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Fill out our mother Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Lumbee will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam doesn't even cathedra and cathedra from Abba brothers sisters.

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After the first revelation, which was the first vibe I had also to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said with me like my mother Rahim, Allah Bismillah because of the HELOC, HELOC Alicia and I mean allOK

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ukara warrumbungle Karim Allah the ILM a bill column I love it inshallah Mala Mia Allah. Allah is around data.

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Then the way he's stopped for a while now, Walla, Harlem

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whether this was to make a very powerful impression on his asylum, that he was getting his way and it stopped. So he misses at yearns for this connection with Rob della DeLallo.

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But the IRS which

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the movers here in Dallas, which were revealed after,

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sort of, after the first bite worthy out of sort of the Missouri mill, and sort of

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these three sets of IR if you look at them, these are the manual for Dawa, these are the manual for the work of propagation of Islam, which was the purpose of the

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bearer asset, the the the creation, the sending the birth of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Now this formula can be written as if Cara, comb comb

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the Cara, Cara,

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a cara Bismillah bicolor the HELOC

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read in the name of your Rob who created all that exists. Yeah, y'all Muzammil coming Leila. kalila nice for who I mean cost me no Calida or you wrapped in garments

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Mohamed Salah Salah

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stand to pray all the night except for a little half of it or less than that.

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And the third one is yeah are you are muda Phil comfort and or you Bahamas ally Salem wrapped envelopes in garments and sleeping arise and one the people so the formula of success for the door for anyone who wants to present Islam to the world is to acquire the knowledge first and then to stand with an aid and establish our connection with Allah subhanho data and then in the morning to talk to the people. Now, there is no data without proper knowledge. Now obviously, this does not mean that you have to become a great scholar. But definitely we need to have correct knowledge.

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Even if it is a little must be correct knowledge Islam is not the religion of mythology of superstition, of grandmothers tales of this so called Miracle and that so called Miracle we are not a religion which is based on miracles. We are religion which is based on facts on verifiable facts we are religion which is based on denial, evidences proofs and the delille in Islam that Delisle are the Quran and the Sunnah, the Kitab of Allah and the practice of and the teachings of his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is Islam. Islam is not stories and fairy tales.

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So acquire knowledge correct knowledge without correct knowledge, we cannot possibly propagate Islam or you can't do anything I mean, if you if you have if you do not have direct knowledge about anything, you obviously cannot teach that that cannot be beneficial to anybody. Second one is that after that comes our connection with Allah subhanaw taala. It's like your it's like your your phone.

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First of all, it must be sound, right there should not be anything wrong with the for the OS must work, the operating operating system must work everything in all the hardware software in the form of the function. After that, you have to charge the phone. Right, the phone can be fully functional, it can be a brand new phone, absolutely perfect straight from the factory. But if it has no charge, you still cannot use it. It still cannot be of any use to it's a brick. So the phone was the perfect and then the phone should be charged. And once you charge the phone, then you need to use the phone to speak to people that so this is a good example to illustrate this. So we acquire correct

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knowledge and then we stand in the night and we build our connection with Allah

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Subhan Allah, Allah, and then in the morning we go out and we speak to the people. Now camel, Lael, and zikr are the food for the soul.

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They strengthen the day in the work of our immediate area around to allow us to make bigger in the fields outside the masjid after Salatin father used to walk until the sun rose until it was time for Iraq, he would walk and he would make the ticket. Then they asked him, he said, This is my breakfast. He said, This is my breakfast, if I don't have it, my body will fail me and I will not be able to do my work.

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Now, consistency is essential to success. It is not something that you pray that you that one day, it is a question of doing it day after day after day, without a letter

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that consistently throughout your life, if you want to present Islam to the people, we have to connect ourselves to Allah subhanaw taala

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through correct knowledge and through Zoho to to zikr and figure and standing in the night before Allah subhanaw taala.

