Muhammad West – Izzah – Episode 04 – Islamic State And The Battle Of Badr

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the state of Islam in Afghanistan, including the establishment of the Islamic State and the formation of a community center for Muslims. They emphasize the importance of peace and security for society and the need for alliances with non-M pizzas. The history of Islam and acceptance among Muslims among their neighbors is also discussed, along with the actions of different leaders and the use of armies and desert roads to protect against attacks. The importance of unity in achieving success in various areas, such as education and media, is emphasized. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a coupon program.
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to come in sha Allah, as the Hadith says, from one Juma to the next is like a light for you. And everything in between that inshallah of small sins will be removed. So we leave this Masjid in sha Allah three of those minuses of mercy and grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala hamdulillah. We continue with our series that we began about four weeks ago, which is entitled The days of Islam and glory, ism, meaning honor, and as I said, that when we look at the status of Muslims throughout the world, and we look at the state of the oma, we look at it sadly. And we know that we are unfortunately at the bottom of the pile, in terms of worldly affairs, and that this is not where the Muslim belongs.

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But so long have we been the that we believe that a Muslim, this is how it has always been, when this is not the case. For in our history of 1400 years, Islam led humanity in civilization and was the most advanced the home of the Muslims with the most advanced people at many times and places in the world. So in sha Allah, the series looks to highlight those days, which we can look back proudly with, number one to identify with Islam. And number two, that we may implement these those same days of glory in our time, that we may feel honor and pride in being a Muslim in sha Allah.

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We spoke last week at one of the most brilliant and most amazing and glorious days in our history, and which is also topical today with the emergence of certain groups is the establishment of the Islamic State in Medina. And we looked over the past few weeks, how was it gonna be salsa lamb? When he entered into Medina, what was the state like? Today we have a group an organization that claims that they have established an Islamic State, and we said that to come we to judge them, it needs to compete that for those policies to that have not been Mohammed Al Salam company that state to the state of Medina, if it is the same that hamdulillah you're an Islamic State, if not, and you

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anything besides that, you have no right to call yourself an Islamic State. So just to summarize, the last three, four weeks lectures, we mentioned how the people of Mecca were persecuting the Muslims, and 400 500 kilometres away a city, Medina that time called yet very internal problems and fighting and they were looking for a leader to save them from civil war. And Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala opened the doors of Islam to the people of Medina, and to the point where they said, All Muslims of Makkah, migrate, make the hegira to us. We will look after you and protect you. And we spoke with one stone of Esau Salaam and the hundreds of margerine that came from Mecca to Medina,

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that beautiful glorious day one of those have mentioned the greatest day in my life. The most beautiful day in my life was that day when Debbie Sol Salaam walked into Medina, everything was perfect. And the worst day of my life was the database of son passed away. That was the worst day of my life to the whole of Medina is happy, and the new state is formed. But of course, getting a new state changing the status quo is part of the problem. Now actually running that state is a much bigger question mark. And we in South Africa appreciate that. Elections came, but the problems didn't change overnight. And we said many problems and obese also Lam, he showed himself as what a

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great leader he was in how we resolve the issues. We said for example, he took this group of refugees, the Mahajan, and he made them brothers with the unsired. And he solved a huge social problem. We said and last week we discussed this and we'll mention this again later on in the lecture very important. One of the first matters of business that we did was to establish a Masjid a community center for the Muslims and the seat of government. The parliament was in the masjid and this was a place that everyone belonged to remember that time of Arabia everything was classist and you belong to that tribe. You don't come to our charity like our we have in gang areas. Now the

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ministry is open to all everyone comes here. The slave the king, everyone stands shoulder to shoulder it's only duck we're the one with the most Tucker gets the front seat. That's how it was. Nobody saw Salaam before he implemented and we said this again. If tomorrow, we take you know this Islamic State here in Cape Town. Where do we begin to begin with the sabines? Do we begin with telling the women to dress correctly? Do we force our kids to the masjid? Where does it begin? Maybe so Salaam Where did he begin with? He began by enforcing the human rights of individuals. Don't murder each other. Don't kill one another. Don't sway at one another, don't abuse and oppress your

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women. This is where the authority begins. They begin by giving the rights to the weak and the oppressed. This is when

