Yaser Birjas – Signs Of Day Of Judgement – Part 11

Yaser Birjas
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Mohammed Ali Osaka, Salah Sleeman kathira sumava. Last week what we'll discuss the last thing we will talk about, was it the job? So we mentioned the job, what he did exactly what he's going to be doing on Earth. How long is going to stay? And then the last thing we discussed was his meeting with HR is that on the end of it, the job was not discussed yet. So tonight too shallow to barakaatuh. We're going to be covering a salary Sam, his return has the center Earth, what is it going to do in Sharla? And how long is it going to stay and what exactly his mission on earth and that would become kind of like the last the last few signs of the major signs of the day of judgment and the hour. So

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a Sally salon is the son of Miriam aisyah, the son of Mary Alice la salon, Allah subhanho wa Taala says about him, Allah azza wa jal says about this at a salon, one market Allahu wa sallahu wa ala can should be Hello. Now, this is one of the major major differences between the Islamic theology basically and the Christian theology in regard to aisyah, or a Salah, Allah Subhana. Allah in the Quran says that his early Salah was never killed. He was never put on the cross. He was never crucified. Well, I can show you how long it was made look like that, to them, it was made seemed like that to them. So Allah Subhana Allah say that Lisa was never on the cross, which is again, that

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contradicts the major theological aspects of Christian faith that Isa was he died on the cross for for the salvation of the people individually for taking the kind of the burden off of them and so on. But, but the Muslim they don't believe in that. So our believer is Elijah was never killed, he was never crucified. So what is he? What happened to him? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, I can shoot was made look like that to them. So they, they kind of tend to believe in what and then a lot as the gel confirms we're in the lady and Stella poofy Latisha came in. Even those even those who claim that they've done it, they among themselves, they differ over, they still have doubts if this

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this really happened or not. Of course, when you know when things becomes very chaotic, and the mobs are running all over the place looking for a Salah. And then eventually when they cannot, when some people, whatever whoever they are, when they grab somebody, when they grab somebody, and they start pulling them in the streets and saying this is the one and everybody starts falling in. And when they start beating him up and according even to the Christian narrative of the story, he was bleeding all over his face. You can imagine how much B there will be they will be kind of confused. They will not be able to tell if that's him or not. They can even tell if that's his face or not if

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they can't even see from the clothes anymore because they have no more clothes on his body. So Allah says even they among themselves, they differ if they've done it or not. So what happened then law says not a humble human elective upon the knowledge the best knowledge they have is just guessing. The best knowledge they have regarding the fact that the situation of HR what happened to him is just guessing that this could be the thing that happened to him when Mankato Louis Athena, but they did not kill him. Allah subhanaw taala says and they did not kill him for certain.

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Then Allah azza wa jal tells us right now what he did to him. Now the true story about this is that as was mentioned before our bell Rafa Allahu Allahu Allah, what kind of love Why isn't hakima rather Allah subhana wa tada raised him to himself and ever is a lot exalted in mind, and unwise, so lots of hands on with Allah, He said that he took him up. Now as Muslims, we believe that Allah Subhana Allah took him up physically.

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A lot as those I took up recently said, I'm physically which means him the command came to him that you're going to be leaving. And that's when he went back. After that the assumed assumed crucifixion that happened to him. He went back to the disciples who were surprised and shocked at the sight of Sri Salaam. And they didn't know they were watching it, but they were seeing him or seeing a vision or seeing it that goes to face our salon. So that's when he gave him his hand. He says you can touch it, so they held his hand and they knew that it was him and he said Ah, so they held his hand. And that was him. Eventually he said he said and then they told he told him that he's going to be

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leaving and he will be coming back. So loss of Karnataka Allahu LA, how the the larger of Allah in many, many ayat Allah had described that incident as saying to have intimate or fake or affair okay Lee always have no money and in the Muto feed the word Mota. Rafi is going to take you into a minor death and that is the slumbered the state instead of slim, so we will be taking him elevated to Allah subhanho wa Taala What are fear Okay, Lee, so Allah as though there is a Salah Salah again once he moves out

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This world, he becomes part of the hero after all, our level of the unseen world. The Unseen World doesn't function, the same physics of this world. Therefore, what exactly it's about what type of life is he living in? And what state is that? Is that that he stayed that he lives in right now? Allahu taala Anna, we know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he met him when he was going and then I saw one Mirage, the night the magnificent journey when he went from from from Jerusalem all the way to the seventh heaven. He made a salad on the way to LA he was ceremony. So in which day that he would he would, he would be a bit right now again, these are all part of animals. And the last panel

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was wa Taala. He is the one who said that he is going to take him up. He's the one who created him without a father. He is capable of taking his taken him up and keep him in a state of life that Allah knows how and then he would bring him back down again in the future. The following Ayah which is some sort of denisa number 159 Carlo Tyler we're in Manila kitabi in la mina, Navajo cobla Moti y el monte Amati Kumara him shahida so Allah subhanho wa Taala says over here we're in them and Al Kitab will eliminate Navajo Kabbalah Moti. So Allah and there is non from the people the Scripture is me speaking about the Christians and the Jews, but that he will surely believe in him in a Salah