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Without consistency, we cannot benefit from the effect of the action, let me illustrate with a with an everyday example. Have you ever seen a traditional weighing scale weighing scale in a shop in most of our so called back home countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, African countries Middle East, if you go to what we in, in order to be called Kirara shop, you know a provision shop, your shop which sells grains, rice, wheat and so on. So, if you go to that shop, you will find there is a balance there is something we call it a balance, it's a weighing scale, it has two pans, the one on either side of a pivot hanging from a horizontal beam at the top

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the weight measure is put into one pan

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and the material being weighed is put into another bag right. So the weight measure is put here, material is weighed here. And when it is equal to the weight measure, then the person says it to you. Now there is a very, very important lesson to be learned in this. And the next time you go to buy rice or some other great notice what the seller does. Let me explain to you what you will see.

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Or you may have seen many times but hopefully you will notice it.

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So you go and you say to the person I want 20 kilos of rice, right. So what does he do? He takes a 20 kilo weight and he puts it into one pan and this pan now sits flat on the countertop and the other band goes up in the air. Then it takes a scoop and he starts pouring rice into the other path

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as the pan fills

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even when he has put in 15 kilos, 16 kilos, 18 kilos 19 kilos, what do you see happening to the pants? One is sitting here on the countertop with a 20 kilo weight and the other one is up in the air with 19 kilos for example of rice in it. What do you see happening to them? Nothing.

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Nothing, right? There's no genuine situation. This is down here. This is up here. The man has put in 15 kilos, 16 kilos, 18 kilos, nothing happens. There is no change in situation, the pan with the weight remains firmly on the countertop and the other band with the rice remains up in the air. Now

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have you ever come across a situation where the man says to you No, you can see I'm working hard. There is no result. Why don't you go somewhere else?

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It's not possible to get you critical otherwise, we have to give up.

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Because I'm you can see I'm trying. Like I'm making so much effort. When nothing is happening. It's still like this. So why don't you go somewhere else has this ever happened to you? It hasn't happened to you it will never happen to you because that is not how we function as human beings. The man does not stop putting rice into the pan just because he's not seeing any result to his efforts. He knows the result will come

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and so he continues to put in rice with the scoop until he sees a small movement between the path and the bandwidth the rice now starts to descend and this pan with the weight starts to go up.

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Once that happens in the bands are almost level with each other. The man changes his method of pouring rice he does not use a scoop anymore. He takes the rice in his hand and he releases a few grains at a time.

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Gently he drops a few grains and then lo and behold the pan with the rice descends to the countertop and the pan with the weight is a little bit up

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and the man gives you the rice he puts a little bit more so you feel happy that you're getting more than you paid for and he gives you this

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Right now,

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why did I describe this thing to you because this taught me two very critical life lessons, these two life lessons they apply to the obviously, but they also applied to anything in life.

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First lesson is, until 19 kilos, nothing will happen. Until 19 kilos, nothing will happen, nothing is supposed to happen. So if you are working and you find that nothing is happening, that's exactly how it should be. It's not something you despair, it's not despair about, it's not something that you lose hope for. That's how it should be. That's how it is supposed to be. The second lesson I learned was that the last few grains always make the difference.

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Last few reds already make the difference, two lessons, until 19 kilos, nothing will happen. And the last few greens will always make the will always make the difference. That is called the tipping point. Both of these laws are equally true.

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So also in life, when 19 kilos of effort have gone into the issue,

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into our, into your career into your whatever

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the equivalent or 19 kilograms of effort has gone into that.

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And we start if you start feeling discouraged, you start feeling you'll start losing hope, because nothing is happening. It is good to remember and remind yourself that nothing is supposed to happen. So if nothing is happening, that's exactly how it is supposed to be. The one who understands this does not lose hope, does not lose energy, but he smiles in anticipation of reaching the last stage. When he knows the ban will come down to the contrary.

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He knows that this has to happen. It is not a matter of

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you know, it's not it's nothing unusual. This is how it used to be.

