Ebrahim Bham – Inspiration from the life of Umar RA

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The personality ofoni Qur harm, a famous Muslim man, was not a half-sent but was born from a woman who was inspired by Allah's subhanho wa taala. Omar was a victory in Islam due to his actions, including his use of cream sauce and his ability to sing during a wedding. Omar's success in finding a woman and finding a woman in a hot tub was due to his actions, including his use of a cream sauce and his ability to sing during a wedding. Omar's history and actions, including his appointment of the right person and the downfall of the previous leader, were also discussed.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala ala Nabi Avada Amalga do follow me laminar shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Wayra come to Manan sienta como bulahdelah. said Allah will Azeem My dear respected elders and brothers.

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Today I would like to speak about a personality who is a very great personality. But more than that one of the reasons or speaking about this personality is that he was inspired by Allah subhanho wa taala. He used to be inspired by Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is none other than Oh maligna Hatha Radi Allahu Taala ammo. And wa Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said, they were people in the past, who are people who are known as Muhammad Deathrun, who were inspired.

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And if there is going to be anyone in this room that is inspired by Allah. Then it is Omar. Edna cartography, Allahu taala. And what am I have written various meanings of the word Mohammed dethrone one who is inspired. One meaning is, he was inspired by Allah subhanho wa taala. Second is he whose intuition his very thought is right, because of the purity of his heart. Therefore we are cream sauce limited in Allah hija Allah Huck Ali Salim Ahmed wakatobi. Allah has embedded truth on the tongue in the heart of Marina photography, Allah is

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the one who's on his tongue. Truth comes naturally, it just flows from him. It is something that is he is born with it, that is embedded on his tongue, or on his tongue and he always speaks the truth. This is the meaning of Mohammed Hassan, Mohammed the one who is inspired by Allah subhanho wa taala. Therefore it is said that many times, Omar Radi Allahu taala, who used to give a view, he used to give an opinion. And then the Quran used to be revealed, according to his view, not once many times, and Alama have written some 22 times. He said something at the moment he said something according to that, Allah subhanho wa Taala used to reveal the ayat when people falsely accuse has it Ayesha Curry

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Allahu Taala Anna, about immortality. So humara the ultra ritonavir Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yasuda Allah who got her married to you? It is Allah who got her married to you and Allah would not have made a wrong choice. And then he used the word Subhana cada Botha Nazim I Glory be to Allah this is pure slander. Exactly that words came as a verse in the Holy Quran. So Hanukkah hada Bhutan has him that is a reason why we choose to speak to him because he was inspired by Allah and whatever examples we give. We will inshallah be likewise inspired. As may daddy cake Azima stick about him I am Karnataka. Worship sia disco Allah Tala kita rasa inhabitated reoccurring saw

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ceremony for Maya mucha pelea machmir sellotape to Amata soon kehlata Oh, gotta marry who McMahon is outta to have Amara the ALA Talanoa nebula cream sauce limited days if they have to be an OB after me who there will be no more metabolic or CO interview OTA tomorrow the Allahu Taala Mata or both Cymbalta sai care. Murphy Allahu taala. And who can obtain nicer water or mosquito he may work in as in fermata Allah mana Lika Hey, Ken, this is Jada Matoba essay Why as an Emirati Allahu Taranaki is in the demand. Now of course we all know the incident with regard to his coming of Islam. You would recall almost a month back we spoke spoke about his brother in law, sorry, deepness, Aden, who was

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married to his sister as a Fatima Ravi Ultra, then we made mention of the incident. Today I would like to speak about various aspects of his life. And obviously, we can't speak about all SPX but just little bit of some of the aspects that can inspire us, some that can motivate us towards truth towards justice towards righteousness. So of course, one thing about Amara the ultimate there was no half measures. When he became a Muslim he was devoted as a Muslim. He spent everything in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. When he was against Islam, his animosity was all

