Yaser Birjas – Signs Of Day Of Judgement – Part 10

Yaser Birjas
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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wa Salatu. Was Salam.

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Ala Moana Sleeman kathira mama bud, welcome back to the signs of the hour the sign of the Day of Judgment, the major signs and tonight to shallow diabolical Watada we have Part Two at the journal, the Antichrist the false messiah Who is he? We spoke about that last week and we're gonna try to test the information that you got a few remember from the last week's session inshallah who tada so when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam spoke to us about the signs he counted about 10 signs right 10 signs, one of them was the sign of the journey, the sign of the journey. Now tell me what is so unique about this the journey in terms of his fitna and trial how severe how significant at the jail

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and his trial is anyone? Yes.

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is considered what

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the hardest, the professor's talk about his fitna the trial of the journal to be considered the harshest and the hardest fitna and the most dangerous fitna of all time. The prophet SAW said he said that no fitna no matter so significant, or tribulation, so significant that you know came under and in the history of mankind, more than a dozen. So the professor was warning us against them what else we know about the other MBR? Did the MBR even know about the journalists presence? The other prophets and messengers of Allah did they know about him? So what did they do?

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They weren't they all of them weren't the people about him, even though we know that is he is considered one of the the last science of the Day of Judgment. Still, even as early as no hana is Salam and Ibrahim alayhis salam, as the Prophet Solomon mentioned, almost every single prophet warns his people against at the jump. So what is so significant about the description the prophet SAW some give to his own mind regarding the journal what is so significant about the description? What was it?

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The professor, some very unique description, he says, all the profits, they weren't against the job. And I'm giving you something very unique about him. What is it that he said, Salas, Allah,

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and his one eye, and your load is not? So he's saying that you're gonna recognize him that he's not, he's not the Lord. What is so significant about that description, saying, when the Prophet says, He is one eyed and your Lord is not one eyed? What does that exactly mean to him?

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What is that is that how do you recognize? How could that be a sign that he is not Lord? What does that exactly mean? Yes.

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If you couldn't fix his own eye, if he couldn't fix his own eye, which is considered deficiency right now, how could this man be, you know, God, specifically, that he is bringing in all these so called miracles in order to prove his lordship, who is bringing all these things, all these, you know, sign that Allah has important with an order, of course, to have followers with him. But still a lot of panels that made the science very clear to us that this man doesn't believe doesn't deserve to be in that position, that people they regard him and then we now today to show that we're going to talk more about the gel, we're going to talk more about the job and try to identify

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his time, his actual trial, what is exactly going to be doing here on earth? And who is he to us as Muslims comparing that with the Christian tradition, as well as all of that and how to protect yourself from it. So first of all, a quick reminder, then Harry's holiday for the long run, who was the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, he said that there are 10 so when he one time he came out in the masjid, and he found some of the Sahaba of the law of the land home, arguing they will argue about the Day of Judgment. So the prophets of Allah suddenly told him, don't worry, it's not happening yet, until there are 10 signs to come before. When you count these 10 signs. One of them

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that he mentioned Salalah, Ceylon was at the gym, that false messiah, MC the Antichrist, whatever you want to call him, he said one of these signs is going to be a dungeon. Also, now the professor has informed us what exactly he is going to be coming out from so we know that he's going to come on Earth. But the question Where Where is he going to be emerging from? Where is he going to be emerging from the prophet SAW Selim says he will be emerging from an area called hora son, as an incident a tournament and Event Manager, the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam no longer had it, he said in the Jalla yaku many of them will message mushrif Bukhara la hora, Santa Clara San

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Juan canajoharie Medina, Morocco, and this hadith the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he said that he shall come out at the job will emerge from an area it towards the east and we say that it's east from where

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you Gemma when the Prophet says east is from where

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he's from Medina when it says East he speaks about east from Medina because those who live west from four

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corizon is not going to be easy for them right? So it says from the east he speaks about ease and respect to Medina their location. And that area is called for our son. If you look into geography of the world, even until this day, hora Sun is a historical region until today is in the in parts of it isn't Iran, modern day Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan other regions, as you can see on this map, so part of it part of it is in this area, and generally speaking, so which part of it is going to be the place where the gel is going to emerge from Allahu taala on him, but he is from that such a very large region, although there were some narrations that the Prophet salla Salah mentioned, his error

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is going to come out from a certain area which is going to be close to towards modern day Iran. But these are controversial in terms of the authenticity of these, these names, the names of these villages and towns. But the main thing that Professor Sam mentioned is the region itself. Cora son, Cora, son, once was actually completely belongs to alternative Gemma, but now it's kind of divided, as you can see on this map. So the first thing we know that he is going to emerge from an area in the east of Medina, which is currently modern day in Iran, and it also is from Iran.