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And that's what Ross was. He kept on doing His work. However

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the Quraysh started mocking him and laughing at him. And they

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started now harassing him, including physically trying to harm him. I will just say, are you willing to allow Mohamed Salah Salem to rub his face in the dirt? If I see him doing it, I will stamp on his neck. He's talking about the Sajida now the villa. So as soon as I used to pray in public near the Kaaba, so after Sunday, he came and he started his salah, and I would have got up to carry out his threat. But as he came close to the soreness or some people saw him fall back and wave his hands in front of his face as if he was repulsing something as he was fighting something. And then he fell down on his back and then he's got you. He scrambled up and he ran away.

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So people asked him what happened. He said I saw a trench of fire before me and flames and smoke and I would have fallen into it. It's a how is it that you didn't see it?

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As soon as I said those were angels, and if he had stepped forward they would have gone into pieces.

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So hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala protects when you are doing the work of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala we don't lose hope. We don't fear we don't appear not afraid. We make sure that we do the work of Allah subhanaw taala as do the work of his Dawa purely for him and for his pleasure. We don't make it into a money making racket we don't make it into a course into a source of funds for us. It is not a revenue stream. The God Islam free we give it free. We don't we there's something called even people used to have that commercial Dawa. It's like Halal pork. Right, it's an oxymoronic statement. Never call it that there's no commercial doubt. It's either commerce or it is

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doubt the doubt of Islam is to be done purely and purely for the love of Allah subhanaw taala and in the following the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasul Allah salah, then you see the baraka that comes into your life. I'm not talking about people who are working for large data organizations for the for governments of countries where there is Dawa, which is a formal from the Ministry of alpha for something like this. I'm not talking about the Imams or masajid who are getting a salary from the organization all of this hamdulillah inshallah Allah there's no problem. I'm talking about people.

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On the speaker circuit, we're making money out of giving a Columbus people who are who do the work of Dawa and they and they take money from people in order to teach them Quran in order to teach them the salah for example, in order to teach them the deen this is something which I which is not the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salah which is not the son of any Nabhi and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this eight or nine times in the Quran and Allah says they do not ask adjure for

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on mute, they don't ask for reward from you follow the Sunnah of the Amelia was set up. This is the best way of presenting Islam to the world, right? So please, let's do that. Another one who would try to do things was awkward when Mauriat may be made. We dumped the stains of a camel on the neck on the blessed neck of Rasul Eliza Salem, when I also looked at a phenom was in so now Fatima Delana came running and she took them off and she cleaned her father's back. It is very damaging.

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For children to see their parents humiliated before their eyes. When as soon as wasn't finished his Salah he made dua against these people and he said Oh Allah, punish our hell and punish Otto Barbin Robbie and punish Shaybah been Obeah and punish Willie in Ottawa and punish Oh my Yeah, Ben hunt off and punish Akbar been murdered. And all of these were killed in badger

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and those around that

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breed against them, and all of them were killed in Burma.

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Another thing that they did what we did was character assassination, they

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attack the character of the messenger to destroy the credibility of the message. Now this happens to this day, all of this stuff of cartoons and whatnot, whatnot. absolutely shameful. You know, despicable behavior.

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I don't I don't react to any of that because it's not worth reacting to. Right? When dogs bark, you don't bark back to the dog. So there are dogs in there barking so we don't have to worry about that. But this is an indicator, this is what they have done, people like them have done throughout the day will continue to do that best thing to do ignore it and present the actual beautiful character. So as I said, before the people to our own actions

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to our own behavior that is important. So,

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those who

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attack the character or services or attack his or her these, all of these people are among those who are trying to discredit the messenger. So that the message itself can be discredited. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this and Allah said, Look, they are not against you, but against your message. They are denying our ayat, Allah's wrath, I said, God now level,