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also in the same way against Islam, and to this extent, when people were frightened, O'Meara the ultra No, got up one day to go and assassinate our beloved Nebia. Kareem said Allah, Allah wa salam. But we know the incident on his way. He met a person, he met us Sahabi. And then he told him where you have to You're looking very, very determined. They say, I'm going to assassinate Muhammad. He said, Leave Mohammed, your sister has become a Muslim. And he went there, and he saw that his sister was reading something which he thought to be a, you know, Quran. And he came in, he started beating up his sister. And when he started beating up his sister, she was also the stuff. He said, Omar, you

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can beat us how much you want. We have become a Muslim, we are not going to turn away from Islam. So Omar said, that we need what you are,

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that we see what you are ready. She was really the beginning of surah Taha when he came to the verse in any and Allah Allah in Abu Dhabi, me that I am Allah, the One worship Allah worship the one who has created you, Omar of the Altano melted and he became a Muslim. He came in the presence of our beloved maybe a cream sauce, maybe a cream sauce from the previous night made dua and few nights before that. Allah Allah Allah Udall Islam beyond Hatha faceter of glide Nia bursary Allah Moses via there is one rewired that says, Oh Allah help Islam with either Mr. Evening a sham sham Abu Jihad

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Villalta no one rewired sees it nobody saw Islam specifically made mention of

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Alma I hit in Islam. We already knew hotter because certain are gonna help Islam with the coming of Islam of Medina, Hatha and his coming in Islam was such a great mercy. Such a great impacted head. That Jeep Riley Salam Kim to Nivea cream sauce.

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Yeah, Muhammad.

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In Allah sama estaba, Shara kabhi. Islamia Omar. Oh yah rasool Allah, the angels of heaven have deputed me to give you great tidings on the Islam of Omar Subhan Allah that is how it was. So much so that it is made mentioned that how to live nama sutra, the Allahu Taala and who that the Islam of Islam of Omar was a victory. The Islam of Omar was a victory. His Hytera was a great help. And his laugh It was a mercy. This was over in a photography Altano. And the impact is Islam had the machinery tedious to say that after Omar became a Muslim things became, in a way equal between us Muslims never used to read in the Kaaba. After Omar, God became a Muslim, he used to say yeah,

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why are you reading in private? I take you to the Harlem and I will see you who will stop you to read salah. They only started reading Salah in the Kaaba after Islam of Omar. So this was the reality with regard to the coming of Islam of Medina Hatha Kabbalah Islam Kawakita boat matura just Couplehood a cha cha para. He had the capability salatu salam absurd Allahu Allah wa sallam, como bada ba delicately Ayato

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Malacca ticker symbol barabar Masuda Lila Tanaka call her O'Meara the Allahu Tanaka Kabbalah, Islam Fatah, wonky hijet Islam ki Musa, or own Khilafah Rama t. Now there are many aspects of the life of kumara Viola who once was his closeness to our beloved Nivea cream sauce, I can make mention of many insurance I chose to incidence using my my discretion. One was Maria loutra, who was very close to the via cream saucer, so much so the Sahaba says that when nivia cream sauce seldom used to come in the gathering

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Sahaba used to set SP birds were perched on the heads out of the often the be a cream saucer.

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So they all used to sit silently, except two people used to look at a cream sauce

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and they used to smile it to be a cream sauce. And he used to smile back and there was

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one rewired made mention that one day cream sauce walked with

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and as he was walking he said, Haha, this is the way we will get up on the day of Tiamat. I will be getting up with Abu Bakar on my right hand and O'Meara Viola turn on the left hand once maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting I think it was a time of a wedding. So the woman of the answered was seeking singing certain poetry. So when they were seeking singing certain poetry, they continued Nevis Aslam was there they were singing poetry. Amazing. And this was the compassion of Navistar

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For the month Richard sometimes sometimes the asset to situations with reasonable accommodation for happiness. But when Allah woulda came this they ran away from them immediately they scattered everywhere. So when the when Omar came in the presence of the missiles, the missiles name was smiling. And he said jasola Why are you smiling? And overly ultimo? According to the rewired either this time or another time? He said, Allah was in rasool Allah may Allah always keep you smiling Ursula Why are you smiling? And then we saw some said I am smiling at these women. They were singing poetry in front of me and Omar when you came they read away so he said yeah do what he unfussy him