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Now, this is his This is when he comes out, however, when will the people specifically in the Middle East and particular Muslim region? When will they be able to recognize his Tron his fitness? So when is it exactly it's going to be public? When is it going to be public for them that will come out the Messenger of Allah Allah La Silla mentioned that in no hydrogen, Hola, turbina shamuyarira, he is coming out somewhere between a sham which is the Levant modern day cerium. And there is around it, and an era. So it's basically an area known known in the region called Al Jazeera. Jazeera means you see like, it's an island, but it's not really an island. It just that as you can see here is the

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location. That's like, almost like a delta between the two rivers in Iraq and Syria. So this is called Al Jazeera. So he is coming from the east, and this is Iraq, Horace on the east from Iraq. And that region over here, when he emerges is going to start moving towards the west. And that's what his efforts will become public. So perhaps basically, he will be moving slowly, which is you have one whole year to move first. And then at that region, that's what happens first becomes public to the people. And we're gonna see that the prophets Allah Allah mentioned a specific event in which his presence will become public, to the people as well.

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How long will he be staying in on Earth, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned Hadith and amasian semaan. And we've cited this hadith multiple times already. It's a longer longer Hadith, but that's a portion from it. When the prophet SAW Selim spoke about his day on earth, He said he will be staying for a, he will be saying 40 days, only 40 days. Now 40 days, we're going to sit in the Christianity, they say he's going to be staying on earth for actually 42 months. We say 40 days, but they say 42 months, when the professor was asked about his days, he said, his first day will be as long as one year, his second day will be as long as a month, his

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third day, as long as a week, and his rest of his days will be the two regular days. So if you count that, if you put that together, it's gonna be a very long time. So how long How about a lot and I'm home with all what the problem was telling them, they were concerned about something completely different. They were concerned about something completely different look at their major concern, as in this Hadith, they said, Yasser Allah, the day when it becomes what it becomes one year. I mean, for us, if I tell that one day is gonna be as long as one year, what's gonna come to your mind? You might say, whenever I got, when are we going to go to sleep? How much time are we going to need to

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sleep? Right? How much food you going to eat for that year? The Sahaba were not concerned about that at all. They were concerned about something much more important for them, as Allah says, Yasser Allah, on that day, that's going to be as long as one year how are we going to pray?

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Is it going to be only five Salawat will be sufficient. So there will concern for the salon and they were asking is one Salah FAFSA was going to be enough for that day, the province of Assam he said no to oku contra de la carrera, which means estimate the time what's the meaning of estimation of this time, the closest I can bring to you in regard to calculation and estimation of the time is if you travel up north, all the way up north

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where de la light are going to be abnormal, in which people they spend months in the daylight and then months in the night completely. So sometimes they spend months and there is no light whatsoever. It's all dark, and some time was spent there. The sun doesn't go down at all. So the dark the sun keeps floating above the horizon and then goes down all the way close to the horizon and then goes up again and, and so on. So that's basically close to that North Pole. If this is situation, how do people pray? They're solid

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They're relevant, they say, even during this kind of circumstance, and some people they suffer from this circumstance in Alaska, one of the Alaska, for North, in, in Canada, even in Europe as well. And the first one that was given to them is that they need to do also this estimation, which means you calculate in proportion of that day or that night, how many how many hours you need to make between the different Salawat. And based on that, you pray the five daily prayers. Now, the similar to this will be will be also for one year, you're going to make an estimation, how is this going to be Allahu taala? The question that we asked last week, how come a day becomes as long as one year we

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give some theories if you remember guys, when we said when we spoke about the one of the scientific theories today that the earth will will go reverse at some point, and the rotation of the Earth is going to come to a standstill, and it says coming reversed could that be the day when the day that time when the day is going to become one year because when it starts slowing down, as you can see it's gonna take longer to finish to another the one year for the one day. And then as I start reversing, that's when the sun comes from the west. So could that be the time when the day is going to be as long as one year? Allahu taala there is no confirmation but that just for a scientific