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is Salah kablammo tea before his death, the argument among them of Assyrian about this pronoun, what's the meaning of Kabbalah Moti before his death, is it before the death of Raisa or is it before the death of every individual from the People of the Book. So this basically, when Allah says mot before his death, whose death are we talking about? So the relevant someone all of a sudden they say, that is the death of a Salah sir, which means is not dead yet, and he's going to come so that all the Christian and the Jews of that time they will see and they will believe in Him eventually, in a way that is proper, of course as we can expand our later on Kabbalah Moti before his actual

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death for Yama Yama to kumala him Shahada, and on the day of judgment of the resurrection, he will be against them our goodness. So Allah subhanho wa Taala clearly, he now explained that this the problem here refers back to a Salah Hassan so some of the amount of Assyrian they take this ayah as an evidence that is Ali Salaam, will come down. He's going to come down to earth as a son of the Day of Judgment, but there is another either is even much clearer. That SLA sounds return is one of the major signs of the Day of Judgment. And this ayah Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala says so to zero in Hua Illa. I've done an analogy with Jana who Matera Liberty's Rai speaker of Acer the son of

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maryalice salon, that Jesus was not but a servant upon whom We bestowed favor, and we made him an example for the children of Israel. And then after another I Allah subhanho wa Taala says about him as a Salah we're in the hula l Melissa, we're in the hula l Mona Lisa, either he is not his knowledge, his will be like a sign a knowledge or sign up for knowledge of the hour, or Alamin Lisa, Allah means assign the Arabic language means among assign. So the L Melissa, that he was going to be assigned for the knowledge of the hour, which means when he's there when he comes back, that means is definitely it's one of the major signs of the Day of Judgment. So clearly in this ayah Allah

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subhana wa Jalla said that he is going to come back, he's going to be marking one of those major signs of the hour and the final day. So Allah says about him, fella Tarun, Bihar what have your own. So be not in doubt of it, of the hour of that day that our last panel speaks about how the Serato monster theme, this is a straight path. So last panel, what Allah says is Elisa is indeed one of the major signs of the Day of Judgment. So believe in that. Next one, will he come down? What time? in what situation? Is he going to be coming down? Now specifically, of course, we don't even we don't know what year what day he's going to be coming back. But we know for sure, from the heritage

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rasulillah history lesson the circumstances in which he is going to be coming down. The circumstances were explained a little bit last week, if you remember from the last week incidents that have lost the process of loss, Allah mentioned about the fitness trial that the people they're going to have to go through facing the gel and the gel is going to be recruiting a huge army people to take over the world. And eventually on the process of coming he came he comes to Medina he comes to market is going to be prevented from getting to that point. So then he starts basically marching, marching towards you know, the gathering of the believers. And few believers will be gathering

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together in a in a sham, and that's what we're going to be heading. This is when Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the command to East LA Salaam to come down. So the people they're going to be overwhelmed. The people the few number of the believer who kept running away from from the jump everywhere he didn't hear of him. They run away from him.

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So and he keeps chasing them, and they run away from him. So they were overwhelmed and they will not be able to keep up with that pace of the job. Remember, the journey travels very fast as the progress as I mentioned, but eventually in that in that moment, though, distress, Allah Subhana, Allah relieves the believers. And he sent them that he sent this pan over to Allah that the assistance and the help of Raisa Allah His center, so he's going to come down, he's going to come down when the Muslims or the believers are getting together preparing themselves for salah and one of the narrations would be Salah diversion. So that's just like the beginning of the day. And as

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they were about to start the Salah, when the karma was called, when the Thomas called for for to establish the salah is Ali Salaam will appear. And when he appears, they will be able to recognize the prophets of Allah seven he mentioned is going to be kind of white, reddish, he is going to come and his hair is kind of a little bit strange with slight waves. And he's kind of like if it said that his hair as if he just came out for my for my shower, Allison Um, so he has a specific description by which he will be he will be recognized. And the moment they see him, they will recognize that this is Lisa memoriam, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now out of

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respect and politeness, the group, the group of those believers, they will ask him to lead us Allah for them. But he would refuse and he would say emammal commencal. That your Eman your leader should be one of you one from among Zoo as an honor for this Omar Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that they should have leaders from among themselves should have leaders among themselves. So he will be praying behind an Imam from that oma, the prophets Allah Sam says in one narration that this Imam or this that will be the best people on earth at that time. And that Imam was Ramadan sada is one of those righteous people. So the Prophet testifies that the man who will believe in their own mind

