Yaser Birjas – Signs Of Day Of Judgement – Part 7

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The upcoming Day of Justice is the Day of Justice, and the profit and loss will occur before the end of time. The desert is becoming green and slowly growing, causing people to try to reach out to freshwater and bring rivers into the desert. The desert is causing people to recognize the presence of the new moon and is causing people to think the new moon is for two or three nights. The speakers discuss the history of the mountain of gold and its potential impact on society, including the use of technology to create sounds and words to indicate specific reactions and reenact a conversation. The speakers also discuss the potential for animals to use their power to control humans and their impact on society.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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Allah salla Baraka Vina Mohammed, Ali, Sleeman, kathira Mama, God, welcome back to the sons of the sons of the hour, the sons of the last day and the Day of Judgment, I'd like to start with a shout out to her, we're still talking about

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the surah, the minor signs, and these are the signs that kind of coming and reoccurring and then happened one time, they will never happen again. So we covered last time we'll discuss together, we'll discuss some of the perhaps maybe the last time that the profits or loss that I mentioned that they happen, and they still reoccur, and they keep coming back and forth, back and forth depends on the situation and depends on the time and the era, and so on. Tonight, inshallah, we'll share with you six or seven of these signs, that did not happen yet. And the profits or loss that I mentioned that they will, they will happen right before the end of time, right before the establishment of the

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major signs of the Day of Judgment, the major signs of the Day of Judgment, we will talk about this, we shall after spring break. So this is the this is one of the two sessions, the last two sessions on the on the subject of the the the minor science. So the things that would happen, size will happen in the future. And that is that what the professor has mentioned, that will always happen in the future. The Alumni classified the science back in the days and during their time to be future science. However, when you look into the essence of the signs that are supposed to be the future for us, now they're becoming the present, meaning some of the signs you're going to see that it's

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becoming very, very close, maybe not 100%, fulfilled, but in the process. And one of the signs number one here is that the Arabian Peninsula will become goddess and reverse the Arabian Peninsula will become goddess and reverse. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu ala mentioned in Hadith Abiraterone de la Randhawa, which was narrated in Muslim, that ladipo, Masato had sorrel man wavefield the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said that the hour will not come until wealth increases and becomes abundant. And we cover that we spoke about it in different different session should how this happened. Some of the LMR declassified or basically mentioned was the term of the

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law of the land. And then they said it was a time of

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vandalism rajala on who allow him Allah, and it continued going on in the Muslim Ummah, every, every now and then there will be a generation or time when wealth will be abundant. And why is it so unique or so special, because we're going to see in the Arabian Peninsula because the Prophet when he speaks usually speaks in regard to the culture of the Arabian Peninsula, although Muslims will handle all over the place, but for the Arabs, they would go through these waves basically prosperity and poverty and so on. So so the Prophet always reminding they never had level of prosperity like it happened, you know, in Islam. So the prophets of Assam said that the first thing you look for

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malware for your wealth will become so abundant, had the Euclid arogya ruzicka. Family he felt he had an acapella the person will take his the cat out to give it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. But it will not find anyone to accept that which means you will not find anyone who's eligible to accept that people will be will be wealthy enough, maybe middle class, upper middle class, so handa they're satisfied, and they don't need any more money. So the person would be going around, and no one would accept it was at all. Then the professor Sam also said, Well, what are all the outdoor lobbies and not in one hora? And he said until the land of the Arabs become gardens and

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rivers once more now what's the meaning of one small if you say once more what does that exactly mean?

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It used to be in the past. It used to be in the past. Now how far that is history. Allahu taala is it 1000s and 1000s millions of years is this is the reason why Mashallah This region is very famous and very well known for for oil is as the reason behind it. So we don't know exactly what's the what's the reason why it's going to become one small janati one hora, which means gardens, and rivers. But it used to be in the past. And there are so many actually evidences that the Arabian Peninsula once was covered with water as well. And it was also green. And the professor Sam said it will come back. Could that be a prediction that the professor was talking about climate change? Is

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that what we're seeing today, when you're in the West, far in the West and they have all this now crazy weather, you know, snow in, in Dallas and ice in Dallas, when people up north they were still dreaming about having rain, California is getting very dry. And the people on the north also complaining about you know, temperatures not dropping out it used to drop during the wintertime. So eventually we'll see that this is something is is really happening. And as a result of that, of course this will affect the climate and if it affects then perhaps you know the the weather in the Arabian Peninsula will also change as a result. In addition to that the prosperity that Allah Subhan

