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The transcript describes the legacy of a woman named Sarah who was the most famous woman in Islam. She was a famous woman who had a sense of humor and was the supporter of the Seder Afzal. She was also the youngest of her wives and had a sense of sadness when a man had a horse with two wings. She was the only woman in her family who had children.

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ceremony commercial delight houbara Koto, Smilla 100 Allah, wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Today we're going to go back in a journey, which is so interesting, nice, beautiful, but full of challenges and teaches us a lot of lessons. Each one of us, young and old man and a woman. It's the life story of the most beloved person to our beloved Rasul Allah, His Surah to Sarah, and that is no one other than a Seder Isha.

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She's Aisha interview back, their daughter of Cena moral man, she grew up in a Muslim house. The father is the companion and the beloved companion for Swati. Salatu Salam.

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Originally, she's from Quraysh. She was born about four years before Roswaal risotto CERAM became prophet. She is the favorite daughter of her father, say now worker, the uniqueness about Sade Aisha, is how she was described. And if you look at the books talking about her, you will get at least 10 unique special criteria that every woman, every man, every woman would love to have someone described them with all these. So let's go through them. First thing, she's beautiful. And she was described as delicate.

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Her body figure she aspired Hi.

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She always wanted to have more of nothing, dunya and akhira. She was extremely observant, described as has impeccable memory, noticeably intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable, and this is one of her landmark. And her knowledge is not only knowledge of Diem, and many of us will say of course, she grew up in the household of Rasul Allah Serato, Sara, but she had knowledge of poem,

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dentistry, and medicine. To the point she was asked, we can understand you have all the knowledge about the religion fit Hadith, but how do you know about medicine? And she said, I used to watch when the tribes and Bedouins came to the Swati Surah to Sarah and asked him and he told them and teaches them a prophetic medicine. And I learned from that observant, she was also described as very charitable, the famous story when she was fasting, and she was described as she fast a lot. And then this is actually this incidences at the time of saying no more. He send it to them, let's say the allowance of the month

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and then she had her helper and she said spend it, send it send it to people. She was fasting, the time off if Paul came in, and she looked at her helper and says, Bring us the food. And she said we have nothing.

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And the helper said why didn't you keep some of this money? So we can go and get some food?

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And she responded, why didn't you remind me

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Subhanallah Allah, she was also described as playful and other famous story about her that she raised her Swati salatu salam twice in his life. One when she was younger, and she won, and then later on, again the race and he won. And he laughed at a saw to Sarah and looked at her and said this one for that one. She used to ask questions. And we as nation as OMA learned a lot from these questions. For example, she went to La sala to Sarah, and she said your Rasul Allah, you gave all your wives, what they call it Kuhnian. nickname. I want you to give me a nickname or what is the nickname you want to give me? And he actually called her Omar Abdullah, the mother of Abdullah for

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all the women out there, that if Allah subhanaw taala decree that you don't have children, listen to this. The woman, most beloved woman, the most famous woman in Islam, did not have children. Although she was the youngest of the wives of Rasul Allah Serato Sara, and you should read on the commentary of that they'll tell you when Allah subhanaw taala

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ake an obvious blessing from you or us to show he will give you a better one. And what did he gave her all the knowledge, all the love of Allah Swati salatu salam, all what she did for this nation for this ummah, she also had a sense of humor. And she said, to Roswell, he saw it was around one day that there are horses that has two wings, two wings, and he said the horse with two wings. And she said, Yes, sadness when a man had a horse with two wings.

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And he laughed, and he said, You're right. Now whenever we see couples married, most of us will ask how did you get married? So how did they get married? And he salatu salam with the seed Heisha

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it was none but Allah subhanaw taala. And he actually told her that I was shown you were shown to me in a dream twice. And in one of them, I saw a picture on a piece of silk. And then when I lifted to see who's this picture, it was you.

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And once he saw the dream, he sent to Abu Bakr, asking for our hand, what kind of alive they lived.

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It's described that she was the supporter of Rasul Allah Who salatu salam, and Allah replaced the loss of a Seder Hadiya which was the supporter of Roswaal risotto Sinha with the presence of Sayed Aisha. Tomorrow Inshallah, we will continue with another milestone of the legacy of this woman