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that time will be a righteous, righteous man. Now why is Allison did not take take lead of the salon, although he's a prophet, right? He's a messenger. And we assume since he's the messenger, he's supposed to be the one who takes leadership of that Salah, something such so important as Salah, it should be performed by a prophet by the messenger. Why did he leave it for this righteous man. And this, this average person or individual, not a prophet, the owner, they say that because recently said I'm again, out of respect to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he didn't want to interfere with that. Number two, keeping the promise that Allah subhanaw taala says Mohammed said a

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lot of our ceremony was the final messenger of Allah. He was the final messenger of Allah, there will be no messengers, after the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, as La Salaam, returns back, he's not he's not initiating a new message is returning back. And therefore part of his mission will be to restore, restore the law that came down with Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And part of this is to endorse it. And eventually when he prays behind this Imam, that means that he approves it, that he validates that and basically, he cannot, again, endorse the message and that law. This is why Salim Salam would not be taking the leadership, then for that Omar devs have said of course. But

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well, what is it going to come down? And the hadith of our seven hours report of the law of the land or the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam said, he said no, Maria is an ammonium n zero n del manana till by law and the monitor Baba alveda Shanthi the mesh in the east side of the Masters, this had it was reported about Ronnie. Now, what is the meaning of our monitor by law, the white mineral, if you go to see that the mask is even though the mask is alarmist and still under yandi during the war that they're going through right now, still the main the main message, the main message in the mask is or the emotional message normally known as the umayyads message that once

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used to be a church of course in the past, and they had their own merits as well. All those pillars were by which you recognize that that position of that church in the city. One of them today as the Muslims of course when they took over and they bought that church from them from the from the people back then and they convert that to a Masjid. They built these minarets and some of them were were renovated. Some of them of course, were just designed in a way to resemble what we know today as marriage for massage. This one that you see in this image in this picture actually is called This one is called Minato to Isa alayhis salam.

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They call it today manana Teresa Elisa, as you can see it's white moderate, right. However, is this is the one that a salad is going to appear at is this is where he's going to come down near that area. A lot of

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people maybe they call it that way. Just you know, hopeful. They are very hopeful that he is going to descend and come down near that minimum, Allah His center. So basically the the hope that he is going to come down in that area. Is it the place Allahu Donna you

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Eventually it's a possibility Are there any other methods that are white in Damascus Of course, I mean, if you check the massage I did just a random search really, I just made a random search on messages in Damascus and image and I found a lot of images of massages and many as you know many of our massages are built with the white color and many of these minutes are also white minerals. But what the prophets Allah Sam says almenara till by law, the white mineral that means there is a specific one that was added in the culture of the people at some point in the culture of the people they would recognize as saying this is the white men of it now which one is that a lot this is

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something that we need to ask the people the Masters today if they identify this to be their white manager, or is it going to be something that will be built in the future

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a lot a lot I mean alarm Stan, those the way we see things events unfolding in unfolding in Syria and Damascus, all I know how it's gonna end up there. So does that mean that many of these minutes will be destroyed and eventually there will be one minute that people will say that white men are like a landmark that they will recognize Allahu taala is something we don't know it's about a variable of type in the future. But we know when it comes down, he will be coming down in a shop near Damascus. What we know today in Syria

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now is Allah Salam when he comes another nation the protests Allah Allah mentioned which is a Muslim as well isn't when a salicylic comes down, he his breath, his breath will reach out you know, as far as his sight will go, his breath will reach as far as the site will go and that will cause the followers over the jam the arms of the jail to die so anyone who catches that breath will die eventually and when the jail sees that he's out running away in the process of running away so we'll be trying to catch up with him and try to catch him up somehow law he is the one is one of those of course who would not be killed by that threat of a Salah Salaam.

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Now what type of debt is that a larger we'll give them specific powerful. That's a special power that allows power give Teresa Elisa has one of his miracles as well. So the jars he runs away, and a lot of not allow the judge to die by that breath. So that the myth of the judge does not perpetuate after him. So it doesn't perpetuate and continues. No, so he has to die when people can see that's why the prophets Allah Sam says in this hadith that acla salam was will keep going out of the job until he finds him when he finds it that john at the jail will melt away completely. So the agenda moment is Alice Alice and I on the job he starts melting like this none of innovation said like

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admit like the salt is dissolving into the water. So as his the salt as he dissolves right now, as it dissolves on Earth as Alison immediately takes his speed, and he stops him It stops him before he completely disappeared. Why and he then and that speed of blood would come out to show the people that this is the blood of the job as an evidence that he indeed was killed. Again so that that's the the the the idea with the junk perpetuating as a myth you know, keeping a living and staying will be killed unfortunate tourist altogether completely.

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Well, uh, but Allah will kill him at his hands, his hands of whom

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a Salah is Allah. So Allah subhanaw is the one who would kill him. But at the hands of a Salah, Salah means as he's dissolving right now, Allah Subhana, Allah would allow his LSM to go and start with that speed. So eventually, with the hands of a Salah Salaam, the mess of that at the jail will come to an end. So people again, don't perpetuate at the jail as an everlasting living and saw as an evidence just like twins in this Hurry, that his blood will will come out on that spear just as an evidence that he was finished and he dies. Then what happens after that?