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I wanted to bless the people of Arabia with the prosperity that Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed Arabia with is being reflected in the in the technology they're using to become self sufficient in terms of agriculture. And these two picture that you see over here, these two picture two images, as an example, if you see these aerial image is actually in Saudi Arabia today. So these are, they're showing that the desert is becoming literally green. And these, like these patches in the desert, I remember myself, we used to drive actually, up north, and the Arabian Peninsula. And we used to come by these these, these forms. Yes, of course, maybe economically speaking, might not be the most

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efficient methodology because it costs so much money, money to bring the water all the way out there and using that water only to water, you know, desert land. So you can, you know, make it green, and trying to become self sufficient terms if no food, but it is it is what it is right now, people they're trying and they're doing that and it's turning into green, how far this now this greening The desert is gonna continue a lot, Alana, but as you can see, it is actually happening, are they gonna try also to maybe reach out to some freshwater and maybe bring some rivers into the desert afterwards, while the rain continued to start growing in our more and more, and then causing rivers

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to start growing also in these areas, just this this, this winter? If you watch the news, you see, they've seen that in the, for the first time, perhaps not the first time. But this is one of those unique years, in which the the northern belt of the urban peninsula receives so much snow, not like before, they would have snow every few years. But this time was very, very unique that people receive so much snow in that area, even Egypt this year, Egypt, which is not too far from the Arabian Peninsula in Cairo, they had record you know,

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basically rates for the snow and for the weather, that after over 100 plus years. Finally in Cairo, they received snow. So what is coming next in the future? Only Allah knows. So this is one of those signs did not happen according to the amount of the past. But we're seeing it's actually happening slowly and gradually. Next number two, the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam mentioned of Allah matassa interfaculty ala interfaculty Hillel means that the Christian the new moon will appear to be big and huge, which means larger than usual size, how would we classify that? He said sallallahu wasallam. In Manipur, Ravi Sati into falcoda Hilah of the signs of the day of judgment that the

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moon, the moon or the new moon wall will grow big or appear to be big. That means when people look at it, he said solar cell lamp for your car really tiny, like the 10 people that would see the moon at night and they will say this is basically that means it's it's the date will be second, second or third. Although it's still barely the beginning of the month. Now what is the reason behind this phenomena? Honestly, from a scientific perspective, I looked I looked into it to find any any kind of explanation I couldn't really find yet anything that is conclusive on the subject. But along with that item, the prophet SAW Sam said that people will see that musically, they will recognize it the

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moon, like blowing big is that the going big means actual size of the moon, which means if this happens, what's gonna happen to Earth? What's gonna happen to the orbit? What's gonna happen to the tide?

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in the oceans and everything that the natural phenomena that happens because of the presence of the moon, at such a distance from Earth? What is going to happen allowed Alana? Or is it something that's going to be because whatever happened to the climate, on the atmosphere of the moon itself? So we don't, we don't know that the actual meaning the definition of it, but the process or some say that people when they look at it, they would think that this is the moon is actually for two days or two nights and three nights. There is something people today perhaps, are recognizing and honestly those who say that, not necessarily the experts, I've been hearing this for many, many people,

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specifically in Ramadan. When Ramadan starts, as you as you guys know, because we have all we always have this kind of argument over the moon sighting, suddenly everybody becomes much an expert. And they say, you see, did you see the moon? This must be for two nights. I said, Have you ever watched them on before Ramadan? So because if you have done that, perhaps you would recognize is the same moon that you just observing right now. But suddenly, because we have arguments over which night is that for them for the month of Ramadan, people started kind of thinking it's bigger or smaller. But the prophets Allah Sam said that this is one sign and it will be close to the to the end of time.

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The third sign that the prophet SAW said mentioned in regard to the signs of the Day of Judgment is that the animals and inanimate objects will speak to people. So sort of law is the law Selim says in the Hadith,

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he acts it's a longer story, this hadith that you see here is a longer

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story and most of the Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah, Allah and others.