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theory that could be actually used for interpretation of this hadith inshallah terracotta Allah the point the Prophet services mentioning over here, that the day is going to be extremely, extremely long, and you're going to have to you're going to have to estimate for that day to make your data Salawat so how many salons are going to be praying Now again, that's estimation the Prophet says if the doodle Hydra who so try to make right estimate for that

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the prophets of Allah Sam said about the journal he will be traveling all over the earth, He will almost enter every single or major city that is on Earth. Remember when you have one day that is for a whole year and then one day is one more one full month and then one week and then the rest of the days will just regular days? Imagine how much time you would have to spend around around the edges you're gonna have technology that makes him travel around or is it gonna be flying Allah Juana but he will be able to travel so fast on earth, and he will enter almost every major city except to the prophets Allah seven said Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect Mecca and Medina from the moment the

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job so the job will not be allowed to enter Makkah and Medina the purpose of Assam said Allah azzawajal will will appoint and will assign God's Angel guards at the gates of El Medina in which the Joe will not be allowed to come in. So he will stay outside the messenger sallallahu Sallam said in some other narration that on the on that day at the job will come when Medina has seven major gates server to absorb seven major gates. Now today if you look at the structure, this is Mecca. And this is Almudena over here. If you look at the the highways surrounding Medina, Now many people they try to calculate as they try to count the gates, or at least the highways, counting them as the

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gates to Medina. So let's say 123 major actually measure one, four, but you see that there are more than seven. As you counted, there will be more There are now more than seven. So would it be that at some point in the future, some of these highways will kind of come down will not be used, and therefore it's going to cut down to seven allow Tanana hamdullah the prosperity we have today because of you know the ability to use energy and having oil and and the riches of the world and so forth. How long can it sustain a lot, a lot of stuff but the Prophet says when they're when Medina will have seven gates, then eventually that's where the gel will arrive. Also could that be that

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Medina is as we know it today is going to shrink again to a small size. Because if we don't have cars, you know traveling, the distance that we traveled today will be impossible, so doesn't mean that you're going to shrink back again to a small site. And then that's when it has its own seven gates, because the Medina of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the old structure and the old space of El Medina falls completely under the current current structure of the method itself. The entire Medina was actually the size of the masjid itself, that's all the rest of it will be considered suburbs. So a lot Harlem when this will happen, how is going to shrink to seven gates by the professor when he

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comes he will not be allowed to come in. And now a very, very significant incident will happen. The prophets Allah Sam said that when Allah azza wa jal prevents the jail from coming into the city, the P the Medina itself will shake three times earthquakes and as it shakes you know when when Earth would start shaking, shaking buildings, people they start getting scared so they leave and as they leave when they leave Medina they go outside the construction of the of the Medina and the city itself. That's when they see the gathering.

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That's when they see the gentleman his and his entourage. And that's when they go, and those people will have the fitna, so the professor Sanjay disbelievers, the hypocrites will, will leave the city and they will end up joining at the jail as well. And that is the exact same time. The prophets Allah mentioned about this young man, if you remember from last week, that one of the signs that this is the gel is coming that way that a young man will come out and he believed that young man he believed that this was the judge. And the judge said what if I What if I kill this man and bring him back to life? And he did the purpose so that he will be able to do that so he will kill this young

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man and he'll bring it back to life and this young man would say well I'm is that the Viva La Amana? I'm even more confirmed right now that you are nothing but the Gen. Then he will try to go after him but Allah subhana wa tada will protect this young man from at the jail. So these are these are the two CDs, the prophets Allah said that Joe will not allow will not be allowed to come in.

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How will he emerge? what circumstances when he comes out? The professor Sam said the yo yo. button, yeah, he will emerge, he will come out your hot button Yaga Baba means at some point when he's very, very angry in a state of rage. And that state of rage. That's when he comes out now, which means he is going to be living normally among the people. That's what it means. Or he will be in that island like a heightening modality. And then some severe, let's say situation of anger will cause him to come out. It's more appropriate to say that he will be actually among the people then that that that state of rage it causes them to come out. What does that exactly mean? Is that going to be some sort