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resource alum began when he established the states and we said how beautiful he was as a leader. The very first one of the first statements he gave the first speeches he gave, when the Jewish rabbi said I wanted to meet this man who claims to be a prophet, the Jew in Medina. He said, I couldn't have to live in Sinatra, della becomes a Muslim. He said, I couldn't have seen a Beatles album. The crowd was too big. But the first thing he I heard him say was, if she was Salam spread, Salam spread peace, spread a Salam amongst the people, what a great way to establish yourself as a leader, we begin by having peace and security for everybody. And then of course, nobody so Salaam, taught the

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Muslim is a very important lesson you can have Rasulullah saw salam, the nabee of Allah habibollah, the most beloved, but a society is built up by little individual bricks, each and every individual has a role and place in society. And only collectively do we build an Islamic State, that Islamic State will not be will not come about by the government imposing it only, it must come from the government, yes, but also from the individuals playing the role. And that is what we enhance. And this is the message that we take from this example, that if we want an Islamic State here in this dunya not so that we can have power, nobody so so that we can have a community based on on taqwa

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then it begins with us as individuals, we are the building blocks of that society. And as we mentioned, in the past goodbyes online visas, Allah mentions, all of you are leaders, and all of you are responsible for yourselves and your your flock, your community, you all have a role to play in society.

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Last week, we ended off by mentioning that now that the Islamic State was formed, that the Muslims for the first time in the history of Islam, had a Muslim government now visa some as its leader, and the Muslims were in majority, they could set the policies now, you had with in Medina, those who didn't want to become Muslim, you had the Arabs, the pagans who still worship idols. They said we don't accept Islam. We want to worship our stones. What do we do with these people? We had within Medina, a strong, big Jewish community many Jews living in Medina, why in Medina because as of the live in Salaam rhodiola explains, they knew from the Torah and as Allah mentioned in the Quran, that

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to the Jews, the final Nabhi will come into this location and they waited in that location believing like all the MBR before they were from Venetia, in many of them may be essentially Mousavi Tao, they believe Mohammed Salam obeah yahudi will be from Vanessa L. He came to be an Arab. So the big portion of this community in Jews rejected nubby salsa lamp because he's an Arab, what do we do with these people? They rejecting me so Salaam, they are opposed to him. We said now visa Salam began one of the first things he did was he made a constitution which gave a policy of a treaty of freedom of religion, a treaty of peace and cooperation between all the Muslims

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and the non Muslims in Medina, the names are mentioned this tribe of the bunnies are ill your land is safe, your property is safe your religion is safe, as is our land and property and religion. And also the NaVi salsa lamb then looked to build alliances with his neighbors around Medina with around Medina, there were tribes Bedouins living in the desert vehcile salaam, look to go out and make peace with him. He's the Rasulullah saw Salaam he's the one who has a lot on his side. But he went out to make peace with the people around him to break security. And Allah confirms this. So today we ask Can we have alliances with non Muslims? On the all our enemies? Allah confirms this in the Quran

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and Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of your religion, and they will expel you from your homes from being a righteous toward them, who doesn't forbid you of having good ties with those who don't oppress you. You can be an alliance with them and acting justly towards them. Allah doesn't forbid you from doing this. Indeed, in fact, Allah loves those who act justly. Whether it is to a Muslim or non Muslim justice is justice, and I'll lock on firms in the urn.

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Of course, this did not mean that we did not have enemies and then a visa Salaam, of course his arch enemies, and his major rivals were whom his own family in Mecca his own people, the Qureshi of NACA who rejected Him, they rejected him, but the people of Medina accepted nobody's asylum. So the people have kurush for 13 years, they oppress the Muslims for 13 years, they tried to kill an abyssal Salaam, and they managed to kill many, many of the Sahaba they tortured them many of the slaves what they did to belong, they expelled them and they threw the Muslims out and stole the land, and they openly show the hostility. So now that there was a new state, a state of Medina is

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also missing you people don't want to accept my message. You don't want to allow us to practice our religion freely. Okay, we have left many we have left the city and gone to Medina. This wasn't enough for the kurush. This wasn't enough, they still show the animosity and hostility to the visa asylum and to Islam in general. What did they do? They try to find those within Medina who were enemies of the Nepalese asylum, those tribes who didn't become