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He said Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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he narrated a story that awry a shepherd. He was in the pasture and then suddenly a wolf came and snatched one of those lambs or sheep that he had. So the shepherd chased that wolf out until he was able to retrieve that, that she bought that lamp from the wolf. Now the old Of course, it felt kind of disheartened by that. And he said that this this Shepherd, he said that the wolves just sat down and spoke to the man spoke to the man. And he told him, he said, a lotta tequila, don't you feel Allah, you take in areas of provision that Allah subhana wa Taala has given me, which means I took this fair and square, I was able to * that away. So it's my provision. Don't you feel a lot

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they've taken this hour from me. Now the man upon hearing that was speaking, he kind of like, and he freaked out, and he was so astonished by that. So he said, Subhana, Allah is it says, Yeah, Jerry, what an amazing what is this happening? That when it will knock on Allah, then I be you can live many kilometers. It's a dog. It's a wolf that is speaking to me like humans. Then the wolf told him if you think this is actually strange, this is something which is astonishing. I'll tell you what is more astonishing. It says Mohammed, Mohammed in the city of Vietnam had been the urban Peninsula, he is telling the people about the news and the power that the stories of those who came before, which

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means about value through email, and then via and so on, so this Shepherd, then he took his sheep and he went towards yathrib. And finally he got there. He asked about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he thought the Prophet salla salaam, what he had seen what happened with him, the Prophet sallahu wa salam, he liked what he heard from this man, so they called for Salah to Gemma, so the people came and gathered in the masjid, and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he told them, this man, he had some he had an incident, and I want him to read this to you. So the man told the people what he saw, and what he heard, and this was something extremely, extremely astonishing.

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And, and, like you said, the Arabic language according to them, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he when this man finished his story, he said sadhak he told the truth, and also Allah is Salalah some added to this this statement will let the NFC via de la takamasa to hotter you call him a civil ins, he says, By the one in whose hand is in my soul, the hour will not come until wild animals speak to people, wild animal, speak to people. And he said when you call him or Raja Lou other better soul to him, or you call him Raja Raja to SATA, Misa demand will speak to other but to stop the world whatever the source is speaking to his agitators whip or you know, the one that used

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to ride on camels, they would ride them with of course with the and drive them with the with the whips. So the way people speak to the person or the stick, or the staff would teach the person. And he said also sort of La salon lawyer bureau who fucking do who will be my head death.

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Luca, and even the thigh of the individual will tell will inform the person what happened be what happened in his household, or what would speak to his household will basically will be communicating with him with his household. Now, of course, when you look in this Hadith, and if we try to understand the Hadith 5100 years ago, 200 years ago, perhaps will be much difficult to comprehend what we have in today. So contemporary scholars revisiting this hadith and trying to basically within the modern context of our time, how can we understand these incidents? So regarding animals speaking to people, do you guys know that animals can speak to people today?

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Or, or people can speak to animals, you understand that? That means people would understand the language of the animals. There was a program on TV called the I think it's called the dog, dog whisperer or something like that, when the man can really communicate in a way that is completely understandable by these dogs, and also scientists today, they communicate with wild animals in a way that is amazing. They even can record specific they can record out use specific specific basically sounds of these animals and reenact a specific conversation, which means they can communicate with these animals in the same note in the same voices are noises. So I remember watching a documentary

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on even on apes and chimpanzees actually. So in which the scientists they were out there, and they were using specific sound bits and soundtracks to indicate specific reaction and of course, the reaction we're predicting would exactly happened the way they they will describe. So they know that there was a specific cry that these animals when they cry that sound, it means it's war or danger happening. So they predict all these

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Animals will jump up all the way up to the top of these of the trees. And when it's food, same thing will make that sound and they come down in certain ways. So eventually, they will use in these sounds of these animals, as if they're using the actual language. And they were able to communicate with animals, which explains why today, people that communicate with animals, even such as dolphins, though for some of the smartest animals that we know, so they communicate with them in a very unique way. So they even they make they operate specific machines, specific tasks and so on. So could that be what the prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned, when animals talk to humans or humans talk to

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animals? Allahu talana, it could be that these animals will definitely talk to, to the to the humans, but in which language, Allah, Allah Subhana, wa Taala, he created all these animals, and he would enable them to speak if the last part was that this happened. But until then, this is what we could, what could and we could understand from this, that humans will communicate with these animals. And they will understand the language of these animals as well. Maybe in the future, Allahu Allah, maybe in the future, science can get us to a level where, you know, since we understand the sounds of these animals, you know, just like even Google Voice right now, and using your iPhones