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of genetic alteration wherever there's so much of contemporary theories about that issue. But Allahu Allah, we don't really have any specific details on what why he would get upset or what, in what circumstances he will have that moment of rage, but he will come out. And that's what he will, he will be announced that the job is coming out. And Allah subhanho wa Taala. During the time we spoke about the signs of the minor sounds of the Day of Judgment is that one allegedly emerged as well. And they ally with the Romans, or the people in Europe, perhaps. And then they fight a third party. That's a common enemy for both of them, they win the battle and then eventually the alliance between

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the two parties will be broken. Another battle took place and then at the end of the battle when it when a manager and his followers will win that battle. That's when that's when the gel will be announced a shavon will announce that the gel is coming out and he is now left behind and among their families. So they all the manager He will send 10 Boy Scouts to go or men scouts actually, to go and check out on him if he is true or not he came out or not. The prophet SAW Some even mentioned I know the name of these young men, I know even the kind of horses that they're riding, so a lot of them so they will be among the the best 10 people and the best, most courageous people on earth of

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that time rajala on them. So these people will go and Allah subhanho wa Taala will allow the judge to come out or this could be the time when the judges name or the judge affair will be public in a sham in that area between a rock and a sham like we said, so he will come before but he becomes public when he arrives in that region between a rock and a sham after that.

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Should the believers approach the job if you were in that situation, and hamdulillah you believe that you have a strong Eman. You believe in the job. You know that the job is nothing but a creation for Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever he does, he has nothing he knows nothing stronger than what Allah Subhana Allah has subhanho wa Taala so if you have all this strong belief in Allah azza wa jal knowing that this man is that the job should you go and face him

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What do you guys think?

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Should you go and debate with him?

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She's not handler not need to go make thou shalt. So go max out for the jail if I can convince the judge to change his mind. shall all these people will follow right? Would you take the rest can go on? Why

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don't you even try?

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Don't you even try never even tried to approach it the judge. As a matter of fact, the student of the prophets, Allah selon is that if you hear about the jobs somewhere, the prophet SAW Sam says the best solution. The best way to save yourself from his fitna is to run away from him. That's the best way to save yourself from as fitna is to run away from at the gym. Never ever try even drive it to go and argue with him. Because his arguments is beyond your comprehension. regardless how much you try to maybe to rush to rationalize that or reason with him, you will not be able to you know and outsmart the gentleman that fashion besides the superpower that when given to him and his ability to

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make things that's considered like miracles, considered like miracles would make people of course, you know, literally they would believe that this

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Mandela possess these these these major science and superpowers so never ever try even to argue that the general if you hear him and about him in one place, you have to run as far as you can away Even if you can go to the mountains like another narrations that the best, best thing to do is go to the mountains, stay away from him, don't even come near him or approach him.

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Here are some controversies we have in regard to the agenda. First of all, I would like just to make another statement over here disclaimer regarding a listener to Gemma the athlete of unsuitable Gemma is that the

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first the gel in terms of his mentioned the Quran is not there, in directly I would say, but his mentioned that hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam there are many, he was mentioned al Bukhari mentioned as a Muslim, and many many other books have certainly been measured to the media and so on. So the numbers of Hadith and traditions from the prophets that Allah said regarding the journey are so many. So there is no doubt you cannot deny that the journal exists and the journal is true, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said so, we cannot deny that Allah subhana wa Taala made the gel as a great fitna and trial for the people, we cannot deny that he will have some super

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powers, supernatural powers, Allah enabled him to achieve these these superpowers again, how long we don't know now that something's going to be perhaps, you know, he will have the abilities to make things that today perhaps because it's considered impossible, but Allah would allow him to, we'll give him the ability even to to reach that level, or achieve these kind of powers. We believe in that on all of this. And we also believe, we also believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala he made this as one of his creations. So it's not like

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an invention of his own is not like a separate you know, creation. This is the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, there were some narrations and some stories were very controversial even for the LMR are listening to Gemma many of them actually argued in terms of interpretation, and some even the authenticity some of these narrations number one, the story of urbanists a yard or urban side, it was reported in a multiple had it in certain say, Muslim, insider Muslim, that during the time of the Prophet salallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, during the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, there was this young boy, this young boy who was born in a Jewish tribe there in Medina,

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his name was even started organization. When the prophet SAW some or heard about his description, and this child or this young man, I would say, close to a teenager, with this young man, he had certain abilities, he has certain abilities that like He can speak for us communicate with the gym, or even with shopping. So the prophet SAW someone heard about that he himself didn't know if this was at the gel or not remember, the professor Samson at the jail at the jail is going to be one of the sons of the Day of Judgment. And he knew that him his presence as the last messenger of Allah is a great sign coming closer, closer to the Day of Judgment. So the Prophet did not know if this man