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What happens is that a Salam will rule on earth for some time. He ruled on earth for some time. And but what type of leadership is he gonna go on to display rasulillah so as I mentioned multiple times, and I collected for you some of these

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features and characteristics of his rule and his reign during his stay on earth la slotless. Number one, that he would move by the Quran and Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Why is that? Remember, he did not come to establish a new rule. He did not come to restore his original rule because we know that when the Quran was revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu ala Mohsen, he abrogated all the rules and all the the Sharia and the law that were even before Rasulullah sallallahu Ala Moana samosa one time holding some of the manuscripts and another Fatah videos suggesting to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Yasser Allah, can we try? So can we just at least have a

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look at this manager and his manager? The prophet SAW some was was kind of settled Omar says while I'm still alive, I mean are you doing this while I'm still alive? He said the home so then sort of Lhasa mala Hello kana huzzah. Hyun, now was Elijah tavian is Moosa

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was still alive, you have no other choice but to follow me. So all the other all the other now sure I would have done as the last panel I mentioned in the Quran as well about sort of the manga regarding the Quran says well Mohammed and Allah, that he came down as as it's kind of taken over all the other validity that came before so he is going to come to rule by the Quran and the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and eventually the Quran and Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the essence of the message of all the NBA, in terms of athlete and theology, to believe in one God and only one Allah subhana wa Alayhi Salaam revived the rule by the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So eventually, he's going to bring it back again to the divine rule of Allah subhanho wa Taala, he will end the notion of His Lordship and his divine status, the idea of worshiping him the idea that he is the Son of God will he will come to defy that he will come to cancel this this island this notion. And as a confirmation of that resellers and the people will get to the point believing in Him, there will be no need for the cross, and therefore the cross will be broken. And they will and only there'll be no need for treating swine or pig and so on. And eventually he will finish that. So Allah is Allah Salam will restore the concept of the hate and the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he was spread peace and justice, peace and justice was spread during his time and his thought was Salam was will be so abundant, that people will will will prefer people will prefer whatever while that is there, they would be looking for someone to get this occur and they won't find anyone to accept this account. And not just the world even the blessings in the name of the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala the fate of the favors of Allah azza wa jal such as the food, the quantity of the food and the quality of the food will will increase so much that the prophets also mentioned the Hadith that even helper to show, which means just to milk the one goat, the more that you can get

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from one goat will be enough to feed an entire clan.

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Imagine when you talk about clan like a tribe talk about tons and hundreds of people perhaps one goat cheese just another one good. It will be enough for an entire Kabila not just one family. And even he said the last time that even romance from our grandkids will become so popular, that basically will be available people they will keep eating from it for a long time. Just for days there will be they'll eat and we'll keep it for tomorrow it will be for tomorrow. So there's so abundant and so much there's so much blessings and these Nam of Allah subhanho wa Taala then the Prophet prophet SAW some also mentioned about the time of his la Salaam, that his time will be

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righteous time, people will be so much into worship so much into spirituality that they would prefer one sector to engage in one size that which means to engage in worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala and one says the better for them than engaging in in whatever of this dunya whatever activities of this dunya so they'll the sense of spirituality will increase. Now again, that will not last for so long. That's as soon as of our last panel what on earth people they tend to forget. But one major incident will come to this truck all this all the beauty of the town of a salad salon. That incident is that will be the arrival of HDMI Jude during his reign on earth is la Santa will perform al Hajj

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Under Armour. He will perform hajj and umrah as a practice as I mentioned in his holiness a Muslim, that by the one in whose hand is my soul, the son of Miriam was certainly recite La ilaha illa Allah and the value of Aloha and the value of aloha is based in Mecca. And that is a performing hedge or performing armor. So as Alison will be going out there performing Hydra Rama, what do you understand from that statement that he's going to be performing performing Hydra Rama, what do you understand from that?

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That he is going to be following the again the principles or precepts of Islam, that he is going to fulfill that as well. I salat wa salam is not going to bring anything new, is going to fulfill the same commandments of Islam Alia Salatu. Salam.

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Then the other incident that happens, which is just like we said, when the signs of their judgment began, they follow one after the other. One of the last few major signs, one of the last few major signs of the Day of Judgment is the son of Judah, Golden magon. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned to us their story instead of tilka. Allah says Carlo harmony in the Doodle doodle don't have a lot of the furniture I would like a surgeon, Allah and Taliban and Obi Wan said that they said all the time in the garden Magog are great corrupters and the land so they create a lot of mystery. So may we assigned for you and expenditure will give you some money. We give you something

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that you might make between us and them a barrier separate between us and we can't live near them. We cannot live two we cannot coexist. That's what it is. We cannot coexist. Can you find