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Muslim those individuals who lost their positions, so the morale fix the hypocrites. They became Muslim only because it was easy now to everyone's Muslim. I need to be Muslim I'm going to be expelled, but they hated Islam from inside. So the Qureshi looked for these kinds of individuals, and they contacted them and they bribed them and they paid them murder assassinate Mohamed Salah revolt, throw them out, we will support you. So they undermine the country from inside if anyone if any nation does this in another country, it's war. It's war. They abused and then they said we'll make an example of the Muslims was still in Mecca. Of course not all of the Muslims made hegira

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we're able to make each other now that lamesa was gone. The majority of the strong ones like say no more say no Hamza rajala, and home, they were gone. Now those minority Muslims were persecuted more severely. We're going to make an example of them and will refuse to let them go to Medina. They refuse the Muslim say we want to leave and go to Medina. They refused. And those mujahadeen that left those Muslims that left the wealth was left behind the shops were left behind the camels the homes were left behind. The Qureshi Of course, took advantage of this and they took all that wealth and all that homes and said this is belongs to us now and we will share this they stole the land.

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They stole the wealth of the people of the Muslims. And of course they openly besides doing these subtle methods, they openly wrote latest declaring war on Medina and promising the Muslims are promising the visa Salaam the matter isn't over. We are coming for you. We are going to get you. In this climate, the Islamic State is formed. The Muslims are now living freely and Islam is being practiced the rights of Islam. The rights of individuals are enhanced, but the state is now at a threat by the people of Mecca. So Allah subhanaw taala we did not allow the Muslims to have jihad in Makkah, he did not allow them to revolt against the leaders of Mecca. Even some of them were not

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able to defend themselves. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala sees you by the means. And now he opens the doors of jihad. So Allah subhanaw taala reveals and says permission to fight is given to those who are fighting them. So those who fight you I give you permission to fight back because they have been wronged they have wronged the believers and surely Allah is able to give them the believers victory. So Allah now the permission of jihad is not a matter that we take. It is the message that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives all of this belongs to Allah, like the later Masai Lama, I, you know, beautiful story, the False Prophet Musa Lama, he wrote a letter to NaVi Solomon, he said, from

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Salem, or the prophet of this area to Mohammed, the prophet of Allah, let's split the matter in half you take off of Arabia, I take off of Arabia, don't be greedy. Now it's enough for both of us. Maybe some response to masala Mantis from Muhammad Sallallahu Elizondo from Mohammed the Messenger of Allah to say, Lama the liar, all of this belongs to Allah that doesn't belong to You owe me and Allah will give it to me pleases. This is how it, this is how it works. So Allah says, I'll give you now permission to fight against those who fight you.

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Again, the leadership of Nazism is shown below Allah says I give you victory. So should we even bother with being an army? Allah subhanho wa Taala is of course going to help nobody Salam Why should we even gather an army and prepare for war? no, maybe so Salam says, Now we need to prepare, we need to get ready. We can't just sit and say, taqwa, inshallah, it's going to happen. I said, sit down, and I have to walk around and look, this is not good at all. This is not correct dependence. The met the the true believer is the one who puts his trust in Allah and then strives hard to achieve the victory. This is how it's done in your studies or in your business. Yes, there is the

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success the failure comes from Allah. But if it must come from you, it's gonna be so solemn and very interesting for us. In today's a very modern thinking, you think about this. Now vehcile salam had a census, we took down the names, he took down a list of believers in Sahih Muslim, it's reported one of those. So he mentioned we will with the Messenger of Allah Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him when he said, count for me how many people have professed Islam count for me how many Muslims they are also important to note means they were non Muslims in the midst also. He didn't kill them or abuse them or expel them to count how many believers they are. So we ask the Sahaba also

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messenger of Allah, are you afraid for us while we are between about 600 and 700 million number that time 600 CEOs a huge number, you know, we strong the visa Salaam says he replied, You never know. Perhaps you may be faced with tribulations. And even though be prepared, don't just say we are muslimeen and we strong it's not going to nothing's going to happen to us. Prepare yourself. This is from the vehcile sanlam who has more dependence in Allah and Nabeel Salah who has more dependence in Allah than abyssal Salaam and Haifa the Sahaba will erase this and he says we actually saw many tribulations that came after that, to that point. We are many of us wouldn't even pray except

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secretly due to fear. So late to the words of nobody saw solemn came through we thought was strong but difficult days relying ahead, but luckily Alhamdulillah we prepared