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with series, you can communicate with inanimate objects, and create and operate things that make tasks, there could be at some point in life that machines will be created, will be predicting the voice and the sounds of the animals around their necks, for example. And as they as they voice these sounds, it would translate that in the human voice, it could happen aloud on them. But this is for us. So maybe, you know something under investigation or study. For us, this didn't happen yet. Allah knows what the future actually holds for the for the next generation. The second thing, what you call them, radula, either too salty, or you call them orajel either bought or sold, means the person

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will be speaking with the stick over the stuff over the word. Today, we have actually speaking pens, right? And how have you seen that, but they translate to you. You speak to it, I will translate with a pen. It's a digital active dictionary, so that like you speak, and it gives you the answer. And that is amazing. Something that would never be never predicted 200 years ago, also that the thigh of an individual will tell them what is going on in their household or they communicate with their house and their families. The closest thing to this, what would it be a Gemma,

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the Bluetooth and cell phones, right? You will be having your phone might be in your pocket, literally in your pocket, which is around your thigh somehow, and you have a Bluetooth in your ear. And when you communicate it just like you to communicate through this, something that maybe never been predicted, you know, 200 years ago, people would never even imagine something like this will happen. But now it's becoming something extremely, extremely possible. So could that be what the professor was mentioning aloud, Alana, but eventually, in our kind of modern time, it is one of those interpretation that we see, regardless of the Day of Judgment, sign number four, alpha rot,

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therefore a river, which runs from Turkey, all the way down through Syria, Iraq, until it goes down to the Arabian Gulf or the Persian Gulf. And if you look at the prophets of Allah Salah mentioned in regard to a natural four out of the reference, that this will at some point in life,

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the the forest will dry up slowly and gradually, until it reveals reveals treasures, who reveals treasures of gold, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned. Now, keep in mind that this be Look at this, this map over here, basically, if you look at this map here, this is this is Turkey, this is Syria and Iraq all the way until the Gulf of Arabia. So this is stretches so far for 1000s of kilometers and mines as well. And it's very big, huge, or at least it used to be that huge, however, modern time and of course, the the population of humans is growing big in many countries, specifically in Turkey, and in Iraq and Syria as one. So it's because of that, because of that they

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built in so many so many dams on the on the path of that river is one of these examples. It's adatok dump in Turkey, and they they basically control the flow of the water making it go slower and slower. countries, other countries like Syria and Iraq, they get affected by that. Actually, as a matter of fact, there were so many tensions between these countries because of the control of the water. And, and the intention of Turkey to build, you know, new dams on the path of that river. So it becomes actually a source of political, you know, any kind of tension between these countries. And this is this is not to two images of the same area, the same area before and after the dam that

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was built actually in, in that same region over here in Turkey. So it's a kind of like a security thing, really, and how will it look like and I said, I looked it up on

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Google Earth

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Over here. So if you look at it

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in Iraq,

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zoom in.

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This is the river as you can see over here.

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And as we move in into this,

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there are actually multiple dams in the region over here, that you can see that they control the flow of the water. And they're definitely going to become source of, you know, causing the loss of land as to be real. One thing about this region if you guys know history, this is the era what was this era used to be called? In the past? Do you remember?

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what they used to call it?

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They used to call Mesopotamia Gemma the region in this area. So a lot of civilization existed back then. And these civilizations was of the greatest civilization that appeared during that their time. What happened to their to their treasures, what happened to their cities? What happened to their villages and towns and and technology and developments and so on? It's buried down there. Is it possible that the reverse because of again, that the situation that is happening between these all these countries, is it possible, that it's gonna dry out completely until that goal, that mountain of gold comes out the process, alas, I mentioned it as a mountain of gold. But he gave us an

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instruction. So there was a lot of ceremony, he said that if this happens, and you were there, don't try to take anything from it.

