Yasir Qadhi – Predicted in the Quran The Downfall of the Persian Empire

Yasir Qadhi
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short anecdote from the Sierra. Beautiful anecdote one that has a lot of interest and benefit and it intersects with Islamic history and with Western or outside history. After the sixth year of the Hijra when the prophets of Saddam enacted the Treaty of the BIA, this gave him the leeway to start negotiating and writing letters to other rulers. And so after the sixth year of the hijra, he began writing to the leaders of the Roman Empire and of the Sassanids, or the Persian Empire. And now as you're all aware, he wrote to both Hospital, which is the leader of the Sassanid Empire, and to the Byzantine Empire in Rome. And so one of the letters he sent was to Kisara. And he sent Abdullah bin

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Kodava, to deliver hand deliver the letter to the Emperor of the sastra. The Empire, I live in a coda traveled all the way to Iran, to the Capitol testify on and of course, the Capitol itself is still preserved to this day. It is one of the UN World Heritage Sites, it's a very magnificent structure still preserved to this day. So he traveled to testify on and he had delivered the letter to Kisara after a long negotiation because Castro refused to see him first. And then he insisted that there's a new, you know, ruler in Arabia and he's sending you a letter. He's a prophet of Allah, he's sending you a letter. So then he said to his dignitary or his minister, you take the

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letter, and Abdullah Rodolfo said, My Prophet sallallahu wasallam has commanded that I hand this to your hand, I'm not gonna give it to anybody else. And so he was already with an attitude. Kisara so he said, Okay, you hand it to me. So Abdullah live in Darfur, then gave it directly to Kisara in his hand, so Kisara opened it up, and he read me and Mohamed Rasulillah Illa que sera Alimi Faris, from Muhammad the Prophet Salah Salem to kiss ra to a kisser is his title. Khosrow is his name. Ile de mi vida is the ruler of Ferris. As soon as he read this, he said, Who is this man? To put his name before My name?

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From Mohammad Rasool Allah to kiss Surah Alimi for this automatically he gets given Who is this man to put his navy he should put my name before his name. And then the rest of the letter goes on a slim to slim the standard letters that the process would sent. And he became so angry at the letter that in front of Abdullah Benito Dafa he tore up the letter and threw it back at him. Complete contempt. And Abdullah bin, he told the people to get rid of this man kick him out gently the anger and the arrogance was so much kick him out. So Abdullah bin Rodolfo then returned back and told the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam what had transpired. And he said, he tore my letter up, Allah

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will tear his kingdom up. He tore my letter up, Allah will tear his kingdom up, meaning that level of arrogance that he had against Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Allah is not going to let it go away. And subhanAllah that is exactly what happened. But the catalyst of how it happened. A lot of people don't realize it. How was that catalyst? How did Allah tear his kingdom up? That anger that got to him was the very anger that caused his whole kingdom. You have to realize this person Kisara hosts wrote in in Farsi, his name was posted Oh, and his title is but of his or opera was hosted on purpose. He was the last great Sassanid emperor. He ruled for almost 40 years 40 years as the

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Emperor from 590. Anyone the Prophet system was a young man before the prophecy began from 590 all the way until 628. When Allah revealed ADIF la meme holy butter room, this was about Kisara fighting the emperor in Rome. Allah talks about kissers victory over a sad face that is the Caesar Kisara one overplay sir. And Allah revealed a diff la meme Horiba tearoom about this one, that right now he won, but don't worry, eventually they're going to win back. This is the same Kisara this was the last myth famous gets thrown after him. The assassin Empire comes to an end in his lifetime, you would have thought the SAS of the Empire would last than another 1000 years. It is a miracle of

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Allah. It is one of the weird quirks that humans don't understand. If you look at the historians, they don't understand how the Sassanid Empire came to a screeching halt and barely 10 years when they were at the pinnacle of their magnificence. Under Kisara. Kiss Rob built an entire empire infrastructure. He attacked Rome multiple times. His legacy is amazing the amount of poetry about him one of the most famous Pharisee poems is about him as well. He literally increased the legacy of the assassin Empire many notches and yet in 10 years the entire empire was gone. How did that happen? Interesting story in his anger.