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was at the jail himself, or somebody could be like the janitor the description. So in one of those narrations, he went out to check on him. And he tried to see him salatu wa salam, and what he was trying to hide out to see what he could do his abilities and his and his kind of x. Then his mom, she saw the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, so the professor some came out for him. And he asked me he cannot, you can't try to communicate with him. He said, attached to the Rasulullah. So do you believe that I'm the Messenger of Allah, the Messiah, he said Is he said to him, he said to him, that I believe that you are, you are the Prophet of Allah mean, you are the messenger of the only

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the illiterate people, which means he did not believe in the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But he says, I believe you are the Prophet of the illiterate one.

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The prophet SAW some asked him if he if what what exactly, he sees what exactly he sees. So he told me, he says, Yeah, Tina satoko Mercado, what I receive sometimes it's true. Sometimes it's not, which means I hear things which really communicate with the jinn that I hear things, some of them come true, some they don't. So the prophet SAW Sam says color coded article Amarok Allah tala calama. You've been mixed up with the spirit with the speech and the talks of the Shelton and Elgin. And then he said, some of us in Knickerbocker Heaven, I'm hiding something for you the property had he had something in his mind. And he wanted to see if that the gel can get to that what he what he's

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thinking about. He said, a duck. And the pervert had in his mind at dawn, she was a smoke. So he said, I couldn't get the whole world. So Professor cemetery, will Island, Todd Walker, the rock says no, he says, Is this your disgrace? He said no, which means you're unable to figure it out completely, and you're unable to make exactly a sense of it. He says therefore, you will never reach you know more than your level, which means you're just communicating with the shouting and when

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The gin, the Sahaba of the electron home, one of them, which was on top of the line. He said, Joseph, Allah, let me finish him. Let me just finish him. The professor said, No, don't do that. Because if he wasn't the job, you're not the one to kill him. And if it wasn't me, he doesn't deserve to be killed right now. So it's not basically it's for you to finish him. sola hasta la salle and he mentioned that if necessary add him service as if he was so even the professor's and didn't say he wasn't the jet but what we learn from this is the answer to point number three is that the job is actually a human being and he's going to be born so when he's a human being is going to

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be born and then later in his life, these signs will be developed afterwards which which brings a second controversy in place right now. And that's the story of of the meme at daddy are they allowed on tamiment daddy was from from the Arab Christians. He said that one one day the prophets of Allah Salaam he called the people to come for Salam. So they called the other people they came for Salah when was the time for Salah because they know this is something important to come and attend for. So when they arrived the prophets Allah semi said, I had this this man Tell me daddy coming to me, he told me a story he witnessed. And it is similar to what I've been telling you about the gentleman

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want you to hear it from him. And the professor suddenly started narrating the story that mean mentioned in which that him and a group of people were together. And that ship and the ship, you know, take took long, long term to see in the ocean, or the sea and it was just kind of going right and left and got lost completely until it landed in some sort of like deserted island. There. He said we were looking for our way to combat it or to see our situation. We found he said we found a strange animal or a strange beast, as they call it, that this was a shaggy beast meaning it's so so much hair on it, that you couldn't tell the front from the back. You couldn't tell the head from the

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tail. And that that animals they are what are what is that? What is this? Who are you are they couldn't even tell who was him he she whatever that is, he says you will basically says come with me. And that beast took them to some space over there someplace in which they found a man a huge man, is there a huge man or the man? And this man was in shape and chains and shackles. And this man had a conversation with them. They asked Who are you? He said you will you will know about me? I'm not going anywhere anyway. But tell me what did you guys come from? So they told him that they came from the Arabian Peninsula. And what he told them so that he mentioned that during that time. So if

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you haven't driven Peninsula, it is a time when there will be a profit, there will be a profit that is going to come out. And

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and he starts asking a few questions about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. And if he's winning or not all these kind of questions about the affairs of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Finally, he told them that this is the time when I'm going to be coming out soon. And then he told that he was at the gym. Now the aroma, the aroma, they argue about the Hadith, the Hadith is in terms of authenticity, isn't Messiah Muslim? So it is it is an authentic hadith, an authentic narration. But the question that they have, is he is that man was a real man that they saw? Or was that a representation that Allah subhanho wa Taala showed them? Meaning was that a real man that