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in the whole layer has broken, lovey coloane for in Nome law you can do both. Well, I can avoid the mean. It lay your shadow. Allah said, and we know the grief, which their words cause you Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but it is not you that they are denying. It is the Ayat of Allah subhana what Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah says it is our ayat which they are denying, which we will take care of and don't worry, it is not you that they deny, it is the ire of the unknown subhanaw taala of the Quran

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of Allah subhanaw taala which they are denying and that the zali Moon these are the people who are doing that they are the wrongdoers and the

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the polytheists who are doing this and that is there is not that they are against you. They were against the wolves but not personal enmity, which was not the driving force the driving force was they did not like the message they were against the message they were against Allah subhanho data

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in another place a lot of our data set of Aloka narla Mundaka your vehicles other Luca be Maya who loan for sub Abraham's Arabic our commune Assadi Deen. Rebecca Yeah, Tia KALLIOPI indeed we know you have a harmless Allah salaam that your breast is straight and meaning your heart is is aggrieved at what they say.

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Allah said So glorify Allah subhanho wa Taala glorify the prayers of Europe and be among those who prostrate me beating Mexico due to a loss of data and worship, you're up until the comes to you.

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Certainty which means that so, you continue with your work, you continue with

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what you do. And last one all data will take care of those people. Now, what are we know Val predicted this and as I mentioned to you earlier in the earlier lecture, rasa Salam was very surprised when Baraka we know false predicted this he said that

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when if he said when your people eject you and they and they banish you from the from your land, I will support you. And as soon as Salah was very surprised, he said my people would banish me. Invited here is a man who was the number one popular figure in

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This society, right? They called him

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a Saudi Columbian, there was huge respect for him. He had huge influence, out of proportion to his age and to His,

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to his wealth, and so on and so forth. These were the things that give people prominence. He did not he was not. He was young, compared to many others. And he's, he was not wealthy at all, yet. He had huge influence. Now, all of this, and he said that these same people who are doing all this for me, they are going to throw me out. They're going to reject me, they're going to banish me. And

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they will do that because this is what people have always done to those who came with the message that you are coming

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right to Morocco,

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or their land. Ross was a resident said he,

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he was a Muslim and ALLAH SubhanA wa Jana, so he was the cousin of a digital Cobra, or mother or the Hola, Hannah. So he said this. Now, that was because of the message. So this is when you feel today, when we make Dawa, and you feel and you find resistance and so on. It's nothing, it is nothing to be discouraged about it is nothing new, it is nothing unusual, it is not happening because of you it is happening because of the message. And this will happen to anyone who tries to propagate this message. So this is very important for us to keep in mind.

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Now in

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in Arabia, I guess the same situation applies. To this day, the marketplace used to be the place where the

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like Hyde Park, Hyde Park, corner or something, write us down or soapbox in your speech. So the marketplace used to be a place where the best of both worlds and speakers of Arabia would come and they will present their work.

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It was a mostly a society, which was very oral and verbally the published books and so on. But people had prodigious memories, they could they could memorize hundreds of lines of poetry, 1000s of lines of poetry, and use sections of text. So they would come and they would recite, and they would they would do that. And people were these people had bad fan following like, like today, like, you know, like popsicles, or something huge fan for fat burning. The best of the poem used to be hung up on the walls of the cabin. So this was the honored report. So many had finished reciting it would be written. And this would be hung on the

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wall of the cover to honor the wrestlers that are seldom used to go there. And he would present his message that he would say they go there, and he would say AFOLU, La ilaha illallah TUIfly hope, you would say go and

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accept LightSail, Isla heilala and become successful. So he would do that, in the middle of all these people imagine the kind of confidence it takes to do something like this, just think about that, right? The whole place is hostile to you, you know this, yet you go and you stand there and you talk about that? What is the kind of confidence that confidence can come only from one thing, which is commitment, total and complete commitment to the cause? And a connection with Allah subhanaw taala?

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Only then will the fear of the people be driven out of your mind otherwise, the fear of people that mean I can I can sort of think about my that I would never be able to do that. I'm just thinking that if I was in that position, what I would do I probably turn it on and run like hell.

