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Can you tell us the rulings regarding Salah to sugar? salata sugar or he wrote the Urdu Shu Khurana mas or Salah to sugar? And also is there such a thing as repentance prayer or repair prayer for Toba? One?

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first question, is there something called Salatu Shakur or as we call it in our culture? cioccolato namaaz.

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The answer to this question Firstly, it is definitely and authentically reported from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that anytime some good news came to him, he would prostrate immediately. And this is something that is reported in many narrations of them the famous hadith of Abu Bakr radi Allahu wa and reported in all of the books of the Sunnah, that whenever a good news came to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam whenever he was told about any Bushra hora saji, then Shakira Lila has Georgia he would fall down in sajida, as a matter of thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in the Muslim Ummah, that one of the Sahaba said I was there when the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam was informed that a certain expedition he had sent was victorious over the enemy, and His head was in the house of Arusha rhodiola one and he stood up, meaning enter the masjid, and he fell down in such de and he fell down in such there. So there is definitely something called such that a shocker. And we also know this as well from the hadith of Abdullah marinero de la one that Abdurrahman said, One day I went out with the Prophet sallallahu, it was send them to a certain land outside of Medina. And as we were walking, he just took a turn and face the fibula and fell down in such de and stayed there for a long time. So they're literally on the road, and he just falls into

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such them. Then the Prophet says, I'm set to 100. Now, when he stood up, God just came to me now. And he told me that Allah has said to him to tell him, that monster Allah, Allah sallallahu alayhi whoever gives a lot upon the profits of the Law Center, a law will give sign up upon him, woman, sell them or sell them to Allah, whoever gives them to the Prophet says Adam, Allah will give set out to him so I fell down in such the shoe curl lilla so this all of these tell us that whenever good news comes to us, we should fall down in sajida. Sadly, this is something we have not done. We don't do this anymore. We need to revive this sooner. Anytime you hear any good news, that is good

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news. And you are blessed with a result you are blessed with a child you found out that somebody relative of yours or your child of yours cured of some any good news, you should fall down immediately in such depth. And khabib and Malik, the famous three people who are held up in a book remember the famous story that Allah revealed in the Quran, the famous narration goes that one cabin medic heard the verses from Surah Toba, he said I fell down in said the first thing I did in his own house even before he came back to the Prophet sallallahu I said him he fell down in such the so all of this is authentically reported abubaker is so different the other one when he heard of the death

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of masala the liar in the words of the reader when he heard the death of mu Salem and he was in the midst of that the prophet SAW sent him when the person in game said we one will say them was dead. So in front of everybody he fell down in such depth and I'll even call him in the famous battle with the hardage when he killed the 30 year the famous incident he also fell down in such the in between the corpses he fell down in such that now the we are talking about the surge of sugar right now right the sense that of sugar. Now there is an FDA laugh about the surge of sugar that must you meet all of the conditions of Salah when you fall into sajida ie what are the conditions of sale and

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number one we'll do number two Facebook cable and number three

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it's a good isn't it? Good? Number Four what else you're going to do if we do this

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cetera our right cetera our right What if Danny just what if you're in your pajamas, shorts, and the phone call comes that Oh, your relative has been cured? What not okay. What should you do in that state? So, the default position of most of the dilemma, listen to this says that the shocker is a partial solar. So it takes the rulings of solder. So the majority would say that you should stand up, go to Waldo

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facestock de Bella, make sure your hours covered, say Allahu Akbar, fall down in such de, then get up and say salam. Is that clear. This is the default position of the majority of the oma and it is a very good position. counter to this we have many of the roadmap, including October it even hasn't been Tamia ignore em, Ashoka, any of Sinani. And all of these, if you know anything about them, they're all kind of sort of the independent guys, or they're the people that are thinking outside of the box, typically, all of them they said no, such that the sugar is not solid. And in all of these narrations, and we have like a dozen of them or whatever, never is it narrated that the Prophet

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system or the Sahaba did what stand up and go do will do

