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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the recent pilot for a new social media platform called Gracie Bob, which aims to encourage people to buy into the currency and buy into the Federation. They also discuss the recent pilot for a new social media platform called Gracie Bob, which aims to encourage people to buy into the currency and buy into the Federation. They also mention the upcoming pilot for a new social media platform called Gracie Bob, which aims to encourage people to buy into the currency and buy into the Federation.
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parting out our final day, Bill and I are set. Today the goal is more than we've ever done. So let's get started six pages, six pages, I didn't want to say it out loud because then put that social pressure on. But now we got to do a few people will find their purpose, but even fewer people will see past their purpose and say, I am a platform like like your professor. Or even more like Gracie bought the whole concept where if he had any points had, you know, someone else could do this someone like better there's somebody better there's someone greater. He could have been religious, like you know, humble, and then he would have lost everything interesting with the Gracie Baja

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He went on to create a system and thing. Yeah. But like that wasn't what got him out there. Right. What we got him out finding was specifically the IBJJF, which is international present news Federation, which lays down the standard for sport jujitsu.

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Right And now, it's like, hey, everybody's welcome to complete. So on the

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right, and so now you have entire schools springing up that's outside of Gracie Bob. Among them are like autos and alliances and all these other places. They're all like, certified, was talking about certification. It's like, these are people who are competing with the rules. Right? And so they're following the baseline that IBJJF has established. So if everybody buys it's like, it's like Bitcoin. Everybody buys into the currency. It goes up, it goes up. Same thing everybody's bought into the Federation. But yeah, we'll all apply and work with these rules. No back, like when the UFC moved from, everything was allowed a groin, to they were forced to, in order to in order to stay.

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Yeah, right. Because what happened was they could they could have moved the bird to the society and society who was against them, like New York State, like the states weren't allowing them Okay, but why were the states not allowing them?

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Who was a major front runner against them boxing, right and who was boxing using as a front runner? We can

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say this is because McCain's political campaigns were financed through the Boxing, boxing lobby, right. So yes, so UFC pay per view.

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Kill in boxing, yeah. are destroying Yeah. And so boxing was just like, We gotta do something about this. We got to so they helped try to all the basically outlawed it in like New York and other places. And then finally, they said, Okay, I mean, we don't want to get banned from the nation. But he said, Dana White just did a two hour interview with Tony Robbins on a mainstage. Someone called out. So he became, and he told this story that you're saying that we they banned us. So then we went head on. We sat with them at the table. They didn't want to give us and we said okay, no, they just said nobody. Notice, notice notice. And then we said sure. And then we kept going state by state by

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state by state by state and getting it like

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getting all the checks. Yeah. But that's one piece of information that I guess you're not going to see in the story. But ya know, that he was up against he just made it like, everywhere we went the politicians were we were up against a wall. Yeah. But we faced it head on. And that was his build up to how do you sell it for $4 billion dollars.

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We're done guys.

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What Sam was like, I am essentially trying to rub the lights out of my forehead. Everything sparkles and tingles. Do a favor, guys, boom. Oh, friends. I'm sorry. I like seeing it. I like to say that I'm tired, exhausted, I like to say expended all the energy that I had, you left it all on the table. Everything's gonna say the math, but I left it all on the table. I left it all in the most half. And for everyone who's like, why did they work out? Why did they sign out? Why did they swim? Why did they breathe, run, play basketball, climb walls. Try doing all this without doing that. Thank you jujitsu. We set it when Omar Khan was joining for the grand revolution year to stuff.

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Yeah. And we talked about it and I would say that was a piece of cake. That was a piece of cake compared to this. And every time you increase your training, you'll find that life throws you something to say had I not done that? I wouldn't no way I could go through it but on revolution basically prepared us to do this. Absolutely. And set us up to do this. And then the stuff that we did before this set us up to do a brand revolution and our brand revolution set us up for this. It's everything is to make you ready for Shao Kahn at the end.

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Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

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Oh no.

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Please with the music.

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Just relax. It's closed. Oh.

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Another without singing all the time.

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