The Secret Of Fasting In Ramadan

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh.

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Alhamdulillah Allah Al Ameen. sallallahu wasallam Baraka Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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what is the main secret of the month of Ramadan? For you? What exactly are you trying to achieve one of the best thing that you should really work on to achieve during the month of Ramadan and that is the greatest Secrets of the month of Ramadan. What is it?

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Can you guys guess? I mean, you've been eating and drinking So what was your main goal? To get fat? lose weight? stay up at night? What was your main goal the secret of your month of Ramadan to achieve what?

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attained telkwa? To achieve taqwa attained up what is the spirit of Allah subhanho wa Taala Why do you say that?

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It's because Allah says All right, it's because Allah says what Allah sponsored about the month of Ramadan about fasting. Yeah your Lena Amano. koulibaly como Surya mocha makuti Banda Medina company comme la la comme Kowloon

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you said terrible loss upon says yeah, you had an Edina mn O you who believe quotevalet Lucien fasting had been prescribed upon and like it was prescribed for those who were before you learn let them so that you might eat and drink.

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sleep during the day and stay up during the night didn't say that says the phone so that you might become righteous. So the main secret of the month of Ramadan will lie is not about abstaining from eating or drinking. It's not about us staying up at night sleeping during the day. That's not the secret of the month of Ramadan. Secret of the month of Ramadan is to achieve taqwa fearing the loss of Hannah hautala it's all about righteousness, that fear of Allah azza wa jal that is the main purpose of fasting in the month of Ramadan that's why Allah subhana wa tada prescribed the fasting Ramadan fourth, where do we get that from? And why do we say that? First of all, let's try to

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understand what's the meaning of achieving that goal meaning when you say Allah say that you need to achieve taqwa, right, just this feeling of Lazarus and piety. What does that mean? How do I achieve that are really mad at us so much about the Sahaba of the allotted amount. They get so many meanings of the word taqwa. Perhaps you've heard the word taqwa. 100 times since past Friday.

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Just since Friday Juma may be very good so many times in the Quran, in a Holiday Inn Hotel in speeches in the Imam when he does when you hear the heartbeat during the month of Ramadan. They all bring the word taqwa. It takala fear Allah yaku Matatini. These words were heard so much, but do we really understand the meaning of them? Are we really working on it in the month of Ramadan? If I know that this is the whole ultimate goal, the whole ultimate goal that we are looking forward to achieve during the month of Ramadan? Are we working on it? Do I understand in the first place so I can work on it so hard? Let's try to understand what taqwa is and then inshallah we see how taqwa

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and Ramadan correlate together. Because if the secret of Ramadan is achieving taqwa, righteousness, then it should be part of the essence the core of the meaning of fasting during the month of Ramadan. So when it comes to Taco, they give different invitations. One of the most beautiful interpretations of the word taqwa came from aloha Pavarotti allowed that on another narration was allowed when he was asked about the meaning of taco he was asked Tell me what is taqwa? And you see sometimes the best interpretation of words, if you make them tangible, something that you can really visualize, you can see and you can touch. So he asked the one who asked him, he asked the man who

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asked him, he says, okay, have you ever been into any of these pastures where you have a lot of stickers a lot of these phones? He says, Yeah, I did. He said, What did you do? So

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usually, I would roll up my sleeves and I hold my soul making sure that I don't get stuck by these things and and then he says, What edged ahead and I make my effort. Basically, when I put my foot I make sure that I look before I step before I put my step anyway, he said to him that's exactly what talk was that exactly what applies. But in this case, the pasture is your life. The events of this world everything around you that's when you have to go through it because it's a journey. It's a long journey until the middle of the tunnel Darla, how are you living your life? How are you achieving these goals? Have you started rolling your sleeves up in this life? Are you doing it? A

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modern style hamdulillah Ramadan is a chance for many people selves coming back to Allah azza wa jal because it's a good chance to repent, to reconnect, rejuvenate, and enter.

