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Tafseer of Surah Taha. Ramadan 2017 by Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem, 2017-07-10

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The conversation covers various topics related to the spiritual teachings of Islam, including the loss of personal information and the use of "has been made" rule to avoid distress. The shavon of the world is a shaver and the shavon of the world is a shaver. The shavon of the world is a shaver and the shavon of the world is a shaver.

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salat wa ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ah Marian alumni alumni and federal now when Tina was in it many occurring in Saudi Arabia silly Md melissani fo goalie or visit any ailment or visit visit Allahumma salli ala Doctor Who Salah

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is Ashley Sarah. Welcome everyone to another episode of The Tafseer of pseudo Baha. Allah subhanaw taala says well ah hidden at the moment kabu Fantasy lm nigeria who asthma. So now the story of Musa alayhis salam is completed also the conclusion. The conclusion is that Allah wanted to draw from the story of Musa alayhis salam have also concluded as well. Moreover, Allah also brought brought us back at the end of that story to the beginning of the suta as well. Allah Subhana Allah said mountains and lakes or analytische Now Allah subhanho wa Taala started speaking about the Quran again, well, I couldn't even come to Cuba in a kohane. So this is what Allah did pretty much

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throughout this whole era, started off with the Koran then brought a story then Allah subhana wa tada spoke about the Quran again, then Allah as the origin brought another story, and then a few more ideas, and back to the Quran again. So it keeps going back to the beginning of the Sudan, Sudan, right. And this is basically a rhetorical instrument as well. And that is where you were using. The last point that you speak, speak about is connected to the first point that you speak about. And so the person that is reading or the person who's listening, he ends up realizing that everything roaming around the first idea and the last idea, everything in the middle was simply used

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as an instrument for you to prove the first and the last idea. So when Allah subhanaw taala brought the story of Musa in that story is a story of a group of people who ended up denying. So it is showing that what denial of the highest degree leads to that form of denial which fear around himself allowing us to practice so

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What does that lead to that leads to this? Well here's the Koran. You better believe in Adam and he said I'm story comes as well and that also has a message and it is also very beautifully connected as well. So Allah Subhana Allah says and we'll discuss a bit of that. Allah subhana wa tada says What happened? He denied them. We commanded harden, we commanded Adam or we gave our I had to Adam. Okay, so we had a covenant with Adam. It's actually a commandment, but Allah calls it a covenant. What are the hidden Illa Adam? Okay, we commanded Adam policer min kaaboo prior to this whole story that I gave you the story of how Elisa Lam musasa ran the story of what I own the story of the

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Israelites before all of this occurred. We even took a oath from who we took an oath from Adam and he said, um, are we commanded Adam alayhis salam to follow that oath as well. Allah continues he says fantasy, so he forgot. Now if you remember earlier on, you just flip the page to iron number 88. Allah says for apologia whom he then just said the Lucha for all who has an era Hakuna era who Musa fantasy, right?

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The Israelites they said after a samedi ended up carving for them a golden calf for them to worship this, this calf out, especially after they saw the calf was losing it was making a sound of a calf. Right at that moment, Allah subhana wa tada said that the Israelites, especially the ones who ended up following a psalmody, they said, This must be your inner inner hokum, and you must also be the era of Musa and Musa alayhis salam forgot. So now Allah says, fantasy are automatically set up for God. So there's a similarity here. There's forgetfulness occurring on both ends only over there, the Israelites are speaking, and they're not speaking rightfully, and they're not speaking truthfully.

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And in reality, Musa alayhis salam didn't forget, and they had no knowledge of that, but they knew that forgetfulness can perhaps be considered and it can be considered an excuse. So they wanted to excuse musante set up in that way saying that he had forgotten but Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to show over here that he's establishing for Adam forgetfulness, and that's rightful, but for musante sellaronda forgetfulness that they established is not rightful because a lot ended up a lot ended up answering their claim right away and he said a fella Dona Li en la himcolin liquidum Bhavana. Alana far did they not see that this particular creature that they think is in fact their Lord? He does

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not return back any speeches to them. He doesn't say anything back to them. What I am Likud, not one one, and neither does this particular creature, this calf, this golden calf, neither does he have any luck and enough, neither can harm nor he can he benefit as well. Okay, so there's no benefits and harms that this particular this particular calf can do. So Allah responded to their claims, right?

