case, this beautiful anecdote is full of wisdom and it shows us the dignity of our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam and it shows us some etiquettes of how we debate and dialogue May Allah subhanho wa Taala causes to benefit from the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inshallah will continue later on some equipments.

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