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Eyes themselves for after Ramadan beenleigh zildjian Have you started your efforts? We all know that there are 10 nights are coming in sha Allah. Allah the end of the month of Ramadan and we almost done with the first third. One more third you have the last one. So the last leg of Ramadan Are you ready for it? Are you charging charging your battery for that time? Are you getting ready for that? That's how you need to understand how do you go so you're gonna have a long way to go. roll your sleeves up. And then what he says Carla, watch the head. Then I pay attention when I put my foot. That's exactly what you do in your life. Everything that you say before the word comes out, a good

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word can come out and a bad word can come out. Which one would you choose for yourself? Look, where do you put your word first? When you walk, where are you heading? Where do you go, where your feet are taking you? Are they taking you were supposed to be going or you take when you're going to be embarrassed and ashamed of what you've done earlier. So you look when you go before you put your steps. Also when you put when you use your hands, you need to make sure that your hand goes into a halaal place. It does reach anything to go to the Haram so when you always look what you for what you say what you hear what you do or the walk. That is the meaning of taqwa.

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And if you would like to achieve the top one in the month of Ramadan, because that's the essence of the month of Ramadan. Then you need to roll up your sleeves Hold tight to close and making sure that wherever you put your foot you put it in some dirt somewhere that's hella completely hollow. And that is the essence of a tough one. Although does have a lot and Allah like I live in a bit all abroad a lot and he says about a tough word. alfalfa mineral jelly

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a taco allow for million jury to fear the most revered subhanho wa Taala while Amara within zeal and you work upon a sincere revelation, that means what it's not just a lip service. It's not something you only claim said hamdulillah I feel as though how many people you've seen in your life when you talk to them set up the largest Alhamdulillah I feel a lot I feel no one but Allah azza wa jal, but you look at their actions, they're against the revelation. They're against the Salah against the CM against all the good did Allah subhanho wa Taala promote in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam were reliable. Colleen Oliveira Deuteronomy says to be content with whatever the

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last hand has given you.

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Are we really concerned about what Allah has given us? Or do we always reject? We always rebelled against Allah subhanho wa Taala and then that he blessed us with subhanho wa Taala what is the deadly omura hate and you get ready, you prepare yourself getting ready to the day when you depart from this world. That's the essence of total. That's the essence of feeling Allah subhanho wa Taala you fear a Day when you're gonna all be standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala also, Abdullah must be allowed to run. He said about a taqwa feeling, alas, Anita felt

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that when you obey Allah Subhana to obey Allah azza wa jal never disobey Him and Utah our lives when you look for and you'll be thankful and grateful to him subhanho wa Taala you'll never deny Allah azza wa jal when used Corolla USA and you remember Allah subhanho wa Taala never ever forget about law so anywhere you

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What was this taken from? From hydrogen Navy salado center one day

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the profits of the loss I'm given an advice

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and has settled a lot on reports that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam says it the law. Hi Zuma.

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You fear Allah, wherever you are. You fear Allah wherever you are.

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What we say here that has set the tempo ha and you follow everybody that you make with a better one. A Good Day. I will erase it for you.

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We'll call it the NASA Holton Hasson and you treat people with good manners. I remember our chef a chef Schumpeter

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One day, he was asked in a gathering like this in a class said yeah, Chef, I want you to help me make a schedule. Someone was asking him to make him a program you know many people they asked the sheriff the man helped me put put together a good program that I can follow to achieve these lofty goals of righteousness agenda for those salons on and they expect the man or the chef to give them minute by minute program or schedule so that you wake up let's say at 330 before surgery, you do make you make to America and they do whatever and then you pray for God. The man is not gonna is not going to be with you when you do that. He's not going to help

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Do you do minute by minute kind of schedule? So the show he said I have the best program for all of you. He said take your pens out, started another program and everybody was getting ready Mashallah, we're getting the chef's program right now. It's the chef's program so we can achieve this achieve taqwa. So the chef he says, it took Americans and people as they were about to write and when he said, the law, federal law wherever you are, there's not because they know that this is only three statements. How could the visit be a program, he says, This is the best program for life, the best program for life. Because you feel Allah, wherever you are. You fear Allah, wherever you are,