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Oh enemies of your soul? Are you are you more afraid of me than

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the Navy often lies in front of you and yet you do not show that respect and oil and you continue singing poetry? And they said until a first was last October, maybe saw some semi zyada Shetty that you are even more strong, you know, more harsh than our beloved to be himself. Then the vehicle himself said Omar leave them alone. Leave them alone. He

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Malatya crescita and silicon faction tattoo Illa silica Fiji first gen availa for Jack O Allah leave them alone. Dora Marketo shaytan Aki Durkee wajah se or delta Marie will do survive they are gonna die. That when you take a path and shaytan see you taking the path that also takes another path. So this was all of your loutra and who known for the closeness and how the vehicle himself interacted with him. One amazing incident was a time of HUD after we had when they became so slim in the Sahaba settled after so many Sahaba were made Shaheed so much to fear and got up on the Mount of HUD and he said I feel call me Muhammad. Is Muhammad alive? Is Muhammad amongst you. I feel call me Abubakar. I

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feel called me over amazing. Even the non Muslims knew the ranks after Mohammed Abu Bakr and Omar was the most senior. So he said I feel a call with Mohammed. I feel

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I feel call me. So then he said a Maha for

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the Jabu. They must have been killed. If they were alive. They would have said anything in America himself said Omar don't reply. Don't reply with your mouth or nose. So you know he was a shutdown family life.

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So how could he remain silent? He said Kazama Allah, you are a liar or enemy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah Tala has kept us alive. So then Abu Sufian said, Oh Allah who

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may who will be praise and he is elevated. So then maybe a Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told as an Emirati allow Tron to reply, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah is the Greatest and he is the most supreme. So then Abu Sufian said that Nana Rosa when I was Salah ko we have Rosa you have no Rosa Maria Karim. So Salam told him to reply, Allah whom Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah is our protector. And our guardian, you have no protector. Then he said, things will have been an hour, no Sujata things have become equal. You defeated us in in battle we defeated to Eduardo. So then nebbia Kareem saw Selim told Omar to reply. This is something I always tell people that we must take great, great tidings said catalana Phil Jana Kotla confident are the people who are alive and who have been killed by us. They are shaheed they are in Jannah and the people who are killed by Angelina, all those people who killing Muslims, you know, no Muslims who have been killed, we must never make the mistake to say they are equal they are not equal. Those who are killing

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and those Muslims who have been killed or internet, they are Shahidi they are not equal. Subhanallah this was Maria louder. No, he had a towering personality. Yeah, Allah has an homage to the ultra head

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towering personality and so was his, you know, such you know, his, his personality that you know, Murphy LaTonya had a very great unique physique. And people say that he was very well muscled what we'll say today well toned, you know, but he wasn't, you know, obese. Such was his personality. I will massage a lot to one day were to meet Omar. He came out of the room shivering, trembling. Someone said why are you trembling? He said the personality of Kumar that is why I'm trembling rewired makes mentioned one day a pregnant woman came in the presence of humara

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She must get it.

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This was the personality of Omar. But you know, sometimes a person like that personality who's got such a great physique, such a towering personality, he could become proud and arrogant, not Omar. Omar was despite their personality, it's such great amount of humility. He had such great amount of fear of Almighty Allah, that the old German historian said they were too too visible signs on his cheek, you know, lines on his cheek, because of the excessive tears of

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two lines on his face, because of tearing out of the fear of Almighty Allah and the compassion for humanity. One day a person came to him. And he said, You know, I got some work. So what are the ultimate okay, very angry, to come to work and hit him. He said, I give you people a time I sit in the masjid. And I tell you, whoever has got any type of problems, any complaints, let them come to me. And that time you don't come now when I'm sitting on my own. Now you come to me

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over God, so he went away. Obviously, he was wrong, because he didn't tell me the time which was advertised. But then afterwards, when he went away,

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went after him. And Omar went to plead with him and said, Come back and hit me back. He said, For what? He said, I hit you, I shouldn't have done so. And then he said, No, I forgiven you. So overcame that and he started weeping. And he said, Omar, you were disgraced. And

