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Yaser Birjas
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of smella Santa Maria contra la vaca hamdullah Bellarmine so Allah cinnabar, cadmium Hyderabad. So we have answered the question, shall we have any question about the subject we discussed earlier? Make sure to screen to scan that QR code and ask your question Shala xuejun look at we have few questions over here number one, coming from the sister side, what are the two Arabic terms that were used to explain? Vacating the heart from bad and receiving good and evil remembers what these words are?

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Attack Leah Withania what is the second one? That Leah attack LEAH What Talia attack Leah to vacate which means to remove anything from the heart. What Talia is when you fill it with the sweetness of the good deeds and the good intentions and shallow Tana And obviously you can't start with taglia before what taglia you cannot put something good when it's already stuffed with something bad you have to first vacate and clean it and then you can put the good stuff in shallow water Kodaira attack Leah. What Talia now

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someone was asking a question about hail Gibreel which we covered before. The difference between Eman and Islam is as I was going through the previous Hadith I had a question from Hydra Gibreel How was a man harder than Islam? But it appears a man from the Hadith with the six articles looks easier than Islam. Please explain. Anyone knows why a man is harder than Islam. Remember, we're talking about the circles Islam is the bigger circle, then is a man is the smaller one. And then there's a son the smaller one. So you upgrade from being Muslim to be a woman. How is being more men harder than being Muslim? Yes.

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For you to believe absolutely.

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Islam is easy to measure. How do you measure a Slama Jama by you praying, you come to town Ramadan, I see you come to give those occur. You go to the Hajj, I can measure that easy to measure that. Do I know if you're doing it sincerely or not? Now, but you can easily do that. But to believe in your heart would fall sincerity, about what you're doing and what you believe in the matters of the ACA. That's that's very difficult, then that's what we will be talking about all these previous sessions in regard to the essence of knowledge. This is the knowledge that the knowledge of the heart not Donald you the mind. Because the mind you might have information. If it doesn't translate into

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belief and throw through actions, then there is no meaning to it. So that's why Eman is actually is harder and difficult which makes it actually a higher grade than just being a Muslim. Allahu Allah.

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We've always learned that celebrating the Prophet Sessoms birthday was an innovation but in recent times, there has been a strong push to participate in millet. Are there certain acts that are innovation that are practiced at amela? Or is it practice as a whole considered an innovation, praising the Prophet Salah Salem, in a way that isn't shirk, but specifically sin sin, singling out the specific day will look in regards to celebrating the life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam, it's an everyday thing for the Muslim there's no doubt about it. The prayers of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is an act of worship and a bada. We've been ordered to do that regularly, not just in one

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single day. In regard to dedicate one particular day to celebrate the birth of the prophets of Allah Salaam. That's not the Prophet. The Prophet didn't do that. The Sahaba did not do it. They set up the salah didn't even do it. It wasn't until later on in the durations when came to their OBD and father me actually state in North Africa, that they started practicing this and when that state was removed, the practice was never removed, unfortunately. So historically speaking, it's something considered very new, relatively speaking. And for us, if you're going to want to just dedicate yourself to this kind of practice, or at least celebrating the life of the prophet Salah Salem, then

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dedicate dedicate your life, to celebration of the life of the prophets, Allah said and better for you than just one single day Allah Allah.

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Everybody I know that

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the Buddha, the question is, is that is that a matter of the dunya, not matters of the era. It's an act of a by that we do to praise the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So, there he was celebrating the Prophet.

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We covered that earlier in that villa, there are six or six items in the Buddha to be considered Buddha in the time and the place in the in the amount and the practice in the in the in the reason the causing for it. The six actually read ways better can happen. So this particular practice in itself, is if it's separate from the event, there's nothing wrong with it. Present the Prophet Salah Salem cerebra And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but to do it in that space.

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Cedric day so we make in the day

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I hear you but the people say that day is the bread of the prophets Allah Salaam and they make in that practice that the cause of it is the birth of the prophets of Allah Salah that's what the Buddha comes from Allah Allah

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so the type of the video, which was just I just mentioned right now someone's asking, Can you please list the six types of video again? Can you guys count them with me? Let's see if you guys still remember the number one.

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The cause give me an example of the cost of evidence. Like what?

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Every time you go home, you pray to America. You make this as a something you have to do every time you go home, that becomes better because now you make a new cause for it. Similarly, when you say Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah every time you sneeze, even though the assault and abuse so there was nothing wrong with it, it's very bad. But to make sneezing The reason to say or Salawat or maybe that's because of a Buddha right now, the second thing that makes it better what is

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the type or kind like what?