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The way that you can separate between us. And then the story is mentioned in details and sort of, well, not a little bit full details, but eventually the story of how they were trapped behind that wall. It was mentioned sort of, in chapter 1893 to 99 was the last panel that I spoke about this afternoon. Sorry, this righteous man known as Little Carmen, and the meaning of the two horns. What kind of horns is that doesn't mean that it says helmet is bad or something read a description of him called little card nine, or maybe that he that he brings his head a certain way. There is no specifics regarding who this man was in the past. But Allah said he was a righteous man. Yeah, there

00:25:41 --> 00:25:57

are many in a judo module. So when you do a little man was traveling around the Earth. When he was traveling around the earth, He came by a group of people who were trapped in some sort of like a Big Valley. And they said in judo, Judo,

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Judo, judo. Most of these people goggan Magog, Musudan of last decade, a lot of mischief and corruption, Fela de la carte, and can we pay you something and please do something separate within between them and between us? Now, what do we know about the lunar module? That's the question.

00:26:16 --> 00:26:43

There are so many speculations out there. If you check the Judeo Christian tradition of Magog and Magog and digital modules, you will see kind of like mythical kind of creature, like saying that these are not humans. They say these are specific creation. And some of them they say that their ears as big as the elephants that use of the elephants. So eventually, they have done some weird descriptions of the Judean Medusa target. But what we know about them is that the yoga modules are actually human.

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Humans. I know it's kind of controversial. Oh, come on, how could they be human? And we don't even see them on Earth, or are they somewhere that we don't have access to? That's the question. Who are they? Yeah, Judah Matthews, the prophets of Allah Salam did did not give description, too much description of them in terms of how they look like and so there were some narrations, but were the spirit of anthems of authenticity. But we know them as being humans. They're huge. They're aggressive. Their numbers are so massive that they when they when they go through the land, they will just do a lot of corruption, a lot of mischief. They're gonna make a lot of devastation on

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their way, as they move on. And when they come out, they will come out very, very angry. They come up very angry, and this is going to seem shallow Tada. But the thing is that last panel, Allah, Allah Azza, wa jal, he allowed this man to trap them behind this wall, that Walmart was made of specific, you know, metals, mixture of metals. And he was able to try to behind this wall. The question is, where is this one? Many of them actually, they, they kind of, they tried to explore them. Even some kings and some Oman, they wanted even to explore, they wanted to explore work with that, look at that. So some of them and this was mentioned in that one I live in Cathedral and Allah

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Allah in Casio, for him, Allah Allah, he actually mentioned that some of the some of the O'Meara of that time, they sent an expedition geographical expedition back to them. So they supplied on their sponsor to go and try to look for that. They tried to go on and look for that, that barrier. And according to advocated Rahim, Allah, Allah, some people, they actually were, as they were able to assign it, they were able to see it. But unfortunately, due to, of course, a difference in the nikana, the manuscripts and books and and the details of geography of the land, and so on, you can't even tell what exactly they have seen what what part of Earth what part of the land, they were able

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actually to see, they say a quarter of that story, they claim and they say, according to that story, that they went, they went out for many years. And then they came back with the news of the team, or the Amir that they found that Juju module, the barrier measure module somewhere on Earth, what is it a lot of data. I mean, we know that even earth today as we speak, there are still so many massive areas on earth unexplored by humans. Just recently, if you guys remember last year, just last year, they found a lost tribe and the Amazon.

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They just found that tribe and the Amazons, and what is the AMA that just cannot breathe and forest, and they could not they could not go through the matter to explore everything there. So Allahu talana what exactly they're going to be, but we know they're human beings.

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They are behind this barrier. There are lots of power described here in this in this and this is from sort of circa one Judo magic when the people have that that land, they asked the carbine to build that better between them and additional modules. They offer their help and he says as soon as oberheiden just bring me sheets of iron, and that means that area was very not very well known for

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You know, for metals, so he said give me that the sheets of iron hodeida saw when I saw the final column, when he now level that, which means he has some engineering skills back then it has all these kind of not just engineering civilization knowing how to use metals, then they know how to use metals how to make the mixture. So, basically they are what advance the time, column food, so he just kind of preparing it to melt. And then finally, they they pour that over the copper, and they completely seal the area between these two mountains. Allah panda says about judging a judge from a style or Yahoo, or Mustapha Allahu Akbar, they were unable to pass over it is they could not scale

00:30:45 --> 00:31:20

it, and they will not go through it. So they could not scale it. And he could not go through it. So this they remain behind and they stay behind. So what exactly are they doing over there? what exactly they're doing? A lot of we don't even know what's happening there. But we know for sure they're still alive. We know that they're procreating. So they have their own standards of life and they are growing in numbers. They're growing in numbers, and had it in the midst of a loss of one of the higher the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said that every single day that people do Jamba Juice, they try to dig a hole through that book through that wall, that barrier. And by the end of

00:31:20 --> 00:31:46

the day, just saw before they are able to go through, they would say okay, we'll continue tomorrow, we're done. Let's continue tomorrow. When they come back, we'll be seated again until the last day they when they say inshallah, when they say God's willing we're gonna come back to finish it. When they come back they find as is, then eventually it will be able to go through the Messenger of Allah so Allah says, Allah subhanaw taala says he that the sight of their departure from behind that when they break through and they come out,

00:31:47 --> 00:32:07

he said Subhan Allah tala. In Surah Al ambia had a foot hockey Judo Judo home in Cooley had a BNC to Allah says that until when the dam which is basically the barrier of Judah, Jude has been open and they from every elevation that isn't. Now try to visualize that site.