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If you were there, when these treasures come out, don't try to take them Don't try to go and take anything from it. Some of our time, they try to make interpretation of this hadith being sensitive professors mountain of gold, they said the black gold, and what is the black gold oil. And what we see there in Iraq, multiple wars already happened, just in the past maybe 30 years, the multiple wars happen in that region, simply because of you know, the treasures and the natural resources that this country has. That's under Of course, you know, the river under also the ground. So it could that'd be the the interpretation of lalana. But the purpose is mountain of gold. So it is more like

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a mountain of gold. And it's going to be as a result of the river itself drying up. So when is it When is it going to happen? How soon allow them and if the situation remains like this, and we start having droughts, climate change, again, that's going to cause a lot of damage, actually, and this could be a reason for this mountain of gold to appear or reappear. Number five, the profit that the earth will bring forth, it's hidden treasure. And that is one of them, perhaps, and the professor mentioned it to the extent that hidden treasures such as like columns of gold and silver will suddenly will be will be kind of coming out easily. However, however, people will get to a point

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that they will pass by these treasures, and no one would even care, meaning the gold is down there, no one is really reaching out. Silver is there, no one's really trying to touch it. So that people as they pass by, the murderer will say, you know what I killed for this, which means one time I remember, I killed for this for something like that. The one who cut ties with his families, he would say, I cut ties with my family because of this. And now they don't even care about it at all completely. And the given that the thief would say I used to steal this. And I had been punished for that. And now they don't even care about it at all. But what does that exactly mean? What could that

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mean to us in our time? Can you guys think of anything?

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What is exactly mean though?

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One thing that came to my mind when I was doing this is that people they would come to a unique realization, which not a very unique anymore, really, is that money and wealth in itself doesn't bring you happiness.

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And as a result, you see so many of these wealthy and rich people, what do they do with their wealth?

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they donate all their wealth, and they want to live an extremely, very simple life. How many of these people so called you know, celebrities, they they you find them walking in refugee camps, and they go out in the Tibbets, and they go out and in small remote areas in Africa and different places in the world, they go to the most primitive societies, even when there are no cars driving over there, no roads even to get to these places. But why would they do that? They need a thrill in life. They did something purposeful for themselves. They couldn't find it in LA or New York or any of these fancy places in this world. They couldn't find it there. So even if they even if they have the

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walls around there, they would even touch it, they would even care about it. Why? Because I don't need this. I tried it. I had it before. It did not bring me any happiness. Wealth becomes so abundant. That you know you hoard everything but at the end of the day, you will realize it's only just a matter of time that you realize it's not really worth

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brings you happiness. So this could be the thing that causes people just to completely shows disinterest in the treasures of this world and focusing that that is more purposeful for themselves. Number six, the prophets Allah Sam says, He predicted that at some point to the Arabian Peninsula, the river peninsula will be ruled by a man, he gave us a name for him, or another name, but a title called algebra, algebra. Now, what does it exactly mean? There's different actual interpretation to the mean, something said about him being, you know, very loud person, terms of his voice, may be allowed in terms of technology allow that atom or media.

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That's a description for him. And the professor, some say that this man is comes from the tribe of cotton or the region of cotton, the Arabian Peninsula, if you look at this map over here, this is basically is the the southern Southern Western Southwestern belt of the Arabian Peninsula, this is Yemen over here, that's that area is Yemen. And this is part of the regions of the south of that area. And then you have capanne here. So from this area close to Yemen, that this man will emerge, and he will perhaps would be leading will be leading the, you know, car, taking, taking charge of the Arabian Peninsula, anticip leadership. Now the Prophet salaallah Sen did not tell us if he's

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going to be adjustment, adjust ruler, or otherwise. So we don't know about his his type of leadership. But he says Allah Salaam that he is going to be seizing power in the Arabian Peninsula. And as of course, a natural thing that power would never stay in the hands of one family, or one generation is going to keep moving, you know, to different different hands.

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And finally, the prophets of Allah salam, he mentioned that that Maddie will come and they'll Mandy will be if one of if not, if not the last sign of the minor signs. So basically, during his time, during his time, the major signs will start appear. We're not going to talk about it tonight, because we're going to be mentioning the Shaolin details the discussion over the next week when elasto gel again, our discussion will be from a suitable Gemma who's the

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Where is he going to come? How, what is his situation, the different opinions regarding a belief system and listen to among our listeners, well, Gemma regarding Maddie and also what are the maybe comparison between Maddie and Alison and they will Gemma and the Shia, we will discuss that next week be in the light Allah and then we will take a break for spring break. When we come back. We will start with the major sense of the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us among those who always you know, remember him in abundance and stay steadfast even in terms of Trojan cretin, Allah who Tanana Any questions?