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In addition, sell them now prepays, how many believers they are, how many candles they are how many men are ready to fight

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so the first policy now foreign policy than obese also lamb did the first steps to the great and this is the steps before the Battle of budget the Battle of budget How did it come about how did the Muslims and the crush of maca fight in this great battle of butter it began now visa solemn the first order of business once those were able to fight and those who are ready to fight now visas who said let's go out around the surroundings of Medina, let's see what's out there in the desert, or the tribes who are dangerous close to home. Let's see what threats are like out there. Let's scout the area. And also let's show our neighbors that we are strong people they don't people are still

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looking is a strong government, a weak government, we show them we're not going to fight. We go out we prepare our army and we march out in the desert and we show them what we have this inshallah will be enough to prevent war. This is mentioned in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says prepare for war, even if you're not going to fight, but be prepared as a deterrent. When you are weak, then you're vulnerable. Then war comes about genovesa salaam.

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He prepared platoons volunteer groups, train men, 20 men, 50 men, a group of riders and said let's go to that area and scout and see what's in the area. See what tribes they are see how things are our relationship with them. So they were hostile. There were still tribes around Medina that were enemies to the Muslims. And the Liesl Salaam was very soon in the first year of hegira, sent out platoons in the surrounding areas to scout the area. And as a military exercises, and from these, these platoons and hunger, there was no fighting. No fighting ensued between the Muslims and these tribal areas. Some of them didn't accept Islam, but they were peaceful. They said we don't accept

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Islam, we don't accept your religion, but we're not going to fight you. So therefore we did not fight him. People have said and we know today, they say Mohammed Salam established the state said he could read and he could steal from the areas around him. Well, you have to be law had he wanted to do that you would have began with the Jews in Medina at the beginning. And then he would have armed the tribes around him. He didn't do that. He went out. And he said, let us see what our neighbors are like at least and see what the surrounding is like. And let's see how far we can travel how far we can have our our influence to secure our borders, let's secure our borders. So these tribes, no

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fighting ensued between them and the Muslims. And in fact, many times they would come to the stripe, and they would see the alloc of the Muslims and the stripes, they wouldn't change the religion, but they would enter into a treaty of Alliance. So we know Okay, that tribe in the north, they are friends, they're not going to fight with us an example of this. It's still mentioned in the books of Syrah and Hadith. This a part of this treaty remains. We now visa Salaam signed a treaty with this particular tribe. Now we saw some rights, which was written and he signed it. This is a document from Mohammed, the Messenger of Allah concerning Bani dhamra, a tribe surrounding Medina, in which

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he established them, look what Nabisco sees safe and secure in their wealth and their lives. We as Muslims will not harm you will not touch you will not bother you. They can expect support. And in fact, we will support you if someone wants to harm you. Before this wasn't the case, every tribe was for himself. Now. Since we are the big city in the area, anyone who oppresses you, if you sign with us, we will make sure we will support you. Unless you oppose us and you fight as well. If you fight us first, we have no other option but to defend ourselves. They are also and in return. They're also expected to respond positively in the case the profits would they help so if we are in danger, will

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you then also help us so this is now based on seeing certain army comes back, no fighting but comes back with an alliance. This is the brilliant step of NaVi salsola. Important side note here, and we have to again show the kind of government NaVi Salam had many of these platoons number one was a volunteer basis. nevison didn't force anyone to come out and say you must fight come. And number two, if a platoon went out, the vast majority of the time nobody saw himself would lead. You would say I don't put your lives in danger. And I said back in the masjid. Now I'll be right in front. And of course, he's the bee's knees the target everyone knew any enemy. We just have to attack Mohammed

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sauce a lump he's the head we cut we cut him down in the community falls to the knees. No, nobody saw Salim said I will be the one that comes forward. And this is also the first time a military flag and Islamic military flag was raised. It was a white flag. I know this discussion is about the black flags of the malady. But then the flag of Nabisco Salama that time was a white flag with the words la isla de la ilaha illAllah the motto of Islam we are not fighting for wealth, for property for women for anything for power. We are fighting for the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Allah there's no Allah except Allah and the Navy. So Salam also when you would leave Medina who

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would be in charge of the city, who was his vice president, now visa Salaam, rotated he literally