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Robin had that said I saw a man walking behind him.

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And telling the people don't believe that. See, imagine this is happening to him. As he

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as he's doing that this man is walking behind him and seeing the man sort of walking behind you. You're saying to them

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don't believe don't believe this man, right? He is, he is that he is not speaking the truth. Now, Robbie will have that. He said I asked the people who that man was and they said he is his uncle, I will.

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Now think about that.

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if somebody is

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if somebody is

00:24:22--> 00:24:59

saying something negative about you, and this person is your friend is the opposite. If somebody is not your friend, and this is something positive about you, somehow that positive statement becomes even more credible because it is coming from someone who's not your friend. So is it is the unexpected, somebody who's not your friend, just something positive, it becomes very much it becomes credible. At the same time similarly, somebody who is your friend if that person is saying something critical, that it becomes even more within quotes credible meaning people say well you must be wrong, this person must be must be bad because his own friend is saying that now when that owns

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Ratan is his uncle which somebody like his father is criticizing him. And he's saying, Don't believe him. Imagine what kind of damage it does to the character of that person. And this is what our service

00:25:13--> 00:25:37

was spiritually, and mentally troubled and tortured by the chorus, people that this is uncle isn't gonna say that. But Hamdulillah, the Emilio salaam had hearts that could withstand the stress of being rejected over and over and over. And they will still keep giving their message that they did not.

00:25:39--> 00:25:41

They did not leave and they did not.

00:25:43--> 00:26:08

They didn't wait for encouragement, even without encouragement, they still continue to communicate the message. And this was this is a sign of their commitment to the whole cause. So rasa Salam used to continue with his Dawa and would not say anything to him. Now, there's a big lesson also in this, which is, and we see this also in the story of Musa alayhis salam in the in the court of Iran,

00:26:10--> 00:26:50

which is that when you are doing your work, and you're talking about, you're talking about the greatness, or you're doing the work of now, this also is true for other things, when you're doing your work, and somebody is criticizing you, it is very counterproductive to engage with that person who's criticizing it, because then you get you get sucked into the argument and your own message will suffer because instead of communicating the message, now you are busy answering that person and obviously they are making false allegations, but you are using no this is not like that, that is not like this and so on and so forth. All of which is a waste of your time.

00:26:51--> 00:27:01

Instead of that you could have been gainfully employed, doing something useful, and not falling into the trap of this person saying all this stuff

00:27:02--> 00:27:05

it doesn't help you in one way or the other. It is very important to

00:27:07--> 00:27:10

ensure that you that we don't fall into these

00:27:14--> 00:27:30

actually ego traps if you think about it, you know why? Why do we Why do we engage with that person because we feel it somehow art. So ignore this do your work, you came to commit to communicate and tell people something good for them go to that.

00:27:32--> 00:27:37

And when you've been Molera, the elder one of the elders have the courage she told the leaders of the community

00:27:40--> 00:27:48

the season of Hajj is coming. So, let us unify our opinion

00:27:50--> 00:27:54

about this associate of ours this this meaning a source of Salah

00:27:56--> 00:28:07

and let us not contradict our opinion. So let's not somebody say something somebody something that people said Tell us what you have in mind and we will abide by so already been organized.

00:28:09--> 00:28:25

So he said No, you tell me what you think to this. Let us say that he is a soothsayer. He's a he's a magician. He's a shaman. He's insane. He's a poet. He's a sorcerer. But what he'd been building, I said, No.

00:28:26--> 00:28:37

It's a night either. Then he said by God, there is blender in what he speaks. Right? I think about this, here are people. This is where the issue of cover.

00:28:39--> 00:28:41

The issue of cover is that

00:28:42--> 00:28:43

it is

00:28:44--> 00:29:04

despite recognizing the truth, shutdown still makes you denied. And this is what they all believe in. He says by God, there is splendor and what he speaks. He is like a palm tree that use much fruit. So there is he's giving an example of something which is usually beneficial in their culture for something massively beneficial.

