Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day 10 – Seven Under the Shade of Allah

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In the sweltering heat of Judgment Day, there will be seven groups of people who will be under the cool shade of the Throne of Allah, the Most High. They are the sabiqoon, the forerunners, granted a special position for all of eternity.

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There are always three groups of people, the generally wicked, the generally righteous, and then those who excel people of ESA. And everyone in the group of the generally righteous should be thinking about how they can be counted amongst those who excel. And the difference between the two is how quickly you respond to the call of Allah. And then how you distinguish yourself within that deed once you get to it. So how quickly and earnestly you respond to Allah subhanaw taala. And if you think about the way that were resurrected, the difference between the generally righteous the believers the most tempting those people of piety and those who excel the people of our son is that

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one group is walking and the other group is writing. So Allah says what Quinton as wadge and philosopher you will be divided into three groups as have will make humanity models have one of the people on the right, and How blessed are they? And then you have also have wouldn't miss MIT models have been machinima, the people on the left and how miserable are they and then you have a sad because on the on the four runners, the four runners, so I'd be gonna either apply to law he for dunya they are forerunners to the obedience of Allah in this world. So I'd be pulling out the dotted line he he young with piano for runners to His pleasure on the Day of Judgment hula, you can look up

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a boon verily they are the ones who are closest to Allah

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I remember once asking one of my teachers about the shahada, the martyrs and why they're not included in the Hadith of the seven shaded under the front of Allah. And he said to me, it's because the Shahadat as the profit slice, and I'm said, they're in chandeliers that are hanging from the Throne of Allah, so they're in a league of their own. After them. Every believer has some shade. On the Day of Judgment, we said, that's what they're stuck with their charity. But then you have these categories of those that are shaded in the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala. And these are very specific categories. And they all come under the banner of Assad because they're foreigners. Now,

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the beauty of the Hadith of the seven groups of people is that it covers every single person, whether you occupy a position or not, whether you are younger, old, whether you are male or female, whether you are rich or poor, you have somewhere in this hadith, and that shows that you don't have to be in a special position in this life, in order to have a special position in the next. You just have to be truthful and sincere in your pursuit of Allah's pleasure. The prophets lie Selim said there are seven whom Allah will shade on a day, when there is no shade except for his and he said sigh Salam, they are just ruler, a youth who grew up in the worship of Allah, a person whose heart

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is attached to the massage it to people who love each other and they meet each other and depart from one another, all for the sake of Allah, a person who is tempted by someone of beauty and high status, but he guards himself saying in the a half Allah, I fear Allah, and then someone who spends in charity and conceals it in such a way that his right hand doesn't know what his left hand is giving. And then someone who remembers Allah subhana, WA Tada and privates, and that causes them to weep. So that covers seven deeds, you have just leadership, pious youth, love of the massage that love of one another for the sake of Allah, resisting temptation, secret charity and then CRYING OUT

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OF THE all of Allah. Now there are several Hadith about people that are shaded under the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala other than these seven, in fact, half of the hijab Rahim Allah He wrote them in this book Madiba typically sloth and more acidity in a leela, that these are the categories that lead people on the day of judgment to the shade. And almost all of them are connected to being charitable. Because when you're charitable, you're providing shade to someone else in one way or the other. So you have the person who is lenient with someone who owes the money. Or you have someone who, at the next level pays the debt of another person off, or someone who loans someone money to

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get them out of a cruel debt situation. All of these are specific in a hadith of the Prophet slice. I'm about those who are shaded under the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala. So what are some other underlying themes beside there being sabe Cohn that they're all foreigners? No, I am Rahim, Allah Azza. If you look at all seven of these categories, you see Mohyla told Hello, that they gave preference to their love for Allah over the pole of their lusts and desires, even when they had access to those desires. So every one from the judge who could have wronged to the person that chose to be in a good place of worship rather than an evil place, to a person who prefer to use their

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youth for worship instead of party