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But over here, loss of Hannah data established for musala ceram, a forgetfulness, he said, When established for Adam and he sent me forgetfulness, he said, fantasies, so he had forgotten so that's an excuse for him, because he had forgotten and the last stablish didn't lie didn't argued otherwise. And Allah continued and he said, What am Nigella who asthma and neither did we see that he was very deliberately intended upon disobeying Allah azza wa jal, Allah continued. And he said, What is not in America when we said to them erotica. Now to understand this, we have to get a little bit of background about the story of Adam alayhis salam, we see the similarity here already between

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Adam story and between Musashi ceram story

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and there's a couple of other points as well that we will highlight a lot of what data said that

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what is it what is Julie Adam when we set to the melodica makes it easier for other long story short, a loss of Hannah with the IRA had created other malissa

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and after it created, Adam Elisa ROM he had commanded the angels including including a police alerion including a police the shape on right get commanded him as well to make sigils out for other malissa. So Allah says, Allah, Allah says to do is told the angels makes it and included in that statement is also at least because at least had been granted by a lot of high status to live a miss the angels at that time, however, because he had arrogance within him that arrogance led him from the highest of the heights to the lowest of the pits, right? He thought himself to be great Allah subhana wa tada brought him down when a person thinks for himself

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To be great a lot brings him down to show him a lesson that the greatness only belongs to a lies origin. When a person understands his true status before a lie is a servant and of servitude, Allah raises his status and that's why the prophets are send them a segment alaba denial of Allah, whoever becomes humble for Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala raises his status however whoever chooses not to become humble for a lot, a lot decreases and diminishes the status in front in front of the people. So Allah subhana wa tada he shows us the story and he says that he told the angels to make such that

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he pleases included in there, but he chose not to

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say G'day mate sister to Adam Elisa Ella Elise accepted lease,

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he ended up disobeying he decided not to make that sister he decided not to make sister to Adam Elisa. Okay.

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And making sense to someone other than Allah as origin, in our religion is considered impermissible. Okay, it's considered wrong. It's not considered a permissible act. However, in some of the previous religions, Allah subhanho wa Taala had permitted the idea of substitute a Sharif, the sajida of honoring someone else, okay. And that's why we see the brothers of Yusuf Alayhi Salam making sense that to him. And that's why we see some of the other messengers as well as occurring between them. And that's why we see a lot commanding the angels to make sense that for Adam, this is called such as the to the Sharif the subject of honoring, and it's not essential to have worship. Now that said,

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if this wasn't covered in other nations, then it can't be covered in our nation as well. But it is impermissible. Okay, it is not considered permissible to make up for other than a lot. But the mere message that doesn't end up equating immediately to confirm, right, if it wasn't good for in other nations that it can be considered COVID and ours because he man and Athena and believe and so on and so forth, that doesn't change over religions, and over time, that is the same. The things that change are the fine details and the things that change are the permissible acts and the impermissible acts and so on and so forth. Allah subhanho wa Taala continued and he said that for

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pulmonaria we said

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Oh, Adam, in Nevada, I do look what he's allergic Allah didn't even mention him by name, they blease Allah.

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Allah simply says, you know, this guy here in the Hydra this one here, and you know how when you want to sort of almost disdained someone, you refer to them as this one here, right? You don't say that you don't express their name very directly. You know, this one here. he happens to be your enemy. Oh, Adam arisa he happens to be your enemy. Oh,

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Adam and Rob and your wife as well. In the Hydra do laka What is this guy here he happens to be your enemy and also the enemy of your wife as well. Fela ukri Jana Kuma, Mira, jannetty Fatah, so don't allow him to take you out of the agenda. So that you end up going through distress and you end up going through misery. Remember earlier on Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that the Quran was not revealed so that people may end up going through distress, right? So now what was the Quran revealed? for it, it was to obey Allah as the origin. So Allah is saying that if you obey me here, then you won't be distrustful, but if you disobey me, then distress will come your direction. So