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whether you're at work, in school, in the streets, driving, in your bed, behind your computer screen, using your smartphone, wherever you are. If you always observed fearing Allah subhana wa tada and taqwa then you will be good. You all will be good. So there is no need for you to have double standard lifestyle. When you're in the mezzetta Baraka Rahmani become the most righteous, you go outside the method, you are the most

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other person eventually. So you have two, two personalities, it doesn't work like this. So you feel Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever you are. Some people might say, well, that's what I've been trying to do. But unfortunately, I'm not that person. I cannot uphold to that kind of standard character. I always make mistakes. And that's why hamdulillah the second statement of the Hadith and abuse of Allah Selim, he says, What's better, Seattle has another simpler, follow every good deed that you made, that every bad deed that you make with that which is good, it will erase it for you, meaning Allah subhanho wa Taala You know, he knows that you're not angels. You're not in the military

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Ramadan, you're not an angel. So therefore, you're going to make mistakes. So if I make a mistake, should I completely now delete my program of righteousness and starts up over and really just losing hope? No. Remember, as part of your scheduling program, there will always be mistakes and errors. What do we do about them, always follow them with that which is good. Always returned to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Seeking Toba His forgiveness, make will do and pray to God that will arrange it for you. Whatever you do, that you don't not you're not happy with you're not proud of what you've done. Because you know, you've sinned, you return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. That will arrange

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it for you.

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Okay, some people might say but this is really too much for me. I can't do that. I can't I know myself, the professors and bring us into the third step. He said if you couldn't do either one. If you cannot do good, if you cannot always return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. At least if you're gonna if you're gonna do something bad. The prophet SAW Sam says we'll call it the NASA hooligan hustle. Treat people with good manners. That means if you're going to be doing something bad, don't hurt other people. Make it make it only against your own self.

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So treat people with good manners and love that will surprise you for many things that you might miss a new life. Three things that will help you achieve top one feeding Allah subhanho wa Taala then Ramadan. We know that taqwa is so significant it's the essence of fasting during the month of Ramadan. And Ramadan as you know, how can we achieve this through fasting? First of all, would you fast the process of Assam says about fasting? Carla salatu salam Carlota vodka to Allah kulu Imani Adam Allahu ala song for in the Holy One at Ziva. All the deeds of the son of Adam are done for him means whenever you do something, you have some ulterior motive in it. Right. When you do and you

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come to the masjid, you come and they will double intentions. You come to pray and come to meet people you come to pray and come to eat Mashallah you come to pray, have other things that you can do. You might pray only because your parents are asking you to pray. Also, when you make when you give the car, when you give charity, when you make a fundraising, whatever there is something else might be involved with it. When it comes to fasting. It is only for the sake of Allah. So why do we say that? Because when you're alone, who knows that you break in you're fast other than the last panel with a hand. Remember that moment when you were alone at home, no one else with you. And you

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were in the kitchen. And you opened the fridge so all these goodies in there. And you wanted to grab everything somehow because everything suddenly tastes good. When you walk into the streets and no Muslims around you. And then you see that you know what it's really tempting. And who knows, but you said no.

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Even young children, even young children will lie. They teach adults the lesson of doing things for the sake of Allah. Ramadan. You find seven years old baby child, eight years old, younger or even older, and they fast throughout a long hot day like in the summer in this Ramadan

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You tell the monitor breaker first says no. And they definitely they bother you at home they keep saying like my kids was I said, How much is left? Is it is it time? So now we still have five hours. Well you said that five hours ago and they keep you bothering us it's time to break my fast attempt to break my fast and you tell them listen, if you can't take it anymore, just break your fast. They say no, I'm not going to break my fast what a lie. They teach you lessons that I'm doing not doing it for you. They're doing it because they believe that they get reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala for them they asked you What's the reward? You know when I do that, and even when they make will do

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they get the opportunity in the bathroom when the doors are locked to drink water if they want to. And as they make will do their is their mouth they make sure no drops of water goes down their throat. Why is that? Because they know they're doing it for Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's the essence of total.