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To the person who chose charity overwhelmed, or chose secret worship over secret sin, all of them chose to contradict their desires for their love of Allah subhanaw taala. Then you have the second scene, which is all of them did an act of obedience to Allah. and obedience, as the scholars mentioned is of two types. You have an act of obedience between you and Allah. And then you have an act of obedience between you and the people. Also for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. You'll also notice that the first four categories of the seven are in regards to public life, and then the last three are in regards to your private life. And what this tells us is that if you fix your externals,

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then your internals are going to be strengthened as well. The scholars also mentioned that like the Gates of Jannah, a person who belongs to one category likely belongs to more than one, but they say subhanallah that use of either his Saddam is the only man who we can confirm, belong to all seven, right? If you think about use of ideas, Saddam's position, every one of these categories fits him. And then you have the first category which is the rarest of the categories, which is a just ruler, and the last category, which is the most common of them all, and anyone can do it and that is a liberal Catman Kashi Attila a person who cries under their fear of Allah, you don't need power or

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position to cry out of your all of Allah. And the most beautiful character is someone that includes the first and the last. And that was, say, the ALMA Cataldo, the Allahu taala. And this man who was known for being a just ruler, and he had marks on his shoulders from the charity he carried at night. And then he also had marks under his eyes for the amount of tears that he used to shut in prayer. The scholars also mentioned that the prophets Elijah, and I'm often mentioned the seven in various quarters, but he always mentioned the just ruler first. And the wisdom of that is that if the ruler is just then the other six categories become more likely because a virtuous ruler unlocks

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blessings in society and encourages virtue in society. And that's why Safina Foty bohem, Allah said, sinfonie, they'll slow, slow headed O'Malley the faster the faster that'll unlock will Ilana, there are two groups of people, if they're good, everyone else is going to be good. And if they're corrupt, then the entire Ummah is going to be corrupted. And he said they are the rulers and the scholars. And then you start to see how each category connects to the next in the Hadith. So adjust ruler, for example, he sets the tone and encourages the construction of virtuous places and ideals. And that means that young people grew up in the worship of Allah and with role models, who are

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worshipers and environments that can nurture their righteousness. And that can't be done except through what, except for the massage. And Allah mentions that a hallmark of tyrants is that they destroy or they corrupt, the massages of Allah. So under the righteous, the massage would flourish. And then young people who worship Allah find the house of Allah connected to their hearts. And then what happens when they meet each other in the massage and they start to love each other for the sake of Allah with the message being the conduit for those relationships that are formed only for the sake of Allah. And then that allows the person to nurture enough faith to resist sin in private. So

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when they're called to temptation, they say, I fear Allah, and then that allows that person to also nurture enough faith to do good and private. So they give secret charity instead of secrets. And that's category six. And then category seven, is where all the categories meet. And that is weeping in private, out of the all of Allah. And you know, this is a category which is only between you and Allah. And anyone can strive for this, regardless of their circumstances. And if you look at the setup, if you look at the righteous predecessors, they were always in between these two states, you can feel confident, aha, we have Qi filet. They gave charity in the date, and they cried at nights.

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And so these last two categories are constantly in the life of the believer, and they're connected to each other. Why? Because the best time to remember Allah is after you do an act of charity, because the prophets lie. Some said Your heart will be soft at that time. And then the best time to give charity is after you remember Allah at night because your appetite for dunya is reduced and you'll be more sincere in that act. Now imagine how it is when Allah who is more merciful to you than your mother sees your tears. Imagine how your mother would comfort you when she sees you cry. And remember Allah does not make you fear him twice. So what then of the one who shed tears out of

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that Hashem out of the all of Allah, the Prophet saw, I saw him said that the eye that was in the Cause of Allah, and the eye that shed tears for Allah would not even be touched by the fire. And that's why I've loved all the a lot of time and Homer says something very powerful. He says, For me to shed one tear out of the fear of Allah is more beloved to me than spending 1000 dinars in charity. Because if I spend 1000 dinars in charity, I don't know if that would forbid me from the fire. But those tears between you and Allah, whether they come

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After a good deed or whether they come after sin, if they were sincere, they will protect you from the heat of the sun on that day, and they will protect you from the fire of Jahannam in a way that no other position could ever do.

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