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members of the community, some from the people of Medina, some from the people of Makkah, some from this group and that tribe, amazing hunter besides Salaam didn't keep our sin true to himself and his friends. No, he lit all the community, all the senior members you could trust you inshallah, for this month, you will lead Medina while I'm gone in jihad. When he came back, then you'd seen another commander, you'd give the flag, you are now in charge of this of this platoon. And this government system is called a system of machinery. It's a system of consultation, that things are not done by one man ruling the show he's a dictator. And again, which man if if anyone has the right to be a

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dictator, isn't Mohammed salam, the man who gets revelation from Allah? Doesn't he have the right to make the decisions? Because it's guided by Allah know, who seldom said, We are some methods which Allah gives the revelation and the fool we have no say in the matter of the matters are open for our discussion. And therefore in addition to the opinions of the Sahaba in major, major issues, how to defend Medina how to fight back with the Quran, huge issues now vehcile consulted his companions. This was how nabeshima ran his government, even though he's Rasulullah Salaam, and it shows you the greatness of the Sahaba the quality and the caliber of individuals. Another reason now vehcile

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salaam sent out these platoons, these armies was to secure the boundaries, yes, but also as an act of war against the people of Quraysh. The resource alum, usually to make life difficult for them. Right We had what was the crash and the crash, use the highway use the desert paths that came past Medina to take the goods from Makkah to Syria. Mecca, of course didn't have at that time, I mean till today, it doesn't have any any vegetation. Nothing is grown in Makkah, that time the well of Zamzam was was was just sufficient for the people of Makkah. So maka, it's only source of income really, of course, it's not only market as well, right? The only source of income for the people of

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Mecca was taking goods through the desert. So the people of Syria, right, they have goods, they need to take it to Yemen, they can't travel through the desert desert is dangerous. No one knows what it's like the people of Makkah said we know the desert. So the job and they the source of income was using caravans. camels traveling from muck from Syria to Yemen Allah mentions in the Quran, the Isla de la de La Casita, it was safe. The journey of winter and summer oak rush Allah subhanaw taala is the one that watches over you when you take these journeys. And these journeys had to pass by Medina. Medina was on the highway. So nobody saw some say so he says Allah wants to secure this

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highway and prevent the people of Croatia from singing the caravans freely through the area as a sign of warfare. Also, what the Croatian are doing many caravans were going Why was this a huge amount of money that they stolen? Now Abubakar left his business, all his wealth saved, not mine, lift everything. So all that wealth of the Mahajan. This was now taken by the Corporation and they said we're going to take you to Syria and make profit and bring it back and she says this is wrong. We need to claim back what belongs to us.

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So how did the Battle of bother actually come about? Abu sufian, one of the leaders, one of the leaders of kurush, one of the sworn enemies of Nabeel Salim radi Allahu becomes Muslim later on Abu sufian Allah saves him it becomes Muslim. Also as an interesting side note, he is the father in law of Novi. So Salaam Nabi saw Salam would marry his daughter. In fact, at this point in time now vsas already married his daughter,

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Habiba, but she lived in Abyssinia she lives in ever senior. Why Why wouldn't it be so to marry a woman who lived in another continent, because her father's one of the chief enemies of Islam, maybe if I marry his daughter, I give her honor and Iza his heart will soften and we don't have to fight. This was the idea Six years later, only that she joined the house with an OB salsa. But our father did not accept and a father was one of the chief enemies of Nagisa Salaam and later on he becomes Muslim Raja lon. Alright, so he had a huge caravan in German, Hiroshima oola. The second year of ijarah. A huge caravan filled with stolen wealth of the Mahajan news who came at this massive

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caravan was leaving Makkah going to sit here, so there'll be So Sam said, Look, we need to go and intercept this caravan and take back what belongs to us. Who's with me and 200 men sign up, but unfortunately, only a few camels are available for this. So the Muslims have to see they ride one for one hour, maybe one man writes the camel and then they swap and the next one that is the camel so of course, they travel through the desert at a very very slow pace. And by the time they reach the point where they want to intercept the caravan, abou Sophia was able to successfully beat and pass the Muslims the Muslims arrived too late. But of course the caravan must come back right they

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must come back from Syria to Makkah. So in Elisa Lam said alright inshallah we will capture this caravan when it comes back. The kurush understanding the situation that people in Makkah, they get ready and army they said we're not going to