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That is the essence the core essence of feeling the loss of Hannah What are you only doing it because of a loss only for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala The other thing about taqwa test what happens mostly in a very subtle matter very very subtle matter. No one can display taco salad Salah you can display it right? You can make saw Raise your hands go to cool sujood and so people see that you make them solo.

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When he gives a cow or charity people can see you as you write the check or maybe the check reaches them by mail so they know who gave that money. So it has some element of you know, breaking that privacy basically being unpublished. When it comes to taqwa who knows that you are righteous or not only Allah,

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only Allah azza wa jal regardless how much you try to make that image of taqwa only Allah knows if you're truly meant okay or not. Fasting is the same thing. Unless you speak out, no one would know that you're best known. Remember that story of that veteran who one time he came into the middle he was making salah and there was a group of people make speaking and talking about righteousness and and God and so on. So they looked at the guy and they said Mashallah his Salah is so amazing is it looks so harsher focusing on salon song. So the guy turns around and says, What do you know? What do you what do you say if you know that I'm fasting too.

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So the guy even he was, is making salon is paying attention to what they're saying about him. Fasting is the same thing. No one would know it's a very subtle matter. Now we know that you're fasting unless they come too close to you, or you disclose that you're fasting. And that's the essence of tough love. Feeding the last panel what Allah also when it comes to taqwa and righteousness,

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Allah Subhana model is the one who gives the reward for tokina, La Jolla Giamatti, he is the one who's gonna give the reward for the motivation for the righteous. And that's the essence of fasting as well. He says, one as the bed, and I shall give the reward to the fasting one to those who fat and the loss of hard and fast and what we also learn within that fasting builds what strong resolve strong personality, you will see all the temptations around you. But you just you know that you should not be eating or drinking or doing anything or say anything bad. Because you fasting that helps you build that kind of personality, that kind of character. That is the essence of that as

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well as those who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala alone and only Allah alone. These are the idea of Allah, Allah subhana wa will protect them and will help them Allah and Allah, Allah Allah when Allah Allah

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what Allah says after that, and Edina among

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those who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala who are the true Alia, on the Laszlo gel is the one who will protect them. subhanho wa Taala. Now the last thing I would like to share with you about top one shot, load data, and finish this talk is something so subtle about a taqwa very important about a taqwa

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that Allah subhana wa Taala accepts only from whom and Carlota barakaatuh Allah in love with

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Allah only accepts the work and the use of the motto in the righteousness. How long have you been fasting? Have you been fasting for the past? Nine Nine days or 10 days of Ramadan already? Have you fasted the 10 days of Ramadan restaurant in the past all these days hamdulillah Mashallah. How many of you How many of you, they received the confirmation that their fasting was accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala Raise your hands if you have received a confirmation, text message, email, anything?

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No confirmation right? somehow. So what does that mean?

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is you can always be hopeful that a load accept from us upon on $1 Montana and guess what will lie? If Allah accepts one thing from you, just one thing from you, that will be sufficient for you.

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Wouldn't be sufficient. If Allah accepts the fasting of one day, if Allah accepts the Salah, one Salah from you, that will be more than sufficient. Why? Because Allah testifies that he accepts only from the righteous, the work and the need of the righteous ones. So you make sure that in the upcoming days of Ramadan and sha Allah was you keep up the good work, don't stop.

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Don't stop by saying 100 I've done great in the past 10 days. So now we have another week until school starts hamdulillah we'll take a break from students, school staff. don't depend on what you've done so far. Now build on it, not depend on it. build on it. So you keep up the good news. shout louder word, keep up the momentum.

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And we had Mila when you meet you the Lords of Panama. You see the book of your records, you see a lot of accepted words and deeds and if this is if it is, then that is from Allah subhanho wa Taala confirmation for you that you indeed were one of those righteous. And if Allah subhana wa tada considered your righteous, Allah Akbar, such a great testimony. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, Matthew all among the righteous. There are lots of power except their work and their deed in this dunya admit them to gentlemen for those in the US that are handed a lot of blood. I mean, Solana Vina Mohammed and other items on yourself.