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anyone who feels that through overruling The Book of Allah azza wa jal, they will end up alleviating from the people. The distress that they go through. They're totally wrong. They're totally misled. They've totally misunderstood they've lost the plot. They've made a grave error and a blunder. The only way a person can actually avoid distress in this life in the Hereafter is if a person obeys the sticks to the commandments of Allah azza wa jal, this is from the time of Adam release Adam, because Allah said to him, follow Krishna Kumar mean agenda Don't let him lead you our agenda by what? By eating from the forbidden tree. And if you do, then what's going to happen Fidesz God and you will

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become miserable then you will become distressful because you have now disobeyed My commandments. So this obedience of the commandments of a law and this is a law literally of physics by Allah subhana wa tada placed throughout the generations that if you disobey a law that will lead to distress, if you will be a law that will alleviate that stress. A law continues and he says to Adam Elisa ROM in a lotta you actually have a lotta a lot of movie have a lot of ha,

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okay, so you have four things here.

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You are not going to become hungry there in them. Neither will you become beer of clothing, and nor will you become nor will you become thirsty, and nor will you become hot. Okay, four things. These four things are the four things that lead people

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To distress within this life, okay?

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People either end up getting into stressful situations and misery because the fact that because of the fact that they're hungry, or because they don't have the money for them to be able to cover themselves up, clothe themselves, or what's similar to clothing, and that is to shelter themselves as well. Okay, if you have a shelter, and you have food to eat, then two of the major problems within this life have been resolved and within this life have been solved.

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And unlock continued. And he said, Well, a lot of movie have a lot of ha, and many people in the world do not have clean water drinkable water, right? That is also one of the global issues around the world. If you go to parts of Africa, the one thing that they will stress to you again and again, is we need water because they don't have clean water in many parts of Africa today. Right? So water is a huge issue food, they might have food, but they don't have the water then. So that's a huge problem, water, and food, and also the heat as well. So people end up dying of heat strokes as well. All of these things can lead it to death. If you don't have ample food, you can die of hunger, you

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don't have ample clothing, and you don't have a good shelter. You can die of natural disasters very, very easily, even if it's not disastrous. But in your case, it may become so right many people die in cold countries, like for example, Canada, people end up dying during the wintertime, so they don't have a place to live, right? The people that are homeless, they might end up dying during the very, very severe cold days of the winter. And that goes for other places as well. So people die and heat as well. So if you don't have shelter, you may die of heat heat, like someone stranded in the middle of a desert, they will die of heat and they'll die of hunger and they'll die of thirst and

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they'll die of everything really. So Allah subhana wa tada gives us all of the reasons which lead to severe misery in this life, food, clothes, shelter, and he didn't mention shelter directly, but clothing is similar to shelter because of shelters you directly and above that is the entire shelter, right? And also drinks and the actual heat itself. Okay, a lot said that, if you're in gender, you're not going to be hungry. If you're in gender, you're not going to be you're not going to be clothed less, you're not going to be nude, you're not going to be naked, you're not going to be you're not going to be beer of clothing, rather, you will have the clothes and you won't be

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thirsty and also you will not find eat while at the bar. You will not find it now, when he says Why not? Oh Ha. Look at how la puts it.

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Alaska is the early morning time right after the sunrise by a few minutes, maybe 15 odd minutes, the time of aloha comes the time of a bottle comes at that time. The sun is not very strong. But Allah subhanho wa Taala negates the possibility of this person whose agenda of even going through the type of heat that occurs at eight o'clock in the morning, which is not very hot, or seven o'clock in the morning based on all depends on where you live, right but where I live around seven o'clock, you know, even before that actually happens to be aloha time. Right? So Allah subhana wa Tada. He said, seven and a few minutes here or there, right? The point is that around that time that the sun is not

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very hot, 15 minutes after sunrise, whatever that time may be for you. It's not very hot. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that you will not even feel the type of heat that people feel at that time of the day, let alone the heat that people feel at the zenith time of the day at the peak of the sun. right a lot negates that, that particular heat to negate even a stronger heat and that is the heat that comes at midday. Now let me point out something over here. Normally, you would imagine that Allah Subhana Allah will will place shelter and clothing together, Allah will say a lot of hard work, a lot of power law, you will neither feel you will neither feel the heat of the day, meaning

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you will be sheltered and you will neither feel you will also be cold as well so you're close and you're sheltered from above as well. you'd imagine that those two things will be will go together, right?