00:32:08 --> 00:32:28

Try to envision and visualize that site. When they start coming out. They come out and Ryan's and coming in large numbers, they just kind of going all over the earth everywhere they can cover and the last panel What about that day walk thought about what will happen. And when the true promise has approached, what promises data demand,

00:32:29 --> 00:32:55

the day of judgment, and they are the signs of the Day of Judgment. That means they are now a major sign of the Day of Judgment locked out over what will help so there are a sign of a true promise of Allah subhana wa COVID of the Day of Judgment for either he or she is often Uppsala Dena cafaro yeah well enough to know Him and Hannah, though disbelieved will see for themselves that the sounds that are lost power he promised to show are coming true right now.

00:32:58 --> 00:33:38

What else they're doing, they're still doing. The professor's I mentioned hands in the long run, have one day to progress and artifacts. And she said one day the Prophet salla sand came to her and he visited here and he was very agitated and undernourished. And he was taking a nap in her place a lot of a sudden, and then he woke up kind of very, very disturbed solar cell. And he says La ilaha illallah wa lunula mysuru Patara La ilaha illallah wa to the Arabs from an evil that has approached and he says that that fujihara melodiya children are either Miss luchador so he said that just like this has been open from the from the Rodan, which means the dam and the barrier of your little

00:33:38 --> 00:34:14

module just like this, something that is not that significant. Still, though, that's a breakthrough for them. They've been trying all these years. And that's a huge breakthrough. That means this the time is coming very near and the last panel without I will give the permission. I will allow them to break through it and go on. And then the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Zainab, she said, Yasser Allah, Allah Allahu wa finissage. Who is it just impossible that we're going to be destroyed when we still have the Righteous One amongst us. I mean, she lived when the Prophet was still alive. A lot of good people also have a lot of companions. Mashallah. So she said, there are so long is it going to be

00:34:14 --> 00:34:56

possible that we be destroyed when we are when we have the righteous amongst us? He says Allah Salam Nam, either Catherine Sabbath, yes, if evil is becoming widespread, and the law says and sort of the sort of emphasis on on what Allah that what taco fitna can lead to sibilance Lana de la mommy from casa, taco fitna, LA to Savannah Latina de la mommycon casa, yo be aware of a fitna of a trial, be aware of the punishment now would not would not reach only those who are corrupt amongst it's not just those who are oppressed oppressors are those who are too tired and those who are wrongdoers know when that comes, is going to hit everybody is going to hurt and go after everybody. So the

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

prophet SAW some is telling us that the sun is coming near

00:35:00 --> 00:35:17

Approaching slowly and gradually, then what happens? What do I do to reduce come out, they will come out all over the earth they will come from every direction just like the treatment that I mentioned from Cooley, high Dominion saloon, from every every mountain, every hill, Every valley they will be coming from all over the place.

00:35:18 --> 00:35:42

And hurry the number seven some on the prophets of Allah Allah mentioned this, I did hear that when the when the gentlemen of the Giada is killed esai salami, he now start going to the people who are fighting in the gel with the best people. And as he was kind of em Salah with Julian, which means he was kind of greeting them, and kind of connecting with them communicating with them. Suddenly the news comes to a salon, that the images God and Magog came out.

00:35:43 --> 00:36:11

And knowing knowing the massive numbers of these people, Allah Subhana gives them the command to take the believers away from away from out basically from the waveform. And the last panel that ordered them to go and seek shelter in the mountains and the amount of a slew of poor which is in Siena or Sinai in Egypt today. So they were going to have to go come they were going to come come down south from Philistine all the way down to Egypt, and they will take shelter in the mountains in that area.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:56

Yeah, JoJo module modules are on their way, they go up north to Philistine and they start descending down south. And the way they're they they will pass by the province showing us the massive number they will come by top Maria Maria is a is a is a lake is a very, very active well known lake and Philistine today in the northern regions of Philistine. So they will, they will fast back over here. And of course, you know, they drink on the way they will drink. Imagine the highest says that, at that as they were passing by Maria and the early waves and the early ranks of that army of dudes will be drinking from that from that, like the last part of that gathering the last part of that

00:36:56 --> 00:37:02

army, one day passed by that area, they will say, I think one day that may be water was his sometime.