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an interesting observation when we talked about the animals speaking to humans,

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rather not saying Could it be possible that this may be maybe this could be what we have today of animation? When animals speak into humans Of course through animation, could that be the thing? And now the answer is Allahu Allah. It seems to be real for the purposes of speaking about not just an animation but the closest thing that would come to my mind really is that we'd start learning the language of these animals will we ever have a machine or a device that will translate the sounds and these bursts of these animals to us? It's a possibility possibility right now Yes.

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He had sickly like and he will be he will use his army so it's kind of like he's gonna be like a fight or a battle that he will rule with an army now could that is that does that mean because the Hadith the Arabic text says Yasuko NASA Vyasa he will be kind of driving the people losing his staff not not on iron on road basically in the English translation but the Arabic text has acid which means he's gonna be ruling says the people with his staff. That means he might use power might use army military Alanna.

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But basically it shows that show that he is in charge, he's in control. And he says he has the authority, which is a sign of course of leadership and being the king.

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Is it possible that we're going to start seeing the moon the new moon bigger because we always miss the first night?

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So basically, is it possible

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The reason we see the moon, the new moon so large and so big because the the weather itself, even the climate is of a sub obstructing the sight of the of the moon, and it will also the light pollution and we have at night as well so that we will never be able to see the moon on the first night. Could that be an interpretation to it? A lot, it's actually an interesting observation as well. So basically, we will never be able to see it by by the sight. But of course, we still have the technology that will help us you know, and calculate also predicted when it's going to be visible to us. But just like you said, Maybe we will not be able to see it with the with our own

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eyes unless it was the second third night. So that's a possible actually interpretation. That's interesting one, hold on.

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Just hold on.

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That's interesting. So parents can speak right? Could that be what the professor was talking about here? Allah Allah, I mean, I've seen actually that there was a certain Quran right? You guys watch that on YouTube? After there was a certain Quran was amazing that was able to memorize the whole surah SubhanAllah. I mean, that's amazing memory. So that's very interesting. So could that be one of those things? Maybe when the prophet SAW sama speak into the Arabs, way back then they didn't know what what parrots are, right? So now that we handle it, the whole world becoming a small village, so you can transfer these animals to the Arabian Peninsula. So you could really see that

00:31:27 --> 00:31:33

with their own eyes and ears with their own ears. That's a very interesting observations like a locker says any question.

00:31:35 --> 00:31:36

Okay, yes.

00:31:41 --> 00:31:44

So what's wrong with that? The mountain of gold? What's wrong with it?

00:31:56 --> 00:32:30

Yeah, the heritage site, how about the mountain of gold when the prophet SAW Selim discouraged us from going there. He said, If you heard about it, don't even try to go there. Don't try to go and participate. He said several awesome people will fight for it. machteld and alima will be will be a great fight over that gold, that from every 1999 people will will be killed, and one will survive. And the one who survives that's the irony of all these 1000 people when they heard this high, and they would know about this Howdy. They would say maybe I'm that lucky guy.

00:32:31 --> 00:33:08

So they all go with the hope to be the lucky person who will survive the atrocity of fighting over this thing. So a lot I mean, what is it gonna come? no loss of power to protect us from that. Now how can you protect yourself from this agenda? You protect yourself by leading a life of asceticism or at least a life that doesn't show great interest in you know, in these things, meaning it doesn't mean not to get rich? No, get rich, that's okay. But the money doesn't control you. You control the money. It doesn't it doesn't stay in your heart, it says in your hand. That's what makes it different. But those who keep the money and welcome their hearts, they can always pursue it wherever

00:33:08 --> 00:33:13

they go. Well, Donna Kyra shallow that last question, yes.

00:33:25 --> 00:34:00

So Gulf countries are already working on the on the saltwater in the sea, to refine it and eventually start using it for irrigation? Is that what you're saying? Okay, so some holla maybe again, that's another possibility of turning these countries into green countries one more time. So a lot of us are going to live to see that but at least we have this in our mind the Sharla Xhosa dogma. So next time inshallah when we come back, we will be discussing again as Maddie as the final sign been the last version, remember shall our fundraising I would like to invite all the brothers and sisters who are watching this inshallah with us that our annual fundraising will be March 7

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Than you can

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even see me

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and letting me know Nabina ye BYOB more? Walla

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