00:19:29--> 00:19:42

And you will also imagine that Allah subhana wa tada will put together hunger and thirst because they kind of go together similarly clothing and shelter or clothing and not feeling the heat kind of go together as well. Right? But a lot doesn't do that a lot puts

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hunger, along with

00:19:47--> 00:20:00

nakedness, you will neither feel hunger nor will you be naked, nor will you be bear of clothing. And Allah azza wa jal puts thirst along with the heat that a person feels neither will you be thirsty.

00:20:00--> 00:20:45

Nor will you be no Will you be hot? What's the reason for this? There's a reason for this because you see, a Jew or hunger is an emptiness. And that's the emptiness inside of a person's belly. And we're in Ramadan, mourning time, right now everybody's really hungry, right? So you can actually feel what I'm saying at the moment. Hunger is an emptiness inside of your stomach. And being bare of clothing is an external emptiness. So they're both, in essence, a form of emptiness. So a lot of couples that to emptiness is together, and that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what, unlike a lot of mafia, what a lot of and you will neither feel hot therein, nor will you feel thirsty. And when you

00:20:45--> 00:20:53

have thirst, and you can experience this right now as well, since you're in Ramadan, and that is that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, We're not, you're not going to

00:20:54--> 00:21:02

collect oma and you're not going to feel thirsty, because thirst actually leads to internal heat within the body right.

00:21:03--> 00:21:05

Now, some modern doctors, they don't actually,

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they don't actually attest to the idea of a body becoming hot and cold, and so on and so forth. Even though even though classic medicine of different sorts they have within it, this idea of something being considered hot and something being considered, quote the body experiencing heat in the body experiencing coldness, they end up explaining the hotness and coldness, the temperature, the hardness and the coldness of the body in other ways, okay. So they don't quite believe that this particular object is intrinsically hot, meaning if you eat it, your body will become hot internally, right? That's not something that is necessarily known in modern medicine, by the way that is a

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little bit different than temperatures. Okay, but

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but Allah subhanho wa Taala, kind of alludes to it and the prophets are send them very directly said that we take the dates and break the heat of the dates with the watermelon. And we break the coldness of the watermelon with the heat of the dates. Next, it'll have Haha, that'd be better they had our data we had. So the prophet SAW Selim referred to the idea of some fruits and vegetables, or some edible goods being hot, as they lead to heat within the body and others being cold, and they lead to coldness within the body. So whatever is considered alternative medicine today, maybe right on this, definitely So now Allah says, a lot of so you don't have internal heat because you're fully

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satiated. You have had all the drink and all the water that you need what I tell her and neither do you feel hot outside, just as you're not empty inside and you're not empty externally as well. The West was late usually upon. So Shay athon ended up doing what's what's up. shavon ended up whispering to Adam and he said, I'm very, very politely and nicely, chiffon comes to you in a very nice manner. Right? And remember, we said there's some connections and some similarities between the two stories.

00:23:08--> 00:24:00

We know that they are shouting from the jinn, and at least was a Mr. Shelton from legend. In fact, he was the leader of the shelter from the gym and he was the father of all of the Sheltie from the gym, at least from his progeny are all of the john that are evil today. So all of these Jin, who ended up all of the Shelton who ended up attempting to work continue to attempt to lead the mankind astray. They're all from the progeny of blease alive. Right. So he's a chiffon. And we have Shariati from the ins as well. Shelton and ncwa Jr. About luminova zuku fell polio rura that they are shouting from the inception we have made for all of the profits shut out the enemies who happen to

