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Children who are here I'm also a child, my parents are alive May Allah grant them goodness.

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Remember one thing how you speak to your parents is extremely important. You need to be kind, you need to understand you might think you're a big deal and a huge, strong teenager who's got muscle and who really is stronger than your own father and your mother. And sometimes you feel I can beat up dad because you know what, he doesn't even have the muscle. But remember one thing, it is your text, how you talk to them, they may tell you things that you don't agree with. Think about it. If they are correct, then change your mind and if they are wrong, I respectfully disagree. And remember that it is a test for you. But the second point, my beloved parents, live with your children in such

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a beautiful way live with your children in such a beautiful way that they respect you to that degree sometimes we need such a cheap life as parents that our children have no time for us.

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Sorry, there's a small announcement there is a vehicle that perhaps needs movement. I think that's normally the announcement Can I have the number of

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residency so rested was the vehicle SD w 9955 s Mashallah the value of your car has just shot up by 100,000 Singapore dollars so inshallah you stand up at least we can offer you something.

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My brothers and sisters This is just a mistake, it's a human error. I think if you would be kind enough SD w 9955. s if you can please urgently as an act of worship get up and just move your car you will wait

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until excel in fact we recording this you can hear each other later on. My brothers and sisters is a way of saying things I could have got up here and shouted the brother and said you don't have any shame but you know what, it could have been my cup?

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I don't really think so. But I don't think I would have done that. But sometimes your desperation to listen to something good. You do something bad It happens on a Friday I don't know if you notice. We want to get to the temperature and to listen to the message and so powerfully and we are late Why are you late? Why are you late? come early.

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And then park your car in a way that you do disturb people because I'm going to say Oh Allah I'm asking Allah Friday Allah have mercy on me and mercy on me and someone else whoever This is firstly, so the two as which are fighting each other one wonders who will

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not do that. So Mashallah, that's the number plate that's the vehicle. I'm sure it's moved by now you know.

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Alhamdulillah let's carry on with what we are saying.