00:29:05--> 00:29:19

So he says no, just say that he's a sorcerer, who comes between a man and his wife and his son that his father that is tripe. Right? So he says don't say all this, that he is a soothsayer. He didn't say an upward say he's a he's a sorcerer.

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And that he will

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that he comes between people and they're, you know the the family. Meaning that if you listen to him, your family break up. Now Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this, the story of what Volubilis was doing. Allah said the attorney woman Hala to Wahida by Jan Tula Humala mum do the Romani and Shahada. Mama had to load them here. So Maya tomorrow as either cattle in hookah, Anneli Iowa dinner I need so Oh, the hippo who's our old

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it in who * are our cuddle tacos de la que you've got some co de la some co de la que cada some another Suma is our salt. Some other Bara was talking about taka in Hatha Illa say hello you sir in Hava Kowloon Basha. So also li sock up, Allah sadly, that is bad was the last one that says Leave me alone to deal with whom I created a lot without any means any help and the Allies mentioned here and Walid bin Mohammed Al zooming, this was the father of highly been worried for for those of you interested in history, this handing over his father.

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And then Allah said and leave me alone

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to deal with whom I created alone, without any help from anybody, and then granted human resources in abundance. This was one of the little forays you the, you know,

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millionaire, wealthy man or a power

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and then granted him resources and abundance and children to be by side and made lives smooth and comfortable for him. After all that He desires that I should give more name. Verily He has been stubborn and opposing our ayat I shall oblige him to climb a slippery mountain in the Hellfire called us out, or to face severe trauma and verily He thought, and allotted a legible to describing what annually it's

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already been bullied as behavior. Allah says, very he thought and he plotted. So let him be cursed, how he plotted and once more, let him be cursed, how he plotted, and then he thought, then he frown, and he looked in a bad tempered way. Then he turned back and was proud. And then he said, this is nothing but magic from that of old they this is nothing but the word of a human being. Allah said I will cast him into the Hellfire

00:32:11--> 00:32:12

is a very

00:32:13--> 00:32:18

interesting story with regard to

00:32:19--> 00:32:27

this allele than this. This is and that is that when Khalid bin Walid Elano was going to

00:32:29--> 00:32:38

Medina, with our the last of the both of them were close friends and they were going to Medina to accept Islam. Our ask asked,

00:32:39--> 00:32:49

he said tell me you're going to accept Islam, then you will believe and you will have to recite and you will you will have to believe in what Allah revealed about your father.

00:32:51--> 00:33:31

Right? So I already because Allah subhanaw taala said your father's in the hellfire and Allah Kostova So are you saying that you are going to accept Islam and you will read this Quran and you will read these words and you will believe in them and you Are you bearing witness to that. So Harlequin, whether this shows these people how sincere they were currently. Let me read this again. And he recited desire. Now any reciting these ayat is When he's going in his heart over them. And he's seeing in his heart He's seeing how does my heart Accept this word of Allah's battle? When he finished his recitation, he said our last Shalala in the last hour or so later, I believe this and I

00:33:31--> 00:34:10

believe in Allah and I believe in my muscle Salah and then they both went to Medina, and they accepted Islam. This shows the the sincere sincerity of these people they believe the word of Allah subhanho that the sad tragic thing is that, like his father and others, who acknowledged that this word of Allah subhanaw taala was the truth. They saw that they acknowledged that recognize that, but they refuse to believe it and they refuse to follow it and they continue to operate and continue to oppose it. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us and make us among those who know the truth and who stick with the truth allow Marina have Kapkan

00:34:12--> 00:34:13

waters organized the bad

00:34:14--> 00:34:29

lighting now the bad thing about Elon was documented in our on our shows the truth of the truth and trust that we follow it and towards the battle and falsehood as false or God that we stay away from it was sallallahu alayhi Kariba he was happy to go