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slaughtering a giraffe or styling for aydelotte Ha as other hair that's been the type number three. The practice such as making five times you know will do better than three times every time you make you watch you watch five times every time you watch you watch five times, that becomes better right now. The time or two the amount of effort there was the amount, but the time is when you you do your own hair before read for example. What else number five? The place and McCann like what? Give me an example

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at the car for your house, saying the ticket the last 10 days of the house better than the masjid for example, that's not considered better now. And the last one

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said the added or the amount. So eventually there are six actually ways that can be practiced.

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Someone says here taraweeh who has not prayed by the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the way we do it now how is not considered Buddha. So the Prophet Salah Salem he initiated that are aware, calling the tarawih that something came afterwards. It doesn't really matter what you call it. It's an disconcert pmla Eventually, the Prophet SAW Salem he prayed at one time he was seen praying at night during the month of Ramadan. Sahaba they saw that they came with a joint him the next day they were talking about this oh the Prophet SAW and prayed up nice beautiful soil last night you should join us. The next day they came and the next night they come to three nights that magic became very

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crowded. The first night the professor didn't show up

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until Vegeta. And then he was asked Rasul Allah, I mean, he goes it's not that I wasn't aware of your presence in the masjid. I was afraid if I come out and do it again. It's it becomes obligatory you won't be able to make it. So basically he left it open. So people start praying throughout not we'll call it pm will Mr. Medan regularly on their own

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at the time, the same thing to so when Omar saw them pray in separate Gemma here and there. He didn't like that. So what he did, he said you know what, I'm going to bring them all behind one Imam. So he assigned over even cabinet Allah and to be the first Imam to lead the people in Gemma. So he led the people into in parallel in Ramadan, rather low TerraNova. That's when Omar came in and he saw them all behind one Imam he goes no matter what a beautiful thing I've just made it there. When they said no matter the Buddha wasn't meaning by Buddha in the in the religious definition of Buddha, or linguistic definition of Buddha. It didn't mean it was in the religious definition

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because he didn't initiate that 100 AutoTM. In Ramadan. It was from the Prophet Sasa. And also there was an instruction from the Prophet Mansour Montcalm Ramadan, if you stand into inter insula and Ramadan, that's an activator. So the Prophet initiated that what Omar did, he brought them all behind one Imam again, after they did with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and became the tradition after him. One other thing we keep in our mind, even though Amara Katara Dylon himself brought them all under one behind one Imam but he didn't pray behind them. Why? Because it will pray for himself. And for him he does it maybe in more passionate way individually than he did it in the gym. Ah, so

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so this is not considered better. It's actually reviving the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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We're going to cover that when we talk about Heather bottom and Surya is there such thing as with a Hasselblad assay, in matters of Sharia, the Prophet saw Sam says well couldn't live with that and Allah Allah, every bidder is misguidance so there is no such thing as Hassan or say, in matters of matters of Dean but in matters of dunya Yes, that's something we can we'll talk about in details later inshallah

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about the same thing

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so if someone's making dua vicar morning vicar for example, is allowed for me to add an extra line to it like if I say Bismillah toccata Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Hill Ali or other input sample is that considered Buddha? Now the holy mother say when it comes to decree that the Prophet Salah Salem, he himself pronounced, you should maintain it as is for that purpose. So, the example the example when the Prophet taught us a habit of the law and how to reset it around when he goes to bed. So, when the Prophet told him call a man to be categorical the result of being a beacon lady ourselves, I believe in the book, the book that you sent, and the profit you owe the book that you

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delivered and the profit that you sent to us. So we want as a hobby repeated into the profit a class called I meant to be guitar basically the answer will be Rasul Allah the arson the Prophet saw some said no being a de killer the arson so he when he corrected him with one word, that's what they say when it comes to prescribe as car you mentioned the way they are however, in other occasions you want to make that DUA and add to it something else that's fine because dhikr is okay in general Yan Allah

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Okay, some people are asking questions are relevant to the subject of a credit card the news and all the stuff on song

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someone is saying it I lost over a buy that at the Hareem What are tobacco lobbyists will also very bad we'll fill out that an EVA wala to haram Allah. There's a mistake here and the question whoever put the question there is the second one supposed to be Omoto dunya or what's the word for it will ask you to fill that not about that. Again. The first statement is correct. I'll also put that at the Hareem Wallah Tabasco in Lebanon which means the standard rule in matters of devotional actions are very bad is to be prohibited unless you bring a text to suggest otherwise. The second statement where it's wrong you said when asked about that, no and asked to fill that which means customs and