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they saw witnessed, or just a last panel, showing them a representation of the job that's going to come in the future? That's not one interpretation. The second, if this was if it was real, what kind of creature was that? Was that a human being? And if it's a human being, how can a human being living all these years right now? Remember, every single Prophet was warning about the job? And if so, when was he born? Who was her parents? So how did they end up in that place anyway? And how does he even if he's in chains and shackles, how is he surviving? It was a human being who feeds him, what does he eat? And how he takes care of himself and so on. So eventually, all these questions are

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legit question regarding the situation of this man who was in that in that space or that place? Honestly, there is really no answer no clear answer to these questions, I tried to look in books of Hadith. By interpretation of this Hadith, there is a much higher dimension about the meaning of it. Most of the times they say it's mushkin, which means it's really controversial. But at the same time, because it's an authentic Heidi, we believe in it that way, the prophet SAW some narrate the story for us. Now, what is the actual interpretation of it? Allahu Allah, Allah. The actual interpretation is allowed on whether it's a representation, or an actual man or a gene from the town

00:29:35 --> 00:29:59

of Sulaiman or a salon. So the interpretation of this hadith is left to Allah subhanho wa Taala until the day when it comes out. We will know the truth about him in the night about Cortana. Now, question number four, does he have a choice in his actions? That's a very controversial question as well. If you say he has a choice, if you say he has a choice in his actions, so why then allow

00:30:00 --> 00:30:40

How does making him as a fitness for us? In this case, you know, why is he so he has a choice right now. And he is like being created based on Harry's sentiment dairy as an already planned fitness for the future. If you say he has no choice, so how is he going to be end up in Jonathan? He has no choice. It's another controversial issue among the maga suniti. Well, Gemma, but what we know about him that he is actually he is he does have the choice in his actions he will be born and he will have that choice in his actions. And here's the thing, which which answers Question number five as well, which answers Question number five was, well, if he has all these superpowers that like the

00:30:40 --> 00:31:17

end, like the MBA, and people that would believe in these science, just like Allah subhanho wa Taala, just like a lot, so they'll give them via powers, so that people can see these miracles so that people can believe? How can we blame the people to believe in Him when they see all these superpowers? The difference is that the MBR when they came, they will not call him for themselves. They will call him For whom? For Allah subhana wa Tada. And what did they call themselves, messengers and prophets, but the Jan is not coming to call to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he wasn't calling himself a prophet or a messenger. He was calling the people to believe in Him as God, and He

00:31:17 --> 00:31:55

himself declared the Lord. So that's why when he brings these superpowers, as if you send them these are my powers as your Creator, I'm your God. And the last of our data will judge the people how could you believe in someone who's one if he doesn't have straight legs? Even? How could you believe in someone like this as your Lord You should have used even your visuals will be more than enough evidence for you to know that he's lying. If you couldn't fix his own deficiencies, how can he even be the be God, or the true Lord? So whatever powers that he has, these are may perhaps powers that differently, it's part of his fitna. What is the acquiring these powers Allah subhanaw taala enabled

00:31:55 --> 00:32:30

him to to arrive at this level, Allah azza wa jal enables him to arrive at this level. And that's part of the fitna and the trial. And finally, in the in the Judeo Christian tradition, even the Jewish people they have, they have actually a belief we mentioned that last week as well. And we have dimensioned different names that they believe in. And the Christians in particular, specifically the Christians, they do believe that is the Antichrist. However, the Antichrist as a concept is broader than what we have in here. So everybody for them on an individual basis, anyone who disbelieve in Jesus or even opposes Jesus is considered an antichrist. However, there is the

00:32:30 --> 00:33:09

ultimate antichrist is the man who will come at the end of the time, as son of a day of judgment. Also, he will live 42 months on earth, and for them, he will rule over the world at some point, and it will cause a lot of damage, a lot of a lot of injustice and a lot of destructions. And they believe in some of the literature that he is actual politicians could be a role or a king, a politician. To the extent I was surprised that some people even they would actually call some ex presidents to be the actual antichrist, even as far as like the George W. Bush, and even Obama was called Antichrist and some of the literature some of the blogs and forums. Now again, it's a broader