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or do anything else. They right then and there without even Tocqueville, they just fell down and says no, if you say a little bit as you're going down, no problem, but to say Allahu Akbar, and then go down, and they said, they would say where's the evidence for this? There is no evidence in fact their argument they've been to me and others they say, the purpose of search that the sugar is to thank Allah Phil Han means right then and there. When your emotions are bursting up. At that point you humble yourself in front of Allah say hum did Allah Allah bless me with this for you to calm down? Wait, I don't have hold on let me wait what's going to happen that emotion will be gone. So

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the counter argument is that there is no evidence that says that a shocker needs any requirements and even without will do because it's not solid just like you could say Subhana Allah without will do you can say a lot of work without will do you can serve Allah without will do right you can do many things you can read the Quran without will do by HMR you can recite Fatiha on any surah sitting here without will do so why can't you just do such depth because it's not Salah it isn't does not take the ruling of salah and no doubt I personally sympathize with this position whoever wishes to follow any the Messiah in this regard because the default really of all four is that they do say

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that says that takes the ruling of sada and that's good no problem. But the counter argument is very weighty and they're greater than those that have said this. This is such a shocker. I went into a tangent for our benefit. The question was not not about search at the sugar. It was about shokran Animas, right. shokran animus the search the sugar, or the solid tissue code, excuse me now. And the reason why this brother asked, I didn't mention the whole the whole thing. He basically said somebody told me that this is better to do.

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Solid to sugar, right? And

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this is obviously I have to be gentle here. I don't want to be too harsh, but there's no doubt we've seen in the last 20 years or so a trend that really has been very very harsh on generic good deeds. And they've said things like search that the sugar or salt, salt, sugar becomes a bitter right? Why they say because the Prophet system did not command us to pray to the gods. So the difference of course between says that the Shogun and assata Shakur is what says that is you just go up and down and Salah means you will pray to god you will do will do face to table or cover your outer you will pray to God properly as in matter of thanks to Allah for something good that has happened. So, one

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group of Adama say modern tech from primarily almost all of them are modern, they say this is a bitter, you should not do it. And it is something that is wrong to do. And we respond in two ways. Firstly by saying that, even if there is no explicit evidence for tuukka after a specific blessing, the general texts of the Quran and Sunnah tell us that when something good happens, we thank Allah in any way.

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Whether it is through liquor, whether it is through Koran, whether it is through sadhaka, whether it is through song, or whether it is through Salah. So we flip it around the generalities of the Quran and Sunnah is enough for us to say that it is completely permissible to pray to the gods, if you get a good news. Now, somebody says but the process of did not specifically tell us to do that. And we respond to this by saying that this is a more technical issue what defines without and what defines something going against the sooner it is true, if somebody were to say that it is sooner, to pray to the gods, we will say what is your evidence, but to say it is better to pray to the guy that is also

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we say what is your evidence? The general text of the Quran and Sunnah say, when something good happens, you thank Allah. And if somebody feels like fasting is a good news, he got a very good score on the MCAT. So you know what, I'm going to fast tomorrow. Did it

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Somebody's going to say this wrong. Somebody's got a good answer. I'm going to give $500 Southern California Tama Are we going to say stop for the law don't get because the process of did not say give $500 to the team when a good news happens. Yeah, and there's a level of common sense that we have to be cognizant of. So generally speaking, any good deed in response to a good news is a good deed no problem. However, interestingly enough, specifically when it comes to to salata Shakur, we do have narrations about this, but there is some controversy over their authenticity. It is reported in the sunon of Libyan Marja in March is one of the six books as you know, true it is the last of

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the six but it is one of the six books and they've been major has a title in his book cuttable Salah has the title, the chapter regarding salata, sugar and such, the two sugar that is a title in his book, regarding salata sugar and says that a shocker, then he brings forth a narration by Abdullah be opha that when the Prophet system was told of the death of Abu Jamal Abuja has died. Abuja has died

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around the Battle of butter. And the Prophet says someone he was told of the death of Abuja when he prayed to Raka to Allah subhana wa Tada. Okay, this hadith is reported where