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allowed us, we're going to protect our caravan. So they prepare an army and they send this army this army would be dispatched. And of course the two armies the army of the Muslim we didn't come to fight an army they came to fight the caravan or to to hold up a caravan and take what belongs to them when prepared for a war, but the Qureshi was preparing for a war and inshallah next week we'll discuss the Battle of butter I inshallah next week, this week, we're going to discuss I need to take five minutes of your time and to report back as to our AGM, your Marines of the masjid because you attend the masjid and you are there for shield stakeholders in the masjid. You belong to this

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Masjid. Therefore, it's our duty to respond back to you. So we had our AGM on Wednesday evening, the 10th of September. And just a reminder, that reminder, as I said, the first thing that we saw some did was he built a ministry, and that Masjid was not built by narcissism alone. Oh, by the angels. It was built brick by brick by the individuals of the community. There's just so beautifully when you go to Medina, you're standing in the masjid, both by signal worker and say normal enemies are seldom they together the whole community, both this Masjid, similarly, every single Masjid, it's not done, one man puts down and he runs the show. It needs community effort. This is our center, our

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heart of our community. That's why we sell services, whatever builds the masjid and of course those who maintain it and run it and support it in this hadith for the sake of Allah and Allah bolts for them a place for them in general, you're securing your place in Jannah when you secure the house of Allah on the earth, and we mentioned last week that the priority of the masjid it is the center of the Muslim community. Before we talk about a Muslim state. You want to know all the Muslims in this community, you raise the masjid if you look there's no mercy in this area automatically. You know, it's not that many Muslims in here are this amongst media means the Muslims are busy. They have a

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center a place we can come to that Iran is being called Salah is being made. We also know that the center and the first thing a Muslim is incumbent to do off the eastern aid is sobre Sala is the barometer of our success, the masjid, the seat of government, the place where we meet each other, the place where our marriages are conducted. The last place on the dunya we come before we go to our cupboard is the masjid. So last place we meet right so they say Subhana Allah, see to the masjid, before the masjid sees to you that they you Your generous saying, and this is the place of unity. The brothers here you work at different companies, you live in different areas, you know, especially

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in a message like this, you would never even see each other across paths. But here you see that face every week that brother You sit next to him every week. This is how unity is built. In fact, as we mentioned before, nobody so Salaam Hadid says if you don't stay in the supporting sada it's one of the reasons when the hearts are not united unity is directly related to how we conduct ourselves in the masjid. So they will see these visitors the misses of the masjid. So we report back in terms of eg What have we done in 2013 the last few the last few months Alhamdulillah nursery school, as you know is filled to capacity hamdulillah and is doing very well in terms of our welfare programs. We

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had during Ramadan, most most of these welfare programs were done during Ramadan. We had our orphan day we had our Maharaja and we put our food cooked and given out on the day of eat. There was the Phaedra parcels the soup kitchen which continues last year we had the carbine program and of course the quadband program who

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is also happening this year in sha Allah in terms of education and hamdulillah the masjid had classes on Sierra the life of NaVi salsa lamb classes on marriage clauses and astronomy and we had CDs in the Juma the destructive sins. And during Ramadan we had the treasures of Quran CDs, CDs being done and this was put on a CD in terms of recreation v center was used karate classes continue the scouts and the rugby team of course use the center and in terms of publication, and hamdulillah this year once again, we managed to have five in one pack the companion book athletes, this was successfully done, as well as the autobiography of Mr. Mani Busey, my last parameter granted my

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place in Jenna born to serve him they were able after 10 years of effort, this book was finally published and Alhamdulillah financial statements were signed off at the AGM so May Allah reward all those who have contributed again, this is not done by the Imam or want to the chairman. But it's hard so you know odd foot soldiers and most of times it's our sisters, the women that run the show the men do the talking, but the women do the working right. So this is a lady award them and let this weigh heavily in the scale. You know this motion is almost 130 years old. I'm sure the Buddha 130 years ago when he put that brick lay, he didn't realize how much he was going to get. Maybe he

00:29:41 --> 00:29:59

wasn't the best of people. But every Sala every good deed done in this Masjid goes to his account handler How lucky for him. Of course it's not all good news. There were things that we failed in doing and this of course is the lack of support from from from you, the community. More support means we can do these things are emerging from our conference.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