00:37:04 --> 00:37:35

So the missing knee that the front that the number of people who are going through it so massive that they will continue completely, they will actually take all the water out and they will just drink all the water so that those will come after them will see nothing left. And they would guess based on the moisture, the marks of the land and so on. And this area must have had water before that tells you a massive number of your Jude Law modules. But then what happens to them, they will come and they will be seized. Now they will be seized

00:37:36 --> 00:38:13

the army of acla salam and the believers and they will try to kind of get engaged with them. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives shelter to the believers, but they will not be able to do anything. And they will not do they think that they have killed all the people on earth. And now they are deceived with their power. They look into the sky and they wanted to even to engage in fight with the people of the heavens. So they throw their spears they throw their their arrows. And then when that comes down, it comes down your deceit it comes up with some trace of blood or less power to Allah is the symbol that with their arrogance, and then when he started some of the believers at PETA last panel

00:38:13 --> 00:38:54

to Allah ask Allah Allah's mercy to help them out, then Allah azza wa jal show his power in a very passive way. And authority, just the power of just an insect. And insect a last point send them an insect, some of the LMR they say contemporary question or kind of studies that say that this could be a plague, and disease, and infection, virus, whatever, but it says basically the highest as long as it's considered a Duda, which means that just like an insect that will come and it would, it would come from their noses get into their noses into their necks, and eventually it would kill them instantly. So, the next day, people when they when they look out, the entire the entire population

00:38:54 --> 00:39:31

reducer modules has been eradicated, I was gone. So when is our esalaam comes out with the believers, when it comes out with the believers to explore and sees Of course, they said every single spot you will see them all over the place. You can imagine the massive number right now. So they asked Allah subhanho wa Taala again to assist them and clean up this you know the the bodies of this or the earth from them. So Allah as a sense for them, birds, special birds, and they say that this special bird has long necks middlebox Alba book, these are specific. camels are known as Persian camels.

00:39:32 --> 00:39:59

So the hump just like Mississippi would have two humps, but the point that is making from this height is that they have long necks, they will be carrying these, these bodies, taking them somewhere that are lost power out of water, they will be thrown away and then a larger job command the summer to send them in the the clouds and the rain and the rain would wash all the traces until it becomes clear and clean. And then that's when a salad salad. He starts his rule on Earth. The question is

00:40:00 --> 00:40:32

How long will he stay on earth? As la Santa Clarita bisola Salah will stay for 40 years. In those four years he will do what we told you earlier that he's going to be doing ruling on Earth, establishing the law the last panel with Allah, the abundance of wealth and and goodness, justice and peace and everything that a lot of promise that will happen to the people during that time, he will also live normal life which means he will get married will have children and he will die and he will be buried that last part of pharmacy says many

00:40:34 --> 00:41:16

of you have already come home and an apology comes out and is Allah says from earth we have created you what 300 a document to Earth will bring you will put you back and from earth we shall direct you back again. So a lot of promise that all the all humans will be brought back again to earth and inshallah Sam will be no exception. He will come down and he will also be buried like everybody else on earth Alessandra Salaam until the day until the day until the day of the resurrection. And alas can give the command to the end of the lava. So these are the incidents that would happen. And when a Salah Salaam passed away and dies, things start changing and progressing and going back again, to

00:41:16 --> 00:41:43

kind of deviations and worshipping Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala which would be basically the last few signs of the devil judgment next week when we come back in sha Allah, we will cover this final size of the Day of Judgment, the final sign of the devil judgment. And then after that, we start speaking about the resurrection and the afterlife and all the stations of the Day of Judgment until Jana and Jana mela potatoes from Johanna I make us often the people have agenda long moment. Any questions?

00:41:45 --> 00:41:45


00:41:54 --> 00:42:13

Question. Is it true that is La Silla is already have a spot reserved for him to be buried somewhere in Medina. Basically they're very popular, very popular and kind of statement is that he will be buried next to the prophets Allah Allah. Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allahu taala say the answer is allowed on.

00:42:25 --> 00:42:54

The other just got an earlier main hustle of narco mafia on way too common and he comes out with an offer. That's from Earth, we have created you dirt, we shall bring you back. And from earth we can resurrect you again. It was that revealed exclusive race at a salon The answer is no. It wasn't just for each Elisa, it was for everybody. So this was speak about advantage selling first and then eventually it would apply to everybody who's considered human. There's a lot has been a sell off not speaking to humans. So a salad serves a human and therefore he is going to actually

00:42:58 --> 00:43:01

not not not specific in reference to a selection. Milan.

00:43:12 --> 00:43:32

Yeah, JoJo modules. Are they two specific individuals or two tribes with two different tribes? law they said it actually they said two different tribes. Two different tribes. Yeah, gentlemen, Jude, are they going to be from the same place? are they related Allah, Allah Allah, but two different farms with great following basically have massive numbers.

