Getting Along With Your In-Laws

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When young men and women get married, one of the things they worry about is how their relationship will look like between them and their in-laws.

How do you get along with your in-laws

This tends to be among the top five reasons why people have issues in their marriages.

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When young men and women they get married, one of the things that they worry about is how the relationship is going to look like between them and their in laws. And in my experience in marriage counseling for the many years that I've done that, I've seen that this becomes one of the top five reasons for people to have troubles in their marriages, how they treat their animals, and how they should treat their animals. It seems that there is so different expectations from the man and the woman on how to treat their animals. I mean, why is it so hard and difficult to to even to understand that it's because the dynamic of family life today has changed from it used to be in the

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past, back in those days when the social network was expansive, and the family extended family was large and big, and there are so many siblings and cousins, aunts, and uncles and so forth. It was it was easy to handle that because of how the effort is shared by many, many family members. Today, we see that the family in terms of size is shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller, and the attention on the laws becomes more focus on one or two of the children that they had perhaps that's what's causing so much pressure on young couples, it causes so much damage. Unfortunately, husbands when they try to reconcile between their wives and their mothers, they cause so much damage instead of

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solving their problems. They're supposed to make sure that the both of them can handle a lot of bellami they've been emotionally fulfilled and taken care of very well. A mother needs to be loved as a mother and a wife needs to be loved as a wife as well. Similarly, when the young wife she tries to balance between her family and his family her husband's family sometimes becomes the she creates actually imbalance over there. And that's what caused a lot of troubles and fitness. How much do I owe my animals? Should I treat them my like my own family like my own parents? What about my sister in law? Do I have to treat her like my own sister? To what extent Should I maintain a relationship

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between myself and my in laws more shallow data on this I'm going to be discussing in detail in my new class, protect this house coming your way and shall as well check the schedule. We'll see you there a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.