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Think about this man, the prophets have said, You know what he did. He sent after our beloved Nero Dafa. He sent a letter to his governor, not quite as governor. But you know, in those days, both the Roman Emperor and the Persian emperor, they had vassal kingdoms, they had kingdoms and Arab lands that followed them. So there are many dynasties, but in reality they follow just like our country has many countries around the world that technically they're the same country. No, I'm saying so you get my point, or the same thing here that both the Roman Emperor and the Persian emperor had many kingdoms in Arabia. So the middle kingdom that was under the Persian Empire was that of a province

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in Yemen, a one of the provinces of Yemen, and the ruler of that province was named by then, by then he was his own independent kingdom, but in reality, it's as if he's an extension of the Persian emperor. So Kisara sends a letter to Batman, and he says to buy than this man has irritated me insulted me. Go send two of your best assassins and bodyguards, and tell him he must present Himself to me to excuse himself, and I might forgive him. Otherwise, assassinate him.

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This was the order from Kisara to Batman. So by Dan chose his two best assassins, you know, bodyguards, like you know, other people trained in these arts, he sent the two best trained, you know, warriors, whatever you want to call it, and the guys was their emissaries. But in reality, their warriors or their assassins, the guys was their, their, you know, diplomats, but in reality, they are assassins, and he sends these two from Yemen, it's like takes five, six days, you go up to Medina, and you present this demand from Kiss raw, what is the demand? How arrogant, you must accompany these two back to kiss raw and apologize. And if you do, so, maybe you will be forgiven

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and you can have your many kingdom because Kisara is thinking like the typical arrogant King, this is another revolt. He wants to have as many states Okay, fine, I'll let you have it. But you must come and basically, you know, be subservient to me. So these two emissaries went and traveled to Medina. This incident, by the way, is mentioned in multiple books. Obviously, as usual, each book has sometimes different details, but the concept is there one of the books mentioned, it's not with an authentic it's not because it's a second century book, but it mentions this detail that is not found in other books, which is interesting, and that is these two emissaries, they were clean

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shaven, and they had very long mustaches, which was the way of the Persians, right. So these two because they were Persian trained, they had lived in Persia, so they were clean shaven, and they had really long mustaches. And this was very atypical, you know, for the Arabs. So in the process of saw this, he said, Who commanded you to dress like who commanded you to have this? So they said, This is the custom of our king, the king of kings, because that's the title of kiss right? Was Shah Hinshaw, the King of kings. So this is the custom and the command of the SHA one Sha. So then according to this report, and it is not a hadith because it's, it's not it's not authentic, but still, the

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concept is there the prophets have said, As for me, my Lord has commanded me to trim the moustache and to grow the beard. This is one of the evidences used by the claim that the beard is the Sunnah, nonetheless. So he told these two, when they presented the message, he said, Go back to your camp for the night. Come back tomorrow morning, and I'll give you my answer.

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Come back tomorrow morning, I'll give you my answer. So these two emissaries decided if by tomorrow morning, they didn't get the answer. They would then assassinate the Prophet system, because that was the command if they didn't get the answer they wanted. They had their weapons or their poison in their darts or whatever it was, they would assassinate and disappear. So the next morning, they came to the Prophet systems, Masjid. And he said to them, what is your command again? What is your Tell me again? So they said, Our Rob our God, because Kisara called himself a gardener. Our Rob has commanded that you accompany us to him and apologize to him. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said,

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go back to Python. What a beautiful and Rob B has a Katara robber who go tell him that my Rob has killed his Rob. My Rob has killed his Rob last night at such and such a time at such and such a place. Now, pause you what's going on? On the don't quote me, I'm quoting from memory 25th of February 6 28th. See

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Kisara one of his sons, who was who had ran away from the kingdom had become a renegade was propped up by one of the other elite families. And when civil war takes place in a kingdom, what happens is the armies and the ministers and the generals who don't like the king, they find one of these disgruntled princes.