00:43:40 --> 00:44:00

Do convert? The question is, is there any possibility for them to convert during that time of meeting SLA Salam? Well, the Hadith that says they're going to be actually eradicated. So they're going to be suffering from that massive plague. You could say that will take them on, take them out completely. Will there be any people left after that? At least to

00:44:01 --> 00:44:09

to show that they're really human? A lot on the hurry? doesn't say anything like this? What says that they're going to be destroyed? They're going to be all taken out. alone.

00:44:11 --> 00:44:11


00:44:18 --> 00:44:59

Who are Maddie? Yeah. And Maddie, will Maddie will be here. Will he be alive when a celestron comes down? Now that's the argument of some of the alumna of Heidi, that that righteous man allowed to solve the Prophet sallallaahu mentioned will be the Imam to lead Salatu fudger when he rested on the sand, is he going to be a melody? Or is that somebody else? Some They say he is this will be eliminated himself and others say no he just another actual righteous man. So those who say this is a melody that means they're definitely gonna meet at that time, but obviously known as a silver medal with some time after that another leader will be will be taken over a long time. Now. Yes.

00:45:08 --> 00:45:50

other humans are in different form than our human form, the answer is actually based on that it's now they're going to be normal humans. However, they might have a different built, because of the kind of nature of their, you know, lifestyle, and maybe nutrition and whatever actually, that they how they survive a lot, Alana. So based on that they're going to have a special built, they're going to be huge donkey, the harissa, they're going to be actually huge. They're going to be huge. So how huge is that? Is it going to be like description, some other any slightly odd that they have big ears and so on? I don't think so. They are going to be humans. For long, Donna. Yes.

00:46:09 --> 00:46:54

Well, the Hadith is about the Prophet salla salam one, one. Now, when the Prophet told Adam when He created him, is that from every 1999 will go to Johanna and want to go to agenda. So the man is kinda like, why is the real they're going to end up in Indiana like that. And the professor a lot, a lot will inform him that, that it's the German huge, their number, you don't add them to any number, and they will completely kind of shrink that number. So therefore, their number is so massive, and these people will be disobedient. That's what I mean. They will be disobedience, disbelievers and end up in Johanna. So they kind of take the massive number of those people who go to Johanna, the

00:46:54 --> 00:47:17

professor seven one he didn't mention was the identity module. Another notion he mentioned there will be so is that an discrepancy over here? No, this is anthos. So that's basically all sauce, which means it qualifies the general statement of the 9900 999. With the intrusion, of being those people of the 999 people. Well, law says any question, yes.

00:47:24 --> 00:47:47

So what would happen to the angels that would escort his son when he comes back? The question is, Is he gonna have escorts with him? When he comes down with angels coming down with him to Earth? We don't know the details of how he comes. But eventually when it comes, they bring him down. And that's it. Their mission is over and they leave with the commander of Allah subhanho wa Taala, as RSM will take what they call from Milan? No,

00:47:48 --> 00:47:48


00:47:57 --> 00:47:57


00:47:59 --> 00:48:01

East East in reference to what?

00:48:02 --> 00:48:02


00:48:05 --> 00:48:09

So the East will the German Jews are thrown onto the island LastPass spoke about

00:48:11 --> 00:48:50

little cloud nine, when he was heading east. That's when he met them. So does that mean that they are somewhere in the east, the closer to the east, as a matter of fact, and not surprisingly, some of the some early scholars, some of the earliest scholars, they actually they said and they they kind of strong believer that this Judah module speaks about actually China and the in reference to the chance that the great wall in China, that this could be the barrier. But the description of the barrier, as mentioned before, and it's not even close. What's in China is not even close to that description. So that could lead to different things.

00:49:07 --> 00:49:27

So what behind that barrier for so long, and perhaps I've never had the chance to never had the chance to be exposed to the message of a last panel of Islam. So now how would the last panel punish them without even receiving guidance? But the question is now if you want to ask the question again, knowing that Lisa was there, at least,

00:49:28 --> 00:49:36

and they have they besieged Risa and the believers for so long. They had a lot of time to negotiate. One and they believe

00:49:41 --> 00:49:43

there are people who died behind their burdens through

00:49:47 --> 00:49:50

anyone who doesn't get the message as we know the console from alfetta.

00:49:52 --> 00:50:00

Even modules, and the purposes I speak about when they come out, when they come out, they're massive in number when they come out, they're not

00:50:00 --> 00:50:05

massive numbers did they have an MBA or profits when they're in their isolation over there alone? I

00:50:06 --> 00:50:09

don't have an answer for this last question.

00:50:15 --> 00:50:50

Does anyone in modern history like saying does it just saw that with the consultants are nine actually some yeah some of them they say he was Alexander Alexander the Great but it's it's too far. And it's not even close to the Senate. It would be so loud Animoto Conan was allowed. But what we know about him he was just a righteous man who just kind of control and ruled massively on a more long term show next week. When we come back. We'll finish the last sentence of the great sounds of the Day of Judgment. And then from there, we start talking about the events of the of the hour and the beginning of the resurrection. I don't

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