00:33:09 --> 00:33:48

concept. That's why they don't agree on one particular individual. But for us as Muslims, we believe it's one man who's gonna come at the end of time, as again as a sign of the Day of Judgment. Finally, how would you protect yourself from a dogen? How would you protect yourself from the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam gave us gave us few indications or few methods to protect ourselves from a danger number one, the first thing is to run away in the mountains. You might say that means if you're in living in Dallas right now we're in big trouble, right? We have no Montezuma. So we're gonna do build towers. olana. But the point is, even if you don't have

00:33:48 --> 00:34:06

mountains, just run as far away from him as you can, if you hear of him in one place, don't even come near, stay away, run away, even if it's just you, even if you suspect most people will be doomed and followed the job because of what their curiosity.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:46

They wanted to go and check out. Is it true? Is that the job that Robert was talking about? limit? Check him out, check him out. Don't you ever do that if you hear about him, and it's true, that is happening and there's a chaos happening somewhere, just run away as far as you can number two, memorize, memorize and recite the opening verses of Surah tilaka. The opening verses sort of curve and is the first 1010 is from Soraka. Also, some other notation says the last time I had some sort of cap as one so if you memorize the entire surah hamdulillah should be on the safe side. Now why exactly why exactly memorizing this suit, this will help you against the jump. Some of the other

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

mothers say it's because the surah itself speaks about saving people multiple, multiple occasions. So you have the story of these young men. You have the story of Musa alayhis salaam with a photo of the story of little kernighan

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

Saving the people from God and Magog. So there are multiple use cases and storage of saving people, specifically, particularly the first story the young men, the young men seven or eight people centered wherever young men who, who run away from their own people to save themselves from, from from their own people again, just to worship Allah subhana wa tada and how alliedsignal made them as a miracle. Allah made the miracle by Stephen for more than 300 years. So when you recite these verses, it just like a reminder and throws it throws this concept, protection from Allah subhanho wa Taala against the this other gem And finally, the last way to protect yourself from the journal is

00:35:38 --> 00:36:18

seeking refuge with Allah subhanho wa Taala from a dogen and how would you do that the messenger sallallahu Sallam he recommend that we always seek in refuge with ALLAH subhana wa terrafirma dijeron our salon in the salon a prayers specifically right after the finishing touches before you give your salon towards the end of your Salah. You make the DA DA DA DA DA DA Johanna what we can finish the job or we can fit into Mohamad. So you mentioned you ask Allah subhana wa tada to protect you from the trials of the jungle, the charge of the fire of *, the trials of this dunya and the trials of the grave. So they asked for protection from all these four things and particularly at the

00:36:18 --> 00:36:53

gym. Again, these are some of the methods the professor some recommended for us to go to secret with him subhana wa Taala Make sure to teach your children the surah SoTL calf the beginning and the entire surah particular the beginning and then as well and a shout out that I'm teaching them that they need to decide towards the end of Salah. So the secret is Allah subhana wa tada format the gel We ask Allah azza wa jal to protect us all from him. We ask Allah subhana wa tada on that day if Allah azza wa jal allowed us to live until the day that will be always inshallah on the right side and will always be with the truth will allow talana now the last point that we're going to talk

00:36:53 --> 00:37:06

about next week, inshallah is the end of it the agenda how you're going to come to an end, that that of course that comes with Speaker what is of no medium that is sent over Isa, Prophet Isa Salaam it's going to be next week in shallow water Kota, any questions?

00:37:21 --> 00:37:24

No question. The question says,

00:37:25 --> 00:37:48

How is it that if Faisal Islam, Prophet Teresa, he will come down during that time? How is it that it's how is it possible that people will not be able to recognize a salad salon and many will follow at the gym, while at the gel is going to come way before I saw a salon, actually a chalet salon when he meets at the gym is going to be the last day for the job.

00:37:49 --> 00:38:21

So the moment he meets him, the moment he sees him, he will he will die It will kill him. So the the fitness of the of the of the gel will precede the presence and the center of a salad. When a salad Samuel comes down, he will meet the believers, and he will pray with them. And from there, they gather their armies to fight against the Japanese army, when and this is going to happen towards the last, you know, the last few days of the judge time while altana so that's why they will not actually be they won't even Syriza they will be whether or not Yes.

00:38:38 --> 00:38:44

Has there been any kind of interpretation or maybe kind of prediction which Ireland would have the gel be on right now.

