"I really think this is one of the greatest causes one could support" - Mufti Ismail Menk Watch Video [35s]

Mufti Menk – The Need For Religious Rehab

Male, Maldives, 14 Jan 2020

A Muslim believes in the Maker, the Worshiped One,  to whom we owe our worship, the one to whom we shall return. And every action of a Muslim shall be rewarded even when the action is not followed through. Allah rewards us our intention. Allah knows what is best for us. Allah’s plan is far better for us than our own plan, When you want something and it comes to you – thank Allah. When you want something and it doesn’t come to you – thank Allah twice. But how are we to achieve this state of blissful acceptance and submission of Allah’s plan? The answer is rehabilitation of our deen.

We are all in need of religious rehabilitation – to reconnect with our deen. Study the globe and observe how Islam spread. It spread through respect and integrity and dignity of the Muslims. The Muslims before us displayed Islam through good examples and excellent practice of the religion.

That is our duty – to reconnect with Islam and its principles and values. Islam values honesty and amanah. Even when it seems impossible, it is not impossible to abide by Allah’s edicts. Follow the examples of the prophets – Lut a.s. remained pure despite living amongst lewdness; Ibrahim a.s practiced monotheism in spite of the multitude of God statues surrounding him. Our duty is to live in such a way that  a person’s faith is restored through interaction with us. Set the best example of a Muslim for others to see. Remember – Every Muslim is a diplomat of Islam.

And so begin your personal rehabilitation process by taking time out of your full day to listen to this talk uploaded by Muslim Central.