Marshmallows, Ramadan, Success and JANNAH

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So in the early 70s,

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in Stanford University, this professor by the name of Walter Michel conducted this, what I consider an amazing experiment.

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And this is now known as the famous marshmallow experiment. So basically the gist of it is he got, he got young children, four to five years old, put them in a room by themselves and a marshmallow in front of the child. And then he will tell the child, knowing the child's love for marshmallows, that listen, I will leave the room and leave the marshmallow here.

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When I come back, after some time of the marshmallow still there, I'll reward you by giving you two marshmallows. But if you eat the marshmallow, then you don't get a reward.

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And basically, children sit in front of that marshmallow trying to resist the urge the temptation of instant gratification, in favor of long term greater goals.

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And you see them they tried to busy themselves, preoccupy themselves some with singing, some spinning around, just to you know, avoid the temptation of instant gratification. Obviously, some succeeded and some didn't, some ate the marshmallow and some,

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some waited for him to come back and and they got the reward. But the interesting what the interesting thing was, is that he tracked these kids through primary and through upper school and through graduation. And this is called a longitudinal study where you track the subjects of the study for some time,

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and amazing data came out of this

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kids that were able to give preference to greater long term goals,

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over instant gratification, ended up having better relationships, they ended up having greater success at school, greater rates of graduation, better body images, and so on and so forth. And this is one of the few studies which directly links those successful aspects of human achievement with a competency in this instance, you know, choosing greater long term goals over instant gratification or if you like, in our terms, self control,

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self control, and he actually wrote a book,

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the professor about self control later on.

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But the point here for for us is, is that self control is a key requirements of success.

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And Subhan Allah Allah, Allah, Allah says it in the Quran. Well, I'm Madhava MACOM or Obi Wan, Hanif sinal. However, for in Ned Janetta he El Moussa, Whoever fears the station of his Lord, and holds himself back from his whims and fancies and lowly desires, then the next step is the greatest success which is Jana.

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So not only did the Quran recognize self control as a requirement of attaining success, but gave us a motivation of how to gain

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self control, which is the fear of the displeasure of Laura Bourassa.

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And we are in a month in a month, which trains us throughout the 30 days 29 days in self control, because do one's understand that is, it is one thing to be able to identify that self control is the requirement of success, a whole separate ballgame and how do you train and develop and inculcate and you know, nourish soft control in a population or in individuals or in in a group of people. And this is the magic of the dean that without even telling you with this creating this competency inside you the competency of self control, so all day you don't eat, you don't drink not for a few moments of a marshmallow this is all day food is there in the fridge water is there in the fridge,

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you know the lights are there, you stay you stay away from it, why in favor of long term goals, what goals the reward of Allah Jana of the outer shell Majeed and that is not only for that it translates into this life as well. Like you bring that learning back into your daily life. So at least you should and that is why I say the Dean was designed for your success in this life and then the next Allah give you success, Allah give you success.