00:38:45 --> 00:38:55

Some narrations of the Prophet xlsm in the sort of a tournament that he said that he will be in somewhere and Baha Sham, or beryllium and Baha Sham is the Mediterranean

00:38:56 --> 00:39:36

and bahara Yemen is the south of Arabian peninsula, which goes all the way down to the Indian Ocean. Now, how easy Could it be to get to the Indian Ocean and find an island over there? The answer to this is just like we see today, unfortunately, in my last point of view with the people of that missing airline, the Malaysian airline and their families. It's just like seeing that, you know, it's missing, they can't even get there. Why? Because in the middle of the ocean, the Indian Ocean, it's a stormy ocean is not simple. It's not easy to travel on the surface of the water over there. We think it's always peaceful because we're closer to the earth to the land. But then in the middle

00:39:36 --> 00:39:59

of the ocean, it gets really scary. And how do you determine that the sort of tamiment that he said that they were lost in the sea? They were lost in the sea and perhaps probably that's why the ship drifted and went all the way into the ocean and got lost over there. But then at some point they were able to return back down. So what exactly alcohol and weather technology today were they able to look at these islands upon arrival

00:40:00 --> 00:40:34

Today just even today, I was looking at some of these wonders of the earth. And there were some places on earth they say until now, top 10 or 15 places that completely untapped on Earth. They are places and spaces on earth forgot about in the sea, on earth on the land itself on the land that we were unable to explore because of the difficulty of the terrain. So imagine how difficult it is to go into the ocean again Allah subhana wa Taala is a situation circumstances where people have that airline the Malaysian airline and shoreline and bring peace and tranquility their hearts

00:40:43 --> 00:40:44

flying saucer

00:40:47 --> 00:40:49

Have you been watching cartoons net Leon

00:40:51 --> 00:41:25

is asking if dad's gonna be riding special donkey with long ears allow you to bring me that narration and the source. You know, the question is how how does he travel is any specific in a way from traveling? We don't know anything in particular other than his travel will be will be swift. His travel will be swift imagine in one year, he would go around around the globe into the major cities and then you have one month and then one week and then the rest of his days will be irregular days while our sister has any question. Yes.

00:41:45 --> 00:42:24

We're gonna talk about the incident after the time of the journal and the time of SLS set up next week in shallow dialogue. So the question is now that the journal will come is kind of coming like to destroy the world, right? He wants to rule the entire world. How is that a lot of the details of this is still concerned for us mystery, but he will attempt to rule the entire world. What is evil of course as a celestron we'll come to support the believers against them. And after that war is over, we're gonna talk about inshallah Allah, how life gonna look like after that. What would happen who's who's gonna stay alive? discussion will be next week. And now? Yes.

00:42:27 --> 00:42:45

Well, they're very specific people who will support the job. There were some report mentioned there will be people from that region, from the Horace Mann and that area as well. And from Oxfam that will come following him believe it in his in his acts. Again, these are reports do they exist in that area right now? Allow talana

00:42:47 --> 00:42:47


00:42:59 --> 00:43:28

That the ask and mercy will not be allowed at that time. I'll be over that that's gonna be way at the end. Right before the end of time completely. That's when the sun comes from the west. That's when the Toba time for repentance will be over. The time for repentance will be over when the sun comes from the west. Anyone who would repent back to Allah before the sun comes from the west shall they shall be safe. But after that, it will be too late. Follow on Farish Allah.

00:43:46 --> 00:44:16

Now he's going to be the question is the year month week and then the 30th 37 days left of his line? Are they just his entire lifetime or this is just the entire time that he spends during his fitness trial? It seems that this is the time that he spent during this time of trial, because before that, he will he will be born raised you know normally. And then the professor Sam says you know yada yada. So in a moment afraid he will come out so it'll be actually a grown up when it comes out. Voila, Donna.

00:44:22 --> 00:44:24

We discussed that last week.

00:44:25 --> 00:44:57

We cover that last week. Cora is fitna is real people they would go on they will see him they will believe in Him He will do so many super natural things people they will believe in his fitness being real. That he will carry the fire and then agenda with him. He also will ask the earth to get the treasures out and ask the rain to come down we'll come down here we will be making a lot of things that will be considered like miracles to the people. That's why they will live in. So inshallah we will come back next week when the law we will talk about a Salah Salam Juma Jews and more of the signs of the Day of Judgment. Rama cuando la vaca

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Are you

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