00:24:00--> 00:24:07

be Satan's from the ins from the mankind and from the jinn kinda as well we've done that. And Allah subhana wa tada

00:24:09--> 00:24:19

draws this reference clearly for us that they are Sheltie now from the inside from the gym. So, samedi over here, what does he say? He says that

00:24:21--> 00:25:00

he ended up leading people astray by knowing something that they had no knowledge of right. I saw what they did not see that bubble to bubble let me fly Russell Fenerbahce to our karateka wallet cleaner See, I saw what they did not see I ended up grabbing a portion of the remains of the messenger either legacy of the messenger or the or from the foot from the place where the foot of the horse of gibreel Alisa Ramat stepped where it was barren land and suddenly it become green. So you

00:25:00--> 00:25:19

took a little bit of oil, either or as we explained already. Anyways, what did he say? He said, I knew something they did not know. So I took a little bit of whatever I had to take, and I caused them to go astray. And then he says gallica solidly enough. See, just like that my own soul had led me astray.

00:25:20--> 00:25:50

So he's from amongst those people who lead people astray, despite the fact that they're humans. Now over here, there's an example of someone who was from the jinn who was a shavon from a missile engine, and he led people astray as well. And a lot of what Donna alludes to the form in which she athon leads people astray by saying westworth de la shavon shavon ended up whispering to Adam over there, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What can I

00:25:51--> 00:26:35

see just like that my own soul and my own body and my own mind had led me astray. So so many saying my own body led me astray. And Adam alayhis salam, Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that she thought led as an Elisa mystery. So then there's two enemies that we have, we have our own souls. And we have also shavon. And Allah mentioned the own soul first, because the owns the soul of a person is a greater enemy than trade on himself. Remember, shape bonds, plots are not very strong, we are simply afraid of them. But in reality, they're not very strong. In fact, when we become extremely fearful of them, shavon feels more and more, he feels the right to be more bigoted, it

00:26:35--> 00:26:48

feels right to me, feel more proud of himself and so on and so forth. But in reality, he's not very strong. And that's why when a man was on a mount and that mound fell, so

00:26:49--> 00:27:29

that person he said, there is a shavon made destruction beater, she thought he was a missile Sahaba so the Prophet said them said Lata palta ISIS shavon don't say destruction be to say upon rather say Bismillah In the name of Allah azza wa jal, so, you may be protected from the fall, because if you say shape on May destruction between he feels that he was able to accomplish something and trying to bring harm to you. So he feels proud of that. And if you say Bismillah shavon becomes very small in his own eyes, and the Prophet said, until he becomes smaller than a fly at the akuna Solomon zuba until you become smaller than a fly. So she thorens plot are not plots are not very strong, what

00:27:29--> 00:28:09

strengthens him, and all the other evil gins is when we believe that their plots are strong, if we understand that their plots are not strong, and we understand that they're very weak plots. At that point, Allah subhanho wa Taala will not allow us to be affected by the plots of Giovanni very much. And Allah subhana wa Tada. He started off However, with the soul because the soul the plot of it is stronger. Don't you see? We're inside of Ramadan, but even then our soul tells us do this and do that it reminds us of evil. That's because even the soul has evil within it, that we need to wipe out with the guidance of Allah azza wa jal and psalmody What did he say he didn't blame she thought

00:28:09--> 00:28:51

he said Casa de casa, what a trinity just like that my own soul had led me to write, and the prophets and send them told us of this phenomenon as well, that the soul actually is a stronger advocate of evil at times, then, than she thought himself when he said that the most evil of your two enemies is actually your soul. Do we care enough to conduct the beta jam bake or genomic, that the stronger of your two enemies happens to be your own soul itself? So there are two enemies, there should be a thorn and there's your own soul. So you ask a lot to protect you against your own evils. And you ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you against the plots of shavon as well. Allah says for us

00:28:51--> 00:29:10

was that he lay his shape on he ended up whispering to him Bala jadam he said, Oh Adam, what did she say in the light to Allah we'll discuss that in our subsequent episodes as icon below head and for listening. us on Allahu Allah say you didn't hammer didn't Allah Allah He also said Mr. de como la