5 Values to Teach Kids in Lockdown

Fatima Barkatulla


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The speaker discusses five values for children to teach during lockdown: firstly, revisiting the fundamentals of human connection, teaching children to establish basic human habits and housework skills, and revisiting the value of learning. These values are essential for children in learning and development and are key for society. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning and development for society and offers resources for parents to help teach children.

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Salam aleikum. This is your sister Fatima Baraka Tula. And here are five values we should teach our kids in lockdown. First, the value of Deen. What I mean by this is revisiting the fundamentals. So when was the last time you made the IRA with your children, it's the best way to teach them and show them how to connect and speak to a lot of their Creator.

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Have you checked their Salah they will do and made sure they know how to do the fitrah habits such as making muscle, hair removal and cutting nails. This is a great time to train them to establish all of the practices they need as believers. Second, a value of human connection or your family having dinner together. When was the last time you looked into your child's eyes and had a heart to heart with them?

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Why are your family members becoming strangers? You know phones and tablets are highly addictive for the best of us, which is why discipline and rules around tech consumption is essential. This means we've got to review our family's tech consumption and take back control where necessary.

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Fix times for people to use technology. Avoid giving kids private access. Instead, make sure everyone is given access in a communal space

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and show your kids how to use technology for good like connecting with family members and those who are in lockdown abroad.

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Third, the value of self reliance. This means teaching our kids life skills and housework you know sewing a button cooking laundry, even assembling IKEA furniture, all kinds of essential skills nowadays.

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Give your children age appropriate responsibilities around the home and train them to master those.

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It's also a good time to revisit those all important table manners and social etiquette right for

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a value of time.

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Help your kids make a balanced timetable for the week.

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We have time for Qur'an, time per exercise, housework, homework and play.

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You could also for example, make a daily checklist for them to think of things that must be completed before they get to play on any devices. In this way. We teach our children to take account and be responsible for their time. And fifth, the value of learning. Just because School's Out doesn't mean the learning stops, right. Make sure your kids are learning something every day. Whether through reading or watching documentaries, audiobooks, or even online lessons. This might be a great time to learn Arabic with a tutor or to learn their mother tongue with grandparents online.

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As believers, we want to teach our family's resilience that circumstances may change but we can be resourceful. We can retool, recalibrate, and hopefully emerge from lockdown. even stronger inshallah.