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it had been a very good image and now the only issue comes one person in this chain. He is not known. Nobody knows anything about he's just he's the narrator of the from the Tabori and he's just a person who we know his name. We don't know anything about him. And some of them are even 100 included. They found other narrations and they said this hadith is hesson authentic and other ulama including the modern lol bunny. They said this hadith is very slightly weak, not very slightly, we just a little bit weak. The point though is that even if the Hadeeth is slightly weak number one, Eben Marja believes this to be salata Shakur, and he quotes from it and he has the title number two,

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the generalities of the Quran and Sunnah tell us when a good deed happens, you do a good deed in return. And in fact, this is something that we find in other scholars as well of them is the famous scholar of the set of themselves. One of the great scholars of the set of Mohammed inositol was he was he said, As for Salah, and such that when a blessing comes from Allah subhana wa Tada. Then this is su na and of the evidences for this. He says this is a Moto Z and Moto Z and Moto Z died in the third century very long time ago. He said, of the evidences when Allah bless the Prophet system with the conquest of Makkah. He did also and he prayed a trucker at Hsu Corolla. Now this is a famous

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narration in Bukhari and Muslim that when the Prophet says some concrete makup he prayed eight rakaats Okay, it's well known

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as Omar was he says, This is salata, Shakur,

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eight like he did it a lot to very thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala he's thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala and even hedger, the famous scholar of Hadith he says in this eight Raka in this is the evidence for Salah to sugar, this is even harder says this, that the concept of praying to the God or for a guy or 10 rock author 20 record just to pray to Allah when a good deed happens not not a good deed when a good news happens to pray to Allah. What's wrong with that is good. Go ahead and pray. Why would you want to stop somebody from praying in the field Raka when a good deed happens to them, right? And again, this is why sometimes these people that we know their zealousness

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is positive because they want to protect the sooner but sometimes in your zealousness, you lose track of reality. And what is wrong with a Muslim man or woman praying to the cat to Allah azza wa jal they're not saying this is something wajib nobody says is legit. But what's wrong Torah kinda feel when a good deed happens Hello Bismillah prayed what's the big deal? We have great aroma almora was he even hedging others and in fact, even imitate me even though pay him ironically this group looks up to them so much but they rarely read their books in detail in Tamia. He says that the scholars they they

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recommended that generals when they conquer villages they too should pray to record like the Prophet system trade eight record as a shocker to Allah now this is not quite salata, shocker for anything but the concept even taymiyah saying What a magnificent good thing happens like the conquest of a city, then the people who are responsible in the general and whatnot, they should pray sugar to Allah, a tracker, ignore calcium as well has the same thing that this is. He called it celestial fatigue, the saga of victory that you should pray to God when a victory happens and the concept is over there. So insha Allah with this we say there is definitely it is sooner to do such that the

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sugar there is no question

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about it, it is so not too dissimilar to sugar as for Salah to sugar, the least that can be said it is not wither. And if somebody wants to pray hamdulillah and if somebody believes the Hadith to be not authentic, well then do something else give some soda and charity no more no no problem with that. As for Salatu Toba. As for salata, Toba, there is no controversy that this is something that is authentic and from the sooner because there's authentic hadith about this, of them the hadith of Buddha would narrate it with a worker so the worker said he said, that I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam say, no Muslim commits the sin and then does will do and does it well,

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and stands up to pray to the gods, and then asks Allah subhana wa tada is still fall, except that Allah forgives the sin that he has done.

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Then Abu Bakar recited the verse in the Quran, well Edina in Fallujah, he shot an overt mo enforcer home that Cairo, la festal for rouladen obey Him. This is the generalities of praying to Allah, at times of happiness at times of grief at times of sin, you turn to Allah, those are the people who when they commit a sin, or they wronged themselves, they remember a law and they asked us forgiveness and who else forgives except for Allah subhana wa Tada. So solid a Toba is Sunnah and there is a proper Salah you need to do will do you need to face the fibula, everything once again. As for says that the sugar it is sooner but it is not a Sala which means as they've been telling me

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I said you can do it without will do it is just essentially you're supposed to do it when your heart is happy and you just fall down in such depth in whatever state you are in. So this was our first question.

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In nephin, dounia, Salah Madhavi

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