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granted, we desert granted to respect you or you are not on Hidayat and let Allah granted to Hidayat. Allah gave you authority over people. And when they come to ask you something, he says the way you treat them,

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and he started crying, he weep for such a great and long amount of time. So this was the Allahu anhu, which was amazing with regard to his personality. We're Bernie obala of ba ba Rockshox. Here, commodity liquor to skip our June for Arges or Sadat, WT Hamilton, then of course his beloved, what can we say about His Beloved, when Ababa Korea Loudon appointed him there was no election sometimes this elections also you get the worst of people.

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As a member of the allow Toronto was not appointed, he was not elected, he was selected. He was selected by the ultra low and when someone told me worker whomever you appointed, are you sure you have appointed the right person? So what is our current realtor who says Allah He if I go in front of Allah, and Allah asked me why did you appoint him?

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I will say I appointed the best person in the universe after maybe a Kareem Salah Salem I have appointed the best person and he still love it. Yeah Allah what can we say with regard to his philosophy? He was Who am I have written put India Pakistan Bangladesh together the subcontinent. More than eight times more than that he had authority 23 lakh square miles he was a Khalifa. He's a philosopher had led to the downfall of two superpowers, the Roman the Roman Empire, the Roman Empire, and in Cardassia and the Persian Empire in your book to both of them, they fell down and they were the downfall in under the leadership of Omar. He established major new cities first Muslim

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ruler to take senses establish a police system, guest houses restroom for travelers. This ultra shall enable not only from now, time between every major city he created rest places for the people. He was so in tune with regard to the needs of people. If only you read the reforms of

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Lula. Not only was he pious he was an extreme able administrator. Such was his greatness on Kiss Elia colophon there is luck murabaha mill Perone Kahuku mud door Azim Sultan auto Casa Val ki Hado

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Bereshit Haruki buena de la MCDM shamanic Cobra police carnism banana

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Mustafa Hannah banana or Yes sir. Wouldn't he have a laugh at me and look at his justice yeah Allah His justice was such everyone has equal to this extent, that he even establish had upon his own son abou Shama.

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Shama was, took alcohol and he was in Egypt. Then he got the news that he was punished but he was punished in private Omar wrote a letter to Amarinder has sent my son here because of

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him being the son of the Khalifa. We have shown him unnecessary accommodation, which he shouldn't have done. He brought him back to Medina. He himself administered the HUD punishment. I will Shama was weak rewires made mentioned he couldn't bear the punishment and he passed away because of the punishment, or oh Maria LaDonna saw that his son

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got the punishment and one revise

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that after hitting him after punishing him, after punishing him, he had the son.

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Someone said, You punished him and then you hurt him. He said I punished him as a Khalifa. I hugged him as a father.

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I punished him as a philosopher. I hugged him as a father.

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This was O'Meara veal, no

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one can go go and making mention of one incident after the other person and boy, one day came and said a person to go and

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say where is where's the Khalifa? He said the Khalifa is sleeping there. So he said a very amazing thing. You know, he saw mother sleeping on a rock and he was no bodyguards. So know what he said. How come for our delta? For Amanda? Fernanda. He ruled with justice. He created justice, he created peace, he went to sleep and he slept.

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This was his omen. Such was Such was his simplicity despite his beloved that when there was a drought, he didn't eat meat. So he will say why you eat you're going to become weak. He never used to eat he said I will not eat until the public can afford it. So one day they got him something they said see it is now in the poses. So they brought him some meat. So he said how much is the meat? He said so much. He said Can the public afford him? He says still too expensive for the public to afford is a ticket away. Buddha nature here how am I going to eat when the public No

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wonder he wanted fish. So you know his his heard him out of love when to go look for fish and he will some miles so when he brought the fish Omar said let me go and see what do they say well to the camel and he saw they were swept behind the ears of the camel. So he said for the sake of giving me fish you put this cable and you went to drive and you went to well you know right so so long to get me fish go I don't want it cognitive yourself would say water. This was coming out of your mouth run with simplicity. Jerry Rabia Gula one day came to eat by the Khalifa house now you can be HIPAA Khalifa house you go by wealthy person's house will say he is wealthy and give me good food. Cherry