We invite young scholars studying overseas South Africans who study abroad in Egypt, Medina, Indonesia and the local dark rooms we get them together meet one another so that you can have unity well unity amongst Allah. So get together we have about a week or weekend conference where they discuss matters pertaining to the our community teach them skills like public, public speaking skills, and hamdulillah. we're unable to do this this year because of funding restrictions. Our bursary funds again, for students studying abroad as taking a severe not only one student were able to sponsor in terms of the masjid, they were projects to upgrade our sound system and the electrical

00:30:38 --> 00:31:17

works for one year with this has been in the pipeline, but again due to restrictions, we cannot see to this inshallah next year, we'll have we can, we'll have we'll be able to report positively on these things. But major concerns, this is major concerns and we need to take note of this. Number one the AGM poorly poorly attended, we were unable to achieve a quorum, right? So 20 people is required only about 10 people pitched up. So what is the concern for the manager? The only thing people attend the AGM right so we are we we are all here once a week at least. We need to come in and hold accountable your Imam and your committee. What are you doing in the masjid and if something

00:31:17 --> 00:31:20

is wrong, your responsibility to fix it, then you must come.

00:31:22 --> 00:32:00

We have senior members with the telephone many of our senior stalwarts have been working 3050 years in the organization, it was mentioned the that these individuals have now reached the age and they've retired we need new people in and there's a severe lack of young individuals entering in it was mentioned that I was the youngest person at the meeting by maybe 2030 years, everyone else will pingshan the senior people, we are our young people. And now the the older generation have said we don't we can't carry the burden anymore. We are we going if our young people don't attend young professional people, this is the future of our ima people who have jobs and secured you are

00:32:00 --> 00:32:37

inshallah we'll leave the oma further. So we need to see you at these meetings, we were unable, sadly, we're unable to fold the positions on the committee, we couldn't have a vote of loosely to hand over the committee, there weren't enough people to fill the positions. And therefore we had to postpone the election for another two months, the 10th of November will have an election and I hope to see much many, many more faces there so that we can fill these positions. Another important thing is one female attended many criticism about the machines not catering to the needs of the women. But the women are the soul sisters, they need to come How do we know what they need and what they want,

00:32:37 --> 00:33:13

if they're not representing themselves, doesn't say in the Constitution, it must be achieved man which a woman a cheap person is allowed. And therefore we are our sisters encourage them as well to take part and as I said before, really the success of organizations are those where the women are running, you know, they do the hard work, they put the hard work in. So insha Allah said, you know that we had to get to this point. And as a side note, just before I end, many of you must have seen that a machine is opening up in Weinberg, you know, May Allah not allow this to happen by an individual who has, you know, he unfortunately, born in South Africa, but lives in the UK. And he's

00:33:13 --> 00:33:50

has an organization which allows, you know, bishops to come and speak about Christmas angioma that allows gay moms to speak about homosexuality and Islam that has criticized and rubbish the Hadith, which means rubbishing an abuse of some sooner, that has interpreted the Quran as he sees fit that has married Muslim women to non Muslim men that has actively in the UK been one of them, leading members to ban the niqab, a Muslim trying to ban the niqab. Right, so this individual has now opened a center in Weinberg and the brothers from Weinberg, he's gonna be very concerned for your family. And we said said that these kind of organizational flourishing when a Masjid like this which is for

00:33:50 --> 00:34:25

the purpose to serve, Allah is struggling charlo we need to take care of our community because this is for the future for our kids. Insha Allah and I end up with this beautiful idea which Allah speaks to all of us, the mosques of Allah shall be maintained only by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and they perform a salah and give zakah and fear none but Allah and it is they who are expected to be in through guidance, shall Allah put us in this category? I mean, insha Allah, just last few announcements, please. At the very least at least give us your comments you know, we went to see what we're doing good then what we're doing bad badly and we can change what is wrong and

00:34:25 --> 00:34:59

continued is good. Please email me personally. Or there's a comment box in the front please put down a note your concerns whatever please if you can't attend, of course, it will add ha our coupon program will have slaughtering at the at the center. They have Ed Saturday, the fifth of October, 4 of October or Sunday, the fifth of October in sha Allah 1600 a sheep for those who are able to and would like to follow him this great sooner and our classes are continuing on Tuesday nights of the mercury on the life of Nabil Mohammed Salah mice. Hope to see all of you there.

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Psychologically I said I want it

In this series, Shaykh Muhammad West discusses the Islamic state and the Battle of Badr

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