Muhammad Salah – I earn by dancing with music is that money halal

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the legality of earning money from dancing and the associated risk of losing a job. They also mention a statement from the prophets about being accepted as a believer and the importance of providing adequate care and protection for one's health. The speaker warns against abandoning one's vision and suggests that the prophets are not the only ones who want to be accepted.
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He says I'm a Muslim boy and I dance only on instrument and music. Only if I earn through dancing will Allah will own my earning be considered how long and if I give the care and go to Hajj with the earning, will miser care and had be accepted?

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Brother I was, thank you for entrusting us with this question. And I believe that Allah subhanaw taala loves you. And because of that he puts in your heart, the sense of fear of him, love of him. And that's why you're asking this question. And I believe you know very well that, that this job that you're doing dancing on musical instruments and so on, is absolutely forbidden. And when a person does something Haram, it may be one of two

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ways that you do one which is haram that would really hurt you personally. Like for innocence, talking or listening to what Allah forbidden, for instance, listening or watching the dancing and the music and all of that in the other room, which is even worse and more dangerous when you are presenting that to others. So that people who watch you would be committing this sin. And you will be earning a similar sin of everyone who earned that sin because of you, of course, without affecting the sense of either one of you, whether the person who presented the heroine, or those who have watched him or listened to him. And nowadays, this has been recorded on video. And it may be

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seen by, you know, a single clip on YouTube could be washed by half million, a million people, and the person would die and his good or bad deeds will continue to either benefit or harm him depending on how good or bad was his deed. Somebody who taught people how to recite or an or inspire them to do something good. In a short clip, then this person passed away and the video is still there, every time somebody watches it, and acts upon it, and teaches it to others will transfer the guidance in it to somebody else. There is a continuous a word to the person who initiated that work even though he's already in the grave and passed away years or decades ago. The same if the person sang the song

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with music or as you say that dancing dancing with musical instrument and people get to watch you and they become fans of you. And you know that this is how long

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there is no need to discuss the details Why is it haram because simply the prophets Allah Allah Allah is the lamp received all of that as not just haram but major sense. Major sense.

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Now your question is What if you earn so you're not doing this as a hobby which is haram as well rather, you're taking this is a professional. So if you make money, create an income from dancing, and then you gives a car you give into charity and you go for Hajj. Will Allah accept that from you? Will all your earning be haram? Now as far as all your earning, I don't know if you're earning from another resources. So if you're earning from salary source and haraam resource duty next

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right the Heron is Holloman what is lawfully still held.

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But to perform Hajj out of this unlawful earning what will happen as a result of that a Hajj will not be accepted.

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That's a very harsh statement. I'm not making this statement on my own. This is what Allah says in the Hadith, that when the person performs Hajj from an unlawful earning and he says love bake along mela Baker Kula from heaven would respond to him saying Allah bayko Allah Sadek.

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Zed Luca Hallelu

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Luca Harmon wanna Luca hora you provision is from unlawful earning and your money and you're spending and your mount right, provided for from unlawfully earning, what have you

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and your Hajj will not be accepted rather, you'll be earning the sin as a result of earning unlawfully and spending.

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Even if you spend it in a charity or in hajj. So this is a very serious warning from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we have

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a much more beautiful statement in this

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God in which the prophets Allah, Allah is an MSc in Allah to Allah even lay up a lotta a lot of mighty is good and he only accepts that which is good which is lawful which is from Harlan. So please, you have to understand as a believer, your vision has already been pre ordained for you. If you think that that is the only source of risk for you that is not true. If you quit what you know for sure that it is haram or even if you have the least doubt if you quit that for the sake of Allah and start searching for a local resource Allah the Almighty most definitely would not abandon you rather he will support you. Because a lot of mighty promises mantapa cache La La Abdullah hola

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hieromonk he whosoever abandons gives up on anything for the sake of Allah alone, replace it with for him with something which is much better, much better in Allah site, Hillel better provision more Baraka and listening. And so just like along

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