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And they say, Oh, you are the next king. And they support this prince against the real king. So one of the powerful dynasties took this little kid, and his name was shahada, Yara, shahada and Arabic shahada, you know, Shahada. This is another his name was Shariah. They took shahada. And they said, oh, you should be the king, we'll support you go revolt against your father. So they took shahada. And on that night, the 25th of February 6 28th, Shanaya, entered the city with the army that was the rebel army, and he laid siege to his own father's house, and he took his father captive, and in front of his father gets Raul Castro up always, he executed, I think six or seven of his blood

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brothers and half brothers in front of his father's eyes, his own blood brothers, in order to make sure there's no revolt now, I'm the last person left of your dynasty. Now you understand what's going to happen when everybody else is killed. You see where this is heading. Allah plans and they plan and Allah plan always wins. He executed all of his full brothers and half brothers. And then he executed his or he commanded his father to be executed just so somebody else's and he commanded Kisara to be executed. Right. And with that execution, Shahara obviously became the king. But it is said he went mad because he killed his own father and brothers, and he ruled for barely a year or

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two, then his sister boron came into office. And that was when the Prophet system gave the famous Hadith that he said that when you have Commonweal lumber on camera, that famous Hadith in Bukhari that is there. This is from boron, when, by the way when the Kisara died, after the two messengers left, the prophets of salaam said, once Kisara dies, there shall never be a kisser or after him. Now, technically, technically, shahada was a Kisara. But the power that he had was nothing. He was gone. So when he said to these two messengers, go back to your, your boss, go back to your governor and tell him my Arab has killed Europe. They were shocked. How could you know yesterday? How would

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you get this news when, from Yemen from sorry, from Iran, all the way to Medina is one month journey. There is no way you will get any news. Yemen is five days, even Yemen is going to take two three weeks to get the news. So he said go back and tell your governor, go back and tell your king that my Lord has killed their Lord. When the two messengers came back. This is one by Dawn said, if he is a true prophet, then there is no way he could have found this information out unless his Lord told him, there is no way there is no communication. And indeed, the news came within 10 days the news came that Baba that Kisara has been killed. And Shahara is now the kisser. And exactly the time

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and the place that the process that I mentioned was exactly the place in his sham mentions one by Dawn heard this, he embraced Islam, the governor of Yemen, that was the conquest of Yemen without any I mean one province of him because you haven't had many kings and provinces. One province of Yemen embraced Islam without any war anything but immediately sent another group of delegates to embrace Islam after the assassination. Now, as they call us, I'm a Muslim, and in fact, his son and others were of those who participated in the conquest and whatnot. So in this interesting story, brothers and sisters again as even taming others mentioned, this is one of the many signs of new

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Goolwa that how ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada demonstrated the reality of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and how also in this incident, multiple predictions, not just the incident of Gesser are being killed. But the famous hadith is in Behati, when Kisara dies, there shall never be another kisser after him, And subhanAllah it was because this son of his shadow era, destroyed all of the royal family, and he went mad. And when he went mad, nobody to take charge, his sister takes charge boron, boron takes hours for a while, but you know, in that culture and society, a woman taking charge is not going to have the same impact. She had many revolts she herself basically then you know, is overthrown and

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she wasn't killed. But then after her a little child comes into place, he has the job, and that yes, the job was to be the final the final Sasa the Emperor. Then when the armies of the Sahaba came, yes, the gerbil was all alone. His own whole family has been disintegrated. There's nobody left to fight the entire Civil War has reached a pinnacle. And it is because within the Sassanid Empire, there was a mini civil war going on all of this plan by Allah when the Sahaba came, the Sassanids couldn't put on the fight. Otherwise, technically, logistically, militarily, it would have been in human history impossible for a group of people at the time of you know the Arabs at that time to

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take on the assassin the Empire it would have been logistically impossible, but for Allah nothing isn't

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possible so Allah works in ways we don't understand. And so the same person who threatened and ridiculed the Prophet says the same person was the cause of his own demise when he sent these two people to go do what he did and Subhanallah his own son revolted and executed the entire family as Allah says mama Kuru amacher Allah, Allah who later in marketing So may Allah azza wa jal continue to allow us to benefit from this era and inshallah we'll continue later on and as I said, I'm wearing one hurts a lot of casual

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journeying either

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