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traditions. And these are the matters of dunya the standard rule everything is considered halal and MOBA unless you pray you bring in evidence to suggest otherwise Allah Allah

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reciting morning I've got in unison at school is that considered Bidda word for teaching? It's okay. Because we teach these kids that's fine once they learn Hamdulillah we need to teach them to do it individually because if they always do it in JAMA once they're on their own they don't do it we need to teach it that this is for them to do it on their own inshallah Allah so once they learn as they grow older we make the older one to do it actually individually

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is doing some breathing exercises to focus before Salah Okay, what about the

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to enhance to enhance the Ananda the salah so I don't know what you mean by that do you mean when you stand for so I just close your eyes and start breathing in and out of focus? I mean

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it's not not not necessarily part of the Salah if you're doing this just to bring your mind and your heart to can focus it with pleasure and hamdulillah that's good. Should be okay. But don't take too long. Yeah and especially if the if you're the Imam divine

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absolutely shouldn't be doing on a regular basis otherwise it becomes with the industry.

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So what do we say about people who say my teacher or my chef, he gave me the cure for x and y times like you know, my chef said say this for door say this for us. So there's furniture for example.

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If they gave you a card as prescribed by the prophet, Salah Salem in general for these matters, that's fine. But if they tell you do this 10 times that is 100 times that's going to be giving them shallow data and a good new life that will be a little bit off as becomes now a Buddha unless they have a proof that this number of times for this dua has this virtue that you're claiming.

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Because that thing so both are supposed to be with Ye from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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we'll have the text says this is raw al Bukhari, but then the commentary says mentioned it three times or five times or four times I wouldn't say that adhere to it two three times only unless there's an evidence for the for the three times but if there is no specific and they had mentioned that more than three times 10 times one time as

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As many times as you wish

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true it's always coming in this car for the sake of just helping people to repeat but it's not supposed to do that regularly

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not necessarily Allah

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is this via with beads or counter considered VEDA? I don't consider that because there was some reporter Ayesha della Tina she use something like that or the Latin our da but it's always better for you to use your your your finger should be okay

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Okay, so the question not relevant right to the subject

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we used to make make us correct the manner we asked our questions Yeah, matter of days. This was based on the code of earlier Dylon. Is there a reason you don't do this anymore?

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Because I used to in a matter of classes when someone asked a question and they say yeah, Chef, what's your evidence? I said repeat the question don't say what's yours what your evidence is said what are what is our evidence? How do we what are the proof What is the proof for those who say so and so it's part of the other unfortunately the culture sometimes it takes over so what is considered adequate or not is sometimes classified by the etiquette of that time. So if it changes the changes Still though, there's always a code for students of knowledge to maintain such as you know having that general added when you talk to your shareholder to to Allah on

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Jonathan Yes. Oh god

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so you're saying that the question is like, help me understand that because the Prophet SAW Selim, he asked Bilal and the Hadith Yeah, Bilal he says I saw in my dream I was actually walking in Jana and I heard footsteps behind my back I looked it was you who is what is it that you did that makes you go to gender like this? So when I say there are so nothing much really and say no, no, there was one thing in particular to do probably is the one out of jail feminine. There's the one that you probably you hope you hope the most to bring it to Jana. So I thought about it goes Yasser Allah nothing I did nothing Arja nd nothing that I hoped for to get me to Jannah more than me every time I

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make wudu he said min Leyland on a hot day or night, every time I make wudu I pray to raka

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So the Prophet saw some said this could be it. So how come now? The Bilal commit Buddhadharma

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see that's the difference difference what happened with Bill and was during time after sheer during the time of legislation. The property was still alive. It's okay for what Bill did because the prophets Allah Selim he approved it.

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Now that the Prophet SAW Selim is not with us, the deal is complete. No one can say well the Prophet allowed Bilal to do this. Why not me? Like the man who wants him he was making dua after saying Sam Allah Allah Muhammad ibn Allah Al hamdu Hamdan cathedra until you work and be the Prophet says, who was the one who said earlier? Because that was me also, because I've seen angels competing to write it down. Did he commit Bynum? No, the Prophet says, that was good what you did. After the time of the Prophet SAW Selim, no one has that authority to tell you what you're doing is concerned okay? Because it's complete right now. Alarms panic alarm 100 ashwagandha several little extra medical

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