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radula couldn't eat the food. So he said Omar How do you eat this food? I can't put it down my throat. It is so cause this was the ultra nose so much worried about the public funds. Sometimes we hear this we think Allah can a person have such great qualities. I mean when we look at our rulers, not only in South Africa anywhere in the world, can anyone ever match this? The only thing we can say because we know about it. We have read about it is an ideal in front of us. One day

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at a time after when people used to sleep in the in the heat of the rain in the radiant sun. Oh man, where are you going?

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One came out of the beetle malerkotla Last

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one cable of the bay tomorrow got Ross I'm running after it. I'm going to look for it. I don't have a lot to say over what example are you setting for the rulers afterwards? Who's going to be able to reach your particular level?

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Now Now come on is 250,000,000,500 Billions get stolen. Not even a frown come into the onto the onto the forehead of the rulers. One camera liquidum is running around after it. There are labellers we can just go on and gone. I just want to make mention with regard to his life. Despite all of that he had such humility. He was such a ruler. People used to correct him one day he spoke against Dolly. Don't make so much dowry. So when old woman said oh Omar, Omar dowry is our right. You got no right to say anything about it. You've got no right to tell us with regard to how much down you must take. You can advise us but you can tell us with regard to how much you must take. And Omar Allah Toronto

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didn't say anything. He came down the member and he said coluna Salam Amina Omar, Elijah is everyone knows what an omen even an old lady knows God Oma. One way such such justice, such dowry personality in such humility and simplicity when he was passing away because of Medusa, you know, Medusa lamb who stabbed him, you know, at that particular time, you know, despite all of that he stood every time now my style came up, tell me that

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Read Namaaz that we read Salah there is no portion in Islam for a person who doesn't read Namaaz so Namaaz naper Tomica Islam Casa coil

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coil, Goya Guney

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was the perceptive essay 100 men in every particular time he read his Namaaz. And then lastly, he told us that made us conclude with us. Lastly, when he was on his deathbed, he was on his the lap of his son Abdullah evening.

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And he didn't put his, you know, he put his cheek and he said, Oh, my son, leave me put my put my head upon the sail. And he put his head on the sail and he rubbed his cheeks on the side and he said, we will look

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in the mirror phylloxera book, destruction be your Lord.

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Forgive you.

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Destruction be you are not evil. If Allah doesn't forgive you a person who maybe sauces and overfilled Jana said humility and such a Musashi Renato said why are you showing concern? Why are you showing concern? Allah has forgiven you. So it will Abu Musa Cherie, oh Abu Musa, if I had the whole world in my possession, I would have given that as a ransom to save myself from the above the after. When he passed away, he told me some go to eyeshadow the Ultra and says, I want to be buried next gonna be a cream sauce. But look at this ethics even after death. Go until Ayesha that. Omar, us don't tell her Ameerul Momineen asked, if you tell her, she will have no option but to say yes.

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Don't even tell her O'Meara woman asked, said

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asked, Can I be buried? I just said I wanted to be buried there, but I give you preference. And then he told his son after I pass away, after I pass away, go again to Asia. Maybe while I'm alive. She might have had some shyness to say no. After I go after I pass away then go in US said my father said after I pass away. I must ask permission one more time.

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Who I shall give permission.

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As anybody allowed, who says as it passed up to live nearby said that Janaza we were getting the Jenna's off camera. The Ultra know when I heard a person saying Oh, marimba katabi Allah bless you. Whenever I heard about himself slim. Whenever I heard nobody saw slim speaking. He said me a worker and Omar. We did this. Me I'm a worker in Oman. We went here. Me I'm a worker in Oman. We did this. And I said Yana who is speaking this and he said, I knew that the day you die, you are going to be buried next to be a Kareem salsa Abdullah. Who is saying this? I look behind I saw the person who was saying this was none other than Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala give us a Tofik have been

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inspired from such a life. Bring that little bit of righteousness in our life after that one

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